Pray for Our Nation Today – Then Vote in VA and NJ

Today is election day in Virginia and New Jersey. I urge my fellow citizens in both states to vote. I urge all citizens and all brethren in Christ no matter where you life to pray for our nation.

My own prayer is for God’s will for the states and our nation. However I have also prayed for a reprieve from the current attacks by the controllers by granting victories for freedom loving candidates.

In recent days, Glenn Youngkin as alluded to being  a man of God, first by stating he and his wife prayed before making the final decision to run for Governor. Yesterday he made the case for equality of all by stating we are all of the body of Christ.

Both statements give me hope and also pause for thought. I do hope Youngkin prayed more than once about running for office. Also, I would like to further explore his thoughts on the body of Christ. Surely his understanding runs deeper than what he said on the campaign trail. Then again, I do not know who is audience was either.

Newt Gingrich was asked about the margin needed for a Youngkin win last night. He said it would have to be very large or the democrats would steal the election. He is so right. For a Republican victory today, the vote will need to be overwhelming. Remember Biden “won” Virginia by ten points. Right.

Today our nation is at a crossroads. I do believe God Almighty will grant us relief from this siege, but we must turn to Him now! He has done far more with far less, because He is God.

I leave you with this from Matt Redman – Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble?

They can and will tremble today but not without you!