Virginia’s Primary 2024 – The Stink of Corruption

Per my last post on this topic, I’d written off this primary, saying the outcome doesn’t matter, or rather what is really important is to hold whoever sits in the 6th Congressional Seat of Virginia accountable, as all citizens should endeavor for all representatives. Now this primary result DOES matter. What changed?

Allegations of Impropriety, i.e. the stink of corruption. THIS cannot stand.

It’s no secret I voted for Bob Good, I posted here the reasons why I intended to do so despite certain reservations. Today’s post should not be considered any sort of “sour grapes” on my part. I’d accepted the situation and moved on. The news of shenanigan both surprised and shocked me. I just  happened upon them doing other things and there it was.

Here is the story as released to the press by Peter Alexander

I don’t know who Peter Alexander or Chris Faraldi are. A quick search suggests both are politician types. both republicans. Alexander seems to be more conservative. The early into in the above letter suggests he and Faraldi do not see eye to eye on many issues. In fact, Alexander has little good to say about Faraldi.

Alexander is calling for a recount. I will go further than this. There needs to be a full investigation into these allegations with full intent to prosecute any alleged illegal actions. Simply saying “oops, my bad” and sliding past a potentially devious attempt to cheat cannot be tolerated.

As an election official I took an oath as did every other citizen participating as such. I swore to support the Constitution of the United States, and the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Virginia and support the Constitution of the United States, and the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Virginia

What good is an affirmation if there is no consequence for ignoring it?

Today, Monday, June 24, 2024 I’ll be hosing an X space event on this at 9AM. All are invited. You may speak if a slot becomes available.

Revisiting Virginia’s 2A Sanctuary Movement

In 2019, just before Covid hit the Commonwealth of Virginia experienced a remarkable phenomena – 91 out of 95 counties became Second Amendment Sanctuaries.

This movement was a direct result of democrats taking control of both legislative houses in Virginia with Ralph Northam, also a democrat residing as governor. Finally, the liberal left had the power to smack down the right of citizens to arm and defend themselves. It is only by a small miracle our rights were not even further infringed.

What Happened Then?

The democrats pounced on an opportunity, passing a smorgasbord of gun control laws – enough to send many of them into orgasmic eustasy. Shocked by their audacity, citizens in the commonwealth fought back as best we could. We descended on our county legislatures and demanded second amendment sanctuary resolutions be passed. All but a handful did just that. Some boards later tried to rescind the resolutions, openly admitting the fear they felt had they voted against the measure with the room packed with supporters.

Such is the power of the people when unleashed. It is awe inspiring.

The Aftermath

By December of 2019 the wave  had crested. Nearly every local legislature passed a second amendment sanctuary resolution. Then Covid came and the ensuing pandemic more or less stopped the momentum cold. Citizens could no longer mingle, much less gather to voice our support for our rights. It added a wet blanket to the 2020 election. Then the presidency was stolen, to say the least. Nobody can say for sure what effect all this had on the balance of power in Virginia but to date, the democrats continue to enjoy a slim majority in both houses. Meanwhile they are free to mock citizens rights, including our right to defend ourselves with the weapons of our choosing – in spite of the constitution guaranteeing our right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

So Much for Awe Inspiring Power, Huh?

This is not the end of the discussion. The liberal left – the globalists, if you will, want us to think they have the last word. They do not. WE the People still hold all the cards. This is OUR nation. WE are the government. And you jerks have NOT heard the last from us.

Let’s take stock though, shall we?

In the past, right here in Virginia, elections have been called minutes after the polls closed. To me, this suggests not political savvy but shenanigans. It says “the fix is in, sucker”. Granted, the democrats have iron strongholds in Virginia’s population centers giving them a hard edge in statewide elections and a strong advantage in other races. Even so there are more eligible citizens in Virginia who did not vote than cast votes for either party. Put another way, if every citizen who did not vote in the 2020 election voted for, say, a third candidate, that third candidate would have one hands down!

My point here is not that we citizens should rally around a “none of the above” candidate but rather there are enough untapped voters to sway the entire state to the cause of liberty. And quite bluntly, I say given a choice between liberty and tyranny – liberty wins out every time – no matter what party you claim.

This is What Take America Back! is All About

It’s not enough to protest. If you ask me, protesting should be beneath us – WE are the authority in this nation. It’s not enough to vote. I’ve voted in nearly every election and definitely every major election since I was of age to do so. My vote is usually lost in a sea of others, but this is the way things are supposed to work! It’s not my vote or your vote that matters as much as OUR VOTES. Beyond that is accountability, but we cannot effectively hold our representatives accountable if we refuse to hold the “scepter” of power – our vote – and wield it when necessary.

Furthermore, even representatives already in office will bend to the will of the people when they come face to face with us en masse. Sure, those citizens who showed up to support the second amendment sanctuary resolutions were just a tiny fraction of the voting citizen body but those office holder knew deep down what most of us never consider: that tiny fraction taking action is usually just the tip of a very large iceburg. In other words, for every citizen who takes the time to show up, there are many more who simply didn’t make the trek.

The globalist’s have taken advantage of this for decades. They rally rather small numbers to protest or support one cause or another while counting on on having little or no opposition. Thus they’ve been able to sway many a vote in their favor by simply showing up! No more.

We need to outnumber them at every turn. We need to strip the layers of talking points off the issues to get to the core of the each question. Often we can do this by asking simply – do you want liberty or tyranny? Most issues boil down to those two options. Try it and see for yourself.

It’s NOT Enough!

As the Virginia legislature has proven, it is not enough to just vote. It is not even enough to show up to voice our wishes on this issue or that. What we need is control and for this we need enough citizens opting for liberty to vote for candidates who support liberty.

Intimidation By the Numbers

It sounds scary and it needs to scare the bejeebers out of those who want to represent us. Our “threat” is not harmful to anything other than a representative’s privilege to serve, but that threat needs to be real. Each representative needs to be put on notice to support liberty or find another job. Coming from me or any one of you, such talk can, and often is, laughed off – as it should be.

When we can agree on certain principles and act in concert, our power is limited only by the law of the land, our constitution, and even that is subject to modification if we can garner enough support.

Moving Forward

If we want, really want, to take back our nation. If we want liberty instead of tyranny then our path is clear – we need to vote and bring as many voters with us as we can. We need to amass enough citizens, not only to win but to claim a devastating, decisive victory. We must hand our representatives a clear mandate. We want liberty.

What about you? Do YOU choose liberty? Or are you willing to kneel down to serve tyrants? The choice is yours but you need to choose now. Make no mistake: to abstain is to opt for tyranny because you are allowing the tyrants to choose for  you.

Take action. Choose your weapon.

Printed voter registration forms from your local registrar

Download and print forms from your state’s election board’s website

Save and share links to your state’s online voter registration page

Choose one or more items from with embedded QR codes  linked to your state’s online voter registration page .

Or generate your own QR codes to distribute as you choose.

You also free to act individually or band together with like-minded citizens and participate in formal voter registration drives.

How much or how little you do is up to you but please, I urge you do SOMETHING!  The worst that can happen is we will lose but if we sit idly by we will lose anyway.

Primary 2024 – We Lost, and Why It Doesn’t Matter in the End

By “We” I’m talking about WE the People more than “our” side. Yes, I as much as endorsed Bob Good over John McGuire and McGuire squeezed out a slim victory – less than 400 votes decided the outcome. For the record, my vote has yet to be counted, as if that would tip the scales.

The fact is, this primary was decided by a scant number of voters. In my district, only 61 citizens bothered to show up. This includes both democrats and republicans. Over the entire congressional district representing nearly 750,000 citizens, only a relative handful, 62,495 voters (not including absentee ballots like my own) decided who would represent us in the United States House of Representatives. Pitiful.

“apathy will get us nowhere, as if you cared”

Like I said, WE the People lost and lost big time. Let’s face facts – apathy will get us nowhere, as if you cared. The reality is apathy will get us what we deserve – an elite cadre of masters ruling us with an iron fist. They’ll have to kill me first and, if it comes to that, they likely will without blinking an eye. I mean it when I say, I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees.

Still don’t care? Bite me.

Message to Bob – you would have been far better off had you done a few things differently.

While in office you should have been more responsive to your constituents. You can whine all you want about those you did respond to but I’m sure there are plenty more like me out there who never heard from you or your staff. To that end you earned your loss. For myself, it is hard to get excited about somebody who is apathetic about those he is elected to serve.

On the campaign trail? Your time would have been better spent getting out the vote. And by this I mean not just rallying those in your party but actively seeking more citizen participation in this primary. In other words, registering new voters as well as wooing current ones.

An More Poignant Lesson for ALL Citizens

My own confession first – I cannot say this enough. McGuire’s challenge to Bob Good was a total surprise. McGuire presents himself as a strong conservative. Bob Good is a strong conservative. My own comparison suggests Bob Good’s ideals more closely align with my own. Then again, I cannot help thinking McGuire is a total phony – a RINO. That said, here is the hurtful truth

I cannot defend Bob Good’s record because I don’t KNOW Bob Good’s record.

Setting aside his shortcomings on the J6 political prisoner issue, I know of some of Good’s votes on some of the more newsworthy issues, but for the day to day stuff or what else he did, I cannot tell because I just don’t know. Shame on me.

He was endorsed by some in politics I respect but to be fair, I only know of their very public profiles as well. Rand Paul, for instance. From time to time, I read some tidbit or another causing me to question some of his positions, but overall he tends to be one of the few who stands out among the general republican population. For example he made the strongest stand against the whole NObamacare repackaging – that’s all I can call it – it’s still there and never came close to actually being repealed as it should have. All said, I can’t tell you where he stands a most issues. Would he surprise me? I don’t know.

Nor do I know how Nick Freitas votes on most issues. From what I do know and from my short conversation with him, I suspect he is one of the few real deals holding public office. Then again, he has yet to respond to me otherwise. I was really hoping he would at least support the Take America Back concept but he’s offered not so much as a “like”. Mr. Freitas, if you happen to come across this, please, even if you hate the idea, saying something is better than silence.

Why The Results of This Primary Doesn’t Matter One Whit

After all that, the irony becomes clear. It doesn’t freaking matter whether Good or McGuire won the primary. In fact, it is almost certain John McGuire will represent the 5th Virginia Congressional District next year. We are that RED here. What DOES matter? In a word…


McGuire may indeed be fully RINO but he is a RINO in a red district. He is accountable to his constituents – all of us really but as a whole we are a pretty conservative group.

“WE the People need to find our voice and speak it loud and clear.”

What matters is WE the People need to find our voice and speak it loud and clear. We need to hold all of our representatives accountable and keep their feet to the fire.

We can no longer just check the box saying “I voted” and move on. That’s not working. We all know it.

Again, the first order of business for all of us is to get off our apathetic asses. Those who are registered need to vote. Always. Those citizens who haven’t even bothered to register, need to register AND vote. That’s for starters. Believe it or now a huge turnout for the November election will make a massive difference. It will. Prove me wrong. I dare you.

IF we can produce the numbers, the fallout will be visible. The roaches will scramble out of the woodwork. They’ll rally and try to present a brave front, even take credit – patting themselves on the back for “their” success. Many in the media will be flabbergasted. Stumped. They’ll twisted themselves into pretzels trying to explain away this “phenomena”. How do I know this? I’ve seen it before and so have you – in 2016 – when Donald J. Trump was elected President of the United States. It can happen again. This time we need our collective finger to be bigger, bolder and very, very RED.

With this momentum, we begin to drain the swamp for real. It won’t happen overnight. The swamp rats are pervasive. They are determined. They will fight us tooth and nail. Bet on it. They are also outnumbered. Here’s a secret:

Many, MANY ‘democrats” are with us. They want the same things we want. Some, a handful maybe, know it too. Most do not. They are far too wrapped up in the political propaganda, but somewhere, deep down they know it too. The good news is we don’t need to win them all. We only need a few. We’ll lose a few ostensibly on “our side” along the way because they simply cannot abide true liberty, and this is what it’s all about in the end. Liberty.

“the choice needs to be made clear. Liberty or servitude.”

I’m convinced far more American citizens will opt for liberty when it is all said and done, but the choice needs to be made clear. Liberty or servitude.

We can do this. We can Take America Back! It’s time.

Shocking Covid Revelations by Tom Renz on Lance Wallnau

For the record, I’m not easily shocked. After watching this segment on Lance Wallnau’s Firewall yesterday, I was shaken.

The segment featured Tom Renz, a lawyer and a Christian who is more of a legal warrior battling on the Lawfare front. What he said in this segment has my mind reeling still.

Some of this stuff I was already aware of – like how the Covid “vaccine” was ready to go before the scamdemic ever started. I’d seen evidence of that but, as with most things one sees on the internet, I took it with a grain of salt. Meh, maybe, but…

Then Tom Renz offered something I did not know but probably should have. Such as Deborah Birx testifying it was her job to lie to President Trump.

It was then when realization – and the accompanying shock hit me.

It was all part of a devious plan.

Soon afterward, Tom Renz said as much. As I said, he is a lawyer who has been heavily involved in digging into the whole Covid scam so his knowledge dwarfs my own and likely most of the people on this planet.

It was the implication of this revelation – what Tom Renz did NOT say outright that caused me to tremble from deep within:

There is a faction – a group – who behind closed doors planned and executed a worldwide “pandemic” in a coup attempt – NOT to “just” overthrow the United States of America but in an effort to seize control of the entire world. Let that sink in – or at least consider  the possibility of this outrageous contention.

That’s it,  isn’t it? It could be a James Bond movie it is so off the norm. But consider what happened. Take in the big picture.

Do not forget – the vaunted Anthony Fauci himself finally admitted the “social distancing” and the “masks” were imposed without merit. Tom Renz backs this up with piles of research he gathered and released from the beginning. 

Then there were the lockdowns, the school closings, forced jabs, businesses closed, citizens thrown out of employment, civil rights shredded – to name just a few of the repercussions.

Even more shocking – they are doing it all again.

This time it is the “bird flu”. This time the gain of function research has moved to American soil. According to Tom Renz – this new virus originated from Georgia. OUR Georgia, not the Soviet one. And the vaccine? Yep, in the works.

Other tidbits from this short 15 minute segment:

Our food is being “salted” with the mRNA crap. Sudden death anyone?

News that Pfizer and co can now be sued because a federal court declared the mRNA concoction is NOT a virus is not correct. Tom Renz stated that while the first step towards this has been taken, it hasn’t fully developed that (it’s all legal jockeying at this point from what I gathered).

Also, even IF the mRNA abomination is verified  as NOT a vaccine, the pharmaceutical companies themselves are immunized (my term) because it was our own Department of Defense (DOD) that purchased and distributed the jabs.

Our government spent TRILLOINS of dollars on Covid. (I think he said $13 Trillion.)

You can watch the segment with Lance and Tom Renz here.

What does all this mean?

For me it gels much of what I already knew or suspected. More than that, it exposes an evil much larger and more organized than I every suspected.

It also reinforces my resolve to encourage everyone I can to register, vote, and bring more citizen voters to the polls. We can no longer sit idly by, wringing our hands, while waiting for “somebody” to do “something”.

WE have this power. WE have this authority but unless WE take up the banner, it will be ground into the dirt.


Patriots Let’s Take America Back!

Announcing a new line of Voter Registration Gear

Take America Back!

Below is the all encompassing “State By State” graphic. As with Vote Like a Boss, there is  series for each state offering online voter registration totaling 43 states in all.

As with “Vote Like a Boss!” this series offers ten imprinted products for each state with the above eye-catching graphic and a QR Code linking to that states online voter registration page.

Also the Vote Like a Boss line is now completed and available to purchase.

My apologies in advance for the weird way to access this. I’ll blame it on Shopify. This is the first time I’ve used this ecommerce platform and I am amazed at how popular it is. For my long time reader (s), I spent seven long years managing and hating a Volusion online store. Now I’m thinking they weren’t so bad after all. (Note, I just check out their latest pricing and, well, I will NOT be going back!)

The Dems Are NOT Going to Stop – What Can WE Do?

From The Gateway Pundit:

BREAKING: Arizona GOP Files BOMBSHELL Lawsuit Against Corrupt Secretary of State After Discovering from 500,000 to 1.3 Million ILLEGAL Voters on State’s Voter Rolls

Does anyone thing they will stop there? I don’t, for sure. Count on it. The Dems will keep hammering away right up until November 5th and beyond. What can we do?

Well, gee, we can wait and see what happens.

Then we can take them to court to get all those illegal votes thrown out.

THIS TIME it will work.

Oh. REALLY? There’s a better way.

We can start fighting back NOW. How?

By registering more voters – REAL voters. The numbers are in our favor. Let’s take Arizona since they are in the news already. Here’s the 2020 tally:

State Called Dem votes Rep votes Other votes Citizens

who did not vote

Arizona D 1,672,143 1,661,686 53,497 3,387,326

That’s right – nearly 3.5 million did not vote. How many were registered? I don’t know. What I can draw from this is there are enough “non-voters” in AZ to give us a fighting chance to take back Arizona in the very face of their cheating ways.

Forget about depending on the “Republican Party”.

Forget about praying “justice will be done”

Forget about sitting on our asses and waiting for “somebody” to do “something”.

Now YOU can “do something”

Select one or more “Take America Back!” items – From T-shirts to drinkware to posters


Each one is imprinted with a QR code linking to Arizona’s official online voter registration page  where qualified citizens can register to vote. (In most states registered voters can also check their status!)

Wear or display them to attract and register new voters.

You do NOT need to “join” any group. (If you want to fine, these materials will help any bona-fide voter registration drive.)

NO NEED to burn yourself out!

Do what you can when it is convenient for YOU..

How many politicians with with you time and time again for donations?

If you’ve ever given one a dime you know what happens next – you are inundated for weeks, months, years even for more and more money.

Wouldn’t it be better to spend a few dollars to register a new voter or  two?

What would be more effective? If just 1 in 10 Trump supporters supporters registered ONE new voter – that would mean over 166,000 new voters – not just for Trump but for every candidate on the ticket!

You decide.

Short on cash? Why not download and post the Voter Action Meme below?

Get One for YOUR State

It costs you nothing but a bit of time. Download it to your phone so anyone you might be talking to can scan and register.

Post it on your social media pages, your blog, your website – anywhere you can.

The fact is – we CAN “do something” and more.

We don’t need the blessing of any party or politician. We don’t need permission from any state or federal authority to simply share a link to an official government page. We  can do this on our own, on our terms. And yes, you can even “do your own think” without any help from me!

All I’m doing is providing an easy, off-the-shelf solution for a real problem – WE the People need to gather our numbers to make our voices heard.

That’s it. Now it’s up to you. Are you going to sit on your can and watch our nation burn or are you going to take action?

Take action today!