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Bluntly put it’s hard to believe my last post was on Independence Day. Time flies. What have I been doing? Ask the NSA, they know. Kidding… kinda.

I suppose I should start back to when SCOTUS handed down a couple of rulings, including one that rippled through those keeping an eye on our J6 Political Prisoners. This prompted my July 2 post. That pretty much explains what I’ve been up to. I am continuing to work on one or more events to help these J6ers and their families.

Since then I’ve been in contact with a few individuals on the front lines of this scandalous outrage, including one J6 defendant in particular – Jalise Middleton. If ever someone touched my soul, it is Jalise. Her and her husband Mark are currently remanded to house arrest. They are allowed to go to church and shop for groceries. That is about it. I have no idea how they pay for those groceries.

They also founded and are involved in American Patriot Relief

While this is a non-profit organization founded to help J6 Political Prisoners, Mark and Jalise do not accept any monies from there own organization themselves. This fact alone stuns me.

More than this, my wife and I only spoke to Jalise on the phone for a few minutes when her godly heart floored me. It wasn’t “one thing” it was everything. She’s been put through the ringer, along with her husband. (I’ve never had the privilege to talk to him.) She’s taken everything thrown at her in stride and continues to be meek and thankful. All this while facing up to forty years in prison. Forty years?! What for?

Here are the charges straight from the latest DOJ press release:

A federal jury convicted Mark Middleton, 55, and Jalise Middleton, 54, both of Forestburg, Texas, of two counts of assaulting, resisting, or impeding certain officers, civil disorder, and obstruction of an official proceeding. All of these are felony offenses.

In addition to the felonies, the Middletons were convicted of misdemeanor offenses of entering and remaining in a restricted building or grounds,disorderly and disruptive conduct in a restricted building or grounds,engaging in physical violence in a restricted building or grounds, disorderly conduct in the Capitol grounds or building, and act of physical violence in the Capitol grounds or building.

My, it sure sounds like they’re mastermind criminals, now doesn’t it? WTF happened? Here is a 2 minute timeline provided by Jalise.

That’s it. What happened there is the crux of the government’s case against the Middleton’s. They are now felons and as such their rights to vote, keep and bear arms, among others are forfeit. As of today, they await sentencing. According to this press release it was set for June 12,2024.  It was since changed to July 15th and now moved to August 9th.

Above all this Jalise remains steadfast and hopeful. She seems far more concerned about other J6 Political Prisoners. In fact, she demonstrates far more angst when the topic turns to two such Political Prisoners who have recently been released,  who were handed a ticket to take them into DC and told they had to stay in the area until their probation ended. I believe this probation period to be one year but this has not been confirmed.

Thus they have no access to family, no friends, no job, no place to live. Oh, and they are expected to give them an address where they are living within a specified period of time. Is this how all convicts are treated? If it is not then once again, said treatment is unconstitutional.

More is coming concerning the plights of these defendants and others. This is not over – not by a long shot.

Virginia’s Primary 2024 – The Stink of Corruption

Per my last post on this topic, I’d written off this primary, saying the outcome doesn’t matter, or rather what is really important is to hold whoever sits in the 5th Congressional Seat of Virginia accountable, as all citizens should endeavor for all representatives. Now this primary result DOES matter. What changed?

Allegations of Impropriety, i.e. the stink of corruption. THIS cannot stand.

It’s no secret I voted for Bob Good, I posted here the reasons why I intended to do so despite certain reservations. Today’s post should not be considered any sort of “sour grapes” on my part. I’d accepted the situation and moved on. The news of shenanigan both surprised and shocked me. I just  happened upon them doing other things and there it was.

Here is the story as released to the press by Peter Alexander

I don’t know who Peter Alexander or Chris Faraldi are. A quick search suggests both are politician types. both republicans. Alexander seems to be more conservative. The early into in the above letter suggests he and Faraldi do not see eye to eye on many issues. In fact, Alexander has little good to say about Faraldi.

Alexander is calling for a recount. I will go further than this. There needs to be a full investigation into these allegations with full intent to prosecute any alleged illegal actions. Simply saying “oops, my bad” and sliding past a potentially devious attempt to cheat cannot be tolerated.

As an election official I took an oath as did every other citizen participating as such. I swore to support the Constitution of the United States, and the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Virginia and support the Constitution of the United States, and the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Virginia

What good is an affirmation if there is no consequence for ignoring it?

Today, Monday, June 24, 2024 I’ll be hosing an X space event on this at 9AM. All are invited. You may speak if a slot becomes available.

Bob Good – John McGuire Virginia 5th Congressional District Primary – June 18th 2024: The Decision


Recently I posted concerning Donald J. Trump’s endorsement of John McGuire over Bob Good for Virginia’s 5th Congressional District. This is my district. As of now Bob Good is my congressman, so I’m taking this seriously – VERY seriously.

That said, I’m sticking with Bob Good. He has my vote for this primary. I won’t go far as to call this an “endorsement” – not because I hesitate to do so but my opinion is that of another mere citizen. As such it should hold no more weight than this. Besides this, I doubt if any endorsement from me would do Bob Good any, well, good.

As I stated before, I have a couple of issues with Mr. Good. After contacting his office via his website and official “contact” form, I received no response. None. This is bad. Not just for me but for any constituent. Secondly, he needs to get on the ball concerning the J6 political prisoners. All they can do is suffer unimaginable horrors while most us go about our daily lives without giving them a thought.

As for Trump’s issues with Bob Good, well, sure I understand his problem but he’s also forgiven others for much worse than endorsing his rival. I saw the video MTG posted and Bob made sense. At some point I was giving DeSantis some consideration myself. I stopped short of any idea of voting for him but I was warming to the idea of him in the VP slot. Paul Ryan’s endorsement stopped that idea cold.

All in all, Bob Good is a solid conservative as far as I can see but I wanted another opinion. Then I realized I could try to reach out to someone I’ve come to respect. Nick Freitas.

If the name doesn’t ring a bell, he is a member of Virginia’s House of Delegates. In fact he represents the district where I once lived – Culpeper ,VA. I’ve written about him before. He stood tall while speaking against gun control in the House. He stood for citizens during the 2A Sanctuary movement. In fact he is the ONLY Virginia representative who joined citizens as they swarmed county board meetings in support of 2A Sanctuary resolutions in my memory. Beyond that, he famously won a write-in campaign for his Delegate seat when a paperwork snafu bumped him from the official ballot.

So I reached out on a Twitter dm and he replied. Note, I warned him in advance that I might post his response on this blog with his permission. After he responded, I asked for and was granted said permission. Here is what Nick Freitas had to say…

Hello Andrew.

I have endorsed Bob Good. I think Bob is a very genuine conservative and he stands by his word, which goes a long way with me. In Congress I am looking for people who are willing to risk everything to stand up for what they believe in, even if it means standing against your own leadership at times.

I have known John McGuire for some time. John ran against me in a primary once. He accused me of being a “California liberal” and a “swamp creature,” despite the fact that I have always had a better voting record than him. He also likes to claim that he had the convention “stolen” from him despite the fact that I won all 3 rounds. I know that sounds personal, but the bottom line is, I have a problem with a guy who tells you he is going to run a clean race, because we’re friends, and then as soon as it becomes obvious that he is behind in the polls, he starts lying about you because he wants to win.

While it was all good, what really stood out was John McGuire’s accusations. Nick Freitas is anything but a “California liberal” and certainly not a “swamp creature” as far as I can tell. In fact those very accusations mirror exactly the globalist tactic of accusing one’s opponents of those things they are doing themselves. This as much confirmed what I previously learned about McGuire being hand-picked by Keven McCarthy.

By the way, didn’t Trump also endorse and stand firmly behind Kevin McCarthy?

We all know The Donald is not perfect. Who amongst us is? Why, then, do we expect perfection from Bob Good? I don’t. That said, I do support his bid for re-election to the House of Representatives and, should he be successful, I will then earnestly take him to task about those issues I brought up.

However, should you win, Mr. McGuire, take notice, your own words and actions have dropped your trust level a few notches on my scale. Thus you will be subject to even greater scrutiny from me. No matter who wins this nomination, I expect you to fully represent this district – not your political cronies.

What’s In a Name? Citizen Action Memes

This post is more of admin notice than anything else. Since I designed and added the QR Code graphics like the one below last weekend, I’ve been struggling with what to call them. I decided to call them “memes” though they probably are such in the truest sense of the word. Anyway… what sort of meme? Well since it urges others to vote – I thought “Voter Action Meme” but that never sat right because they are designed to encourage citizens to register to vote. Voting comes later.  I like the “action” part because these are all about action –

Scan Register Vote 

Yeah. Then it came to me: “Citizen Action Meme”. Much better. Citizens can take action in two ways here.

First,  those citizens who are not registered can do it and do it now. All they need is their cell phone and whatever documentation their state requires.

Then any citizen can use these to encourage others to register as well.

This is the key. One man one vote and then each one win one.

We need each other because one voice, one vote alone often goes unheard. If we join with like minded citizens then, in concert, we can make some real noise.

This is what we need. Let’s make some noise!

Take our country back Arizona! Displays QR code linking directly to Arizona's official online voter registration page.
Download this and post anywhere to promote online voter registration for Arizona citizens or click on the meme and visit the page where similar memes are displayed for all 43 states allowing online voter registration.

For more aids to promote voter registration in your state, visit

Vote Like A Boss – The Ground Floor of a November Groundswell

As you might have gathered I’m deeply interested in making an effort to get out the vote. I am not alone in thinking this November is crucial to our nation – even to our very existence and sovereignty.
My focus is not so much in a local effort. I’m more interested in making an impact state and nationwide.
To that end, I’ve developed the concept – “Vote Like a Boss”, inspired in part by a lady who has a podcast “Stacey on the Right“.
The concept itself is simple: offer wearable and portable products embedded with QR codes anyone can purchase and take anywhere. Each QR code links to the online voter registration page for the owner’s particular state. The graphic is designed to attract attention and urge immediate action – scan the code, visit the page, register to vote.
The true beauty of this is there is nothing to join, no commitment required. Anyone who decides just do a little bit – like buy a sticker or a coffee mug, doesn’t have to do another damn thing. Go another step and someone might just take up the challenge and register and (hopefully) vote.
Then again if every one who takes the plunge encourages another citizen to vote – we could be looking at a groundswell of new, bona-fide voters come November.
My first effort was a line of T-shirts then Mugs (white and black background), Stickers – various sizes, notebook, Sports bottle, a tote and posters of various sizes. The poster shown is with a white background but I also have one with black as it makes the colors really pop.
Most everything at this moment is focused in Virginia with a few from New York where I grew up and still have people. Leave a comment or end me an email if you want your state moved to the front of the line.
Vote Like a Boss Virginia T-shirt and tote. Note the T-shirt now offered features a QR code on the sleeve as well. Both QR codes link to that state’s online voter registration page.
I’m preparing to sell on Shopify and Etsy as well but I need to add products for each state that offers online voter registration. T-shirts first, then the other sundries.
I’m looking to promote this any way I can. I started by posting a bit on FB and X but those efforts are minimal at this point. I need to finish building out the product lines for the other states before I roll out any major promotional efforts.
My hope of hopes is this will all go viral. It could just as easily crash and burn. Either way, I cannot NOT give this a shot.

NOT Forgotten! Two J6 Political Prisoners Highlighted

Today I found two separate and very different stories about two J6 political prisoners. While their experiences are different, what they have in common is they both have lost their liberty and their lives are forever changed.

Once again I will point out – my grievance is not about their guilt or innocence but about the total disregard for their rights as citizens under our Constitution.

Patrick Byrne Answers Trump’s Call To Support J6 Political Prisoner Ryan Samsel When All Organizations Refused

A Day in the Life

It matters not whether you agree with what they did or are accused of doing.

It matters not whether they broke the law or not.

No one deserves this treatment.  As Americans we have protested and marched against the inhumane treatment  hapless souls in other countries. We have railed against poor treatment of animals. And yet we look away, or worse, cheer, how these J6 political prisoners are being treated day in, day out for years now. For what? For some misguided “sense” of patriotism? Since when do we suspend proper treatment of the accused?  For SHAME!

This shame is doubled for those of you schooled in law and DOUBLE THAT SHAME for any politician schooled in law. And for you in our judiciary? If all you can do is look the other way or worse, throw up your hands declaring, you cannot do anything – you should resign immediately. You are a disgrace to our justice system.


Contrarians and Joining the Republican Party

Wouldn’t ya know it? Last night I was supposed to attend the monthly local republican meeting where they were going to vote on my membership application. I begged off. While the reason I gave is accurate – f’n DST has screwed up everything. My wife wouldn’t be home in time to take care of the critters and the meet landed smack dab where it would cause a problem. You see, we lock the chickens up at night for safety. They don’t like to go  in too much before dark. These days that means 7PM. The meet was set to begin at 6:30. Yeah. But there was yet more to the story. My angst.

Almost from the moment I handed my application in, I felt that twinge. You know the one – where you can’t help feeling you are making a big mistake. For the past couple of days, I’ve wrestled with the question:

Do I really want to join the party? Why?

Then this morning, I came across this article from Ammoland:

Firearms Training – Learn to Embrace the Contrarian Mindset

It helped. It really did because at heart I am also a contrarian. I must say this Keith Hanson explains it very well.  The bottom line is I’ve never, ever, been willing to accept “conventional wisdom” at face value. As such I tend to piss everybody off.

If you’ve read much here, you know I despise party politics and I foresee forever advocating the total dismantling of our vaunted “two-party system” as well as political parties entirely.

Let’s start with just some of the “Republican Party’s” own rhetoric. The Virginia Republican Party states they support freedom and a limited government. Great. So do I. What I’d like to know is what, exactly has the Republican Party actually done to  promote freedom and limit government. I’ll wait. Actually, no, I won’t. It’s obvious, but I’ll state it plainly so even an avowed party person can understand (maybe).


Sorry for shouting but too often this principle falls on deaf ears.

To this end any political party serves this common goal above and beyond serving party members and thus, every political party does not, CAN not serve those who make up the party. So why join?

This is what I’ve been asking myself.  In part, my reasoning is those who are part of the party at the very least have taken an active interest in forwarding similar ideals. I’ve no doubt the rank and file believe deeply in the principles stated by the official party propaganda. However they, all of us really, have been blinded to the facts:

They ain’t working for us, they never have.

Sad but true. So, in part, I want to be a part of this group because we share common interests and I’d like to forward some of my contrarian views. (Thanks Keith!) Who else am I going to reach? I don’t know what it will take for anyone else to take action so I’ll try work according to Newton’s law first of motion:

      1. An object at rest remains at rest, and an object in motion remains in motion at constant speed and in a straight line unless acted on by an unbalanced force.

My point? Active party members are, well, active. That sets them apart from those dedicated to pissing and moaning. Those bodies are already in motion and already heading in the same general direction.

So that’s the latest there. I have about three weeks to reconsider, however Keith’s contrarian article hit the nail on the head for me as it both provided an answer as to why I’m struggling with this as well as reframing my perspective so I can move forward without feeling hypocritical.

Mitch McConnell Stepping Down – WHO will China Choose to Replace Him?

While some might jump for joy at the news – me? Meh. Like the headline says – who will China replace him with.


Let’s not forget his position as Minority Leader and Majority Leader before that is an elected one. ALL the “republican” Senators voted for him – or enough to put give him the nod. Shouldn’t that tell you something?

What?! Do you think all those Senators who voted for him were unaware of his ties to China? Were they clueless about his RINO record? Of course not. They knew. They voted him in anyway. Why? Money and  power – that’s why.

Once again, I’ll remind you what the game is in Washington (not to mention nearly every elected office in this nation) – it’s stay in office or move to a better office. Like McCarthy in the House, McConnell held massive purse strings to “help” his comrades get elected again and again. Beyond this, I have no idea what other juice these guys carry in their squirt guns but it is enough to allow them to kneel to their masters – and WE the People ain’t them.

One thing I can guarANtee you – whoever takes McConnell’s place will be a died-in-the-wool statist – most likely someone who needs to constantly brush off the lint from China’s pocket.

Just one more reason why WE the People need to step up and throw these bastards out. It ain’t gonna happen overnight. Let’s start with November 2024 with some massive action to put “republicans” in all those offices up for bid. After that, we can roll up our sleeves and begin to let them know whose boss in this nation.

AM I NEXT on the FIB’s “Hit List”?

Short answer – I doubt it, but I’ll tell you this – IF they DO come for me – head for the hills. Not because “m “all that” but exactly because I am not.


courtesy of The Gateway PunditThis from the Gateway Pundit:

FBI Instructs J6 Conservative Reporter Steve Baker to Turn Himself in on Friday – This Comes After He Questioned the Government’s Role in the Protests on Jan. 6

Steve BakerBefore I saw this article I never heard of Steve Baker. I wish I had. It seems he was in DC on January 6, 2021, doing what real journalists do – reporting. Forget about “freedom of the press”. Forget about “free speech”. He. Was. There. That’s enough for the new DOiJ and their FIB thugs.

Let’s face it, if Steve Baker had done anything worth of being charged, they would have scooped him up long ago, but no, they waited until now. Why? My gut tells me because he just won’t shut up.

Here is what Steve Baker posted:

What I Saw on January 6th in Washington, DC

Who was “Up the Chain” on January 6?

Oh look! He’s questioning “authority”! Get him!

Trouble is, unlike many J6 political prisoners – Steve Baker has legal representation – likely decent legal representation, and that makes all the difference. You can laud our justice system all you want but I’ll continue to maintain that today’s citizens can only receive as much justice as they can afford. That said, no matter how deep one’s pockets are, our governments’ pockets are bottomless – thanks to us sleepy, apathetic, do-nothing citizens. As long as WE are willing to write the blank checks – they will stop at nothing to move their agenda forward.


Primary Day Virginia – March 5, 2024 What you should know.

UPDATE: March 5 will ONLY be to choose the Presidential nominee. The Congressional and Senate Primaries (and who knows what else!) will be held in June

Maybe I was supposed to know this but I didn’t. You don’t need to ask me, I’ll just say it – in this day of the “information age” either the communications skills of those “in the know” simply suck or we have far too much information and far too few filters. As one of those filters, I may have to shoulder part of the blame IF I can ever find out where to find such information. Past experience indicates such “obvious” sources such as the Virginia Department of Elections  are sometimes worthless. For example, I rather thought this link would simply be posted on VDoE home page but no, I didn’t find it until I searched specifically for Virginia Primary Elections 2024. I swear I performed the same search earlier to come up with different results. Do note that details for the June Primaries are “not yet available”. Huh.

Virginia’s PRESIDENTAL primary is just ONE week away.

There will be TWO primaries rolled into one on Tuesday – one for the democrats and one for the republicans. Other parties can go fish. Actually, the only qualification to vote in either (but NOT both) primaries is one must be eligible to vote in Virginia – specifically in one’s district.

To date, every hopeful who signed up to be on the ballot is still eligible but most have “suspended” their campaigns so voting for them won’t count. They all have up to the day before the primary (IF my understanding is correct) to withdraw.

The bottom line is – Slo Mo Joe will probably be the pick for the dems while I have little doubt Donald J. Trump will run away with ALL of Tuesday’s primaries, including Virginia’s.

Now for VA’s Next Primary…

Drilling down this really is only specific to  Congressional District 5  in Virginia and our representative Bob Good who is being primaried. From The National File:

Video: John McGuire Pledged Not to Primary Bob Good, Now He’s Doing Just That

If you like your republlic you can keep it - Ben FranklinDuring my recent participation in my county’s “mass meeting” I had the opportunity to ask one of the U.S. Senate hopefuls what the deal was with John McGuire. Now this fellow (the one I was talking to) runs in DC circles so I’m pretty confident he knew the buzz. He said McGuire was hand-picked to primary Bob Good by non other than Kevin McCarthy which is exactly what the article above will tell you. That’s enough for me.

Bluntly put, I like Bob Good for the most part. Of the several congressmen who have served in the district where I lived over the years, he stands out as someone who  actually demonstrates constitutional principles. My one bitch is he seems to have backed away from the J6 political prisoner issue. While I’m not as vocal here as I was, I have not forgotten them. I bring it up to EVERY person I talk to who has anything to do with government OR even shows an interest. It’s that important. Bob Good disappoints on that one. Even so, this is no reason to dump him for a conservative pretender, let’s face facts a RINO EXTRAORDINAIRE like John McGuire. He came off as phony from the starting block – a “Real Christian” indeed. What?! Is he hinting I’ve been faking it all these years because he hasn’t seen me that time he was in church? (for the record, I have no idea what, denomination he ascribes to, what, if any, church he attends and how often he attends one. What I can tell you is there are indeed some “regular church people” whom I might be surprised to see come eternity. Then again, it’s not like I worked my way in so…

In any case, I’m making no endorsements here. What I am doing is encouraging you, wherever you are to vote in this primary and again in November and then some.  What do I mean “and then some”?

First – know whom you are voting for! To be blunt, I was surprised when Bob Good replaced Denver Riggleman. I only later found out Riggleman tended to side with the statists more than with us constitutionalists.

NEXT – PLEASE – get out the vote! Talk to people, encourage others, register more voters. We are NOT going to see victory unless we overrun the polls with real, live voters. We MUST overwhelm the ballot stuffing cheaters and the “voters” from the graves.

You need not be a VA District 5 voter to make a difference. In fact, your impact could easily  be greater if you happen to have a hand in turning the tide on one of the “blue” districts.

Keep this in mind: WE the People ARE the Government! it’s about time we started acting like it.

After Losing Her HOME STATE – Why Nikki Haley Won’t Take The HINT and Quit!

South Carolina, Saturday, February 24, 2024 – Donald J. Trump crushes former SC governor Nikki Haley in her own state, marking the latest in a series of massive primary defeats. And still she perseveres.

Is she stubborn or just that stupid? Determined maybe?

My own first thought was simple greed. She reportedly raised a good deal of money for her bid. How much can she keep? Ostensibly, none of it. Of course my own devious mind brings up the question – ARE there ways around these rules? Probably. I cannot say for sure. Nor can I reasonably say what will happen to Haley’s cash – IF there is anything left. Don’t forget many political campaigns end up with the prospective candidate claiming poverty. It’s not unusual for them to leave huge debts among the political litter left behind.

It makes one wonder how so many politicians leave their calling as millionaires. Sure, some are wealthy before they enter politics, but it is not unheard of for some financially genius politicos to go home with far more money than they arrived with. While simultaneously leaving the rest of us poorer than ever. Some genius.

As for Nikki, I cannot say but really girl, take the hint. Get lost. You are spent.

Mayorkas Impeached! Now What? Expect NOTHING!

You heard it here first – probably. No, that DHS Secretary Alehandro Mayorkas was impeached is all over the news. What nobody else will tell you is this is mostly likely a nothing burger. Why? Because he did nothing wrong? No.

Sunday night, Mark Levin read out the charges against Mayorkas on the air and they in themselves were quite damning. The charges are not simply “differences in policy” as the statists are wont to say and Levin was quick to point out but rather pointed to specific portions of the U. S. Code that were openly and blatantly ignored – violated, actually. Do you feel violated? I know I do.  So what IS this deal with yet another impeachment?

First of all, let’s be clear on what an impeachment per our constitution actually is – it is an accusation. It may surprise you to learn how many officials have actually been impeached over the years. As in any court of law the defendant, the person impeached, is considered innocent until proven guilty. This standard is no less for Mayorkas no matter how slimey he may appear.  After the House of Representatives impeaches an official, a trial is held in the U. S. Senate. A two thirds or 67/100 Senate vote is required to convict.

We all know about the two impeachments of Donald J. Trump, and most of us know about William J. Clinton’s impeachment. All three times, the defendants were acquitted in the Senate. Unlike other instances, in these cases, I firmly believe the results were political rather than based on the evidence. This doesn’t mean I believe the defendants deserved acquittal or conviction, just that if the opposition party had enough votes, the conviction would have been far more likely. This is NOT a dig against the system but rather my own indictment of the two-party system the statists hold so dear. Without them Trump would never have been impeached at all. As for Clinton? I don’t know. I do believe he may well have been impeachable on far more serious charges and convicted if Congress actually did their jobs. Then again, I can think of several others who would bear the brand of conviction in a less biased D. C.

That brings us to the current brouhaha. Mayorkas is one of the prominent bad actors in this administration, right up there with Biden. Okay, give Biden a break, I agree with prosecutor Hur – Slo-Mo Joe isn’t competent, much less to stand trial. The problem with the Mayorkas debacle is while I’ve not one shred of doubt he would be found guilty in an unbiased Senate, we are now suffering from an EXCEPTIONALLY BIASED Senate. For get party politics – we’re talking statists here on both sides of the aisle. If the Senate balanced was reversed – heavily reversed in favor of the “R”s, I doubt if Mayorkas would be convicted even then. My reasoning?

DHS Secretary Alehandro Mayorkas is doing the express bidding of the statists who have usurped power from us citizens. IF, by some chance, he WERE “convicted”, he would more likely than not retire to a multi-million dollar estate and never want for anything again. Oh dear! Don’t expect him to sit rotting in the D.C. gulag for years waiting for trial either. No, that’s not for them, that’s for us.

The penalty for a constitutional impeachment is this:

“…the penalty for an impeached official upon conviction is removal from office. In some cases, the Senate has also disqualified such officials from holding public offices in the future.”

Wow. That hurts. In a just world he should at the very least die a long slow death from AIDS as a result of f*cking an entire nation, but no. Like I said – those things aren’t for them.

MAYBE he will resign rather than face a trial. Other than that you can expect him to stand “trial” and be acquitted, thus cementing the statists’ goal of flooding our nation with illegal aliens. Look beyond Mayorkas – look at everything those in  power are imposing on us citizens. I’ve said this before  and I’ll keep repeating it until the point becomes moot:

The statists want to destroy our nation, our sovereignty, so a one-world government can be installed. Now maybe 5-10-20 years ago this statement would be viewed as coming from a crazed wild-eyed nutcase – in some instances maybe it still is but really. The goal of the globalists is to centralize ALL nations into a one-world government. We’ve heard from the statists themselves. They’ve come out of the closet and are openly stating their objectives. This is no longer conjecture – it is fact.  As long as our nation is sovereign – as long as WE the People are self-governing citizens of a constitutional republic, a one-world government is a non-starter. So what can WE do?

We can stand up, take back our government, and tell the statists to take a hike. Simple? Yes. Easy? Hardly. The first, and likely the ONLY sane step right now is to focus on the 2024 election. We cannot slough it off. We cannot relent. We’ve been asleep far too long as it is. This November it is do or die. We have no hope of surviving another round of statist control – in D. C. or in our State Capitals. Ideally, our control – our decentralized control should emanate from the tiniest burg to our nation’s capital, but it must begin at the federal and state levels.

Register to vote if you are not registered already. From there, get vocal. Stop simply commiserating with others about the sorry state of things and ask the tough question – are you registered to vote? We need bodies. Unlike the democrats we need LIVING bodies, preferably those willing to step up for liberty – to vote the statists OUT of office – to hold anyone in office accountable.

If you live in Virginia – feel free to utilize the graphic to your right. The qr code as well as the link in the graphic itself will take you to Virginia’s DOE registration page. Feel free to copy it, share it, promote it. It is non-political and costs nothing.  Awww! Okay, here it is again:


If you live elsewhere, nothing is stopping you from doing the same in your state. Contact me if you need help. It’s not that hard. Send me your graphic if you want and I’ll post it. Heck I’ll set up an entire page for that matter. At this point, I don’t have time to do it all by myself.

Let’s Take Back Our Nation!


Why Everyone’s Throwing Slo-Mo Joe Under the Bus

If you haven’t heard, where have you been?

The Special Counsel Robert K Hur report on Joe Biden’s classified documents fiasco has caused quite the stir. My takeaway is simple:

Joe Biden mishandling classified documents was not only grossly illegal but shockingly atrocious

Joe Biden, however, lacks the mental capacity to be charged and tried for his actions

WOW! Is it any wonder why so many on both sides of the political spectrum are calling for his head? It is soooooo bad I wouldn’t be surprised to see him voluntarily step down any day now.  To that I gotta ask… is this a good thing? Maybe not.

Look, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist, or even a “medical professional” to question Slo-Mo Joe’s mental state. Most days he can barely speak a coherent thought. Even the MSM has started reporting his gaffs. Heck, even before he was VP (something he cannot remember the details about.) I thought he was unfit for any office and I wasn’t paying all that much attention. So why now? It should be obvious. In a word… Trump.

Donald J. Trump, in the face of multiple attempts by the statists to shut him down, has emerged not as merely the “front runner” for the Republican nomination for President but as the ONLY MAN FOR THE JOB. (Give it up Nikki – you cannot win.) While more and more evidence surfaces demonstrating the 2020 election of Slo-Mo Joe was a total fraud.

The bottom line here is if things keep going the way they are going there is NO WAY Biden can win in November. More than anything else – the statists NUMBER ONE PRIORITY is to keep the ball of destruction going and that means putting their man in the oval office. So whose name keeps popping up? Michael “Michelle” Obama. S/he has enough name recognition to provide the plausibility the statists need to make yet another win in 2024 fly… barely.

Personally, I think the statists will need  to scrounge a whole lot more dead voters to pull this one off. Trump’s campaign is quickly turning into a juggernaut. This does NOT mean we can just sit back and watch the show. WE the People need to get involved. Moreover WE need to get out and VOTE – but that’s not all.


Better yet +2, +3 and more. If you’re here in Virginia, save this graphic to your phone:

If you live in another state, you can do something similar. Email me if you need help. I’ll even post it to this website if you like.

The point is to encourage as many citizens as possible to register and vote. It is just a start but it IS a start.

Wake up! The left is on the move. They are in the final stretch. November is WIN/LOSE for either side. If the statists win, we may never recover. If WE the People win – we stand a chance to reclaim our nation. WE cannot afford to lose this one.