I was wrong!

HALLELUJAH – (Praise God!)

As I write this, Glenn Youngkin has been  declared the winner.  The question now is… will this stand?

Remember how I predicted a McAwful win. I stated the democrats will steal the election? Well, it ain’t over. Enter Fairfax County Virginia.

It is the most populous county in the Commonwealth. Even before election day, they were caught allowing illegal ballots to be counted.

Now we wait for the mail-in ballots to be tallied. This is not just in Fairfax but statewide. The current margin for Youngkin is slim, less than 100,000 votes. It looks to me like there is plenty of opportunity to turn the tide by stuffing some ballot boxes.

Here are some details:

Youngkin held a ten plus point margin well into election night. At one point he had a margin of  over 220,000 votes. That spread started slipping after the tally reached about 80%.  What happened? The massively populated, mostly democratic counties started pouring in vote tallies.

Years ago, at least one observer compared voting systems with modern lottery systems. One can “vote” for a lottery drawing right up until the numbers are drawn. Millions of “votes” are taken and instantly tallied and the winners of  those “votes” are instantly known.  The question is then raised – if a lottery system can be run so efficiently, why is our voting system so cumbersome?

There are a lot of reasons not to trust the way our votes are counted. This should not be. In a nation as modern and technically advanced as our, the integrity of our voting system should be unquestionable. But there is a deeper issue at hand.

Time and time again, I saw different pundits debate whether Virginia is a blue, deep blue or purple state. Really? Has any of them actually looked at the maps? You know  the maps  am talking about – those maps that show county by county voting.  Has anyone else notice the overwhelming RED areas of the maps, indicting republican votes? Many of those I saw last night approached 90% red votes!

This is an example of true democracy, i.e. mob rule, where the heavily populated, deeply liberal areas of the Commonwealth dictate how the rest of the state is to live.  It is bad enough to find oneself under their collective thumbs but then we have to watch them like hawks so they don’t cheat. In the very rural area where I live, those I’ve seen guarding the election are almost above reproach. This is not because they are inherently more honest as much as there is little room for cheating.  One person checks my ID, announces my name to another who crosses me off the role, indicating that, yes, I did show up to vote. Then I’m handed my form, fill it out and scan it.

This is a far cry from the descriptions I’ve heard of long lines of so-called voters, many who either cannot speak English or  even recite their date of birth or address, much less provide valid identification being allowed to vote. Do I exaggerate? Consider the article linked above were during this election season in Fairfax County, illegal ballots were given a pass by election officials.

While I am not proposing any improvements at this time, I would like to see a move towards a republic form of electing statewide officials that give both more and lesser populated a fair say in how things are run.

For example: two years ago, the second amendment sanctuary movement swept through the Commonwealth. Despite this overwhelming county by county effort to ensure acknowledgment of our God-given, U. S. Constitutionally guaranteed right to keep and bear arms, our “representatives” in Richmond thumbed their noses at us and enacted draconian, unconstitutional laws. Why? Because they could get away with it.  Such shenanigans’ need to stop.

Should some semblance of sanity prevail and the reins of the Commonwealth again end up in the hands of those who value freedom over government control, these wrongs should be righted. But we need to somehow ensure the bulk of the Commonwealth will no longer be overruled by a mob.