Taking Our Nation BACK – Now THAT’S What I’m Talking About

Every hear of Scott Presler? Probably not. The Gateway Pundit deems him a “Grassroots Hero” I prefer calling him another ordinary citizen. My point is WHO Scott Presler is not nearly as important as WHAT he is doing and the FRUIT he is reaping.

Long story short, Scott Presler is doing exactly what I’m advocating – ramping up the vote with an eye to take the 2024 election by storm. Like me, he isn’t satisfied with simply putting Trump back in the White House

He Wants It ALL

He wants WE the People (okay, “Republicans”) to take state legislatures. No doubt he also has eyes on local boards as well. I heartily agree. My only reservation is after WE the People secure Republican majorities everywhere and anywhere we can,  we then must take the party itself to task.

My own ultimate goal is to eliminate the “two-party” system entirely. Nothing speaks louder to me about this than the response of our “Republican leaders” to Presler’s efforts. First they try to ignore him, then they actively work against him, finally, when he produces results, they take all the credit for HIS work! Screw them.

I want those who desire to represent me to stand on their OWN two feet – and be held PERSONALLY accountable for whatever their actions and views may be. For me, the litmus test is LIBERTY. Thus any proposal must first answer the question: “does this action advance LIBERTY?” Secondly, is this proposal with the bounds of our constitutionally limited government?

The more I learn about Scott Presller, the more I am impressed. He has expanded his efforts nationwide via his Early Vote Action PAC .  The goal is to get as many volunteers on board as possible.

First things first, let’s work with what we’ve got i.e. the Republican Party to get people we can hold accountable in office. THEN we can work on weeding out the “party faithful” and replacing them with the “citizen faithful”.

We DON’T NEED NO STINKIN’ GUNS to Take Back Our Nation

Ran across the article below in Ammoland.

Johns Hopkins: More Gun Control Needed to Prevent Second Civil War

Gee… WHERE do I start? How about with the authors/publishers of this  “work”? The article itself supplies plenty of detail so I’ll proffer the “Cliff Notes” version:

Johns Hopkins is supposed to be a well-respected medical school and health care center. Thus their expertise is medicine NOT firearms and certainly not “Civil War”.  The very title of this hit piece should make it obvious if you also understand there  actually was no first “Civil War” in this nation. Certainly nobody in the South made any attempt to overthrow the United States Government any more than West Virginia attempted to overthrow Virginia. They simply wanted to disassociate themselves from what was becoming an unbearably oppressive centralized power – the exact opposite of the original intent of the formation of our  Constitutional Republic. Oh yeah, that brings up point #2:

OUR NATION IS NOT A DEMOCRACY! Sorry for shouting but some of those statists lurking in the back like to turn deaf ears to this simple fact.  Ours is a republic, formed by our constitution. Taken along with our other primary founding document, The Declaration of Independence, the groundwork was previously laid for the right, nay, the responsibility of a self-governing people to dump oppressive elites, scrap institutions that become too big for their britches and start over. Such is exactly what the Confederacy did. Now get this straight in your head…

It doesn’t matter what their reasoning was or if YOU agree with them. None of that has any relevance to the issue at hand and that is whether the southern states had the right to secede from the union. We all seem to forget this is the crux of the matter and they were well within their rights to take off and do their own thing. The reason I make this point is so many others, particularly fellow conservatives, hold up Lincoln and the Norther Aggression he fomented  in such esteem as the feat of some great and noble savior.  Maybe it was for the best. Maybe it was all ordained by God Almighty Himself. None of this excuses the brutal truth of the lawless and unconstitutional actions of those on both sides of the conflict.

So right in the title of this presentation, the authors begin with false premises while continuing to tout idiocy.  Need I tell you that none other than gun control freak Michael Bloomburg via  his money (at least) is behind all  this? Go figure. It all boils down to the promise alluded to in the title – more gun control is needed to save our nation. Bull Cookies! (If you like Mikey Bloomburg, you’ll love ’em – crunchy and tasty with a creamy center.)

Hey Mikey! If you’re reading this, lemme tell ya from one of those types you hate and fear so much:

We don’t need no stinkin’ guns!

Now that should take the wind out of your sails and leave your crap dead in the water. Hope you’ve stock up on Bull Cookies ’cause I, for one, ain’t coming to get ya.

Look fool, what never seem to understand is WE the People have the law of the land, the constitution on our side. Now granted, when our Southern ancestors tried to right the wrongs imposed on them, the rest of the nation rallied together to brutally rape, kill, and pillage all those who opposed them. If you ask me, they took the wrong approach and it came back to bite them. What is the right approach? It is simple – not easy, but simple.

WE the People must assert our birthright – our GOD-GIVEN authority to govern ourselves. And that means we need to dump, NOT our government, so to speak, but our party system. It is time.

We now have the technology that allows citizens to stand for whatever seat they wish AND we have the technology to hold our representatives and employeesaccountable. We don’t need anyone to ride from house to house with news or gather at the town square to discuss important matters. We can do these things, but we can also do as much from the comfort of our homes, our place of business, or a laundromat – wherever. We have unprecedented access to our government entities and to each other.

Sure we have guns. Lots of them. We have ammo. Many in our ranks also have outstanding knowledge and skills to use them. But we don’t need any of those things. The entire idea of any “insurrection” or armed takeover of our government is ludicrous. Why? Because WE the People ARE the government! What? Are we to rebel against ourselves? Leave it to Brandon to shoot himself in the foot. I’ll abstain, thank you.

If you look at it all this way, it is laughable. Are you getting this Mikey? Yours is a straw man. The ONLY thing your proposals can accomplish is to either overthrow our government by your penchant for seizing our liberty, forcing us to either surrender to your elites or rise up and toss them out on their ears. (No, we don’t need to stinkin’ guns for that either.) To that end, YOU, sir, are fomenting rebellion BY insisting on more unconstitutional gun control.

As for my fellow citizens, I urge you to stand up and be counted. And no, “voting”  alone is not enough. For right now though it is a start, unless you want to see a repeat of 2020. Let’s take action now. How?

Be vocal. Stop biting your tongue and speak up. You need not be loud. You need not be obnoxious. Some of the most effect voices are soft-spoken. While I have zero talent for this myself, do not think because you cannot be heard because you do not raise your voice. It is enough to speak your mind.

Participate. Yes, you’re gonna have to vote but please, please, PLEASE do more, even if it is just a little bit more. Even if it means holding your nose while working with the republican party. Yes, YOUR vote counts but OUR VOTES count more! To this end we need to get more citizens registered to vote and get them to to polls. We need bodies at board meetings to hold our representatives accountable.

Encourage others. The plain truth about our decentralized government is none of us can do this alone. The most daunting problem of our nation today is it is run by a slim few who have slithered themselves into positions of power. Their authority is stolen, or at best acquired by deceit when they were put in place by party bosses who then dictate the terms of their occupation of office.  No matter. It is our job to join forces and put them on notice they were elected to represent US and that they will do or be tossed out. Some will comply, most will ignore us. Nobody said it would be easy, but no one of us can begin the process of reclaiming our nation. We need numbers – big numbers, and as birds of a feather flock together, we all need to encourage those around us to join in.

There’s more to come and I fully expect to see more and better I ideas from other citizens. By all means, let’s hear YOUR ideas and suggestions. How can we get more involved? How can we involve others. How can we band together to retake our nation?



Trump Outrage – The $7.1 million Judgement

Flatly put I have not followed this crap closely at all. I think I know the basis but beyond that… no. What DO I know?

This “person”, I won’t mention any names as my pocket have holes in them, sued Donald Trump for some alleged sexual misconduct. Trump denied the allegations, denied knowing this person, and, well, has not admitted to much of anything about this case as far as I can tell. He was found “guilty”. A civil suit followed where he was just found “guilty” again and the jury awarded damages for “defamation” on “Friday: $7.1 million – $11 million – plus punitive $65 million in “damages!” according to the Gateway Pundit. So why am I putting “guilty” and “defamation” in quotes?

Because I find this garbage hard to believe, that’s why. It is far easier for me to believe Trump was railroaded by biased prosecutors, in biased courts, and found guilty by biased juries. Look at the other trials Trump is involved in. Look at the monkey trails the J6 political prisoners have been dragged through – at least those who have FINALLY been granted their day in court. Bias seems to abound. The Trump trials are no different, in fact, they seem to be monkey trials on steroids.


All this is bad enough but are they really cause for outrage? Absolutely. First of all, if every trial mentioned above I’ve seen strong evidence of constitutional misconduct – meaning the defendant’s constitutional rights have been disregarded – sometimes totally. As I’ve said before JUST on the government’s failure to grant the J6 political prisoners a speedy trial, they should ALL be let loose, their cases dismissed, and reparations paid. I won’t get into how they’ve been otherwise mistreated and abused. Then there’s Trump.

He’s been denied attorney-client privilege, his income tax records have been made public, his home raided with questionable warrants. None of these constitutional issues have been raised by me but by legal experts who have openly brought them to light. It’s all been done right out in the open for us all to see. Dare I say -unabashedly so. But this latest is the worst.

According the Gateway Pundit, the plaintiff

“went on CNN with her attorney Roberta Kaplan went on with CNN to brag about how Carroll was only able to file the lawsuit after New York Democrats changed the laws and extended the statute of limitations for sexual assault in the state.”

Do note, from here, I am expressing my own, NON-LEGAL opinion per my right as a citizen of these United States.

Now wait just one gol-darned minute! What!? Read that again.

“went on CNN with her attorney Roberta Kaplan went on with CNN to brag about how Carroll was only able to file the lawsuit after New York Democrats changed the laws and extended the statute of limitations for sexual assault in the state.

Did anyone else in this nation learn about “ex post facto” laws?

Article I, Section 9, Clause 3:

No Bill of Attainder or ex post facto Law shall be passed.

HELLOOOOO! If my poor, old memory serves correct, “ex post facto” is Latin meaning “after the fact”. What “I” remember learning is this means legislatures cannot pass a law making something punishable by law after something already happened.

Yes, I know this is not the first time. Read up on the atrocious Gun Control Act of 1968 for one heinous example, but come on! REALLY? It seems obvious to me THIS law was passed specifically to “get Trump”.

If nothing else we should ALL be outraged by the total disregard of the law of our land – our constitution. If we don’t have that, we have nothing folks. NOTHING! We do not have a nation. Our borders are not borders at all. The only good news is that would be the elites also have no legal legs to stand on. Our land is a land of anarchy because we have no basis for law. Oops!

Sorry assholes, you can’t have it both ways. Oh don’t worry about them. Once the formal declaration dissolving our constitutional republic is made, the usurpers will have armed enforcers in place to ensure obedience to their new order.

THIS is what we are faced with. The question is how are we going to deal with it? My own thought is we MUST win the 2024 election on the Presidential level and as many lower levels as we can. If we elect another Jack Ass then I see no future for our nation at all. It will only be a matter of time before our nation is formally dissolved.

Until such time as the announcement is made formally dissolving our country, we remain a Constitutional Republic and retain full power and authority as free citizens. We are at a crucial point – use it or lose it.

While you think on this, please do pray for our nation.

A Trip to the Hospital and Current Events

Okay the hospital first. It was a scheduled trip yesterday for a minor procedure. No cause for alarm. The only reason I’m bringing this up is because of one observation I made. It just hit me this morning.

Setting the stage, I had an endoscopy, i.e. the doc put a scope down my throat for a looksee. To that end I was knocked out. (good thing as I’ve got a heck of a gag reflex) Sooo… my wife (or someone) had to accompany me to drive me home.

As I was waiting for the doctor to show up to explain what he’d done, etc. my wife checked her phone. She made a call, then another, then another. I’ll tell you upfront she hates talking on the phone (or so she always told me) so I ascertained she was on there for good reason. She was. You see, she had to take off from her business, right at the start of her busy season, to comewith me. Now I tried to put this off until after the rush period but she would have none of it, bless her  heart.

You’ve probably guessed by now she was taking care of business. In the hospital. While we were waiting in the recovery room for the doctor. So what’s the big deal? Think about this for a moment in context.

She was doing business miles from her office. She could take calls, make calls, and stay connected without stepping foot in her actual  place of business. My epiphany?

If she can do this, WE can do this as citizens. WE can take care of our nation’s business, or our part of it, no matter where we are at the moment. Sorry, but now we have no excuses. How can we insist we are “too busy” to hold our representatives accountable? How can we say we just don’t have time to make our voices heard? We can be “there” from anywhere, no matter where “there” is.

Truly, the technology has arrived to enable us, empower us all to take back control  – to truly do our bit to govern ourselves. We have the technology, what we lack is a framework. We still need to put the infrastructure in place to exercise this power. Now for me, that word “infrastructure” is a bit scary, eliciting visions of roads and bridges and power lines. None of this is what I’m talking about. We have all that. Again, the technology, the tools are available, all we need do is put them in place and apply them.

For instance – Zoom meetings. Now I’m using “Zoom” because we all know what this is so we can envision it. It need not be this specific platform, but imagine a county, town, or school board meeting in a Zoom-like setting. The representatives are all there (or dialed in), as well as citizens both physically present and also dialed in. Meanwhile, we can also all access a forum to address various issues. I like to forum format as it lends itself nicely to segmenting topics so they are easy to track and discuss.

Websites already collect and disseminate documents, calendars, and other information pertaining to government activities. We can make them better, more responsive but the basis exists already.

How Does All This Relate to Current Events?

Let’s start with Trump in New Hampshire. He nailed it and this right after he nailed Iowa. One pundit stated Trump is actively working to rack up better margins than any candidate in history to crush any contention that team Biden won 2020.  At least that is how I read his views. He sort of has a point but in my view, we need massive numbers for a much simpler reason.

We need enough voters to totally overwhelm the cheating elites. Let’s face it, the elites, by cook or by crook, tallied up 81 million votes for Biden. Argue all you want about whether they were legit or not, Team Biden remains in the White House. IF we are going to rout him out we need to roust the whole team. How can we do this?

Turn out in massive numbers. Really, REALLY form that “Red Tide”, or rather a Red Tsunami to put Donald J. Trump in the White House again. WE the People NEED to make a statement and the time to make our voices heard is NOW. We cannot afford to dick around anymore – but simply electing Trump won’t cut it. We need more. We need to establish our presence – to make it perfectly clear we will no longer be ignored. How can we do this?

By taking our participation one and then several steps forward. Trump needs to be elected but we must ALSO give him a SUPERMAJORITY in Congress – in both the House and the Senate – or at least as much of a majority as we can. But that’s not all.

We NEED to make it clear WE SUPPORT TRUMP and thus OUR REPRESENTATIVES MUST SUPPORT TRUMP. We cannot allow a repeat of what happened in 2020. We must weed out the “never Trumpers” and the rest of the RINO bastards. They must go.

Thus we can begin to wipe the slate clean, roll up our sleeves, and clean house. If I had my way, our goal would be to aggressively pursue a limited government – to drastically reduce government programs with an eye to eliminate  the bulk of these worthless efforts.

We need to systematically dismantle the federal gun control farce. I’d start with the National Firearms Act of 1934 and the Gun Control Act 1968.

We need to dump the Federal Reserve.

We need to repeal the 16th and 17th amendments – (Federal Income Tax & Senators elected by popular vote) This will dismantle the IRS and restore States’ Rights and their power in the Senate.

If I had my way, ALL taxes would be subject to voter approval before one cent is collected. No more should we hand representatives blank checks. They would need to better account for every dime they spend and then explain in detail exactly why they think they need more money.

It starts now. If you are not registered to vote. Register now. As you are reading this you can likely register online or at least find out where you can register in person. While you are at it, find out how to obtain voter registration forms. Carry some with you at all times so you those you talk to have no excuse.

It matters not one whit whether you agree with anything I have to say. If you are a citizen YOUR voice counts exactly as much as mine does. Make it heard. Let the best citizen be victorious.

WE the People ARE the government. It is time we started acting like it.

More Gun Control? Enough is ENOUGH! Revisited

Ya know? I’d be surprised if anyone else from the “old days” of The Liberty Coalition to remembers why I started this site to begin with. It began with a post, then comment, then guest post on another blog about yet another gun grabbing plot. The response was strong enough where I felt the time and political temperature was right to maybe actually accomplish something – like the rollback of just some of the many gun control schemes hatched over the years. I was wrong. Obviously.

Granted in some areas, such as the growing number of states enacting “constitutional carry” laws is encouraging. On the other hand, rabid gun control freaks have unleashed a smorgasbord of anti-liberty, downright unconstitutional bs laws aimed directly at good, honest citizens. So I’m beginning to wonder – when WILL enough be enough? Will the control maniacs have to actually start prying our means of self-defense from our cold, dead hands before those of us still standing will stand up? Some days, it sure seems like it. Just the other day, I was looking at a thread on rimfire topics when someone from my ex-home state of NY said the statists now require semi-automatic rifles to be listed on pistol permits. Got that? Keep in mind, ALL the time I was growing up, or at least for as far as was aware, in order to own a handgun in NY, one had to first obtain a concealed weapon permit and each handgun that person owned was required to be listed on that permit. And now they’ve expanded this to semi-automatic rifles. How long before single shot .22’s will be included in this madness? Wait for it…

Meanwhile, here in Virginia, the democRATS slithered into both houses of the legislature while Dr. “Death” Northam was governor. They promptly enacted a number of malicious anti-liberty legislation, including one of the gun control maniacs brass rings – universal background checks. This insidious and unconstitutional crap requires state approval of both parties who wish to buy, sell, or trade firearms in a private deal. Private? Not anymore. Thinking on this lead to more troublesome thoughts. Like I said before universal background checks, in fact ALL background checks are inherently unconstitutional. Why do I say that?

Think about this – forcing a citizen to prove s/he is NOT a criminal and thus NOT breaking the law when buying a firearm foregoes the assumption of innocence. The assumption of innocence is a, or maybe THE primary tenant of our constitution. How can this not be unconstitutional? Beyond that, citizens have the inherent right to go about our business without government intervention. The assumption that MUST be made is as citizens, we are NOT breaking any laws. That is for everyday life. Add into this the Second Amendment expressly guarantees that our right to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED, and my contention doubles down. It doesn’t take a legal scholar, much less an attorney (I am neither) to see this. And it shouldn’t. As WE the People are self-governing citizens, we also have an inherent right to discuss and voice our opinions on the laws of our land – ALL of the laws of our land. But that’s not all…

While I pondered these things, yet another stray thought wandered in and stayed a while. It was a question, really.

WHY are we tolerating this increasingly crushing weight of unconstitutional laws?

Why are these not being challenged? Anyone who has read the landmark novel “Unintended Consequences” by John Ross can relate. There he tells the story of the National Firearms Act (NFA) of 1934 and the subsequent Supreme Court challenge it later entailed. Long story short, this horrendous law was duly declared unconstitutional by a lower court, challenged by the Feds at the SCOTUS level and because of distance, poverty, and such, said challenge had no champion for us citizens and was allowed to stand by FDR’s hand-picked Supreme Court. As far as I know, this statute has not been brought before SCOTUS again and so it stands.

As I see it, this THE major advantage held by the rabid statist gun control freaks. Legislation is typically “assumed” to be within the constrains of the constitution unless specifically overturned. While I can see the reasoning for this – no law would have a modicum of respect unless it was run by the courts – challenging every unconstitutional law puked out by our lawmakers is a time-consuming and expensive process – one most of us cannot afford to do. Not only that, but challenging just the gun laws would likely tie up the Supreme Court for decades – IF they were all heard.

Adding to this problem is the gross instability of legal opinion. We now have more than a century of legal precedents to wade through – enough where almost any legal opinion is likely to be countered by a complete opposite view by a jurist with deist aspirations – i.e. they want to play God.

What would be most helpful is a team of true constitutional literalists dedicated to sifting through current legislation to see what holds to a simple standard: does it line up within the framework of our constitution? I contend at least 80% of our current laws would fail this simple litmus test and 100% of gun legislation. Those words “shall not be infringed” are hard to circumvent once you incorporate the meaning of the the word “infringed” into your soul. Go ahead. Call me intolerant. While you’re at it you can bite me too. It means what it means.

So what is the end all, be all, of this? Unless we decide to get real serious about our constitution, and by “serious”, I mean start insisting on total compliance with the absolute law of our land, we are pretty much toast as a nation. There are only two paths from this point – one leads to liberty under our constitution – the other leads to statist rule, by whoever can seize the power from our hands… and I use the term “seize” loosely because, if history is any gauge, they’ll just take what we hand them.

There IS Another Way

It is a long road for sure but this path could also lead the way for our nation to blossom into some semblance of how it was divinely designed. This road also requires WE the People stand up and reclaim our birthright as citizens. The good news is, rather than depending on weak, wishy-washy, or worse, “interpretive” jurists, we can clearly mark the “will of the People”. What is this road? It starts with participation – YOUR participation… and mine.

Short and sweet, we roll up our sleeves and get to work on the business of our governance – self-governance that is. Groan all you want to but its time to play grownup. Here’s the outline:

We recruit and elect individuals who are committed to liberty. That means people determined to flat out refuse to allow our government entities to continue to expand beyond reasonable limitations AND to insist we begin the process of cutting back on government overreach.

Part of this, just part mind you, is repealing gun laws. The ultimate goal should be to eliminate all laws that limit liberty beyond constitutional limitations, but that’s not all. The chopping block should be bloodied from cutting off all those government programs that have gained footholds over the decades. Lean and mean should be our new goal. BTW – while the term “lean” is mostly self-explanatory, no doubt the usurpers will want to define “mean” as “rude or uncaring” such is not the intent here. This term “mean” is better defined as “a quality or way of doing something that is in the middle of two completely different qualities or ways of doing something” (courtesy Cambridge Dictionary Online).

We need to find new ways to solve issues. Rather than trying to grab guns from law-abiding citizens to thwart criminals, we should focus on actually thwarting criminal behavior and so on.

In addition to this, I also propose we citizens work towards the idea of removing the “blank checks” from our legislators. Instead they should be required to ask those citizens they represent for approval of all new spending AND taxes. This idea of simply allowing politicians carte blanche to find new ways to extract money from citizens and spend it however they wish is a complete and utter fail. There has to be a better way.

While “Gun Control” is indeed a major issue that should not be an issue at all, it is a symptom of a greater national ill – government gone wild. How did this happen? I hate to be the one to break it to you but WE the People have only ourselves to blame. Surely we were duped, as were our parents and their parents before them. I get that. But this does not excuse us from what we’ve become. It does not excuse those who simply do not vote. It does not excuse is for accepting the excuses of those who do not vote. It does not excuse is from failing to be informed nor from our failure to insist those we elect and those our representatives hire be held accountable.

The bottom line is we can either reclaim our nation – our birthright as citizens or we can do nothing and allow the controllers, the usurpers, to continue to grab our liberties until we have nothing left.

American Justice – J6 Political Prisoners vs Verizon Class Action

Quite a Juxtaposition huh?  J6 political prisoners and a Verizon class action suit? What on earth do these to items have in common? More than you might think.

Both are directly tied to the our nation’s justice systems. The Verizon civil suit was filed and adjudicated in the New Jersey court system while charges for the J6 political prisoners languish in the Federal court system.

This from the NJ court docs:

On February 22, 2022, twenty-eight plaintiffs filed a proposed class action on behalf of themselves andall similarly situated former and current New Jersey Verizon Wireless

Note the date. The complaint was filed less than two years ago and has now been decided. Meanwhile many J6 political prisoners have yet to have their constitutionally guaranteed “speedy trial”

For what it’s worth, I have posted about the awful and unconstitutional treatment of these innocent until proven guilty citizens, written my U.S. Senators and seen my U.S. Representative, among other things.

Today I got another email from the class action administrator (I think – the a’holes contact me via email – do I know them from a scammer?). Also today I saw this headline in the Gateway Pundit:

CONFIRMED: MORE ABUSE REPORTED – Heating System Shut Down on Political Prisoners in DC Gulag – With Freezing Temperatures Outside!

Think about that. I’m a few hours south of DC and the temperature outside was 17 degrees yesterday morning and heat was shut off in the DC Gulag? No one will ever convince me this was a coincidence. Furthermore, I’d like to know exactly how gulag officials dealt with this situation. Wouldn’t that be telling?

Meanwhile, I can file for my share ($100 Woo HOO!) of the Verizon class action settlement in the warm comfort of my own home. This is justice? By the way, after looking around the net there is some speculation that Verizon has already implement some sort of subsurcharge to cover their costs. Really? You mean the executives aren’t going to dip into their own pockets to pay this? I’m shocked! Shocked, I tell you.  Either way, you and I both know where this money will come from. That said there really is some GOOD news…

15. How will the lawyers be paid?

Settlement Class Counsel (see Question 14) will file a motion on or before [DATE] asking the Court to award them attorneys’ fees of up to $33.3 million (which is 33.30% of the $100 million Settlement Fund) plus reimbursement of their litigation expenses.

Isn’t it comforting to know the lawyers won’t starve due to their stellar efforts to bring justice to us Verizon customers? Even better, they need not dip into their own pockets to pay all those expenses they incurred. Here is a link to the entire agreement

Verizon Class Action Settlement Agreement

So, on one hand, we have U. S. Citizens who dared question the results of the 2020 election by going to our nation’s capital and allegedly entered into the Capitol Building i.e. “The People’s House” and… what? It becomes unclear from there.  From the reports I’ve seen they’ve been abused, beaten, starved, denied medical treatment, denied numerous other civil rights – including their right to a speedy trial and still face untold years in prison for far less than many actually convicted of heinous crimes.

On the other hand, we have victims of crappy billing policies by a crappy cell phone provider who now enjoy the right to claim the price of a dinner out (maybe with some change left over) while the lawyers involved each pocket more cash than I’ll ever see in a lifetime.

And that, my dear readers, is AMERICAN justice at it’s finest. Or at least what it has come to.

Trump’s Iowa Landslide – What IF?

What IF? IF you are at all like me there are a LOT of “What Ifs” in your mind. I’ll share some of mine, feel free to share yours.

What IF WE the People are indeed speaking again? Many, myself included,

Picture Courtesy of The Epic Times

at least entertained the idea that electing Trump in 2016 was largely us giving the political establishment the finger. That idea still brings a smile to my face. In 2016, I sort of “held my nose” as I voted for him. He hadn’t won me over. I voted more against Hillary than I did FOR Trump. In 2020, my vote was solidly FOR Trump. That said there was no way I’d ever give Joe Bobo the nod. I’d rise from my grave to snatch my “absentee ballot” from their fingers. Fast forward to today.

Trump has my vote. No one else comes close. I will vote for him EVEN if the “powers that usurp” decide my vote for Trump doesn’t count. Stuff that in your ballot boxes assholes. Then I’m sure you can guess where you can stuff that ballot box. However that IS the next “What IF”. What IF my vote doesn’t count? What IF the usurpers already have the 2024 election fixed? No doubt they are working feverously towards this end. Can we stop it? To this end, I became an election official. Know this – I live in such a rural county that even IF they could turn our entire tally at will, it would not be a spit in the bucket in a state, much less a national election. Needless to say I did not become an election official with any delusions of “saving” any election. My goal was to set an example as a citizen willing to do my part. Now I’m asking you to do the same.

You should first realize no matter where you live, you alone will not “save” any election by becoming an election official. This unveils the true beauty of decentralized government. We ALL need to take part in our system of government, from voting, to serving, to holding those serving accountable. This is what self-governing entails. If you don’t like it, keep doing nothing and rest assured that burden will be lifted from you by your new masters. Just don’t come whining to me about what a crapload of a burden your new masters require you to bear. It will be too late by then.

We all need to do everything we can to ensure only legal votes are counted. Beyond that, and maybe far more important, we should garner as many legal votes as we can. Talk to people. Carry some voter registration forms with you. Set some piles in places like gun shops. Volunteer to man a booth to register voters at local events. If there is no booth or table, organize one! For goodness sake lets take a page from the democRats and make an effort to get out the vote! Here in Virginia, any citizen can register AND vote right up to and including election day.

What IF the democRats try to steal the 2024 election? There is no “What IF” in my mind as far as the statists are concerned. They are already going all out to make sure they stay in power. If this isn’t obvious to you, read some headlines – and that’s just their over actions. Covertly, I expect they will continue their tried and true trickery, such as getting out the dead vote, gathering and generating fake voters, harvesting whatever votes they can get and so on.

The BIG WHAT IF – What IF Trump wins?

Let’s be realistic. First, CAN Trump win this election? Realistically speaking? Yes. He can. IF We the People do our part. Even better if we turn to God for deliverance because God Almighty can turn any tide even against overwhelming opposition.

So what IF Trump wins? We get four more years of a Trump presidency. Yes, he can do a lot, more with a Congress that works with him rather than against him. But even if he is able to work at optimal efficiency, he only has four years. At the risk of sounding like a broken record – Donald J. Trump cannot save our nation. He just can’t. Salvation is God’s work. We need to stop trying to work around God and start going to God first.

Maybe, just maybe, a Trump win could mark a turnaround for our nation. One scenario I envision is WE the People, get off our cushy butts and roll up our sleeves. We get to work – start participating by becoming involved in our nation’s business ourselves and encouraging others to join us. We start flexing our own political clout, pulling together to heal our nation and bring those tagged to serve to heel. Can all this happen? Sure it can. Will it happen? It depends on YOU. The only actions YOU control are YOUR OWN. Will YOU do YOUR part?

Wednesday January 10 (now 16), Aftermath of the Special Elections

Note: last week was hell week for me – seems like I was everywhere but here at my desk. I’ll take up where I left off.

In case you were wondering, yes, I survived what amounted to be a 15 hour day. It was long and rather slow with a pitiful turnout.

Here’s the real dig: to find out the results of yesterdays contest, I had to find them in a media publication. Here’s one:

Republicans win both special elections in Southside

Silly me, I first went to the Virginia Department of Elections to find the results. Then I tried Ballotpedia. No love from either source. No doubt – somewhere on the VDOE website the results are or will be posted, but then… from where the the press get the results?

Onward. The above article speculates on the significance of the low Republican turnout to the upcoming presidential election. REALLY? Are these “journalists” that stupid or do they have an agenda. Considering the state of the “news media” these days, I suspect the latter. So what’s my take?

Before I get into that, allow me to toss in a couple of these things called “facts”. First, in both elections, the Republicans won handily, despite the “low Republican turnout”. Soooo… where was that massive Democrat turnout to take advantage of this?  Fact number two – it was a very quick election. More this below.

First of all, and this was discussed among are team during one of the many slow periods – so few people knew there was even an election being held. As I mentioned in a previous post, I actually found out about it by accident myself and here I was expected to work the election. Hello! The same goes for the rest of our crew including our Chief.  She pointed out how few voters even knew this election was taking place. We all had stories to tell about this.  Granted, I received 2-3 postcards from one candidate, several text messages including one while I was working the election, as well as a call from representatives from both candidates. Our Chief said she only got one but she is also registered as an independent so… hello.

The Chief also bewailed the fact that our county does not mail out notices to voters with a sample ballot as was done in her previous state. While I agree something like this would be useful for keeping voters informed, I’m not convinced the cost is worth the expense. Those I talked to who had no idea there was an election on Tuesday also told me they do not vote. Meanwhile I am reasonably certain those who are registered to vote were notified at some point. The tendency to ignore said information reveals a larger issue – i.e. an apathetic citizenry.

I just don’t get the idea that we can just go about our daily routines and expect everything to turn out swell. This nearly defines cognitive bias. Let’s face facts folks – unless we make some changes ourselves – in our own lives and promote changes in how we “govern ourselves”, we are all doomed to be enslaved by the usurpers.



Tuesday January 9, 2022 Virginia Special Elections!

If this is your first time here or you’ve been living under a rock, I’ll tell you outright – I am now an election official in Virginia. Last year I worked one primary and one election. The primary was a joke as the opponent for the only contended spot bowed out. This primary should have been canceled.

Fast forward to December 2023 – last month. I get a text message from the Board of Elections President in our county. This is how I first learned about the special election. It wasn’t the main topic of the text sequence – it was brought up by one of the recipients. (The Pres mass texts us so…)

Special Election 2024

Turns out the State Senator for our district has resigned for health reasons. As a good citizen I promptly notified at least one politically active group as this seat is very important for the balance of power in Virginia. I’ve heard nothing from nobody about this election.

So much for good citizenship.

Lemme tell ya – JUST voting ain’t gonna cut it no more. Got that?

As citizens in this SELF-GOVERNING nation – we all have a duty and responsibility to participate in the functions of government. Voting is the very least of it all. We’ve gotten ourselves into this swampy mess because of our “set it and forget it” attitude towards governing. It needs to stop and stop quickly because we are about to lose it all.

By all means if you live in one of the two of the above districts – VOTE.

IF there is a special electio0n in your state – VOTE.

At least do that but set yourself to do more.

Hold those in office accountable. It doesn’t matter whether you voted for them or not, they are still required to represent you AND follow the law of the land. Hold their feet to that fire.

Activate – talk to people, write blog posts (you can post them here, subject to approval – I won’t allow any anti-liberty posting here.). How much effort does it take to start and monitor a local F_B group for goodness sake?

Get involved. Stay involved.

Keep the vote honest – become an election official. Already I’ve spotted potential issues and brought them to the attention of the higher ups. I can tell you this much for an absolute certainty – every election official I’ve come in contact with, no matter the party affiliation, is focused on ensuring a free and fair election with an accurate count.

Now is this true everywhere? No. At least I am convinced it is NOT true. Maricopa County, AZ is a prime example. Pennsylvania is another. Michigan is a third. Then there’s Georgia. Every one of those places is suspect. Not to mention the swamp rats in our nation’s capital who promulgated the J6 fiasco. WHY is all this happening? It is happening because WE, the People, have been asleep at the wheel and the wreckage is visible across the country.

It won’t stop unless we citizens stand up, be counted, AND insist on an accurate count.