Omicron COVID variant – Time to Panic? Or Rejoice?

The first reports of the new Covid variant dubbed Omicron warned this is the most contagious variant to date. Joe Biden takes fast action, for him, and slams the door on South African countries. Meanwhile Tony Fauci is saying the latest version is probably already in America, in essence, the horse was out long before the barn door was shut. He did not say he was instrumental in walking it over the the States himself and he likely never will. Time to panic? Well, already the power mongers are gearing up to again assert massive control, in particular pushing for 100% vaccinations globally.

But wait!

According to the Botswana Presidential Covid-19 Task Force, “The preliminary report revealed all four [patients] had been previously vaccinated for COVID-19”. So this begs the question… whats the point? The jab is obviously ineffective in preventing infection from the new variant. Meanwhile, our Pfavorite Pfarmicutical manupfacturer, Pfiezer, says they’ll have this issue fixed in 100 days. 100 days? Seems to me this rampant new Covid.3.0 will have had its run through the planet by then. Then again, lack of utility or need has never stopped the power mongers from dictating the jab before. Now here’s a thought, what if, rather than fearfully panicking, we rejoice and embrace this new variant? What? Have I gone nuts? Well, that’s another issue. Let’s talk Omicron, shall we?

Here is the latest from South Africa:

The South African Medical Association debunked the hysteria over the Omicron COVID variant on Saturday.

Angelique Coetzee, the chairwoman of the South African Medical Association who first raised the alarm of the new COVID variant, gave an interesting update and now says the new variant known as the ‘Omicron’ causes “unusual but mild symptoms.”

Hmmm, “unusual but mild symptoms.”, interesting enough, but it gets better.

“It presents mild disease with symptoms being sore muscles and tiredness for a day or two not feeling well. So far, we have detected that those infected do not suffer the loss of taste or smell. They might have a slight cough. There are no prominent symptoms. Of those infected some are currently being treated at home,” said Dr. Coetzee to Sputnik.

So far, mass hospitalizations are not part of the picture. Some patients contracting the virus have been hospitalized. Reportedly these patients are under 40 years of age. Is this reason for concern? Certainly. My question is what are they being hospitalized for? Additionally, how early is this being detected and treated? Let’s face it, sore muscles and being tired with a slight cough won’t get many people to a doctor unless the symptoms persist far more than a day or two. It took me over a week to seek medical help and I had strep as well as Covid.

A couple of days ago, Pierre Kory, M.D., M.P.A.. Pulmonary and Critical Care Specialist; President, Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC Alliance), whom I consider a leading authority on Covid-19 treatment, stated he expected, at best this new variant could be effectively treated with such medications as Ivermectin. While he admitted, it was too early to tell, he noted the Delta variant was treatable, but required a higher dosage. Dr. Kory first came to my attention when he testified before a Senate committee about Ivermectin in December of 2020. He advocated its use citing actual research in the field. When a family member contracted Covid in October 2021, I had a heated discussion with a medical professional who absolutely refused to consider treatment with Ivermectin under any circumstances. She claimed Ivermectin damaged the liver. I refrained from pointing out that acetaminophen (aka Tylenol) is also known to damage the liver when abused. Subsequent research suggested she was correct about her assertion – (massive doses of) Ivermectin can indeed damage one’s liver. Just like anything that is abused. Under normal use, this contraindication is minimal.

Her attitude is strangely mirrored throughout the medical field. Only now are efforts to treat this virus taken at all seriously. Even then they take a back seat to the almost holy grail of vaccination – to the point of nearly totally ignoring the medical issues, such as myocarditis, reports of weakened immune systems and even an alarming increase in still births. Are these real concerns? It is hard to tell as there seems to be serious documented efforts to suppress any scientific data or studies to provide answers. Instead, sources that should be trusted, such as the CDC steadfastly deny almost any suggestion that these vaccines are at all unsafe. These same institutions fought tooth and nail against any early treatments.

So why not take a different path and embrace the new variant? No, I don’t mean anyone should go seeking to get sick, but if this Omicron is so virulent then it is reasonably safe to assume a lot of people will get it. Maybe that is a good thing. Maybe it is God’s or nature’s way of protecting mankind from this virus. It is possible those of us who have had Covid previously have antibodies already to help us fight the new variant. If so the new variant could also help those who have yet to be infected to build antibodies against Covid infections. In other words, a natural vaccine in a sense.

So with available treatments and what now appears to be a rather mild, if highly noninfectious variant, why not embrace it? Instead of pounding that panic button again, lets consider a different approach. Shrug our shoulders, do what we do everyday and if we start feeling under the weather, achy and develop a cough, well, we can seek treatment. Those at a higher risk such as co morbidity issues should of course take whatever precautions they deem necessary. As the current jab looks like it will have no effect on Omicron, I see no relevance to rush out to get jabbed against it. Nor do I see the logic of waiting 100 days or more for a jab upgrade. The virus won’t wait, why should you?

Once and For All: Kyle Rittenhouse Is No Hero

I’ve seen this claim on both the left and the right. It is wrong. Kyle Rittenhouse is no hero. Not at all. He did nothing heroic. Not. One. Thing. At least on that fateful night when he shot three people. One might rightfully grant him kudos for his testimony in court and his subsequent statements after the trial. However, it certainly appears to me that so many are determined to label his actions on the night for which he was tried and acquitted for as heroic. I strongly disagree.

Kyle Rittenhouse defended his life. End of story. Whatever else one might say about him and his actions it all boils down to that. It was self preservation, plain and simple. There is nothing wrong with that. Self defense is our God-given, constitutionally protected right. It was his right. He acted accordingly and rightfully so. This is the crux – the very point Kyle Rittenhouse correctly defended his actions when he was wrongfully charged and tried. This is the spearhead we need to thrust into the false balloon of the left.

One may debate about Kyle Rittenhouse’s actions before and/or after the shootings. Debate all you want, if Rittenhouse did anything the prosecution could have charged him with – they would have done so without hesitation. The only conclusion left to make is while those actions may have been ill-advised they were not illegal. Let him without sin cast the first stone.

During closing arguments, the prosecution tried to paint those who attacked Kyle Rittenhouse as heroes. They tried to contrast Rittenhouse by anticipating, likely incorrectly, that the defense would say Kyle Rittenhouse was a hero. Both sides knew this would be a mistake. The stand the defense took from the beginning was Kyle Rittenhouse acted in self-defense. Nothing more. Nothing less. It was the correct and accurate defense. The men who were shot were shot because they threatened the life on Kyle Rittenhouse. The question put to the jury was essentially “was Kyle Rittenhouse reasonably in fear for his life each time he pulled the trigger?”. The jury replied in each case, “yes”.

Waukesha and Darrell Brooks: Let’s Not Be the Left

No question, what happened in Waukesha is terrible beyond belief. Nor do I doubt from what I’ve seen that Darrell Brooks is far from most citizens’ idea of an upstanding citizen. With these two things in mind, let us not forget the principle of the presumption of innocence.

So far, I’ve not only seen dozens of comments concerning Brooks in multiple social media and other formats but I’ve seen news-focused organizations, from websites to blogs to television broadcasts do exactly what we indignantly screamed about concerning Rittenhouse. They’ve tried and convicted Brooks already. This is not America. This is NOT how we do things.

If Mr. Brooks ends up convicted in a fair trial then many of those who now call him “murderer” or some other foul and possibly appropriate names,  may then breathe a sigh of relief. Their words will be verified and they won’t likely get sued. But what if he is found not guilty? Well, gee, guys, I guess you’d better lawyer up. Fact is, you’d deserve it, even if he was prosecuted by the likes of Binger and company. I wouldn’t shed a tear. What concerns me is what kind of people are we on the right to become? Are we going to follow the example of those we despise? Try and hang Mr. Brooks right here, right now? Pronounce sentence and carry out a death penalty? The term is “lynch mob”? Is this who we want to be? I certainly do not.

May I suggest we take one step back? I have no problem publishing facts about the Waukesha tragedy. Nor do I have any issues with anyone who wishes to publish facts about Darrell Brooks. Let’s be sure they are indeed facts. Guilty or innocent of the crimes he is now accused of, Mr. Brooks has had some extensive issues with the law, all documented. Guilty or innocent of the crimes he is now accused of, someone needs to answer for what appears to be repeated leniency towards a habitual offender. From the looks of things, I’d say we need to seek answer from a lot of someones. Any thorough investigation is sure to reveal many more individuals with similar records.

In short, tragic as Waukesha is, what sort of horrors lie beneath the surface? Rather than this one incident would you feel better if only one person died times 100? 1000? I know I wouldn’t. Yet this is exactly what our broken legal system is likely to indicate once the curtain is pulled back. I said “broken” but I cannot say for sure this is accurate. While I do not believe our system was originally designed this way, certain “tweaks”, such as the “no bail” movement have certainly corrupted it.

Some have said our justice system is the best the world has every seen. This may be true. I’m no expert, but even if this is true, it is far from perfect. With this in mind, I am not advocating as some are, tearing down the system and building anew. We have, I think, a solid base from which we’ve built a rickety house of cards. Let’s take what is good and make it better.

One of the best things about our justice system as it stands today is an accused is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. We cannot lose this. Let us not discard it. Let us not become the left.

The Real Reason Rittenhouse Trial Is Important

Adding on to the growing mountain of opinions of why the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse is significant. I’ll add my bit to the pile because so many seem to miss what could be the most important aspect. Many contend, based on the evidence, no charges should have been filed in the first place. I agree. This, in itself, is significant. Not only did the prosecution totally fail to produce an iota of evidence during their presentation to support their case, they actually presented a solid case for the defense. In their panic in the end, they scrambled to include a single shred, the last-minute video left on their doorstep by the “evidence fairy”. It was a badly executed Hail Mary play to salvage what was obviously a losing effort. To anyone who dared to view the case based on the evidence, Kyle Rittenhouse clearly acted in self defense.

It is important to note this prosecution team may go down is history as being among slimiest, most underhanded and yes, possibly unlawful actors in the history of the United States legal system. Ask yourself… how hard can it be to make lawyers look bad? For them, it seemed effortless. If I were a member of the legal profession, I’d be demanding they brought up on charges. Even the most vile ambulance chaser should be screaming for their heads. Then again, maybe not. When I think about it, Binger and Kraus have actually elevated my opinion of ambulance chasers.

In the first place, one must question why charges were ever filed, especially just 48 hours after the shootings. The only evidence that so much as promised to cause any doubt at all, was that last minute video, included after the prosecution rested. At best, this so-called evidence was awful, but that wasn’t enough for the prosecution. They fudged on the copy they were required by law to give to the defense, substituting a low resolution copy for the high resolution copy that should have been give to them. They also argued to include a greatly manipulated still shot from the video, generated from software that openly states is not to be sued for forensic purposes. But that’s not all…

Twice, during the trial, the judge openly reproofed the prosecutors for brazen “misconduct”. (My word for it, I do not know what the proper terminology should be.) Some legal experts stated their actions were grounds for a mistrial with prejudice. Indeed motions for a mistrial were entered by the defense. A motion was also filed concerning the “Hail Mary evidence”. Was this bad enough? Not at all.

More than once in the closing arguments, the prosecution misstated the law and/or facts to create their fairy tale version of the events of that night. What they ignored was their own failure to prove what they promised in their opening argument. In his closing argument, Mr. Binger went so far as to state “You lose the right to self defense when you’re the one who at (sic) the gun”. Really? Since when? According to FBI statistics 692 people were killed in 2017 by “unarmed” individuals. This is less than the number of those killed by all rifles (403). How many of those victims would have died had they the means to defend themselves? The prosecution also made implied several times Rittenhouse had no cause to fear for this life because two of the three men shot were not “armed”. Again, Huber twice struck Rittenhouse with his skateboard, something the prosecution ridiculed the idea that such a thing could be lethal.

Mr. Binger went so far as to label those who attacked Kyle Rittenhouse as “heroes”. He inaccurately tried to brand Rittenhouse as an “active shooter” whom his attackers were bravely attempting to disarm. Adding to his folly, he claimed the defense would try to call Kyle Rittenhouse a hero. If there were any heroes in the room, it would be the jurors. As citizens who watched their hometown burn a year ago, facing the threat of it happening again as a direct result of their decision and possibly facing danger to themselves and their loved ones, they stuck to the facts of the case, returning a verdict of “not guilty” on all counts. How much easier would life be for them if they sent Kyle Rittenhouse to jail for the rest of his life or simply returned no verdict at all?

How many times did the prosecution bewail those who lives were lost that night? Time after time, Mr. Binger, drove home the idea that Kyle Rittenhouse as “someone who has no remorse, no regard for life only cares of about himself”. He states “All life is sacred.” Seriously, Mr. Binger? What about the life of the eighteen year-old young man whom you callously brought the trial? Whom you scrambled and apparently cheated to convict when very the evidence you presented vindicated him? When your own partner face palmed himself after your star witness blew your case? How much remorse would you have had about the defendant’s life if you had succeed in essentially taking it? For the record, I have no issues convicting a defendant proven guilty by actual factual evidence and true testimony. You had neither of these from the beginning.

The prosecution had no case. This was evident from the start. Enter the mainstream media. Almost for the moment of the first report, they screamed murder, white supremacy, vigilantism. They demanded justice for the poor “victims”. I have yet to hear one MSM source reporting on the criminal records of those who attacked Kyle Rittenhouse. If one were to try Mr. Rittenhouse via the media, he would never see the light of day. Social media stamped the “misinformation” label on nearly anything or anyone who dared suggest Rittenhouse’s innocence. Similarly, attempts to use social media to raise funds for his defense were thwarted. One Virginia police officer was fired for donating a mere $25 for his defense. None questioned how these actions defy the long-standing principle of presumed innocence.

Now that the jury in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial has returned their verdict of not guilty on all counts, the MSM and those who have condemned him are froth with anger. Several claiming allegiance to Black Lives Matter and similar organizations threatened violence should the “wrong” verdict be returned. Now many of those same individuals, along with others are proclaiming how unjust all of this is.

Here is a smattering of what some had to say (via Yahoo News and UK Independent):

Rep. Cori Bush, D-Mo., said in a tweet that the outcome of the trial was itself an indictment of the U.S. judicial system.

NAACP President and CEO Derrick Johnson:

The verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse case is a travesty and fails to deliver justice on behalf of those who lost their lives as they peacefully assembled to protest against police brutality and violence.

Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY said in a tweet, “What we are witnessing is a system functioning as designed and protecting those it was designed for.”

Vice President Kamala Harris told reporters after the trial that the verdict “really speaks for itself”.

She added: “As many of you know, I’ve spent a majority of my career working to make the criminal justice system more equitable. And clearly, there’s a lot more work to do.”

These comments along others form the crux of my contention. All of these commentators appear ready to not only disregard the facts of the case, ignore the presumption of innocence, reject the verdict of a jury that decided this case in favor of the defendant despite enormous pressure against this. Why? Why are they so intent that Kyle Rittenhouse be declared guilty?

Kyle Rittenhouse is a pawn here. He is expendable. As with Mr. Binger, they care not at all for him. What they do care about is the destruction of our nation, including our system of justice. Rather than a jury of one’s peers deciding on the facts of a case, they appear to want public opinion to prevail as judge and jury. If they all agree someone is guilty then so be it. This is how this same group treats anyone who dares challenge their doctrines. Today, canceling those who stray from accepted dogma has become a national pastime, as that Virginia policeman was severely punished for the audacity of wanting to help a young man defend himself discovered.

There exist several loud, vocal and well-funded groups who are determined to dismantle our constitutional republic so it can be replaced by something else. They don’t care about facts. They don’t care about our Constitution. They don’t care about anything most of the citizens of this nation hold dear. They’ve demonstrated a single-minded hatred for our nation. They are determined to end it and us by any means necessary.

The attack on Kyle Rittenhouse, both on the night of August 25, 2020 and the subsequent attacks on him in both the court in Kenosha, Wisconsin and in the court of public opinion is an attack on all of us and our way of life. It is an attack on our right defend ourselves, on our right to free speech, on our right to be presumed innocent, on our right to a trial by jury, among others. This is the real threat and it threatens every citizen.

Most telling are those who blame “the system”. They blame “white supremacy”. They blame guns. They blame our right to self defense. They say they want “justice”. They do not. They want blood. They want revolution. They want communism. They said as much in a protest in nearby Chicago. (via The Daily Caller)

Footage captured a crowd of people marching the streets with a sign that called Rittenhouse a “white supremacist” and demanded to end the “fascist USA.” The crowd chanted in support of a communist revolution.

“The only solution is communist revolution,” the crowd is heard chanting.

“That’s right, we need communism. That’s what we need. We need that! We need that, sister, we need that very much,” a female demonstrator said.

This is the true significance of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. There are two types who are protesting this verdict: those who are ignorant of the facts and those who ignore them. I can understand those who are ignorant, who lack knowledge, can mistakenly protest something because they think they know the facts. They are moving forward in bad information. It is those who ignore the facts I find dangerous. They know better but because the facts do not fit their agenda, they plunge ahead anyway. To them, it is the agenda that is important, no matter what. Most dangerous of all are those whose agenda is a communist revolution.

1/6 Political Prisoners Update

I came across a couple of articles today. One referenced “One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich” by Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Hoping it might be a short story, I learned it is a novel. My search also turned up the video below. How long before we see Soviet style gulags on American soil? Or is this what is happening before our eyes in our nation’s capital? Even if it is not, these citizens are not being treated as well as prisoners of war per the Geneva Convention, much less as citizens under our Constitution.

Defense Attorney Compares Treatment of Jan. 6 Defendants to Soviet Russia: “Never Seen Such a Blatant Disregard for Inmates’ Rights”

It Is Time to End Lawlessness

How long will we, as citizens in this Constitutional Republic put up with the blatant lawlessness of our representatives and our employees? Enough is enough. Let’s start from the top – the three branches of our federal government. The Presidency, Congress and the Courts. I’ll deal with the courts later.

Right now, the current administration is rife with lawless behavior. It must stop and stop now. We citizens cannot stand for it. This behavior is unacceptable. What follows is a partial list of lawlessness.

Illegal Aliens and other contraband flowing across our borders. The facts are indisputable and this administration is fomenting this invasion. The President of the United States swore an oath to uphold our Constitution. He has blatantly refused to abide by his affirmation.

This administration is also the Department of Justice, federal law enforcement and the courts to apprehend and detain political prisoners. At present I am referring directly to those held due to their participation of the protests and subsequent events in Washington D. C. on January 6, 2021. Regardless of how you view the events of this day, the treatment of these citizens is abhorrent, inhumane and without excuse. These citizens are being denied their constitutional rights. Those responsible for said treatment need to be held accountable for their actions.

The Department of Justice declaring citizens “domestic terrorists” and implementing procedures to interfere with local law enforcement is completely beyond any authority granted by our Constitution and yet another act of lawlessness.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation executing unlawful search warrants on citizens exercising their First Amendment rights under the Constitution. In one instance alone, the FBI descended on the home of James O’Keefe of Project Veritas to ostensibly search for an allegedly stolen diary of the daughter of the current President of the United States. Parts of the diary was published by another site before the 2020 election. Mr. O’Keefe states he declined to publish the material and turned it over to local authorities. Everything about this search was unlawful.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has also been implicated in multiple illegal actions including the involvement in the alleged plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Whitmer, obtaining illegal FISA warrants, along with their possible involvement in the events of January 6.

Additionally, President Biden has openly and outright refused to abide by Supreme Court decisions expressly prohibiting his administration from certain actions, including enforcing an unconstitutional ban on evictions and his refusal to enforce Title 42 Immigration laws.

Every member of Congress also swore an oath to uphold our Constitution. Considering the blatant disregard for U. S. Law, the Constitution and the very rights of our citizens, Congress has turned a blind eye to these disgraceful attacks on the rule of law in our nation. Every member of Congress who has either endorsed such actions or ignored them must be held accountable.

The above list simply highlights the atrocities of our representatives and our employees. Those we elect to political office are sent to serve their constituents. Those who are paid to carry out acts of Congress are paid for by us citizens and are thus our employees. All have a duty to abide by the law and the Constitution. Flaunting our nation’s laws including THE Law of the Land, our Constitution, is unacceptable and grounds for immediate dismissal.

As for The Supreme Court of the United States

The Supreme Court of the United States or SCOTUS is deemed the arbiter of The Law of the Land, our Constitution. While this is true, SCOTUS does not have the final say. We citizens have the final say. While I will not delve into this today, I’ll say this much: if, ultimately, SCOTUS renders an opinion of some constitutional absolute and we, the people, don’t like it, we have absolute authority to change things to our satisfaction. Thus WE THE PEOPLE have the ABSOLUTE FINAL SAY. Got that? Good.

In conclusion, our nation was created as a representative constitutional republic. As such we are a nation of self-governing citizens. We are NOT ruled by our government but rather WE RULE. This is OUR NATION. THE law of our land is our CONSTITUTION. As such I must insist those we’ve chosen to represent us and those who are employed by us honor and obey our laws.

One citizen’s opinion

A New Day Dawns Upon Our Republic

By the grace of God Almighty, I have been lifted from the despair of watching our nation crumble before our eyes as He grants us a reprieve.

This almost plays out like a Saturday matinee melodrama. The nation is tied to a log heading for the razor-sharp blade of a buzz saw. The whine of the saw fills our ears as we draw ever so close while the villain’s evil laugh rises above the drone. At the last second, our hero snatches the helpless waif from certain death and, once again, foils the villain’s evil plan. And just like in this exciting episode, the villain escapes so he may once again return with yet another dastardly plan.

Just like in the movies, the democrats have slunk off into a slimy hole where they are licking their wounds and planning their next attack. They aren’t going away boys and girls. The question is: where do we go from here?

Let’s start with an overview, shall we? Beginning with what actually happened on November 2, the citizens of Virginia spoke. I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the fact that our voice was not the only one but it was the loudest. The pundits will wrangle around this event in an attempt to figure out exactly what we said. They will miss the point. It is not what we said. It is what we did that is most noteworthy.

We came out en mass to reclaim our birthright – our representative, constitutional republic. As one commentator, Sean Hannity pointed out, it is only one step towards the redemption of our nation. But it was a very important step. I entirely agree with what Hannity had to say about what the Republicans need to focus on moving forward:

Liberty, freedom, capitalism, a constitutionally limited government should be in the forefront of our message. He had more to say on this. I believe the message should be simplified even more. Every message should pass this litmus test: does it promote liberty?

For me, liberty and freedom are interchangeable. If someone could clearly distinguish between the two, I’d be happy to listen. As for capitalism, I like to think more in terms of free markets – as it promoting the freedom to produce, buy, sell and trade our goods, including our own labor, as we see fit. Above all, I dream of a truly limited government. In fact, I would support constitutional amendments to better close some “loopholes” that have allowed the dreadful expansion of government.

These loopholes include the language in the “general welfare” clause. To date the term general welfare seems to have taken on the meaning of “congress can doing any damn thing they want”. Whether or not this clause was intended to allow the federal government to transfer wealth at will, among other things, it needs to stop. It has transfigured the concept of a limited government to a policy of unlimited government power. The other loophole that concerns me most is the “treaty clause”. As written it has been suggested the President, along with two-thirds of the Senate may enter into a treaty with a foreign nation overruling our constitution. No. Simply no. Again, I care not if this was the actual intent of the founders or an oversight but this is unacceptable. Our constitution is THE law of the land and shall not be superseded by any entity other than God Almighty Himself. There are procedures in place to make changes in our constitution. Any modification can be accomplished with those.

How can we go about this? We have already begun. Now we need to take what we’ve learned in recent years and apply these principles diligently. For the most part, I am pointing to the Second Amendment Sanctuary movement and the “Mama Bear” movement. This last refers to what I feel may be the most significant factor in the 2021 Victory in Virginia. The most prominent battle in this election focused on vocal parents at local school boards. Loudoun County in Virginia was the center of this scrap. It galvanized the Commonwealth by drawing attention to the push to included Critical Race Theory in Virginia curriculums. A lessor related topic was the inclusion of pornographic materials, aimed at our children in our school libraries. As things heated up the National School Board Association worked with the Biden Administration and Merrick Garland’s DOJ to essentially declare parents who voiced disagreement domestic terrorists. Bad idea.

In an effort to desensationalize the domestic terrorist debacle, Garland insists his memo to the FBI focused on “threats of violence” or some such nonsense. Why nonsense? First thing, as I’ve stated before in another post, any “violent” acts ensuing from these school board meetings are a local, rather than federal matter. The DOJ and the FBI have no jurisdiction. Period. If they want to cry “terrorism”, fine. We can fix that by severely limiting how they can legally define terrorism. Better yet, we can require a special act of Congress in order to involve any federal agency in a suspected terrorist situation. Whatever the “intentions” of Garland’s DOJ memo, the effect was clear and the blowback was intense.

Both the 2A Sanctuary movement and the Mama Bear movement clearly demonstrate we citizens still have muscle to flex. WE the PEOPLE DO have the power. Our authority as self-governing citizens forming a representative government was confirmed. This is OUR nation. WE have the final say in how we are governed. What we need to do now is keep pushing. Indeed, we need to push harder. We need to step up and declare our will to our representatives and our employees in government. WE pay the bills. They are in their respective positions to serve US.

My vision for how to move forward is to gather together county by county, both in person and online. From there we can associate with other like-minded counties in our respective states and nationally. Like the 2A movement we can support and encourage each other and share ideas. We can band together to influence our state and federal representatives.

I am encouraged already. One week ago I thought I was seeing the end of our nation. Today I face a ray of hope, a ray so strong I cannot look straight at it for fear of going blind. It is a wonderful, warm ray. Let us thank God Almighty for this reprieve. We can demonstrate our thankfulness by seizing this moment and reclaiming our birthright – our representative constitutional republic.

Nathan DeGrave – 1/6 Political Prisoner or POW?

Below is a letter from Nathan DeGrave. He is just ONE of the political prisoners from the January 6 Protest. Note THIS IS NOVEMBER. Much of my commentary here is based on Mr. DeGrave’s letter. However his is not the only report from prisoners. They all describe the same conditions. I urge you to read it for yourself.

Also note, the government has no case. Period. Anyone who cares to dispute this is welcome to explain to me exactly why these citizens have yet to come to trial.

During the past couple of days I’ve kept an eye on Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial. He is accused of murder during a “peaceful protest” in Kenosha, WI on  August 25, 2020. As an accused murderer, he was arraigned, bail was set and he has been free since his trial. While I am confident a fair trial will return a verdict of not guilty as his actions were clearly in self-defense, it seems to me how he was treated compared to those in “DC’s Gitmo” is beyond any reasonable explanation. For the record, Rittenhouse was treated how a citizen should be treated.

The treatment in DC is beyond horrible. They are beaten, starved, denied medical treatment, harassed, forced to live in squalor, forced to wear masks, stripped of proper legal counsel, and refused visitations. I am sure I’ve missed some things, but isn’t this enough? Mr. DeGrave states in his letter that even publication of this letter will likely result in more punishment from his jailers. He bravely asked for it to be published far and wide.

Even one judge overseeing at least some of these cases has demanded better treatment. As quoted from the letter:

Federal judge Royce Lamberth got to the point where on October 12th, he filed contempt of court charges against the warden of the DC DOC, claiming that Worrell’s civil rights have been violated, and demanding the U.S attorney general inquire further about his and other possible violations.

This statement is verified here. This article also confirms Nathan DeGraves’ claims with Judge Lamberth himself saying the conditions at this facility are deplorable.

My question is: WHO is really in charge here? Is it AG Merrick Garland? Is it Speaker Nancy Pelosi? Is it pResident Joe Biden?

Personally, I hold USAG Merrick Garland personally responsible. While I do not know who is running him, I believe it is the Department of “Justice” who is responsible to charge these prisoners and allow them to have their day in court. The evil may run deeper, but Garland is certainly in the midst of this.

No matter what – this has to stop. This is not us. This is not our way. Pray for these prisoners. Pray for the Jailers. Pray for those who are behind this despicable page in our history.

Meanwhile, rattle some cages. We need to let anyone who will listen, we cannot stand for this.

An Alarming Letter From January 6 Protester Nathan DeGrave, From His Jail Cell in Washington DC



I was wrong!

HALLELUJAH – (Praise God!)

As I write this, Glenn Youngkin has been  declared the winner.  The question now is… will this stand?

Remember how I predicted a McAwful win. I stated the democrats will steal the election? Well, it ain’t over. Enter Fairfax County Virginia.

It is the most populous county in the Commonwealth. Even before election day, they were caught allowing illegal ballots to be counted.

Now we wait for the mail-in ballots to be tallied. This is not just in Fairfax but statewide. The current margin for Youngkin is slim, less than 100,000 votes. It looks to me like there is plenty of opportunity to turn the tide by stuffing some ballot boxes.

Here are some details:

Youngkin held a ten plus point margin well into election night. At one point he had a margin of  over 220,000 votes. That spread started slipping after the tally reached about 80%.  What happened? The massively populated, mostly democratic counties started pouring in vote tallies.

Years ago, at least one observer compared voting systems with modern lottery systems. One can “vote” for a lottery drawing right up until the numbers are drawn. Millions of “votes” are taken and instantly tallied and the winners of  those “votes” are instantly known.  The question is then raised – if a lottery system can be run so efficiently, why is our voting system so cumbersome?

There are a lot of reasons not to trust the way our votes are counted. This should not be. In a nation as modern and technically advanced as our, the integrity of our voting system should be unquestionable. But there is a deeper issue at hand.

Time and time again, I saw different pundits debate whether Virginia is a blue, deep blue or purple state. Really? Has any of them actually looked at the maps? You know  the maps  am talking about – those maps that show county by county voting.  Has anyone else notice the overwhelming RED areas of the maps, indicting republican votes? Many of those I saw last night approached 90% red votes!

This is an example of true democracy, i.e. mob rule, where the heavily populated, deeply liberal areas of the Commonwealth dictate how the rest of the state is to live.  It is bad enough to find oneself under their collective thumbs but then we have to watch them like hawks so they don’t cheat. In the very rural area where I live, those I’ve seen guarding the election are almost above reproach. This is not because they are inherently more honest as much as there is little room for cheating.  One person checks my ID, announces my name to another who crosses me off the role, indicating that, yes, I did show up to vote. Then I’m handed my form, fill it out and scan it.

This is a far cry from the descriptions I’ve heard of long lines of so-called voters, many who either cannot speak English or  even recite their date of birth or address, much less provide valid identification being allowed to vote. Do I exaggerate? Consider the article linked above were during this election season in Fairfax County, illegal ballots were given a pass by election officials.

While I am not proposing any improvements at this time, I would like to see a move towards a republic form of electing statewide officials that give both more and lesser populated a fair say in how things are run.

For example: two years ago, the second amendment sanctuary movement swept through the Commonwealth. Despite this overwhelming county by county effort to ensure acknowledgment of our God-given, U. S. Constitutionally guaranteed right to keep and bear arms, our “representatives” in Richmond thumbed their noses at us and enacted draconian, unconstitutional laws. Why? Because they could get away with it.  Such shenanigans’ need to stop.

Should some semblance of sanity prevail and the reins of the Commonwealth again end up in the hands of those who value freedom over government control, these wrongs should be righted. But we need to somehow ensure the bulk of the Commonwealth will no longer be overruled by a mob.

Pray for Our Nation Today – Then Vote in VA and NJ

Today is election day in Virginia and New Jersey. I urge my fellow citizens in both states to vote. I urge all citizens and all brethren in Christ no matter where you life to pray for our nation.

My own prayer is for God’s will for the states and our nation. However I have also prayed for a reprieve from the current attacks by the controllers by granting victories for freedom loving candidates.

In recent days, Glenn Youngkin as alluded to being  a man of God, first by stating he and his wife prayed before making the final decision to run for Governor. Yesterday he made the case for equality of all by stating we are all of the body of Christ.

Both statements give me hope and also pause for thought. I do hope Youngkin prayed more than once about running for office. Also, I would like to further explore his thoughts on the body of Christ. Surely his understanding runs deeper than what he said on the campaign trail. Then again, I do not know who is audience was either.

Newt Gingrich was asked about the margin needed for a Youngkin win last night. He said it would have to be very large or the democrats would steal the election. He is so right. For a Republican victory today, the vote will need to be overwhelming. Remember Biden “won” Virginia by ten points. Right.

Today our nation is at a crossroads. I do believe God Almighty will grant us relief from this siege, but we must turn to Him now! He has done far more with far less, because He is God.

I leave you with this from Matt Redman – Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble?

They can and will tremble today but not without you!


Virginia Election – My Prediction And…

Last Wednesday, I predicted a McAwful win, stating the fix is in. Since then Glenn Youngkin has surged in the polls and now leads by one poll by a whopping eight points. This is a stark turnaround from lagging Terry “Eddie Haskell” McAuliffe by five points and then drawing to a dead heat. The two were in this dead heat when I posted my prediction. Now what?

As much as I hate to say this, I’m standing by my prediction. McAwful will win. My prayer is I am wrong. I do SO want a win for the good guys tomorrow! So why am I not budging? There are a few reasons for this. I’ll tell you up front, it is painful.

First of all, I don’t trust the controllers and for good reason. They are anything but trustworthy. They are devious. They will stop at nothing to attain their agenda. They were relentless during the entire Trump administration. They never stopped crying foul long after they were exposed for doing exactly what they accused Trump of doing. Even nearly a year after Trump left office, they are still raging on about him.

Here in Virginia, McAwful has already employed a legal political operative to challenge this election even before election day! They are whining about the USPS failing to deliver 300,000 some odd mail-in ballots in time. I have no doubt they would continue to harp on this issue even if it the evidence showed it was their fault or if those ballots were actually inconsequential. “Never let the facts interfere with the issues” seems to be their creed.

In Fairfax County, it’s been reported the county has been accepting mail and absentee ballots without the required social security validation. As with most states, Virginia has some pretty good voting procedures in place. The problems start when these procedures are ignored en mass. This is exactly why I’ve held the fix was in. To assure a free and fair election, all the rules and procedures need to be adhered to. These days one can see corruption on a national scale nearly every day.

The Biden administration consistently ignores our Constitution and federal statutes but that’s not enough. Biden has openly defied Supreme Court ruling pronouncing his intention to do whatever he wants anyway on national television.

Back to the Virginia election, as I mentioned previously, despite a myriad of complaints and reports of election fraud in previous elections, to the best of my knowledge, not one of them has ever been investigated. What good is an “election commission” if they refuse to investigate and enforce election law? Instead they spend our tax dollars producing “good will” advertisements to convince us they are on the up and up. Personally, I’d say our money would be better spent informing Virginians on the results of any investigations into election fraud and how such incidents will be prevented in the future.

While I am far more hopeful of a Youngkin win tomorrow, I remain doubtful. Should my prediction prove true, it would be a dark day indeed for the commonwealth and our nation. Few things would bring me more joy than for me to be absolutely wrong about tomorrow’s outcome.