Police State – Added To My Must See List

I don’t do this often but I gotta tell you the video below shook me to the bone. I first saw this posted on The Gateway Pundit.

It’s very short I’ll add my comments afterwards.


Granted there’s not much information there but I’m going to take things as is. According to this video, the elderly man who was to subject of this raid was simply at the January 6th rally. They specifically state he did NOT enter the capital. So what if he did? What IF he actually went beyond even entering the capital to commit some serious crime. (Note, I am not convinced anyone who entered the capital that day is necessarily suspect of committing any crime – at least one acquittal substantiates this.)

I’ll rephrase -what could this man possibly have done to warrant a swat team busting down the door to his home, bursting in and arresting him at gunpoint. Note by “gunpoint” I’m referring to at least one modern fully automatic machine gun – something us ordinary citizens have to  apply for and pay a special tax on IF we can buy one at all.

In case you were wondering, yes, the question is rhetorical. This is not my America. This is not an action I approve of and as a self-governing citizen of the United States for America, I say such activity needs to stop immediately. This madness cannot be allowed to continue.

Below is the full trailer to the movie Police State. You can see it in some movie theaters now. Soon it will be available for streaming. As my most loyal reader(s?) can affirm, I recently saw the movie “Sound of Freedom” at the theater. It is a good movie and well worth watching but for the time, effort, and cost of seeing it in a theater, streaming is now a better option for me.

I’m adding to to my “MUST SEE” list. I’ll  post a review once I do.