Red Flag Laws – What Comes Next?

First things first – I’m calling for the repeal of ALL “red flag laws”.

What is a “red flag law” really? Red flag laws allow “the authorities” to act on mere suspicion of potential wrongdoing.

Right now the focus is on gun owners. We need to ask… “What comes next?” I’ve said before this is a slippery slope but look beyond the cliché – where is this slope going? To answer this one has to wonder what else citizens may be doing that “the authorities” may want to nip in the bud.

If England is any example, once they’ve got the guns, they’ll come after your knives next. I. Am. Not. Kidding. But really, what’s next? How about “hate speech”? Look around you – “hate speech” is now defined by any speech not approved by the leftist. My speech here could be defined as “hate speech” because I am speaking out against what many of those “in authority” want to do… i.e. pass more red flag laws.

Right now, as they stand – red flag laws shred our Fourth, Fifth, Fourteenth and Second Amendment constitutional guarantees. That’s right – they attack FOUR of the Ten amendments in the Bill of Rights. The Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments guarantee due process – giving citizens their day in court BEFORE they are punished. The Fourth guarantees against illegal search and seizure of our persons, homes and property.

Then there is the Second Amendment guaranteeing our right to keep and bear arms. The whole idea of illegally raiding someone’s home, business, car and/or person is to remove their firearms “before they can do harm”. [Note: this is not a quote but a paraphrase suggesting a possible justification.] Once the firearms, ammunition and anything other of a citizens property “the authorities” wish to help themselves to are acquired, they will be held until such time as the citizen can a) prove himself or herself innocent AND “apply” for the return of their ill-gotten property. Cases are already on the books where such property is lost or damaged beyond repair – with no chance of payment for value. Nor can anyone expect reimbursement for legal fees, much less the time, emotional or other costs.

In short – if “the authorities” come knocking under a red flag law – kiss your property and possibly your life away. Pray your dog stays out of sight.

Again, right now the focus is on firearms. They are the “big evil” plaguing our nation. Before long it will be the content on your computer – whether this is “hate speech” or some other contrived “issue” dreamed up by the control freaks.

Note for your information: I use “the authorities” as a term for anyone acting under the auspices of the law. As enforcement of laws and/or regulations is relegated to just about anyone with an “official” ID, I will lump them all under this general term as a matter of convenience – mine and those who suffer through my writing.

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