That’s How They Nailed Capone

That’s How They Nailed Capone

Will they be coming for you next?

Ever since the “Inflation Reduction Act” was pushed through Congress, one of the most startling details provided for in this heinous crapola of legislative fraud is for adding some 87,000 new IRS agents. It gets worse. Soon after the IRS posted this to fill the new job openings.

While they quickly removed the above ad, the horse was out of the barn. We know. Many of us are still reeling from the idea. Why arm agents? Why insist they be willing to use deadly force? What the muck is going on here? But wait! It gets worse.

Kentucky US Representative Thomas Massie posted this video.

Don’t laugh. As comical as this group is (such as what qualifies as a “level of fitness necessary to effectively respond to life-threatening situations on the job.), at the very end you hear the words “you are under arrest for conspiracy”. Conspiracy? Really? Whom are they conspiring with? Most people either do their own taxes or hire a tax preparer. Surely some employ other professionals such as possibly a CPA or a bookkeeper. With the exception of a bookkeeper whose background can range from a neighbor who is good with figures to a certified public accountant, most of these are licensed with extensive professional education and training. So, IRS Commissioner Charles P. Reddig, please tell me… just who do YOU think is conspiring to evade paying “their fair share” of taxes? In case anyone forgot the distinction, “tax avoidance” is the perfectly legal and acceptable practice of paying as little tax as possible under the United States Tax Code, while “tax evasion” is illegally hiding taxable income and as such, is punishable by law. I might add that even “tax evasion” is considered a “white collar crime” and as such, non-violent. Thus it begs the question: why would armed enforcement be necessary?

Now let’s back up just a bit. Not too long ago there was a whirlwind of discussion about the IRS accessing bank accounts with more than $600. The message was clear – nobody is to escape the watchful eye of the IRS. Then the whole thing kind of blew over. Crickets. What happened?

It seems the IRS quietly implemented a modified form of this proposal. It’s referred to as the $600 rule. For the time being, it only applies to payments from vendors where citizens collect money. Think eBay. That’s right. Now if you sell your great grandmother’s cameo on eBay for $600 or more – or for that matter, your old school lunchbox, that extra wrench set and your prized Poke-e-Mon game over 11 months for a total of $600 or more, the IRS gets notified and that “income” may be taxable. (I am not a tax professional and I am not, in any way shape or form, offering tax advice.) And if you don’t report it? Who knows? You might find the IRS “revenue enforcement team” knocking down your door. (Note. I made the term “revenue enforcement team” up.)

Revisiting the ad posting above, the IRS has been scrambling to soften the impact of this ad. After it was hastily removed. Now the ad is back. They are explaining it by saying the ad was for a small “Criminal Investigation” unit and indeed they are required to carry weapons and use deadly force “if necessary”. The question remains, when, exactly might it be necessary to use deadly force, even when apprehending a tax “criminal”? Let’s consider a scenario or two.

Someone is suspected of cheating on their taxes. Maybe they’ve accumulated hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in gold coins from nefarious sources in order to hide this income from the tax collectors. Should it really be necessary to bear down on this sap with loaded weaponry? Or maybe an agent stumbles upon a rabid anti-government tax protester who is actually armed to the teeth and bunkered down. Really. Tell me. Whatchagonnado? Get real. Your going to call in a heavily armed and armored SWAT-type team to take this ruffian down. Either way, there ain’t no need to Ramboize any IRS agents. In fact, I’m leaning heavily towards the idea of disarming ALL feds. Every. Single. One. If they need to use lethal force, they can call the local Constitutional Sheriff. They should be calling the sheriff anyway so let them handle the rough stuff. Chances are one of the sheriff’s deputies had coffee a couple of stools down from this guy just the other day.

Even the AP news service got into the act. Of course, I wonder if they’re propagandizing the party line at the behest of the IRS or if they’re spinning this on their own dime. Either way, they seem to be going waaaay out of their way to put this fire out. Consider the screenshot below:

Unless and until they move it, you can find the article here. Notice that in order to justify their assessment as “false” they state the claim is “ALL” new employees will have to meet the stated job requirements. I, for one, never saw a single post claiming such. The focus was entirely on the details of the job posting itself. I doubt if anyone would buy the idea that all of these tax jockeys would be armed. Surely there were some who love to sensationalize such stuff but again, get real. Spinning this stuff does nothing to alleviate the actual creepiness of what our government employees are up to.

As with everything else said employees do, they often show their hands early, back off, and then quietly put their plans into play. Why do it this way? Figure this: when anyone hears about these things six months or so from now, they’ll remember this blip in the news (and that is all this will be), and think, “yeah, I remember hearing about that – old news.). Huh. How can I say this with such certainty? The proof is in the pudding. Or have you already forgotten the $600 rule?

Of course, today, it’s just digital payments and such. No big deal… right? What about cash transactions? What about that gal with the “perpetual yard sale” in front of her house? How much profit is she making? Is she paying her “fair share”? And the rule expands to include cash deposits – not just “cash deposits of $600 or more” oh no, that would be too easy to circumvent. Better make it any account with cash deposits totaling $600 or more in a calendar year.

No need to worry. Trust the IRS. They’ll make sure everybody pays their fair share… or else.

Tuesday’s Skirmishes – After Action Report

You win some, you lose some…

My apologies for not posting yesterday. Things have been a bit off for me lately. I plan on getting back to regularly posting on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s ASAP. Your patience is appreciated.

Tuesday, August 16, 2022 was primary day in Alaska and Wyoming. This election season primaries are big news and yesterday’s action was no exception. Many anticipated what may be one of the most profound statements by voters yet – Liz Cheney’s re-election bid.


If you’ve any interest at all then you already know the results – “Lizzie Lost Big Time” would be my headline. The vote was so lopsided one could say Lizzie Cheney not only lost, she got spanked – hard. Not to worry about her political future yet, she’s already considering a run for president. She did not indicate whether she would see the democrat, republican or communist party nomination.

The overall consensus about her loss is Wyoming voters have had enough of her January 6 rhetoric and/or her rabid anti-Trump stance. For my money there are lots of reasons to kick her can as far away from any political aspirations as possible, or at least, insist she run with the crowd she identifies with the most. I’m still saying she’s somewhat left of Stalin.

Wedged between news reports swarming around Lizzie’s bid, was the revelation of just how she did in her short Congressional career. She took office in 2017 with a reported net worth of $7 million. According to Breitbart, this figure has ballooned to “possibly more than $44 million in 2020”. Of course I’m wondering why she couldn’t use her purported financial savvy to steer our country from red to black ink. She’s not answering my calls.

Have you ever wondered a) why we citizens keep voting for millionaires? and b) just now those in “public service” seem to grow their wealth exponentially while on the government payroll. From what I’ve seen, such isn’t limited to our “representatives”. Much has been said about our “ruling class”. This term grates against my very being. This is America and as such no “ruling class” should exist, but reality begs to differ. We’ve allowed those who have risen to positions of wealth to also accumulate power. Donald Trump is no exception. Let’s face it, if someone with little or no means desires to run for office, it might be easier to climb Mount Everest. It would certainly be more affordable in most cases.

Moving north to Alaska, the state’s new “ranked choice” voting system is being rolled out to decide who will represent Alaska citizens in Washington. While the link above takes you to the Alaska Election Commission’s page on their ranked choice scheme, it was easier for me to understand their approach when I viewed their “rack card”.

Sarah Palin who is vying for Don Young’s House seat, seems to hate it. Lisa Murkowski, up for re-election to the Senate has already declared victory. She edged out her Republican challenger by less than one percent. Thanks to the new scheme, her challenger, Kelly Tshibaka, is far from out of the running. Near as I can make out, the top four will advance to the general election and duke it out there. From the vote tallies I’m seeing, the race will be between the the RINO Murkowski and the Republican Tshibaka. The top Democrat was only able to glue together about 5600 votes total, compared to Murkowski and Tshibaka collecting over 38,000 – each. Surprisingly enough, Palin’s democratic competitor was the largest vote getter in the House race, garnering over 40,000 votes to Palin’s 35,000+. This may well be a case where a Republican split vote would put a Democrat in office.

A note here, Al Gross, an independent who topped Democrat Mary Peltola with over 20,000 votes to Peltola’s 16,000, dropped out. It appears most of his votes went to her in this round.

As I am no fan of political parties, I see Alaska’s ranked voting system as a potential boon for the citizens of that state and possibly a model for other states. What I don’t know is what it takes to get on a ballot but from the plethora of choices in Alaska, I’m thinking it is pretty easy. At this point those candidates with strong party affiliations seem to have the upper hand but this could change on a dime. Meanwhile, Alaska’s election could be one of the most interesting for this Mid-term. Maybe it’s time those wanting to represent citizens were evaluated on what they stand on instead of what their party decides is politically expedient.


Contrary to Common Belief – Our Government LOVES Firearms

What they hate is firearms in the hands of citizens.

Just yesterday, KrisAnne Hall posted this video detailing efforts to beef up the IRS by more than doubling their numbers. She also explored a screenshot she received of an apparent ad for new IRS agents.

According to Ms. Hall, this ad has since been removed. However the horse has already escaped. Many people ask why? Why do IRS agents need to be armed? Why does the IRS need an additional 80,000 plus new agents?

After talking to my resident tax expert, I’m reminded the IRS apparently does not have sufficient personnel to answer phones in a timely manner. What is certain is they do NOT answer phones in a timely manner, not now, certainly not during “tax season”. This point aside, the other question remains to be answered – why arm IRS agents and why insist they be willing to use deadly force?

Again I’ll refer to my tax expert. Her clients are average citizens. An overwhelming majority (greater than the majority of Washington D C voters who voted for Biden) only see my tax expert during tax filing system. They bring their income and expense paperwork and she sorts it all out and files it. All any of them want to do is pay what the government says they owe. That’s it. For those few with mistakes on their return, they are quick to try to resolve them. None of them want to muck with the IRS. Not one even considers an agent might be armed and willing to use deadly force. They simply don’t want any trouble.

So let me restate the question: WHY arm IRS agents? I can think of one reason and one reason only: someone wants to intimidate the living hell out of taxpaying citizens. There are no hoards of tax “criminals” defying the IRS, daring them to “come and take it”. Surely one might be able to identify a handful of such people, but from my experience and observation, even those most adamantly opposed to income tax – the “tax is theft” crowd – pose no threat worthy of armed intervention. They just don’t.

Contrast this to those “representatives” bent on stripping American citizens of our right to keep and bear arms. These are the same crazed fanatics who have no problem at all arming just about anyone carrying a government employee ID. Thus my contention – these gun control nuts don’t hate guns. Not at all. They happily arm the IRS, the United States Postal Service, and the Library of Congress to name a few. For a more complete list try here. Not to mention those who have their own private security teams, all armed to the teeth. Not only that but there are few, if any, restrictions barring Federal law enforcement personnel from carrying fully automatic weapons. That’s right. The very same weapons a citizens must apply and pay for a special permit to own are readily available to certain Feds. No permit required.

What’s more is all those restrictions the average citizen must face about where one can and cannot carry a firearm typically does not apply to those carrying with a government ID as part of their job. Flash the right badge and get a free pass just about anywhere.

One can only conclude these gun control fanatics are exactly as advertised. They don’t want to ban guns at all. What they do want is to control who can and who cannot have a firearm. And that means you and me. Unless, of course, we are able to secure “proper” government employment. Granted, at this point, such courtesy to wield firearms (and just about anyplace at that) also extends to local law enforcement. As I said, at this point. I fully expect that should the gun control fanatics ever get their way, they will then begin to eat away at local law enforcement privileges until only those blessed by the federal elites will carry the Platinum Pass. In the Bond movies it was called the “license to kill”. I’m not so sure how far off that description really is.

In light of all this, let us consider just one federal agency and their actions of late – the FBI. The news is still packed with details on the FBI raid on former President Trump’s home Mar-a-Lago. While the actual number of agents participating in the raid varies, the figure I heard most was 30 agents, so let’s go with that. Think about that, thirty armed federal employees descending on the private home of the former President of the United States ostensibly to collect 15 boxes of papers. They must have been some massive boxes if it takes two FBI agents to tote one box out. Maybe one would carry the box while the other carried two fully automatic firearms? I can only guess. Also note that per my information, those boxes were carried to Mar-a-Lago by GSA employees, likely the few federal employees not authorized to carry firearms… yet. But wait! That’s not all!

James O’Keefe of Project Veritas faced federal firearms as the FBI searched his apartment looking for Ashley Biden’s diary. Roger Stone was led out of his home in the wee hours in the morning, in handcuffs by fully armed FBI agents. Rudy Giuliani was also subjected to an armed FBI raid. These are just the individuals I can name off the top of my head. What do they all have in common? None of those targeted were known to be violent. The ostensible reasons for the raids themselves were relatively mild. Mostly they were after papers and/or electronically stored files. The only danger anyone faced was from the armed law enforcement personnel themselves.

Back to the raid on Trump’s home, indeed if Trump had actually been present, there may well have been armed individuals to consider in the form of our own Secret Service, the federal agency charged with protecting former Presidents. So the question is… did the FBI expect to be fired upon by Secret Service agents? Was the FBI prepared to shoot those protecting Trump? Is one government agency at war with one or more other government agencies? So why show up with lethal force?

On Second Thought, Maybe Gun Control Is a Good Idea

I am being totally serious here. It’s time to rethink gun control. Some of you are not going to like it. Not one bit. However there is simply too much at stake here. I’m talking about the lives of citizens here, both us private citizens and those employed by the federal government. I also think we should seriously consider gun control on the state and maybe even the local level. There are simple too many guns out there and they need to be scaled back.

To that end, I propose we simply ban guns from most federal agencies. Instead, I’m suggesting we consolidate most of the duties requiring guns to a single agency. Now, granted, I do see some specific areas were firearms would be necessary such as border patrol agents and within the fish and wildlife service. For the rest, they should depend on a single agency should they need to execute a warrant. This same agency could provide armed security for those agencies who need it. Other agencies, particularly those that are mostly regulatory, need not be armed at all. Arrests would be the duty of the armed agency and they should be required to work in conjunction with the local sheriff. The FBI should be forever banned from ever raiding another citizen at their home or business or anywhere else for that matter. I see their role as one of support rather then enforcement. Let them do what they are best known for, collecting and analyzing evidence.

Granted, this is a bold, new concept so it may take some getting used to but why not? Instead of a mishmash of federally employees running around armed potentially shooting at anything that moves, we can replace them with a single well-trained agency charged with protecting agents and citizens alike. They need not worry about being distracted by investigating crimes and collecting evidence. They would only be called upon when circumstances are deemed dangerous. As such, woe to the agent who calls in “The Calvary” to take down a 90 year-old grandmother with one too many pot plants in her garden.

Gone would be the wild-eyed agent who draws at the slightest hint of resistance. More to the point, gone would be the federal office that shows up armed to the teeth to apprehend a meek septuagenarian whose only “crime” is defying one or more politicians. No, this agency would be far to professional for that, the stakes too high. What agent would want to be booted from such service? To add teeth to such a threat, any agent dismissed from this agency would be barred from federal service. This may seem harsh but I see it as an incentive to keep one’s nose squeaky clean.

Put this way, I can almost see the fanatics’ love for gun control. It’s invigorating. How refreshing it would it be to face a federal employee knowing full well s/he cannot gun me down should I say or do something unpleasing to the agent? How comforting is the thought of walking into any government office without taking one’s life in one’s hands? Why… it would almost be like government really is there to help.

Shots Fired at Mar-a-Lago

Raids have consequences

By now if you have not heard of the FBI raid at President Trump’s Florida Mar-a-Lago residence, I can only assume you live under a rock. Ostensibly the FIBs executed a search warrant to seize several boxes of “classified” materials that President Trump allegedly removed from the White House. I’ll attempt to list some of what I remember from last night. Be forewarned, there is a good chance the story has changed since then and will change again in the future. Rather than try to nail down the “facts” I’ll detail my current perception. While my perception is likely to change as new information comes in, it is far easier to get down than to try to hit that moving target the feds call “facts”. Here goes:

The FIBs were looking for 15 boxes of classified information Trump was supposed to have removed from the White House upon his departure.

Opinion: this entire scenario is suspect. WHAT “classified” information? As in WHAT does this so-called information pertain to?

President Trump did not pack and carry 15 boxes of anything. GSA employees did the packing and toting.

Via Alan Dershowitz: Since Trump was in NEW YORK and NOT at Mar-a-Lago, executing a search warrant was improper procedure. A subpoena should have been issued instead to demand the materials.

Via Miranda Divine: There has been an ongoing conversion about the materials in question.

As President, Trump had the authority to declassify any materials – how does anyone know whether these materials are classified or not?

WHY then? Why send a raiding team? Opinion: The globalists care only about optics. They know exactly how this looks. To me this says they don’t give a hoot about our Constitution. Too bad for them.

WHAT prevents the FIBs or anyone else in this corrupt administration from planting any classified documents needed to crucify Trump?

Putting It All Together

Let’s start with the optics, how this all looks. As I mentioned above, the globalists are not only aware of the optics, they are masters at manipulating them. So… what can we make of this? Simply put, they want to demonstrate their power. They want to show the world they can do what they want, where they want, to anyone they want. They fear nothing and nobody. Now, what are the implications of this?

Many have said too many times to count, if they can do this to President Trump, who is safe? I’ve said as much myself. Indeed, who can escape the evil clutches of the globalists? One can only conclude is this is exactly what they want us to think. Again, their sole purpose is to strike fear into the hearts of anyone who dares oppose them. We cannot escape. But wait! There’s more!

Consider just some of the blatant corruption we’ve witnessed over the past few years. They called Ronald Reagan the “Teflon President”. He had nothing on the Clintons, the Obamas, or the Bidens. The Bushes are often overlooked. While the Bushes were indeed comparatively low-keyed, they are just as culpable as the others. Let’s just focus on the Biden’s for now.

Of course, there’s the “big guy”, Joe Biden himself. His own son, Hunter, called him that. While never specifically naming Daddy as “the big guy”, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the reference. Not to mention Joe Bobo’s own bragging in front of video cameras he knew were rolling. His own corruption extends beyond his own political career once you include the times he was caught plagiarizing the works of others as far back as his college days. Then there is his wife Jill. The most startling revelation is the photo of her sitting on Bobo’s lap, apparently when he was wed to another and she was the Biden’s teenage babysitter. At the very least it is suggestive. Pages allegedly taken from daughter Ashley’s diary detail showers she and Daddy Joe took together, not to mention writing she was molested. Hunter himself is a mess. He refers to Daddy Joe as “Pedo Peter”, he’s known for abusing drugs, sexcapades, and, apparently has some issues with pedophilia himself. Then there’s his “business dealings” with ten percent going to “the big guy”. Worse yet, I’m just scratching the surface here.

With all of the above said and done, has law enforcement raided any of the Biden clan? Hell no! In fact, the FIB’s DID raid the apartment of James O’Keefe, founder of Project Veritas, in search of Ashley’s diary (supposedly). This after O’Keefe declined to publish it as he could not verify its authenticity and subsequently turned it over to law enforcement, more than a year before the raid!

Numerous among the globalist elite enjoy the same sort of protection. Hillary Clinton’s residence was never raided though she absolutely possessed classified materials she should not have had. How do we know this? They were eventually turned over. Why wasn’t President Trump offered the same courtesy if he indeed ever was in possession of classified materials was he should not have? It was also widely reported she had set up a home server that only stored classified information but was vulnerable to hackers. In addition, it was reported she destroyed evidence and otherwise dodged efforts to hide her own illegal activities. Was her residence ever raided? No.

Nor has any investigation been alluded to concerning her husband, former President Clinton and his involvement with Jeffery Epstein and Epstein’s “Lolita Express”. In fact neither Clinton nor a single Epstein client has been charged with anything connected with the “Lolita Express” despite testimony of several minors during Ghislaine Maxwell’s child sex trafficking trail, as well as other revelations most would consider worthy of official scrutiny. For those of you still under that rock, the very term “Lolita” refers to underage girls. Epstein was convicted for molesting and prostituting underage children. According Newsweek, Epstein and Clinton were “like brothers”. While this claim has been disputed, it is widely known they were friends. Could this be due to shared interests?

Once one begins to take it all in, only one conclusion glares back: they don’t care how it looks. Or rather they are taunting us – daring us to say something – do something. No doubt the globalist elite spend hours in their posh private residences laughing at us all. They can do anything they want, anything and nobody can stop them. They are invincible. Aren’t they?

The Globalists Are Terrified of Trump!

This statement is made over and over again in many different ways. The elites want to ban Trump from running in 2024. He scares them. He intimidates them. They hate him. What they fail to understand is Trump is the least of their worries.

WE put Trump in office! Donald J. Trump is nothing without US! He wasn’t elected President because he was so great but because he began to state and promise those things WE wanted to hear! To his credit, he listened to us and acted on those things that mattered to US. Trump isn’t “magic”. The words “Make America Great Again” are not an incantation. They simply strike a chord that resonates with those of us who love our nation.

This land is OUR land! The Constitution of the United States is the LAW of our land. WE the PEOPLE are self-governing citizens. WE are in charge! The globalists need not fear Trump, they need to fear US because WE hold the true power. WE have the authority. WE are unstoppable.

Right now the globalists have the upper hand. Why? It’s all smoke and mirrors. Never in our history have the words “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” ever been more relevant. The globalists have usurped power with slight of hand. They cannot hold on to it because their grip is precarious. Once WE the PEOPLE tear that curtain down, revealing the elites for the miserable shells they really are, their party is over.

Indeed the globalists fired shots at Mar-a-Lago, virtual as they might be, they were still a challenge. They are brazenly daring us to stop them. It’s time we stood up to meet that challenge.

Eyewitness to Ray Epps’ Involvement in J6 Revealed by Political Prisoner Sean McHugh

The article is below. I’ll toss in my two bits (inflation, you know)

The article from The Gateway Pundit includes a letter from political prisoner Sean McHugh who details his involvement and his interactions with Ray Epps on January 6, 2020.

As with all my posts, I am not going to declare the guilt or innocence of anyone. Such is for a court to decide. But what about “the court“? Can anyone who voted for or supported Donald J. Trump get a fair trial in Washington D. C.? I doubt it. So far my doubts have been reinforced rather than proven false by the juries themselves. Granted, I am convinced the prosecutors themselves are corrupt to the core but a fair jury can see through that. Kenosha is a prime example.  What about DC?

In the past 4 presidential elections the Democrat garnered over 90% of the vote. Biden had the second highest percentage ever, only topped by Nobama’s first run for office. Let that sink in. Joe Biden, by most all media accounts won with the largest margin in history, yet he still was only second to his former boss’ first tally. In the past 40 years only one candidate failed to collect less than 80% of the vote. That candidate was Jimmy Carter.

To be fair, I will disclose Trump won Kenosha in 2020 by a margin of 51-48% +/-. That said, if you scan the rest of the election results, many races were won overwhelmingly by Democrats.

Juries are selected from voter roles, so please tell me how such an unbalanced jury pool can be unbiased. Again, the proof is in the pudding. The one “not guilty” verdict was rendered by a judge, not a jury.

Regardless, I have and will continue to call for quick and speedy trials for all defendants. It has been over 18 months since the events of January 6. Many defendants are rotting in jails, some in atrocious and unconscionable conditions, with many reports of outright abuse for all or most of this time. This is wrong and unconstitutional. If someone, anyone, has broken laws then let’s bring them to justice. Accuse them in open court and present the evidence. Permitting citizens to rot in jail for an indeterminable time is not how we do things. Such is the case with Sean McHugh. Did he do wrong? Did he break laws? I don’t know, but as far as I’m concerned he’s served his time already and then some – at least with the information I have now.

Too much has been done behind closed doors, in secret. Again, this is not America!

Read the article below. Make up  your own mind about the information presented. That said, please join me in advocating for those in charge to put up or shut up. Give the January 6 political prisoners their day in court – now – or release them.

“RAY EPPS RECRUITED ME!” – Political Prisoner Writes Tell-All Letter From Prison About His Experience with the Notorious Operative Ray Epps

Action Plan for Restoring Our Constitutional Republic

An Action Plan for Restoring Our Constitutional Republic

Where do we go from here?

Today’s post was inspired by a conversation I had recently with a fellow on Twitter. He asked some questions and I tried to answer. To put it bluntly, at times I wondered if he was a troll. His questions and input was often obtuse. In fact, the whole thing started with a comment he made and I replied asking for clarification. In the end, I’d say he was sincerely looking for answers. Those I supplied there and offer here are by no means to be considered authoritative. They are simply my thoughts, wishes, and opinions… among other things.

It all began with a discussion of elections. Maybe you are better than I when it comes to following a Twitter thread. It’s a low bar, trust me. To that end, I won’t attempt to reconstruct the thread nor post it. Instead I’ll touch on some of main points.If you like your republlic you can keep it - Ben Franklin

First off, I’d say it is foolish to think any one or truncated series of elections can fix the mess we find ourselves in today. It has been over a century in the making. Restoring our Constitutional Republic will take time and effort. It is the effort part where I fear we will fall short.

To gain a better idea of my perspective, let’s consider a working Constitutional Republic with other forms of government. For brevity’s sake, I’ll simplify my examples. A kingdom is reasonably straightforward. The King (or Queen) rules. He may have a council. Some administration may be delegated but in the end, what the King says, goes. Subjects, those under him are expected to obey and as such, really don’t have all that much say in “government”. A dictatorship is a similar setup. Those in charge say what’s what and that is it. A communistic society – a so-called “People’s Republic” is essentially a government run by committee. As such it features all the benefits of any iron-fisted rule with the problems associated with too many cooks. Once again, common citizens need not concern themselves with issues of government.

Now a Constitutional Republic starkly differs from the above formats in that citizens are not subjects but are rather self-governing. The authority and responsibility of government falls on the citizens themselves. To ease that burden, other citizens are given the responsibility of representing groups within the nation. These representatives meet and handle the business of government while day to day operations are delegated to permanent employees.

All of the problems we face today stem from the notion we can “set it and forget” it by trusting those we choose to represent us and, by proxy, those they choose to take care of the day to day stuff. The end result is, our “representatives” were bought by opportunists who saw a bigger picture. These are the “money men”. In the early days, certain individuals influenced representatives to spend our tax dollars on projects where they would profit. More often than not, I’d say, those representatives were rewarded handsomely for their loyalty – not to their constituents, but to the money men. At some point, or maybe from the very beginning, these same money men came to understand that to continue to enjoy such profits they needed to ensure the “right” people were elected to office. Thus they gained control of the parties that nominated candidates for office. How? Why by being very generous of course.

In addition to influencing the party process, money men often prefer todirectly control certain representatives. While the price of a politician can often be steep, the well of funds is only limited by how much public funds can be diverted to the coffers of the money men. At some point, they found an additional stream of income – political elections. You see, by owning media outlets, the politicians can spend mountains of money for re-election generating even more profits for the money men. As these money men tighten their control of the election process, I’m sure they enjoy many a laugh at the irony of it all – they collect money from those they intend to steal it from to pay for putting their own lackeys in place to steal even more money from the citizens who voted to put the thieves in positions of responsibility!

These days the money men own just about everything. According to their own missives, they won’t stop until they own everything. I, myself, wonder about the wisdom in this. They already own us, or our labor, at least, via income tax. Through various other taxes they own most everything else as well. We can buy nothing, rent nothing, sell nothing without paying tribute to the masters. Irony again rears it’s ugly side. Technically speaking, WE are the government. In reality, we’ve handed our very souls to those who we intended to represent us and those caretakers charged with day to day operations.

Now we come to the current pickle. Being human, and, despite how difficult this is to admit, those in office and government offices are indeed human, these individuals – or rather their controllers, the money men, are never satisfied. They want more. They want it all. To that end, they’ve taken off their masks to show their true reptilian nature. Many of us are stunned. The screws are now becoming tight enough, painful enough, to jar us awake. Now we see them for what they are and we don’t like it. More and more agree: we need to take back what is ours. But how?

As I indicated before we’re in deep do do. The above was to illustrate to some extent just how up to our noses we have sunk. This coming election is not going to “save” us. A new duly-elected president is not going to save us. A civil war is not going to save us. (Sorry dudes, it’s just not.) What then can save us?

Remember a few paragraphs ago, where I described the “set it and forget it” mentality? That has got to go. WE the People need to roll up OUR sleeves and do what we’ve always needed to do, and avoided at all costs. We need to involve ourselves in our governing. By involvement, I mean more than simply “voting”, much more.

The restored Republic as I see it revolves around our individual county seats and incorporates town and village boards as well. In other words, local rule. The current systems, from the political parties to government has been systematically built to “rule” from the top down. That is not a republic. A republic is ruled from the bottom up. We’ve been turned on our heads and we need to right this. So… local rule. A modern, New England style system of “town halls” comes to mind. Already there are some advances towards such things. My own county has a “Facebook group”. I cringe on that idea. There is no way I want the current Facebook operation to have any hand at all in my local government. Now if Facebook was owned by us citizens, really owned, then I might reconsider, but I digress. What I’m getting at is our local “town halls” can easily be partly, even wholly virtual. (Personally, I’d prefer the option of showing up to meet face to face, at least on occasion.) The counties then meet with state and federal representatives to discuss our approach to current issues. Elections are no longer party affairs but individuals announce their intentions locally, then regionally as the situation calls for. They set up their own web pages/site and do their own stumping. I would entertain the idea of forbidding political advertising altogether. Let’s put some meat between those buns. Those standing for elected offices can be written in at first, at least until we can open up the process to better accommodate citizen candidates.

How do we get there? Since the above is only my idea, maybe a better question is how do we extract ourselves from this current muck? As many likely already see, the first step is to stop the bleeding. What I’m specifically referring to is the need to secure our election process so we can trust it again. To this end we start now. None of us can accomplish this by ourselves so we need to circle our wagons and bring our allies and potential allies in. Voting is still important. To gain purchase we need to ensure we are putting people into elected offices who answer to us citizens. We need to get out the vote. In addition to this we also need to monitor the coming election in force. By this I mean not just one poll watcher but several at each poll, with backups ready to descend should there be an issue that those in charge wish to ignore. All I am advocating here is making a concerted effort to ensure those facilitating and counting our votes are doing so by the laws of the land.

In addition to the above, we must regain control of our political parties and throw out those who pull the strings. My personal ultimate preference is to eliminate political parties entirely. Instead, those who stand for office should make their own inclinations known to all and be elected or rejected based on what they have to offer rather than hiding behind some “party platform”. Keep in mind, party politics is always about control. In our “two-party” system, each party struggles to control the narrative. How do they do so? By growing government in their own image. Constitutional limitations be damned.

None of this can be resolved without a great deal of time, effort, and diligence. Not only must we deal with the leviathan that our government as become but we must rethink our own role in government, step up and do our part. Our backs are against the wall. Either we rise to the occasion and take back our nation our we will lose it. Are you up to the task?

The Undeclared War in America

Liberty is under attack. I, for one, will defend it.

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For anyone reading the last post, I owe you an apology. Thus I hereby apologize for indicating our nation is lost and we should abandon the idea of restoring it. While the darkness encompassing our land seems to continue to deepen all is not lost. Light dispels darkness. Our forefathers put everything on the line, their wealth, their lives, their families to found this nation. Should any of us be willing to forfeit any less? Are we so enslaved by our possessions, our way of life, deteriorating as it is, to hang on at all costs? Granted, the “fear of loss” is hard-wired into the human brain, however we can utilize this wiring to our advantage. How? By re-framing how and what is at stake, by reassessing what we value. For example:

The house I live in is paid for. It is no palace but, other than property theft taxes, it is ours. I suppose that if I kept my mouth shut and stayed my keyboard, I could live out my life without much risk to losing our home. Now considering how the destruction of our liberties have ramped up by the usurping globalists, I can see where I could be labeled a terrorist simply for opposing the current regime. What is to stop them from seizing our house, indeed, all of our property as they would if we were say, dealing drugs? Farfetched? No. Not any more. Already federal law provides for asset forfeiture for “terrorist activities”. While I’ve always maintained such forfeitures are unconstitutional as well as unconscionable, my objections to this practice, as well as the objections of countless others, have not ended these draconian measures. The bottom line is, like it or not, agree with it or not, everything is on the table.

The real question is, will I allow this “fear of loss” stop me from speaking out? Similarly, am I willing to put my family at risk also? The only real answer that comes to mind is: keeping silent will not save them. My silence would more likely condemn them to an even greater hell, such as living in the society we are fast becoming. To put it another way: I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees. Likewise, I’d rather my loved ones were condemned to death than forced to live as slaves. Of course, I’m sure they could all “save themselves” by denouncing me. If offered this option, they are free to choose as far as I’m concerned.

So what brought me back around? While it wasn’t just one thing however, KrisAnne Hall’s movie Noncompliant was a major factor. Ms. Hall has this annoying ability to inspire and reenergize my belief in our Constitutional Republic. Much of what she says reinforces much of what I’ve ascertained myself. The difference is she is a constitutional lawyer and teacher, whereas I’m just some duffer off the street. Of course, I’ve also learned a ton from her teaching. While I might grasp the overall concept from my self-studies, she goes into details, citing historical documents and events, as well as legal arguments that I’d otherwise be ignorant of.

One of the latest articles on her site is guest post from R. Altomare,

Founder of BreathEasy, “Buckle Up, Buttercup”. He correctly states “We are at war”. While this concept is nothing new, the details of this modern version are quite well laid out. The crux of Altomare’s missive is to encourage the reader to fight on. Point well taken.

These are not the only encouragements to fly in my face. The final push came from within, if not directly from God Almighty. No, no bush was burned nor did any blinding light shine from heaven. It was during my morning prayer time, towards the end when I tend to quiet my own mouth and mind and just reflect and listen. What came to me was the question, “What of God’s gifts am I prepared to walk away from?”. Take nothing from the wording. Even if a direct quote would be “are you” rather than “am I”, I could not say for sure what the source of question was. Far more important is the realization that our Constitution and the Republic established by this venerable document remains a Gift from Almighty God. As such it is not something to be taken or disposed of lightly.

How does this change things? How does it affect my own plans and/or approach? For the most part, this changes little. I will continue to speak and post the truth as I understand it. One aspect I do expect to further explore is my role in local self-governance. For quite some time now, I’ve advocated reclaiming our nation on a county by county level. My advocacy mostly consists of articles and posts. I think it is time to turn further inward and, once again, put my money where my mouth, er keyboard, is. I keep saying we need to take back our town, county and school boards – as well as gather locally to make our wills known to those who represent us – to the end of holding them accountable and ensuring they truly do represent us rather than any power brokers holding purse strings.

For those of you reading this, please pray for guidance and inspiration for me as I move forward. It is my hope to post some real life progress that will enlighten and inspire others. KrisAnne Hall has stated more than once her belief it only takes three percent to effect change. This figure brings to mind the concept of the “three percenters”, popular a few years ago. This faction grew from the legend that just three percent of the colonists fought in the American Revolution. I have no idea if this is related at all to what Ms. Hall speaks of, however I find the reference somewhat intriguing and will surely post more on it as I learn more.