Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Well this seems like another one of those idiot ideas dreamed up by some mush-for-brains lawyer but here goes.

Look, we publish stuff, okay. We offer products both free and digital as well as services. You are free to buy or not buy. You can read whatever you like and even share links with your friends.

For that matter if you want to copy a whole article (one of our originals) and reprint, republish or something, you can go ahead for the most part. If it is something we sell or otherwise protect with a formal copyright then you should contact us first to see if we need to get paid for it.

Our graphics are generally our own so if you want copy those for commercial use, yeah, contact us and we’ll make a deal.

For the rest, if you act honestly and responsibly and in obviously good faith, we’re not going to give you a hard time. Fair enough?

Once again, if you think we are missing something important and by that we do NOT mean legal mumbo jumbo – by all means drop Andy a line.

As usual if you are just being a smart ass, Andy or his minion(s) reserve the right to blow you off.

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