Privacy Policy

Yeah look, FB and other controllers want a “privacy policy”. I looked around and saw a lot of legalistic bullshit – many of those offering “free privacy policy templates or generators”  want cash because we sell stuff here, and have ads and such. Surprise! I went another way and built my own. I’m sure it won’t meet anyone’s “standards” but you know what?

F ’em if they can’t take a joke. So here it is.

If you enter your name and email address or any other personal information on this site, you can expect it to be collected. For the most part we don’t do anything else unless you are publishing your info on our business directory. In such a case your information is likely to be published because, well, that’s the freaking point!

If you buy something and want it sent to you, you can bet your bottom dollar we’ll get your address so we can ship it to your door. Why? Because that’s the freaking point!

We are not going to sell your info to anyone or share it with anyone without your express permission. We aren’t going to bombard you with emails, junk mails or Chippendale males (or females for that matter). We might send something now and then but if you decide you don’t want to hear from us, just say so… okay?

Oh yeah, I use an analytics engine called “SlimStat” so I can tell who visits what page. As far as I know it really doesn’t take down any names so to speak, but I get a general idea of where people come from and where they are spending their time when here. So don’t worry if you’re sitting there naked while surfing my site. I’m not watching and I don’t care. For that matter I dance nekid myself in front of my cam from time to time just to punish the NSA or whoever else is peeking. Just wait till I corner the market on eye bleach!

The bottom line is we ain’t the NSA or some other controller. We don’t really want to dive into your personal business. Okay – we don’t want to AT ALL. Really. We don’t freaking care.

We respect your privacy as we want ours respected. We don’t need no freaking lawyers or government other other “officials” breathing down our freaking necks about it. Isn’t that what privacy is all about?

That’s about it, pure and simple. If you have an addition, objection, question or something else – go ahead and drop Andy a line. The address is at the top right. Don’t be surprised if you’re snarky and he ignores you.



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