Where is the REAL Covid-19 Vaccine?

A few days ago, Joe Biden declared war on the unvaccinated, saying he was “losing patience” with those who refused to become vaccinated and set forth a six-point plan, mandating vaccines for nearly one-third of Americans. Towards the end of his scolding diatribe, he asked “What more do you need to know?”

Actually I have a list of questions but for the sake of this article, I’ll limit myself to just one:

Where is the real covid-19 vaccine?

But, but there are several vaccines available! One might say. Actually no, there are not. I will not argue this point here, but the jabs the controllers are so desperate to stab us all with – multiple times, I might add – are all based on the same mRNA experimental technology. Experimental because this technology has not been tested on humans, until now. Again, my goal here is not to expound on mRNA, the jab or the issues and problems surrounding it. There is something else nagging away at me.

Years ago, I don’t know how many, I saw a segment about flu vaccines and how they were developed. I believe I saw this about the time of the Swine flu scare, if you need a time reference. As my memory tends to be selective, I did a bit of research. I found a 2016 article in Scientific American confirming what I remembered about the segment. If you don’t want to read the article, short as it is, I’ll summarize below.

Basically, every year, scientists peruse the new strains of flu found since the last vaccine. After determining what strains comprise the biggest threat, they develop a vaccine comprised of dead viruses from the most dangerous types. Thus, every year they introduce the annual “flu shot” or vaccine. Every. Year.

Remember back when then President Trump announced a crash program to develop a vaccine for Covid or the Wuhan Flu or the China Virus? Call it what you will. The experts said “impossible!”  “It can’t be done!” “It would take years!” Oh. Really? Why not? They develop a vaccine for the flu every year. What is so different this time? But there’s more…

After over a year of panic, shutdowns, mandated masks, etc. the CDC finally admits at least some of the approved tests for Covid cannot distinguish between Covid and the flu. Huh. This says all the statistics rolled out since the beginning of the Covid scamdemic are wrong. The number of incidents are wrong. The death toll is wrong. Everything. We do not know how bad it really was or is. What we can ascertain is, even at Covid’s worst, it wasn’t nearly as deadly as the propagandists would like us to believe.

And yet they continue to spread the fear. They cannot stop from inciting panic. What else?

They continue to push for everyone to get this mRNA jab. Why? Their logic is non-existent. So much so they cannot even put forth a coherent argument for their case. And then there’s the flu vaccine technology – tested, tried, and proven – even for humans. So where is a REAL vaccine comprised of little dead Corona viruses so it is can truthfully deemed as safe and effective as other flu vaccines?

You tell me.