Freedom VS Tyranny

Yesterday, cowardly Justin Trudeau invoked Canada’s “Emergency Powers Act”. Never before has this been done. I had search a bit deep to uncover what this actually is. According to Wikipedia the “Emergencies Act” was passed in 1988. The entry reads as thus:

The Emergencies Act (FrenchLoi sur les mesures d’urgence) is a law passed by the Parliament of Canada in 1988 which authorizes the federal government to take extraordinary temporary measures to respond to public welfare emergencies, public order emergencies, international emergencies and war emergencies. It is considered to provide “the stiffest government emergency powers of any emergency law in Canada”.[1]: 16  The law repeals the War Measures Act passed in 1914 and asserts that any actions of the government continue to be subject to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Bill of Rights.

source: Wikipedia

Apparently, this isn’t enough because Trudeau is indeed making stuff up as he goes along i.e. expanding his “powers” to shut down any funding via cryptocurrency and crowdfunding organizations. Now, I see this as going one of two ways, either the original act is so vague as it essentially “grants” unlimited authority or spells out what can and cannot be done and Trudeau is ignoring any limitations. The latter, of course, is unacceptable while the former, at least in my understanding of U.S. law would render the act void. It makes enough sense so I think we can generally agree that any law written so it is fuzzy about what it says is unenforceable. For example, no body of lawmakers could pass a law saying “You can’t do that.” An absurd example, yes, but poignant, don’t you think?

If this is not a solid legal principle, it should be. I’ve added such to my own notes.

My understanding is some arrests have been made. Here’s where I stand on this: if someone, a protestor, a politician, an average citizen, a law enforcement officer breaks a law, said law should be enforced. So far, the only laws I’ve seen enforced are those favoring the authoritarians. The excuse given by them is, well, the protestors are terrorists. They are insurrectionists and so on. No. That doesn’t wash with me. If you do the crime be prepared to do the time. During this entire pandemic, we’ve seen authoritarians impose all sorts of rules with zero regard to due process. They just “assume” the authority. I say, assuming authority you do not have is, in itself, a crime. If no such law exists, I’m all for adding one to the books and I am no fan of new legislation. I think we’re overregulated as citizens already.

What this showdown is coming to is a battle between the elite authoritarians and citizens. First things first, while I somewhat disdain protests, at least in our nation, they are perfectly legal and protected acts with centuries of historical precedent. What they are not, are acts of terrorism. Neither do they carry even a hint of insurrection. Both of these terms are well-defined and understood. For those who want to play stupid, blocking a bridge, while likely illegal, is not a terrorist act, while blowing up a bridge may be seen as such, if not an act of war. The former is in the realm of civil disobedience. Now let us consider the actions of the authoritarians.

As I stated before, any time anyone in a position of authority enforces a legally enacted law within the scope of that legislation, then they are simply doing what they are charged to do. Such is perfectly acceptable and expected.  Once such a person, or any person who finds themselves in a position of authority begins calling citizens names like “racists” and “terrorists” simply because they do not like the actions of said citizens, once they begin using these terms to justify infringing in the rights of citizens, then the actions of said authoritarians become illegal in and of themselves. This same principle can be applied to all who are holding our own January 6 POWs in despicable and reprehensible conditions, denying not only their rights as citizens but their human rights.

Our Canadian brothers could be facing a similar fate. Now, I’ll grant you, some of those with a far-reaching voice covering a much greater range than my own are charging, speculating even, that these Canadian protestors could essentially be permanently stripped of their very rights as citizens. Indeed, I’ve seen some threats in this realm myself, as in officials stating protesters could lose their license to drive a truck. In other words, their ability to pursue their livelihood.

All of this despite apparently growing support for the protestors across Canada.  Here’s a clue Clouseau Trudeau, if half your nation agrees with the protestors, they are not terrorists. In fact, if nobody agrees with any single protester, s/he is still not a terrorist.

While the truckers’ actions are well in line with long-established historical precedent, Trudeau’s response is nothing less than tyrannical. From his early declaration saying this was just a “fringe” group to calling protesters racist and worse to allowing, if not directing, law enforcement and others to thwart the protesters by any means necessary. Where will it end?

Just now I viewed a video update on the latest happenings. (It was released less than an hour before I saw it.) They addressed the false flag “confiscation” of illegal weapons reported all over the media yesterday.  It was pointed out the pictures of the weapons cache were taken, not where they were allegedly “found” but rather were put on display. Also noted, there was no mention of any search warrants or any other legal procedures. They say arrests were made but I’ve yet to hear anyone named. The most compelling point leading be to believe the truckers had nothing to do with these weapons is their reaction. They are shutting down the protest at this location. They’ve vowed to remain peaceful and even cheered law enforcement, inviting them to dine with them. Absolutely graceful. Then they prayed. You tell me… are these the actions of violent people?

On another note on the video, they showed where law enforcement went all out to disable excavators brought to the site. They cut battery cables, solenoid wires as well as several other things to make it very hard to use this equipment. Then they admitted they did it! Law enforcement said they didn’t want the equipment to be used to cause damage. This is vandalism at the very least. Criminal mischief?  I don’t know. I’m no lawyer, but I’d sure like to see where these “public servants” got the idea they had some right to destroy private property, which by the way, was ON private property. At one point they’d asked the truckers to move the vehicles so they wouldn’t obscure anyone’s view. The truckers, of course, politely complied. This is the thanks they get.

From everything I’ve seen these truckers are upstanding citizens vowing to proceed peaceably and honorably. Yet they are treated as if they were criminals. No, strike that, criminals get better treatment.

What will this mean for the rest of us if Trudeau manages to squash these citizens? Will this encourage other tyrants to hammer down on anyone who dares to question or complain? Certainly this is their desire. We cannot allow this to happen. To allow it is to foment more tyranny and if you think it cannot happen in these United States, think again.

To quote the current White House pResident… “our patience is wearing thin”. WE will not tolerate violence. We will not stand idly aside while the authoritarians trample over citizens and our God-given rights.  However, there is a silver lining in all of this.

As the pandemic has pulled back the curtain on the true nature of the authoritarians, just as our eyes have been opened as to what goes on behind closed classroom doors, citizens are now beginning to clearly see just how devious and underhanded the controllers are. We now know what happens when citizens do not bow to their commands. If we are not horrified and yes, somewhat daunted, at the task before us where we can now come to grips with all that needs to be dismantled then we have not learned our lesson.

The key issue is here decentralization. Our nation was founded on the principle of a limited central government with the bulk of the duties and responsibilities falling on local and then state governments. For too long we citizens have sloughed off our responsibilities. We’ve handed them over to the care and feeding of state and federal government. It’s time to do our duty as citizens. We need to stop whining about “them”, step up and take charge of our representatives as self-governing  citizens of a Constitutional Republic.

What Did HE Know – When Did HE Know It?

Most likely the first question on your mind is who is “HE”? Answering this should make the answer to these questions themselves self-evident…

The “HE” I speak of is God Himself, thus HE knows everything and has always known it!

Those who believe in God agree He is omniscient – all knowing. This is somewhat confirmed in Ephesians 1:4-6

Ephesians 1:4 According as he hath chosen us in him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before him in love:

5 Having predestinated us unto the adoption of children by Jesus Christ to himself, according to the good pleasure of his will,

6 To the praise of the glory of his grace, wherein he hath made us accepted in the beloved.

In order to say this, God would have to have knowledge predating the existence of every person before and since this was written at the very least. From this scripture alone I can extrapolate the idea that He knows all about current and future events. No one and nothing is hidden from Him. There is no “pulling the wool” over HIS eyes! What does this mean to us in the hear and now?

The best thing any of us can do is trust in Him.

Nobody on this planet could have predicted 2020 and yet God Almighty KNOWS not only what is going on now – he knew it would happen this way and HE KNOWS WHAT HAPPENS NEXT. What does all this mean? He doesn’t care? We are stuck? We have no choice? None of the above.

Consider any recent show you watched. Tell me the main character made some foolish choice. I don’t know about you but I tend to yell at the screen. “Don’t pick that murder weapon up!” “Do go in there!” Why? Because I can predict what will happen and so can you. It is all part of the drama. We also know what would happen if our urgings were followed – better outcomes. Yet, there they go! Doing exactly the opposite of what they should and… don’tchaknowit they got into trouble.

Of course in drama, the script is written and all goes according to the script. There is no changing anything. However life is not scripted. The scenes are set but the choices are ours. Our lives are more like an interactive story than a movie. The outcome depends on the choices we make. Our Heavenly Father already knows what these choices will be and how it all turns out and yes, sometimes He DOES intervene. I do not know the hows, whys or rules for Godly intervention. I just know it happens.

All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players;”

Shakespeare, As You Like It (you won’t see me quoting him often!)

“there are no small parts, only small actors.” Konstantin Stanislavski

1 Corinthians 12:13 For by one Spirit are we all baptized into one body, whether we be Jews or Gentiles, whether we be bond or free; and have been all made to drink into one Spirit.

14 For the body is not one member, but many.

15 If the foot shall say, Because I am not the hand, I am not of the body; is it therefore not of the body?

16 And if the ear shall say, Because I am not the eye, I am not of the body; is it therefore not of the body?

17 If the whole body were an eye, where were the hearing? If the whole were hearing, where were the smelling?

18 But now hath God set the members every one of them in the body, as it hath pleased him.

19 And if they were all one member, where were the body?

20 But now are they many members, yet but one body.

While I often do not always know if what I am doing is exactly what my Heavenly Father wants from me, I DO know I am here for a reason. God does nothing without purpose. And I know no matter how badly I miss the mark – God Almighty knows this too… and HE has my back. This is why I keep going even when I’m wondering if ANYBODY actually even reads anything I write, much less acts upon it. For all I know every ripple I cause is overwhelmed by someone else’s big splash. It doesn’t matter. As long as I feel I’m doing what my Heavenly Father either wants or allows me to do… I’ll do it. My part in all of this may be just the guy in the back washing dishes. Nobody really sees him but you can hear him doing his part. So be it. God knows. And He knows I continually ask to do His Will. This is foremost in my prayers. In the absence of any absolute clarity on His Will, I will do what I feel is best. I can do no more. What about you?

In a future article I intend to explore more of what I’ve learned about God’s Will in my life. Here’s a hint. The deeper I get the more I realize the most important things are the simplest… and often the hardest.

Galatians 5:14 For all the law is fulfilled in one word, even in this; Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

You’ll find a wealth of instruction on doing God’s Will in this chapter of Galatians. As a matter of fact, scripture is filled with it. We tend to wring our hands trying to determine if God wants us do one thing or another while ignoring the simplest concepts.

This same idea goes for the plight of our nation – our Constitutional Republic. We’ve worked ourselves into a frenzy about this party or that, this candidate for such and such an office vs another candidate. All the while we overlook the basic facts. We ARE citizens endowed with the power and authority to govern ourselves. This power and authority comes from God Almighty Himself. With this comes stewardship – the responsibility to actually participate and oversee the structures put in place to handle day to day operations and steer them away from things government has no business in.

We’ve taken the simple building blocks handed to us and have built a monstrous behemoth that threatens to engulf us all. The result is chaos and confusion, with lots of help from the controllers we’ve allowed to assert themselves and profit from our own negligence.

Now there are riots and a near total disregard for any rule of law. This should come as no surprise – the basic rule of law – our constitution – has long been washed over with things like “public policy”. We need not enter a civil war. Civil wars are intended to replace a current government structure with a new one. We do not need this. What we do need is to dismantle the behemoth. Rid ourselves of all of the unconstitutional perks and programs we’ve bought with “public” money. Monies better left in the hands of citizens free to prosper.

I am confident God Almighty knows how all this will turn out. While He may not be urging us all to accept my particular viewpoint on things, I’d like to think my compass is pointed in the right direction. If not, my prayer is for Him to right me when I stray off course.

If one cannot trust God ?Almighty, who or what can you trust? I cannot trust humans. Even our use of “science” is limited by human understanding. Certainly politicians should only be trusted to act in their own self-interest. Bluntly put, this goes for most people as well. Thanks but I can only trust my Heavenly Father. I trust that He knows the score, His plan is perfect and all will end well. I also trust His love for me and trust He will never fail me.

With everything happening all around us – such trust is indeed a comfort.

God bless,


Eerie 1958 Speech Caught on Video!

Robert Welch 1958

Who was Robert Welch? He turned a candy store into a candy empire – remember the “Sugar Daddy”? Yep, that’s him. Later he founded the John Birch Society, often labeled as right-wing extremists and known as staunch opponents to communism. In this speech, Mr. Welch laid out ten points that ring true over 60 years later. Some may dispute the details but consider the overall direction of our nation.

My conclusion? In principle -he was right on the money!

Colt Ford – Answer to No One ft. JJ Lawhorn

Fair Warning this falls into the “Country Rap” category. I freaking don’t like rap. That said, the words say enough to overlook the rap part.

I will say this much. I knew a young Christian man years ago. He did rap. He performed for our church and I must say, he was excellent. Again, I’m not a fan of the venue but I can tolerate the standouts.

Here is…

Colt Ford – Answer to No One ft. JJ Lawhorn


Reclaiming Our Birthright as Citizens of the United States for America

Much has and is being said about where our nation is headed. Some insist the Empire has won and will eventually round any dissenters up and herd us to some form of gulag. Some say there will be war. Others hold we are already at war. Yet still others raise their voice insisting “there is no voting our way out of this”. Who is right? Who is wrong? Where ARE we all headed?

Bluntly put, all of this is enough to make anyone’s head spin, especially when one realizes there are valid points to all of the above. My own view differs from all of them while encompassing many points made by others. I’ll say it again: our nation is a gift from a Holy God. Our constitutional republic is our birthright, as are the guarantees of our freedoms and liberties. So… what does that mean?

To me it means we were born with a “title deed” to our liberty. Compare this idea with a passage in Hebrews:

Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

I do not often do this but here is the Amplified Bible rendering of this verse:

Hebrews 11:1 Amplified Bible (AMP)

Now faith is the assurance (title deed, confirmation) of things hoped for (divinely guaranteed), and the evidence of things not seen [the conviction of their reality—faith comprehends as fact what cannot be experienced by the physical senses].

Hebrews explains the concept of “faith” – the Greek word for faith is “pistis” and means belief or believing. We believe what God says we have. Where do we find out what God says we have? I do hope I need not tell you. While there are some similarities with this scriptural principle, there is one glaring difference: we have more than hope – our divine guarantee is written on the parchment containing our Constitution.

Our Constitution specifically lays out not only many of our liberties in the Bill of Rights but also the limitations upon government. Over time, we have allowed those in government to usurp not only authority never granted to them, but to seize authority expressly forbidden to them. The words “shall not be infringed” comes to mind. Now we find our nation, ourselves as citizens, in a pickle.

Those we’ve trusted with the nuts and bolts of government have gone rogue. They have surrounded themselves – insulated themselves – from us citizens whom they are supposed to represent. They are supposed to work for us but in reality they work for their handlers – the “party bosses”. The handlers work for the money men. The money men are the lobbyists and THEIR bosses – the elite in the military-industrial complex. Yes, the very same military-industrial complex President Ike Eisenhower warned our nation against. The sad thing is, when Ike issued his warning, things had already gone too far to turn back painlessly.

Here is what he told us

Eisenhower made this speech just before he left the Office of the Presidency. I was still in diapers. It was than long ago. The only thing that has changed since then is the military-industrial complex has grown stronger – much, much stronger.

John F. Kennedy was to step into the office Ike vacated. It is widely speculated Kennedy’s term was terminated by those in the “deep state”. Is this true or is it not? I do not know. The fact that such speculation even exists is chilling enough. Today we see a preponderance of evidence of wrongdoing by those in the deep state, including efforts to unseat President Trump. However even this is the tip of the iceburg. We’ve seen deep state employees giving guns to Mexican drug lords, an entire IRS department harassing dissenters, secret dealings, pay to play schemes – corruption that is not only widespread and ignored by those charged with enforcing our laws but publicly accepted, if not condoned.

Is it any wonder some say only something as grievous as a civil war will set things right? Does it shock or surprise you to hear someone say this nation cannot continue without bloodshed? As abhorrent as I find these things, I understand how people can arrive at such conclusions. At times, it all does seem this hopeless. I myself have to admit I’ve lived a lie for most of my years. My nation, my country, is NOT the nation I was taught it was. Even before I was born the military-industrial complex was a mighty force. The political machines were well-oiled and running smoothly. The deep state was already entrenched in the bowels of our governments. I was not born a “free citizen” in a “free country”. I was born a “tax slave” in an “empire”. Granted, I enjoyed far more liberties growing up than I do now. Granted, things were much better then, but the reality was, the monster raging in our nation now was alive and well… and growing even then.

With all this said, none of it can deny my birthright – our birthright. Even though the nation I was truly born in had become an empire – a mutant monstrosity never intended by the founding fathers or Almighty God himself – the title deed still exists. In our case, this title-deed is real and tangible. It is the Constitution for the United States North Continent. Note: it took a bit but this is how the original document was actually titled. The history revisers seem to have a problem with the word “for”. No matter what, until the controllers of the empire flat out state our Constitution is no longer in effect, it remains our birthright as do the liberties guaranteed by this document.

This leaves the controllers in a pickle of their own. They cannot deny the Constitution without denying their assumed authority to control. Nor have they the authority to declare this document null and void. This is not to say they have not essentially done as much, but an outright statement would prove disastrous. Thus they must continue their “workarounds” – the nipping and pecking they’ve done over the decades that nibble away the substance of the document while leaving the illusion it is still the law of the land. I’ve got news for you guys – our Constitution is still the law of the land. This embodies the hope keeping me hanging on. Recent events have parted the clouds overhanging our Constitution, allowing the light of truth to shine upon us. Yes! We do have not only the hope, but the power!

The events I refer to are the Second Amendment Resolutions passed county by county in Virginia and other states. We Virginians were inspired by similar stances taken in other states. This inspiration was ironically spurred on by those in our state capitol who lust for power and wish to strip us citizens of our ability to defend ourselves. Considering the legislation they bandied about and Governor Ralphie Northam’s declaration of a State of Emergency, their true desire is to disallow citizens of any means of defense short of a handy rock. Ask Goliath how that worked out for him.

These resolutions opened my eyes not to just “a” solution but possibly “the” and maybe “the only” solution to this pickle we all face. It should be obvious to all no solution will ever come out of Washington D. C. – they ARE the problem. Similarly, we can expect no solution from Richmond or other state capitols – not yet anyway. Again, they are generally as entrenched in the status quo as our nation’s capitol. The fact is and has always been, those in the capitols are too far removed from those they are supposed to represent. Granted, our local state representatives are far more accessible than their federal counterparts – or so I’m told. That said, left to themselves, as they seemingly always are, their nature is to exert more control rather than allow such to revert back to where it belongs – in the hands of us citizens. The solution is exactly where it has always been – firmly in the hands of we, the people. We need to stop shirking our own responsibilities, stop pointing fingers elsewhere and take back the reigns of our nation.

How can we accomplish this? We need not march on our state capitols. As the 2A rally in Richmond proved quite effectively – the politicians ignore these efforts. The same principle rules any dreams of a “march on Washington”. We’ve seen these things before and we’ve seen the fizzling results. No, if, and I do say IF, we are to regain our nation, we need to do so on a county by county level. It cannot be just a one off event. We need to show those at the county, state and federal level, we mean business. If we determine to take back our counties, we can take back our states, county by county. Once we, the people, have firm control of our states, we can then decide how to deal with the national structure.

We do not need war. We do not need bloodshed. Neither will accomplish anything. Indeed these things will irrevocably damage, if not destroy our nation. While both sides have proponents who predict a win for their contingent, the truth is, nobody wins such a conflict.

The alternative path I present is not an easy one. As citizens, we must face up to our own failings. We have not done our part. We have failed to stay informed. We have failed to hold those who are supposed to represent us accountable for their representation. We have failed to adhere to the principles of a limited government while allowing the expansion of the same. We have failed to demand corrupt officials be held accountable and tried for alleged crimes brought to light. We can no longer tolerate any of these things. If we want to return to an nation of laws of the people, by the people and for the people, we must absolutely claim our birthright. Our birthright is limited government based upon a constitutional republic that guarantees our God-given rights.


God bless,