Shocking Covid Revelations by Tom Renz on Lance Wallnau

For the record, I’m not easily shocked. After watching this segment on Lance Wallnau’s Firewall yesterday, I was shaken.

The segment featured Tom Renz, a lawyer and a Christian who is more of a legal warrior battling on the Lawfare front. What he said in this segment has my mind reeling still.

Some of this stuff I was already aware of – like how the Covid “vaccine” was ready to go before the scamdemic ever started. I’d seen evidence of that but, as with most things one sees on the internet, I took it with a grain of salt. Meh, maybe, but…

Then Tom Renz offered something I did not know but probably should have. Such as Deborah Birx testifying it was her job to lie to President Trump.

It was then when realization – and the accompanying shock hit me.

It was all part of a devious plan.

Soon afterward, Tom Renz said as much. As I said, he is a lawyer who has been heavily involved in digging into the whole Covid scam so his knowledge dwarfs my own and likely most of the people on this planet.

It was the implication of this revelation – what Tom Renz did NOT say outright that caused me to tremble from deep within:

There is a faction – a group – who behind closed doors planned and executed a worldwide “pandemic” in a coup attempt – NOT to “just” overthrow the United States of America but in an effort to seize control of the entire world. Let that sink in – or at least consider  the possibility of this outrageous contention.

That’s it,  isn’t it? It could be a James Bond movie it is so off the norm. But consider what happened. Take in the big picture.

Do not forget – the vaunted Anthony Fauci himself finally admitted the “social distancing” and the “masks” were imposed without merit. Tom Renz backs this up with piles of research he gathered and released from the beginning. 

Then there were the lockdowns, the school closings, forced jabs, businesses closed, citizens thrown out of employment, civil rights shredded – to name just a few of the repercussions.

Even more shocking – they are doing it all again.

This time it is the “bird flu”. This time the gain of function research has moved to American soil. According to Tom Renz – this new virus originated from Georgia. OUR Georgia, not the Soviet one. And the vaccine? Yep, in the works.

Other tidbits from this short 15 minute segment:

Our food is being “salted” with the mRNA crap. Sudden death anyone?

News that Pfizer and co can now be sued because a federal court declared the mRNA concoction is NOT a virus is not correct. Tom Renz stated that while the first step towards this has been taken, it hasn’t fully developed that (it’s all legal jockeying at this point from what I gathered).

Also, even IF the mRNA abomination is verified  as NOT a vaccine, the pharmaceutical companies themselves are immunized (my term) because it was our own Department of Defense (DOD) that purchased and distributed the jabs.

Our government spent TRILLOINS of dollars on Covid. (I think he said $13 Trillion.)

You can watch the segment with Lance and Tom Renz here.

What does all this mean?

For me it gels much of what I already knew or suspected. More than that, it exposes an evil much larger and more organized than I every suspected.

It also reinforces my resolve to encourage everyone I can to register, vote, and bring more citizen voters to the polls. We can no longer sit idly by, wringing our hands, while waiting for “somebody” to do “something”.

WE have this power. WE have this authority but unless WE take up the banner, it will be ground into the dirt.