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Note: I’ve been involved in Internet Marketing – off and on – for over 15 years now. From this experience I can tell you two things for sure:

1) I know a LOT about doing business on the Internet and off.

2) There is a TON of stuff I don’t know!

There you have it, the good, the bad and the ugly. One thing is for sure – I won’t blow smoke up your ass.

That said, what can I offer?

My current focus is the Link and Business Directories.

The Business Directory is up and running.

If you offer a product or service, I urge you to add your listing if it is not there already or claim it if it is. A basic listing is free. There are paid options if you wish to enhance things or go all out. What can you do? Depending on the level you choose you can:

Add more images.

Add contact information.

Allow users to rate your business.

Add a special offer link.

Upload pdf files.

Connect to your social media efforts

Feature your business on the Business Directory itself.

Note this last option is offered in 90 day cycles. Contact me if you need something custom. If it is doable, I’m sure we can work something out.


Web Hosting

Bluntly put, I’m tired of seeing good bloggers banned from Blogger and WP because someone doesn’t like their content. They aren’t the only ones who need affordable hosting but my mindset is geared toward those who can’t afford much.

The hosting is not publicly offered yet but if you need it, let me know. I’ll set you up.

Link Directories

You’ll find two link directories – Alphabetical and Categorized

These are mostly non-business oriented sites – they aren’t built to sell products and/or services. This does not mean they cannot make money!

This brings me to the Advertising Services concept.

The Liberty Advertising Network

Short and sweet – who needs Grrgle? I am building an advertising network of both text and display ads to help bring publishers and business owners together.

Right now the technology is in place. I have not had time to seek out advertisers or publishers, but I can add ads as we speak.

Again, let me know if your interest is piqued. I don’t hard sell. I’ll try to accommodate you if I can and if that doesn’t work either drop it or put it on the back burner.

The I STAND for Liberty Decal Program

I see this as an excellent way to promote Liberty and your business. You’ll find a full write up here.

Please Show a Little TLC!

As in If you would be so kind, I’d love to have you link to this site either with a straight html link or the I STAND for Liberty graphic. I really wouldn’t mind if you did both!

More on that here.

As always I appreciate you taking the time to visit. I am always open to input and ideas. Believe me when I say, I do not have a monopoly on great ideas. Bluntly put all my best ideas are stolen. I can live with that if you can.

May God bless you and keep you,