They Say WE Are “Conspiracy Theorists?!”

Get real huh? Three from the Gateway Pundit today.

First up Oath Keepers Stewart Rhodes is charged with “plotting a seditious conspiracy”

Consider this is an actual charge, I’m asking who are the conspiracy theorists now? Also in the article Rhodes says he’s considering suing Revolver News for alleging Oath Keepers is an FBI front. I read about that myself and it caused me concern because of the mystery surrounding Ray Epps. Epps is purported to be former leader in Oath Keepers. How about this for a twist? Despite a good deal of video showing Epps certainly had involvement in activities surrounding the events of Jan 6 in D.C. and on the day before, despite the fact that Epps was on the FBI’s list of persons of interest and his sudden mysterious removal, among other things, Politicfact, of all places makes every effort to debunk the idea Epps is somehow involved on the federal side of those events. And they are not alone., Snopes, and the WP all seem to want to defend Ray Epps. Strangely enough, there are a lot of of J6 POWs rotting in the DC gulag. I  have yet to see any of these organizations come their defense. They claim, the mystery surrounding Epps is a mere “conspiracy theory”. Well, get that’s all fine and good but I’ve seen far less evidence suggesting Rhodes or anyone else “conspired” to “overthrow” our government. So my question stands: WHO is the conspiracy theorist?

Next up… J6 POW Matthew Perna committed suicide.

I cannot imagine the pain and despair he endured. Some might say he did so because he was guilty. I don’t by it. If guilt were the issue then he would have done himself in long before. No, the Matt’s blood is on the hands of the REAL J6 insurrectionists – those responsible for  his being in jail for over a year on minor charges. On a side note here…

Part of the story linked above says Matt pleaded guilty to felony “obstruction of Congress” and three misdemeanor charges. Then prosecutors sent word they were going to further charge him. Agreeing to any guilty plea in these cases is a mistake in my layman’s opinion. Let the government prove whatever case they think they can build  While I cannot imagine the intense pressure and who knows what else these POWs must feel, they are all backed into a corner with no way out. Standing firm on their innocence is the only real choice. Even then the cards are stacked against them.

And then there’s Sean McHugh  a J6 POW for nine months in the DC gulag. Here is part of his story:

After reporting what had happened, I was moved to “the hole”, a place where you go for disciplinary segregation. They take your commissary away in “the hole” and handcuff you and lock you in the shower when it’s time to wash. They lock you up in solitary confinement which by this point I was becoming accustomed to. This jail claims there was a court order for such housing, however, my lawyer had explicitly explained to me beforehand after speaking to the jail that I was to be moved to the patriot pod C2B. That was my first experience being punished for speaking out here in the DC Gulag. I felt absolutely hopeless at that moment. I felt betrayed yet again by the very people I was told I could trust, and that were there to protect me from such degradation. 

Among other things, its said He has inadequate legal counsel and, like other inmates, is being pressured to accept “sick” plea deals. I do not know if it is true of any or all of the public defenders but my understanding is most of them are liberals who hate Trump and anyone who supports him. I ask you, what sort of defense do you think they will provide?

Here is Sean’s American Gulag link.

Tomorrow I’ll try to post the results of my correspondence with one of my “representatives” in the Senate – Tim Kaine.  The reason for the delay Kaine replied to me via my email address but I could not reply to him that way.

While he was Clinton’s lapdog running mate, I deemed him “Odie” because he reminds me of that mindless pup in the Garfield comic. Now that I think about it, I realize I really need to apologize for that.

Sorry, Odie, no offense intended.

People’s Convoy USA and More…

While I’m not sure my head has stopped spinning yet, it seems to have slowed a tad. Near as I can tell, there are two, maybe three organizers planning or implementing convoys to D.C. The People’s Convoy went underway yesterday. (WHEW! They saved my can. 🙂 I saw an interview on Greg Kelly (Newsmax) who interviewed one of the organizers.

He said they were descending on Washington to exhort our freedoms as Americans. His message is one I can get in line with but I’m not sure it resonates with enough of our fellow citizens. As I posted before, I’m seeing a lot of apathy. But that’s not all…

With at least one other convoys in the works and both inspired by the Canadians, I gotta ask, where are we in this nation when it comes to our freedoms? Granted the MSM, and big tech work against us on every level. Sure the last thing the political establishment wants is to hear from We the People. They are perfectly capable of mucking things up without our input. That said, why is it so hard to find any traction when it comes to standing up for the freedoms we are all so proud of? I can understand the reluctance to chide in concerning mask mandates. Even the push for vax mandates has backed off just a bit, but it looks to me like they are just biding their time for another jab offensive.

There are still a ton of issues needing addressing in this country – including this administration’s shutting down our oil production. How can we even allow this? The ONLY reason fuel prices are so high in this country is taking up space in the Oval Office… or should I say his handlers behind the curtain. Either way, it is NOT the will of the people! I don’t need a poll to tell me most Americans aren’t buying this green BS and would opt for prosperity if anyone were to ask. And that’s the point. WHY are we sitting on the  sidelines wishing someone would ask us? We have the power and authority to DEMAND stepping up oil production so we can again become a net exporter of energy.

This is just one issue we should be vocal about – there are far too many to list here but you get the idea.

Looking up to Canada – Trudeau apparently thought the better of his position and let go of his “emergency powers”. They also indicated they’ll loosen up on their citizens purse strings. I’ll wait to see how that goes. I’m not at all convinced the will just let go of money they so gleefully seized. After all, we’re talking politicians here. Still in the news last night (sorry fo the Yahoo news – it was the first link I found.) was the arrest of one of the organizers of the convoy, Tamera Lich, . She is facing ten years in jail for “counseling to commit the offense of mischief” and is  now being held without bail. It’s possible, nearly certain she won’t be the only one.

Believe it not, I had the above in my media collection on this blog for quite some time now.

I got waylaid yesterday before I could post this. Since then no less than three commentators said the best way to defeat Russia is to produce oil domestically, export oil to Europe and tell LiliPutin we’re going to price him out of the bidness with better quality and dependable delivery. (I also posted this in Fn Book for what good THAT will do.

Meanwhile LiliPutin is all but threatening nuclear war. How wonderful. I really don’t see things coming to that before Christ returns but I’ve been wrong before and I certainly do NOT have any “inside information” on God’s plans. All I can do is trust Him and I do trust Him.

One thought that keeps nagging me…

This was reiterated by Robert Gates who not only wrote this opinion in his memoir but stated it on Face the Nation.

“Still, I think he’s been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.”

(source: Real Clear Politics)

If Slo Mo Joe is proficient at anything it is being inept. Hell, he couldn’t even copy someone else’s work without being caught – at least FOUR TIMES!

So here we have, a doddering old fart (the lumpy kind at that), of questionable cognitive functioning on his good days who has the complete arsenal, including nuclear weapons, of the most militarily advanced nation at his beck and call.

In light of this Secretary of State Blinken (Formerly of Winkin, Blinken and Nodd?) tells us the US is NOT going to STOP buying Russian oil. In a related report Biden is delaying decisions on oil and gas leases. To sum things up, not only is Biden further shutting down US oil production, he is committed to keep buying oil from Russia. What? Me worry?

Thoughts on The Trucker Convoy, Canada and More…

With so much ground to cover and less time these days… I’ll post on a few things – maybe related, maybe not, but I think there’s a common thread through everything happening around us.

First up – the Trucker Convoy heading to Washington. As I posted earlier the anticipation as well as the excitement level for this event is well, underwhelming. Overall, the best explanation coming to my teeny mind is we aren’t desperate enough.

First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

– Martin Niemöller

Is it possible we don’t love freedom enough? Consider the Canadians

Justin Trudeau imposed martial law to clear the truckers in Ottawa. He has essentially declared himself dictator. He has arrested and imprisoned dissenters without bail, a la our January 6 POWs. He is seizing bank accounts of anyone identified as merely agreeing with the truckers. The police morphed into stormtroopers overnight. It’s almost as if they were injected with Dr. Jekyll’s formula, the transformation is that scary. Now it appears the Canadian people are siding with Herr Trudeau. Do they agree with him or are they cowering in fear? Let’s face it, stripping citizens of their livelihoods and seizing their money is daunting, to say the least.

Then there is January 6. From where I sit, our authoritarians are setting up for a rerun, this time with the truckers coming to D.C. Already they are intent on surrounding the Capital with fencing – why they don’t finish the job and lock the congressional miscreants in, I don’t know. They seem to be gearing up for a clash – calling in the National Guard and so forth. I expect D.C. to soon resemble the Ukrainian border. Nobody on the trucker’s side is planning anything violent, I promise you that.

Then there’s the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Some have suggested Biden is egging the Russians on to divert attention from his own incompetence.

He’s also on record for not only supporting Trudeau but encouraging him to put the hammer down (my words). Could Biden’s masters have in mind using Canada as a precedent and/or a model?

Meanwhile, back on the home front, mandates are being rolled back almost hourly. Blue state after blue state is following suit. Of course, they all insist “the science has changed”. Strange. I never knew political science was so flexible.

All of this adds up to apathy… or fear. I suspect most folks haven’t got around to being afraid. At least those who haven’t been hiding under their beds up until now.

The comments I’ve been seeing range from – “mandates are over, they are about 3 months too late, etc.  Many simply don’t see any problems or they are ignoring them. All in all, while I’d love to see a nationwide show of support for these truckers, I don’t see it materializing. They could end up in joining the J6 POWs indefinitely while the rest of the country looks the other way.

Update – Trucker Freedom Convoy

This was supposed to be released on Monday but life tossed wrenches in the works

When is this Trucker Convoy supposed to get underway again?

The last I heard is Friday – I suppose February 25 but maybe we’re supposed to pick a Friday… I don’t know.

After a deeper look into things, not only did I seize upon  the earliest and apparently the wrong date but I also misjudged the mood of my fellow countrymen about it.  Bottom line? I’m getting a sense of overwhelming apathy. In short nobody cares.

More later…

Support US Freedom Convoy!

The latest from Canada is Trudeau and company began their attack by arresting at least three of the leaders of the Freedom Convoy. Now they have expanded their efforts and are making mass arrests. Once again the authoritarians have placed snipers on roofs. Why? These truckers have never been a threat to anyone as far as I can see.

There can be only one reason why Trudeau  is arresting rather than meeting with these truckers. He has absolutely no intention of relinquishing the power he as usurped no matter what the cost. Again I ask… will Trudeau attempt a trial massacre?  Will the truckers arrested be Canada’s J6 POW’s? Time will tell.

How does this bode for the US Freedom Convoy?

My understanding is The US version of the Freedom Convoy is to begin on Wednesday February 23, 2022. Already we’ve seen rumblings from Washington about similar measures planned by our own government to upend any “dissension”.  Any citizen who dares say anything contrary to this administration’s view is already deemed a “terrorist”.  We cannot allow this!

To this end I’m advocating citizens across the nation show our support by meeting at our respective county courthouses – outside, of course. This is just a show of support.  As we are represented in both state federal governments, our presence should send a clear message that we support these truckers and freedom in general.

I set the time for all of this to begin 6PM so more who hold day jobs have a better chance of attending. Hopefully Patriots at many locations will keep the vigil going from dawn to dusk until our truckers reach D.C.

Let’s go viral. Please post the above meme anywhere and everywhere you can!

We ARE the government in this nation. Our elected officials and representatives work for US. It is about time we made this clear.

Freedom VS Tyranny

Yesterday, cowardly Justin Trudeau invoked Canada’s “Emergency Powers Act”. Never before has this been done. I had search a bit deep to uncover what this actually is. According to Wikipedia the “Emergencies Act” was passed in 1988. The entry reads as thus:

The Emergencies Act (FrenchLoi sur les mesures d’urgence) is a law passed by the Parliament of Canada in 1988 which authorizes the federal government to take extraordinary temporary measures to respond to public welfare emergencies, public order emergencies, international emergencies and war emergencies. It is considered to provide “the stiffest government emergency powers of any emergency law in Canada”.[1]: 16  The law repeals the War Measures Act passed in 1914 and asserts that any actions of the government continue to be subject to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Bill of Rights.

source: Wikipedia

Apparently, this isn’t enough because Trudeau is indeed making stuff up as he goes along i.e. expanding his “powers” to shut down any funding via cryptocurrency and crowdfunding organizations. Now, I see this as going one of two ways, either the original act is so vague as it essentially “grants” unlimited authority or spells out what can and cannot be done and Trudeau is ignoring any limitations. The latter, of course, is unacceptable while the former, at least in my understanding of U.S. law would render the act void. It makes enough sense so I think we can generally agree that any law written so it is fuzzy about what it says is unenforceable. For example, no body of lawmakers could pass a law saying “You can’t do that.” An absurd example, yes, but poignant, don’t you think?

If this is not a solid legal principle, it should be. I’ve added such to my own notes.

My understanding is some arrests have been made. Here’s where I stand on this: if someone, a protestor, a politician, an average citizen, a law enforcement officer breaks a law, said law should be enforced. So far, the only laws I’ve seen enforced are those favoring the authoritarians. The excuse given by them is, well, the protestors are terrorists. They are insurrectionists and so on. No. That doesn’t wash with me. If you do the crime be prepared to do the time. During this entire pandemic, we’ve seen authoritarians impose all sorts of rules with zero regard to due process. They just “assume” the authority. I say, assuming authority you do not have is, in itself, a crime. If no such law exists, I’m all for adding one to the books and I am no fan of new legislation. I think we’re overregulated as citizens already.

What this showdown is coming to is a battle between the elite authoritarians and citizens. First things first, while I somewhat disdain protests, at least in our nation, they are perfectly legal and protected acts with centuries of historical precedent. What they are not, are acts of terrorism. Neither do they carry even a hint of insurrection. Both of these terms are well-defined and understood. For those who want to play stupid, blocking a bridge, while likely illegal, is not a terrorist act, while blowing up a bridge may be seen as such, if not an act of war. The former is in the realm of civil disobedience. Now let us consider the actions of the authoritarians.

As I stated before, any time anyone in a position of authority enforces a legally enacted law within the scope of that legislation, then they are simply doing what they are charged to do. Such is perfectly acceptable and expected.  Once such a person, or any person who finds themselves in a position of authority begins calling citizens names like “racists” and “terrorists” simply because they do not like the actions of said citizens, once they begin using these terms to justify infringing in the rights of citizens, then the actions of said authoritarians become illegal in and of themselves. This same principle can be applied to all who are holding our own January 6 POWs in despicable and reprehensible conditions, denying not only their rights as citizens but their human rights.

Our Canadian brothers could be facing a similar fate. Now, I’ll grant you, some of those with a far-reaching voice covering a much greater range than my own are charging, speculating even, that these Canadian protestors could essentially be permanently stripped of their very rights as citizens. Indeed, I’ve seen some threats in this realm myself, as in officials stating protesters could lose their license to drive a truck. In other words, their ability to pursue their livelihood.

All of this despite apparently growing support for the protestors across Canada.  Here’s a clue Clouseau Trudeau, if half your nation agrees with the protestors, they are not terrorists. In fact, if nobody agrees with any single protester, s/he is still not a terrorist.

While the truckers’ actions are well in line with long-established historical precedent, Trudeau’s response is nothing less than tyrannical. From his early declaration saying this was just a “fringe” group to calling protesters racist and worse to allowing, if not directing, law enforcement and others to thwart the protesters by any means necessary. Where will it end?

Just now I viewed a video update on the latest happenings. (It was released less than an hour before I saw it.) They addressed the false flag “confiscation” of illegal weapons reported all over the media yesterday.  It was pointed out the pictures of the weapons cache were taken, not where they were allegedly “found” but rather were put on display. Also noted, there was no mention of any search warrants or any other legal procedures. They say arrests were made but I’ve yet to hear anyone named. The most compelling point leading be to believe the truckers had nothing to do with these weapons is their reaction. They are shutting down the protest at this location. They’ve vowed to remain peaceful and even cheered law enforcement, inviting them to dine with them. Absolutely graceful. Then they prayed. You tell me… are these the actions of violent people?

On another note on the video, they showed where law enforcement went all out to disable excavators brought to the site. They cut battery cables, solenoid wires as well as several other things to make it very hard to use this equipment. Then they admitted they did it! Law enforcement said they didn’t want the equipment to be used to cause damage. This is vandalism at the very least. Criminal mischief?  I don’t know. I’m no lawyer, but I’d sure like to see where these “public servants” got the idea they had some right to destroy private property, which by the way, was ON private property. At one point they’d asked the truckers to move the vehicles so they wouldn’t obscure anyone’s view. The truckers, of course, politely complied. This is the thanks they get.

From everything I’ve seen these truckers are upstanding citizens vowing to proceed peaceably and honorably. Yet they are treated as if they were criminals. No, strike that, criminals get better treatment.

What will this mean for the rest of us if Trudeau manages to squash these citizens? Will this encourage other tyrants to hammer down on anyone who dares to question or complain? Certainly this is their desire. We cannot allow this to happen. To allow it is to foment more tyranny and if you think it cannot happen in these United States, think again.

To quote the current White House pResident… “our patience is wearing thin”. WE will not tolerate violence. We will not stand idly aside while the authoritarians trample over citizens and our God-given rights.  However, there is a silver lining in all of this.

As the pandemic has pulled back the curtain on the true nature of the authoritarians, just as our eyes have been opened as to what goes on behind closed classroom doors, citizens are now beginning to clearly see just how devious and underhanded the controllers are. We now know what happens when citizens do not bow to their commands. If we are not horrified and yes, somewhat daunted, at the task before us where we can now come to grips with all that needs to be dismantled then we have not learned our lesson.

The key issue is here decentralization. Our nation was founded on the principle of a limited central government with the bulk of the duties and responsibilities falling on local and then state governments. For too long we citizens have sloughed off our responsibilities. We’ve handed them over to the care and feeding of state and federal government. It’s time to do our duty as citizens. We need to stop whining about “them”, step up and take charge of our representatives as self-governing  citizens of a Constitutional Republic.

The Sunday Review – Putting It All Together

Yeah, so “all” might be a bit ambitious, but several stories popped up this morning to offer perspective on several posts. First, if you haven’t noticed, I’m silent on the Russia/Ukraine rumblings, as well as China/Taiwan. To me this is all diversionary until it’s not. So there is that. Now for the updates. Most of these are gleamed from The Gateway Patriot. While they are certainly not my only source of news, they seem to break more stories earlier than many other sources. Not only that, I see stories there that are never reported elsewhere. Case in point.

MOMENTUM IS GROWING: Now Six Counties in Wisconsin Are Reportedly Calling for Speaker Vos to Resign

Now you might ask, why is this even important? Connect this dot to the 2A Sanctuary movement, to Virginia’s last election, to the Freedom Convoy. Each one of these “dots” represent citizens standing up to reclaim our rightful place. They also mark an important principle:

If We the People are going to reclaim our county – we need to do so county by county.

Now, I’ve been a consistently strong advocate for this but it is not “my” idea, nor am I the sole proponent. Thank GOD! My little voice counts for nothing really. However if my little voice is joined by other voices, our influence goes. NOT our “power” but our influence. This is the beauty of a decentralized government. Each citizen has exactly the same measure of “power”. We each have one voice and one vote. When enough of us agree on the same thing, we can bring that thing to pass… within limits. What limits? The limits within our Constitution, of course. In other words, we cannot, Constitutionally speaking, all agree to “infringe on the right to keep and bear arms”. Obviously this limitation has been ignored but ignorance does not supersede the law of the land.

Now I like Emerald Robinson’s tweets. She is often profound and thought provoking. In fact, the above tweet is also thought provoking, but she is 100% wrong on this one. The Constitution, beaten, trampled, battered as it is, remains the Law of the Land. Nobody has dared declare it “officially” dead. Nobody has even suggested anything in its place. Thus the federal government DOES have a legal boundary and it is this same Constitution of the United States for America. I do care a whit what the usurpers consider themselves. WE the People are the government. Period. End of discussion. Next.


WINDSOR POLICE MOVE IN – Begin Removing Protesters Blocking Ambassador Bridge to US — Snipers on the Roof – City Buses Arrive for Arrests — Media Warned to Move Back

Actually, the above broke yesterday, but I want to focus your attention on the highlighted part of the headline – Snipers on the Roof. This for a blockade and a protest. Does the Canadian government intend to shoot people for speaking their minds?

This meme was from a few months ago. Australia has already located people to quarantine camps or whatever they call them. (#7). We are now witnessing #8. Theft of property was documented a few days ago in Ottawa where police stole fuel (and who knows what else?) from truckers. The police themselves openly admitted to the crimes they themselves were committing. Ashley Babbitt was murdered on Jan 6 in front of the nation. She was not the only one our government has murdered. Will we see  a trial massacre in Windsor next?

Keep in mind, globalization is the stated goal of those who consider themselves “elite” and events are happening on a global scale so do not limit yourself to thinking only about events here in the states. Not long ago I posted on false flags, including one to slander peaceful protesters in Brussels. Today, I saw this:

Horror! Macron Police Hurl Tear Gas at Customers Inside Paris Cafe — Chase Hundreds of Freedom Protesters Down the Street (VIDEO)

Brussels, France, Canada, not to mention Australia as well as other nations all over the world. I cannot cite the source but I remember seeing on gentleman, not American, state how people have an inherent right to self-government. He is so right! While God Almighty set the standard when He instituted our nation, that He chose to bless us does not in any way suggest other nations must live under tyranny.

Finally, I bring you this:

Trump Unleashes On The Deep State – “The Unselect Committee Is A Cover Up Of The Real Insurrection”


Fact is I posted this perspective almost one month ago to the day. Just yesterday I postulated how certain three letter groups with government funding are vising my site under stealth. I say this last because I doubt if either of my two visitors, assuming they are the same two are paid to do so. Though it wouldn’t surprise me. 🙂

I know I said the last entry was it but I uploaded the meme below. Though it directly relates to nothing in today’s review, I’d say it does relate to everything in one way or another…

Have a great Sunday!

Guess Who’s Watching and… I’m a Terrorist!

If you’re one of the two regular occasional readers of this blog you might get this, for anyone else who happens to stumble upon this post you may not. If I can count on anyone it is somebody paid by a three-letter agency and they’re good. I’m pretty sure they keep tabs on me using stealth because, well it’s about as isolated as an outpost you can get. Still…

It wasn’t long after I posted my plan to support a U.S. Freedom Convoy by encouraging citizens to show up at our respective county seats when, shazaaam! all of a sudden mandates started being removed. Now I can sense what you’re thinking… it wasn’t my post, it was the general swelling up of support for the very idea. Okay, I get it. Can I have my fantasy back now?

Fact is, I don’t care. It matters not at all how we take our nation back as long as we do it effectively and peacefully. That brings me to the terrorist part. As I reported earlier, and now it’s all over the news, Homeland Security is warning against those of us who DARE disagree with the official government talking points. Yeah, well, bite me. Yes, I’m speaking to YOU, Mayorkas (or is that Mydorkass? I get mixed up.) You know damn well what I’ve advocated all along. I see no need for “protests”, much less violence.

We are self-governing citizens  who elect representatives and those representatives are responsible for people like you. All we need to is hold those we choose to represent us accountable. Granted we’ve done a lousy job so far. The bottom line, dude, is we ARE the government, so the whole idea of promulgating some sort of “insurrection” or “revolution” is ridiculous. We already have the best possible framework in place. All we need to do is remove a bunch of top-heavy crap that’s built up and around it and make a few adjustments. It won’t hurt… me, though, if I had my way, a lot of current government employees will find themselves downsized.

Much like that article I posted yesterday, citizens are starting to look around and realizing we need to shed some fat, a lot of fat. Most of this excess, if not all of it is a direct result of centering things around the nation’s capitol. Decentralization is the key. For instance, one congressman touted this bill introduced mandating (there’s that word again) schools teach students in person.

My first thought was of the plight of us rural parents whose only choice would be to either homeschool the old-fashioned way or send our kids to a county school. Some of these kids spend almost as much time on a bus as they do in the classroom. There was a growing trend for private companies to  provide distance elementary and secondary education as an alternative to traditional homeshooling. This legislation would end that. Then I got thinkin’.

The feds actually have no business in education. None. Nowhere in our founding document makes room for this. In fact, if you dig into our history a bit, you’ll find early citizens were far more educated at home than they are today. Now some may argue these were the rich landowners of the day and that may be partly or even entirely true, but they did not have the resources available these days either. Bottom line… get out feds. Just leave.

Thus far I see more and more of rumblings for a Freedom Convoy here in the states. Homeland is bent on shutting it down before it starts. They may succeed but they will have a much harder time batting down the spirit of us citizens who are determined to reclaim our rightful place in our nation.

Stuff that in your crack pipe and smoke it.

Sometimes I’m Not So Smart – Advertising

So I’ve got some idle time and I’m cruising the interweb. I come across an ad for Dick’s. Now you may not know this but I’m no fan of Dick’s because, well, they are dicks. Actually the capital “D” fits them. So what do I do?

I click on my preferences and tell Grrrgle not to show me their ads. Idiot. Dick’s spends money on those ads. I know I’m not going to buy from them so why not spend their money for them? So the next time I see an advertiser I don’t like because of their political stand, I’m going to click away. What’s even neater (Is that a word? It is now!) is when I click on an ad or search for a certain company, those ads tend to follow me. So I can visit more pages and click on more ads. I mean, what the heck, maybe I’ll change my mind and buy something.

One word of caution, do NOT click click click on the same ad on the same page more than once. Multiple clicks to drive up ad costs is considered a “no no” by these ad delivery services. Not only will their software likely catch it and credit the advertiser back but they may even come after you. As for me, I often click on ads with no real intention to buy, I’m often just curious. Most people do the same thing. Let’s face it, if everyone who clicked on ads bought, well, it would be an advertiser’s dream. Keep an open mind. It’s not out of the question Dick’s could make an offer so wonderful, I just couldn’t pass it up, even if I did  have to hold my nose as money exchanged hands.

The Deconstruction of America

So many have declared Joe Biden a failure. Per Slo Mo Joe’s last press conference, possibly the only thing he was clear on was he thought is first year in the White House was a rousing success. It’s all a matter of how you look at it.

If you are reading this, chances are you’ve weaned yourself off a total diet of MSM propaganda, er, news. Even if you haven’t, I’m sure you’ve heard about Afghanistan, Inflation, Crime, the invasion of our Southern border by illegal immigrants, drugs and who knows what else. Take it all in. Do you see what all these things have in common? That’s right.

Everything Slo Mo Joe has done in this past year has been absolutely successful in ending the nation as we know it. This without mentioning the unending push to impale every citizens with jab after jab of what is looking more like deadly poison every day. Don’t take my word for it – now medical doctors and organizations around the globe are beginning to admit the damage these unproven concoctions are doing to the populace.

Just last night I saw where the Biden MisAdministration is colluding with cartels to promulgate human trafficking. That’s right. The cartels get paid to bring illegal aliens across the border and, apparently, are paid again to hand them over to U. S. “authorities”. So… does the “big guy” get a percentage?

The only logical conclusion I can come to is Biden and company are deliberately set on taking our nation apart piece by piece, in other words – deconstruction. This is nothing new, it’s been going on for a long time, but now things are heating up. We are at a crossroads in this nation. We can either take back our nation as citizens or we can stand idly by and watch those who are supposed to represent us and work for us take all the money and run. How do we take our nation back? It’s simpler than you might think.

Notice I said “simpler” not easier. First of all the usurpers do not want to give up what they’ve so diligently stolen. Plus they’ve accumulated wealth and power. OUR wealth and OUR power – at our expense. Little by little, by any means necessary they’ve chipped away at our nation’s resources until there’s little left but the bones. What they failed to recognize or simply ignored is our nation has great bones. And, well, there’s something else.

The wealth they’ve accumulated? Those trillions of US dollars? It’s all smoke and mirrors. Fiat money. They’ve printed piles of it until it’s worthless, or at least it will be if we decide to pull the plug. It may not come to that.  As far as the debt they’ve accumulated, well, I think we can deal with that too, but first things first.

We need to boot and reboot. Boot the scoundrels out of their cushy chairs and then reboot the nation. First, we need to secure our elections. Demand and end to the nefarious games they’ve been playing – stuffing ballot boxes, deploying shady ballot machines and the like. We have what we need in place in most places – at least enough to reclaim Congress and our state houses. We can work on the rest. I think we can secure it all if enough citizens step up and take charge. We ARE Americans, after all. Then comes the reboot.

I expect it to be messy but it doesn’t have to be. You see, like the slicky stuff they’ve been pulling on our money, they’ve also worked over our government and our economy.  Our government is simply bloated beyond belief. As I said, it will be messy but we need to stop the bleeding and that means put the brakes on spending. Don’t worry, the country won’t fall apart no matter how the rats screech.

Next we eliminate a few mountain ranges also known as government regulations. Trump almost accomplished this single-handedly despite being fought tooth and nail every step of the way. The fact is, he did a marvelous job economically and he only scratch the surface. All we really need is to get the government regulators out of the way. Let us roll up our sleeves and get to work. We won’t break the nation, they’ve already done that. We’re going to fix it. We’ll put things right.

It’s Time to Take a Stand…

This from Gateway Pundit…

Homeland Security declared a “heightened terrorism threat”.  The text of Homeland Security’s latest manifesto is below.

The United States remains in a heightened threat environment fueled by several factors, including an online environment filled with false or misleading narratives and conspiracy theories, and other forms of mis- dis- and mal-information (MDM) introduced and/or amplified by foreign and domestic threat actors. These threat actors seek to exacerbate societal friction to sow discord and undermine public trust in government institutions to encourage unrest, which could potentially inspire acts of violence. Mass casualty attacks and other acts of targeted violence conducted by lone offenders and small groups acting in furtherance of ideological beliefs and/or personal grievances pose an ongoing threat to the nation. While the conditions underlying the heightened threat landscape have not significantly changed over the last year, the convergence of the following factors has increased the volatility, unpredictability, and complexity of the threat environment:    

(1) the proliferation of false or misleading narratives, which sow discord or undermine public trust in U.S. government institutions;

(2) continued calls for violence directed at U.S. critical infrastructure; soft targets and mass gatherings; faith-based institutions, such as churches, synagogues, and mosques; institutions of higher education; racial and religious minorities; government facilities and personnel, including law enforcement and the military; the media; and perceived ideological opponents; and

(3) calls by foreign terrorist organizations for attacks on the United States based on recent events.

I’ve got just one question for starters… exactly who determines what is considered a “false or misleading narrative” and what standard do they use?

The fact is our government doesn’t need anyone to sow discord or undermine public trust in U.S. government institutions – they are doing just fine on their own.

If I didn’t know better, I’d think DHS has been reading this blog and they are scared shitless that We the People will actually turn out and show up at our respective county seats in support of the U.S. Freedom Convoy. What terrifies them is not that they expect violence. Quite the contrary, they know we are peaceful, unlike their Antifa and BLM minions. Nothing terrifies them more than the realization that we know WE are in charge. Our Constitutional Republic is designed to be decentralized and run from the bottom up. The last thing they want is to have the tables turned on them and that is exactly what a county by county show of strength and resolve would accomplish.

We don’t need violence. We do not need to protest. We do not need to shout. The quite but firm voices of tens of millions of citizens can be heard all across the nation. This is our nation and it is high time the usurpers, the authoritarians understood this.

Granted, there is a whole lot more going on in this nation than just the rantings in this little blog covers. In fact, I’m in a constant state of wonderous amazement on how many are grasping the principles of our republic. Quite certainly 99.9999% of this would occur if this blog never existed. Even so, I’m glad to be a part of it. This is an exciting time in our nation’s history. We are at a turning point and I firmly believe WE the People can embrace the principles our nation was founded on and become the Constitutional Republic as it was always meant to be.


Hate FaceBook? What IF…

Anyone who’s stopped by here and read anything I’ve posted about FnBook might get the idea I don’t like them. Despise is too mild a word. I’m no fan of Zuckerberg and I don’t like how he runs things. What I particularly don’t like is their overhanded nanny-fingered, control freakish approach to “free” speech. It is a platform. The speech belongs to the poster and is none of FnBook’s bidness. So… what to do about it. Well, I’ve been thinkin’

What if WE owned FB? I know. I know. It sounds farfetched, and maybe it is. I looked it up and they have somewhere around 2.4 Billion shares outstanding currently priced at $237.09 each. I don’t have that kind of cash around, not even under the mattress. (I looked just to be sure.) If 100 Million of us bought shares we’d each have to buy about 12 shares each to  pick up a controlling interest in the company. I could swing 12 shares, maybe even a few more, if need be.  But why?

Well, here’s the thing… if conservatives owned the company we could call some shots. In fact, we may not need a controlling interest to make some serious noise but I, for one, would love to give MZ the boot. Sure, he’d shuffle off with a pocketful of cash but I’d think it would be worthwhile. We could elect a board and install a CEO who would promote free speech instead of micromanaging the users. Heck, we could cut costs by firing all of those jerks who scrutinize our posts. Here’s another thing…

Facebook has never paid a dividend. Now, the excuse for this is they are still in a “high growth” stage and are spending all their cash on acquiring other internet businesses. Well, okay, fine, but you know? I don’t give a whit about that. If enough of agree, we could band together and just say “no”. You’re going to get your sticky hands of OUR money and cough up some profit. Wouldn’t that be sweet?

Anyway, sure, it’s crazy. It’s speculative but it is entirely doable. We could OWN Facebook! Literally. Best of all, this is not something we would have to convince or cajole anyone to do. I might just go out and buy my shares. After all the stock just went “on sale”.

More on the Freedom Convoy and Go F Me

It appears the smoke has cleared and Go F Me is refunding all who contributed to the Freedom Convoy after backing off their decision to distribute the funds to those they deemed “worthy”.  I’m sure the growing number of State Attorney Generals investigating them for fraud or Senator Ted Cruz imploring the FTC to dig into their pile of dung hand nothing to do with it. I’m still wondering if those who donated have cause for a viable class action suit for breech of contract, among other things. (I’m no lawyer so someone else can take that gig.) But it was the official response from one jackass in “authority” who yanked my chain.

The chief of the Ottawa police had the audacity to call the Freedom Convoy a “nationwide insurrection”.  Seriously. I heard it not once but his words were at least three times. For tickles and grins, search Grrgle for  “nationwide insurrection”. I came up with “news” article after article repeating this nonsense. Some of them declaring “U. S. closely tied to nationwide insurrection in Canada.”

AlJazeera was one of them.  I clicked on their article because it looked like they might actually quote the chief. Nope.

In an emergency meeting on Saturday with Ottawa officials, Police Chief Peter Sloly complained that he lacked the resources to end what he called a “siege”, and asked for reinforcements.

Propaganda site after propaganda site picked up the phrase and are repeating it ad infinitum. Take my word for it, if we citizens here in the US show any support for the Canadian truckers our own Freedom Convoy, they will happily slap that label on us too. I can’t wait.

If you read my previous post, you know I’m advocating a nationwide show of support at our respective county seats. I have no idea if this idea will take off but if it does it would stun the pseudo “powers that be”. WE are the true power and authority here and it is high time we made sure they know it.