FREE Voter Registration QR CODES for Your State!

Patriots – Let’s Take America Back!

Register a New Voter & Help Get Out the Vote in November

Team Biden is pulling all the stops to keep Slo Mo Joe in office – they will stop at nothing! How can we fight them?

By SWARMING the polls with REAL voters!

Here’s a dead simple way to help get out the vote in November.

Download the “Citizen Action Meme” below for your state.

The QR code links directly to your states online voter registration page.

Any qualified citizen can scan the code and register to vote on the spot.

Post it anywhere and everywhere. – On social media, your website, in forums, feel free to go wild!

Carry a copy on your phone.

Print out a few or a hundred copies and distribute them.

Take action now. It’s free and painless.

We can win this and take back our nation!


If your state isn’t on this page it is because your is one of 7 states that do not offer online voter registration at this time. You can still help register voters, except in Montana where they do not require voters to register, check with your local voter registrar for guidance for your area.

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