J6 “Protester” Rachel Powell

You’ve heard of Ray Epps, right? No one can say for sure but many, including myself, suspect Mr. Epps was working for somebody trying to stir up trouble. From what I’ve seen of the videos of Mr. Epps, I have no problem seeing him brought up on charges.  Yet he remains free. Why? I’ll come right out and say it, if he wasn’t working for the FBI directly, he was working for whoever was really directing the madness on J6. They were NOT on the side of us deplorables! Does anyone think he worked alone?

Well, meet Rachel Powell.

Who is Rachel Powell and Why Is She Only on House Arrest After January 6 Violence?

Dear Rachel is under house arrest. She has not suffered like so many J6 protesters. Strange that considering the videos included in the above article. Unlike so many who merely walked into the capital and looked around or, horror!, put his feet on Princess Nancy’s hallowed desk, the video shows a woman, said to be Ms. Powell, armed with an “ice axe” (someone identified this tool as a Gearwrench Extendable Indexible Pry Bar“), drops the weapon she apparently brought with her to smash a window with a handy battering ram that just happened to be laying around. I’m sure it simply dropped out of someone’s back pocket.

The article reveals much more startling information about this actor. Nobody knows who she is really or whom she was working for, if anyone. However, unlike so many others suffering in inhumane and unconstitutional conditions, she remains in the comfort of her Pennsylvania home, ostensibly under “house arrest.” Wink, wink.

Meanwhile, back at the Capital, the show must go on.

Posted Thursday on GOD and the Republic (my Substack Newsletter) : Politicians Legislate Crime

On Thursday I posted a new substack article  for GOD and the Republic

Politicians Legislate Crime

In retrospect, I think the title sucks.  I’m not so sure the alternative title below properly says it:

“The Politicians Make Criminals of Us All”

and they double down daily!

On  that same day, the Senate announced passing of a new Red Flag bill (the media calls it “gun safety legislation”).  My concern with this bill is that it will manufacture more criminals by changing a few words. Indeed, my cursory reading of the bill confirms this in at least one instance.

20 Section 921(a) of title 18, United States Code, is
21 amended—
22 (1) in paragraph (21)(C), by striking ‘‘with the
23 principal objective of livelihood and profit’’ and in

24 serting ‘‘to predominantly earn a profit’’;

So, should this become law, anyone who sells a firearm, apparently any firearm for profit (ok, “predominantly earn a profit”, yeah, that makes me feel better.) is “engaged in business”. While I’m no lawyer, I suspect such an act would then make a felon of any such person who does so without an FFL. (Federal Firearms License) Sweet.

Much of the rest of this bill deals with things Congress has no business sticking their nose in, such as “grants” i.e. spending OUR tax dollars for “mental health programs” for schools. While the amounts now seem like a “feel good” pittance, I’m sure they’ll be happy to expand this to billions given the chance. By the way, did this bill originate in the Senate? As it is essentially an appropriations bill, then it is blatantly unconstitutional. Appropriations bills MUST, AS EXPRESSLY STATED IN THE CONSTITUTION, originate in the House.

The bill is 80 pages of mumbo jumbo – it is a mishmash of tweaks and changes to other bills along with some “original” content. Taken as a whole it should be unceremoniously scrapped. Taken in parts? Junk the parts too.

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So much to do – so little time

Okay, so I’m not the only one who feels like this. We all do from time to time. What’s in my craw these days?

Of course I’d like to “keep” posting regularly to this blog. What’s keeping me from doing it? Too many things. The substack articles for one thing. I post the links here because the things I post there are very relevant to the issues of liberty. Maybe more relevant than one might think.

Also my other writing projects are squeezing me for time. My writer’s site AMHavens.com needs to be kept up. Who knows?  I might write something worth reading someday. Well that and I am working on a couple of other projects.

One of these pertains to Joy and my scriptural research into this and related topics. The problem here is, when it comes to God’s Word, everything is relevant. Relevant to other topics. Relevant to life itself. God’s Word is certainly relevant to issues of liberty and our Constitutional Republic. Only this morning I saw a blatant analogy between the Body of Christ and our Republic. It’s mind boggling. I have no research on this other than decades of reading and studying scripture but for reference sake, read Ephesians chapter 2 and compare what it says to a body of self-governing citizens forming a nation.

Then there’s my fiction works. I  have one book for a potentially “final” edit before sending it off to a line editor and the publishing. In addition to that I have several other projects I could be working on.

All of these, including both fiction and non-fiction projects could be published at one point and that brings me to a major decision point. What do I want to promote?

There are a couple of real-time considerations involved. This blog has yet to gather much steam at all. Is this because I’ve been lousy at promoting it or more that so few care about the topic? This latter reason is why I’m leaving off promoting Life Insurance “Dirty Little Secrets” for Consumers Revealed!.  I might as well promote a book entitled “Pulling Your Own Teeth Just for the Fun of It.”. Yeah.

I’m not all that certain the Substack newsletter GOD and the Republic will fare any better. Time will tell… IF I can keep up the pace.

Then there’s the fiction works. The book I have in the works “No More Mr. Nice Guy.” is, if I may say so myself, pretty good. It is one of two novels I’ve completed. The other one, my first attempt, is unlikely to ever see publication. While the story and the novel itself will always be dear to my heart, I don’t think it would be received too well in this day and age, even (or especially) in Christian circles. (It is a Christian novel.)

Then there’s my newest project. I am only at the beginnings of  this one so I won’t say much except I am very excited about it. It was “born” of an epiphany I  had the other morning. Now that I think about it, the idea has been brewing for quite some time but on that day, it all jelled. The epiphany was similar to those I experienced with the first two novels so that is encouraging. Better yet, unlike my two previous efforts, I can see this idea as a continuing series with a wide appeal. It won’t appeal to everybody, but the concept could easily pique the interests of a wide range of people. What that boils down to is it may stand a good chance of being a commercial success and something I would feel comfortable promoting. What do I mean by that?

Take Life Insurance “Dirty Little Secrets” for Consumers Revealed! for instance. I’m glad I wrote that book. I’m glad it was the first book I published. All else aside, it is well worth reading for the intended audience. It is best suited for young couples with or planning on families or for individuals who already have life insurance. For all that, I can tell you from a great deal of personal experience the very people who need this information most have near zero interest in reading about it. Many of them may even want to get life insurance but, gee, do they have to learn a bunch of insurance stuff? The answer would be a resounding NO if life insurance was sold properly but it is not. So, anyway, that is the problem there. I can see where promoting the book would be almost as discouraging as trying to convince people to consider their life insurance needs. They may need it and know they need it but they don’t want to hear it.

As for as the Christian novel is concerned, well, it revolves around some concepts that are not favorable these days. In addition to that, the story deviates enough from certain doctrines as to make it somewhat controversial. And I have no ideas, much less plans, for a sequel. For that matter, at this point I have no ideas for any other Christian novel.

Then there’s No More Mr. Nice Guy. It may or may not sell well.  I think the story is engaging enough to be enjoyable. Again, I have no where to go as far as another book is concerned. As with the Christian title, I’ve no ideas for anything in that genre.

So with these three examples, can you see where I’m going here? Why promote what may well be “one hit wonders”, IF they have any appeal at all? While I do have other projects I work on from time to time that do have potential to become series, this last one is something I feel has all the elements.

The next thing I had to ask myself is “is commercial success all that important?” The answer is no, at least not financially. Don’t get any ideas. It’s not that I am well off but rather my financial needs are few. Sure, if my bank account swelled up to dizzying levels, I’d make some changes, but if my income relative to my current standard of living remains level, I’ll do just fine. Nor do I  have any great desire for fame. In fact, I’d likely hate it. While I doubt I’d have any problems appearing on an interview (hey, I don’t have to look at me!), I rather like going places and doing things as just another person.  What commercial success does mean to me is validation. If I perpetuate any stereotype at all it is the “insecure writer”. Maybe I’ve earned it. (See?) It would just be nice to know that thing I’ve done all my life, that thing that is so much a part of me – writing – is worth reading to someone other than myself.

Add to that the fact that I have no “credentials” when it comes to writing on scriptural  topics. I’m just an average believer in Christ. What do I know about godly things? When it comes right down to brass tacks, I have nothing and know nothing more than what’s available to any of my siblings in Christ. The only thing I can really call uniquely my own is my perspective.

I don’t need credentials to write fiction. All I need is a good story and the ability to tell it well. So what does all this mean?

If you’ve stayed with me this far, you can probably guess my biggest challenge. It’s me. Yeah, I’m longwinded all right. Worse, I write slow. With so many things on my  plate through nobody’s fault but my own, I need to make some choices. I don’t want to discourage anyone stopping by here but I’ve been where you are myself. I stop by a blog from time to time only to find out there’s nothing new posted. So let me as a favor…

Anyone reading this, if you would like me to continue posting here, please leave a comment or drop my a line at the email address at the top right of this screen. I do answer emails.

God bless,


Substack articles links – Is It Too Late for Our Nation? / White Supremacy, Insurrection, and Gun Violence

Substack articles this past week

I am attempting to post consistently on Tuesdays and Thursdays

June 9:

Is It Too Late for Our Nation?

Are we headed for total collapse or worse?

June 7

White Supremacy, Insurrection, and Gun Violence

and the true weapons of war

Posting Articles to Substack

On Saturday I began posting articles on Substack. My goal is to build a larger audience. What does this mean for TLC? I don’t know. I doubt if I can keep up both as writing posts/articles is very time consuming for me. It’s been hard enough trying to be consistent with this blog. I’m starting out with the aim to post twice a week to Substack. At this point, there is no paid version but this may change. If anyone bothered to look, my “donation meter” hasn’t budged in like forever. Whatever my posts have been valued at, monetarily they are apparently worthless. So be it.

For what this is worth, the first article is below

No Joe Biden, you CANNOT control our guns
My reply to Biden’s pronouncement


The second article posted this morning.

White Supremacy, Insurrection, and Gun Violence
and the true weapons of war


Uvalde Massacre – THIS… is Evil Incarnate

First and foremost, let us lift those struck by this tragic shooting in prayer.

Heavenly Father, please be with the parents, teachers, students and others directly and indirectly affected by this evil act. Grant them comfort. Grant them peace. Let your truth shine through to lift them up. Shower them with your love. Give them the strength to move forward. In the name of your only begotten Son and our Lord and Savior Jesus the Messiah, Amen.

As we pick ourselves up from the stunning blow of this massacre of students and teachers at the Robb Elementary School in in Ulvalde Texas, many of us have one question in mind… WHY? Other questions follow. How could this happen? Could it be prevented? How could a Holy God who loves us allow such a thing to happen? All of these questions deserve an answer. All of the answers point to a single cause and a single solution. The cause is evil. The solution is God.

God?!!! God couldn’t stop this! Some may say. If God wanted to prevent this, He could have – IF He really is “all powerful”! Both responses cannot be true. Choose.

“God couldn’t stop this.” Oh really? Let’s suppose those who say this are correct. If this is true then God is NOT all powerful or all knowing. Such a god is weak and ineffective. Such is not a god I would care to worship nor trust.

What about “IF God is “all powerful and all knowing” and He loves us… WHY did He allow this to happen”? In a word… evil. Get this straight, GOD is NOT evil. GOD is good. Always. Evil exists in this world at this present time to allow US to choose and many of us choose evil over a holy and loving God time and time again.

At this juncture, someone is sure to claim I am saying the sins of the parents of these murdered children are to be blamed for this awful act. No. I do not. Neither do I blame the children themselves. They were innocent. Every. Single. One. Evil knows no bounds. Evil follows no rules. It is not beyond evil to slaughter children, to spill innocent blood. This is the essence of evil.

This nation, our Constitutional Republic established and blessed by God Almighty, has rejected this same God and embraced evil. Consider the Hebrews. They turned away from the very God who rescued them from Egypt and sent them bread from heaven. Instead they chose to worship a false deity. Likewise we reject God Almighty to worship evil.

Look around you. Evil is everywhere. Christians, my brethren in Christ, commit adultery and divorce on an equal scale with non-believers. Many who claim Christ embrace illicit sex, abortion, perversion, theft, lying, slavery, human trafficking and more. Our glorious Super Bowl, the crown jewel of US sports, is purported to be the heyday for human trafficking. We Christians are not alone.

Ghislaine Maxwell, recently convicted of trafficking children for sexual predators now resides in prison. Not one of those who received a child from her for sexual exploitation has been charged. Not. A. Single. One. Where are the tears for these children? Where is the outrage? Where is the demand for justice? Are we a godly people? Are we even a decent people? You tell me.

No doubt, those children who died at Uvalde will be received into heaven. I expect most, if not all, of those who were trafficked by Maxwell continue to live with the horrors they faced to this day. Which group received mercy?

This is no time to blame but rather a time to search our own souls. What have I done to thwart evil? How have I turned from a living, loving God to embrace that which He abhors?

Who scoffs at God? You have your answers. Evil abounds. Look around you. If you can see no evil, look in the mirror. The eyes do not lie. We mourn for those lost at Uvalde and so we should. Who mourns for the other children lost on May 25? Or the day before, or the day before that, or today? I cannot tell you their names, but their loved ones are grieving too. Evil pervades.

Who mourns for those who are abused, sexually, mentally, physically, emotionally? Who mourns for those ill-treated in our nursing homes or our prisons? Who mourns for those ripped from mother’s wombs or for the mothers themselves? Surely some do, but how many celebrate these same things? How many turn a blind eye? Out of sight, out of mind.

Evil abounds. Politicians are openly and brazenly corrupt. No one questions the Speaker of our House of Representatives when she is accused of insider trading. No one charges politicians or their minions when evidence of crimes surface. No one holds our vaunted media accountable for their own lies as they turn from a bastion of light to a political propaganda machine.

As a nation, we citizens are at least as corrupt as those we chose to represent us. Consider those words. We choose them to REPRESENT us. Not just one time but again and again. It has been pointed out that when one chooses the lessor of two evils, one still chooses evil. We choose evil. We embrace it. We celebrate it. If those who represent us are evil what does this say about us?

If you truly want evil to stop, you must turn from it and turn back to our Holy God. You must reject evil at every point, on every level. You cannot serve God and mammon.

The boy, I’ll not call him a man, who instigated the massacre at Ulverde, Texas, was evil incarnate – evil in the flesh. He was the manifestation of the evil pervading our nation. He lived among us for eighteen years. He attended our schools, shopped in our stores and walked on our streets. He did not simply decide on May 24, 2022 to shoot his grandmother before opening fire at Robb Elementary School. This took time, a lifetime. His lifetime. His final actions were the sum total of everything that happened to him, everything he experienced in his life. They were the culmination of a life lived in an evil land. Our land. It need not be this way.

Let this event, this massacre, be a turning point for us. Let is turn from evil and turn to a Holy, Almighty God.

Elon’s Latest Move Losing Me Money

So Elon Musk is hedging on his bid to buy Twitter saying he’s got to look at the number of reported fake accounts vs the reality of it all. Is it a ploy or is he serious? How does this affect my purchase?

When  I first read about this, my heart sank. I have no doubt Twitter’s fake accounts are above 5%. Could this kill the deal? Of course the price of the stock has sank well below my purchase price. I’m losing money. But do I care?

Not really. I bought Twitter on principle. I advocated buying stock in order to have some modicum of influence. By now you know my “influence” here amounts to pissing on the dumpster outside corporate headquarters. Well, okay, not that much because at least that could get be arrested. Like I said… principle.

Add to the principle, I’ve said all along I would rather we ALL bought Twitter rather than expecting Elon to carry the entire load. I wasn’t all that hyped about selling my shares for a few dollars profit. I wanted to be on the “inside”, even if he took the company private. Of course the reality was I’d be more like a fly on the wall there, you know, the one that got swatted. So much for that.

In no way did I consider Twitter’s profitability or should I say their inability to turn a profit. At this point, Twitter’s losses give me more leverage to hold them accountable. It is likely the only real leverage someone like myself is likely to have, as long as I am a lone wolf or the pack is small. However, that was the one bright spot I saw in the event Elon took it over. At least he seems to have a head for business.

So is all lost? Was this an exercise in foolishness? Maybe. Acting on principle can often be a lost cause. Unlike the movies there is a very real chance I could lose a substantial portion of the money I’ve in this. I knew this going in and let’s face it, we’re talking about less than $500 here. I’m not going to starve for that. Besides, it was never about the money. So let’s talk principle.

Twitter has turned themselves from platform to a publisher. A platform offers a place for people to speak freely. Obviously those running this shitshow don’t want that. Federal law is no help. Section 208 gives these platforms a huge loophole so they can censor to their heart’s desire and still be protected from any lawsuits. If you ask me, any politician who voted yea on this legislation should be immediately dismissed for being either too stupid, lazy or compromised to properly vet the bill.

As I delayed posting this, news has surfaced. It appears Elon Musk wants to renegotiate the deal as it now seems as much as 20% of the accounts are fake and/or bot accounts. Is anyone surprised?

I can’t say as I blame him. He correctly points out how this directly relates to advertising revenue as pricing is and should be directly related to reach. Bots don’t buy shit. And advertisers don’t want to pay to reach them. Having been there myself, I can tell you from experience that cost is a huge factor in online advertising. The most important factor is arguably the conversion ratio – how many times the ad is displayed vs how many times someone clicks on the link. In the best of times this metric is extremely low, meaning it has to be displayed lots of times to get enough eyes on whatever is being advertised to make it profitable. Now skew those numbers by 20%. Ouch.

So, yeah, the fake to real account issue is a major factor. No doubt by now, those advertisers now spending money on Twitter are reevaluating their efforts, if not pulling back or pulling out altogether. However, this may not be as critical as one might think. Any serious advertiser ultimately considers the bottom line – the ROI or return in investment. If their advertising is making money for them then these recent revelations should actually be good news. Why? Because they should expect and demand a reduction in cost to reflect the true metrics, thus making their advertising even more profitable. Good for the ad buyers, not so much for Twitter as they could likely see up to a 20% reduction in ad revenue right off the bat.

Then again, once one accounts for a 20% bot account rate, it should make the ROI on advertising look much better. Either way I don’t think this is a game-changer unless one was counting in Elon’s offer to make a killing on Twitter stock. In such cases, well, speculation can be a bitch.

As far as I’m concerned, I’m happy with my sliver of Twitter for the moment. Sure I would be happier if I’d bought at $35 or less than at $46 but it’s not the end of the world either.



Supreme Court Protests, War – So Much to Keep Up With!

My apologies to anyone stopping by during the past few days expecting to see something new. On a personal note, I’ve been writing articles to promote my book and disputing with an online publisher about it. I ended up pulling my articles from their site with the intention of publishing them on my own site AMHavens.com. At least there I have complete and total control (evil laugh). The downside is traffic is not nearly as substantial. The reasoning that won out, other than the principle that I was absolutely in line with their TOS and still they whined, was if I that extra traffic cannot be at least introduced to my book, what good does it do me? That and I’m a pigheaded jerk, to keep things clean.

In other news, I’m working on my garden. This is not a new thing but I am determined to expand on the success I had last year – my best year yet. The timing of things doesn’t hurt either. While I’ve been attempting to green up my thumb for years, the fearmongering as of late is certainly an added incentive.

Finally, the progeny is descending on the homestead this week and thus preparations are being made. This will be the first time in a couple of years so other things must take a back seat.

All that said, I feel compelled to at least agree with Tucker Carlson on one point – these recent protests and attacks on the Supreme Court justices as well as those on churches and pro-life organizations is indeed an attack on Christianity. It is as if Christ is once again being displayed by Pilate and the crowd is screaming “crucify him!”. Strangely enough, I wrote something just yesterday (yet unpublished) about the word “crucify”. Metaphorically, some say the word means to utterly destroy something. This rings true to me. Also yesterday, I concluded Carlson does not claim Christ. It is an observation rather than an accusation, as I noticed he always refers to Christians as “them” instead of “us”. It is a shame. Hopefully he will see the light.

On Twitter, I’ve had some revelations and some thoughts.

They released their earnings a week or so ago. They are bleeding money. So far it is a relatively small wound but they are not making a profit nonetheless.

As I purchased too late, I did not qualify for a dividend, had they actually turned a profit. Should I hold on to my stock AND they actually make a profit AND declare a dividend, I would then qualify. Then again, I’m didn’t buy the stock for the dividends. Even so, I DO expect them to be profitable as they are in business and not charity.

In the proxy info, I also learned I do not yet have a vote in the upcoming annual stockholder’s meeting. Again, I bought too late.

In addition I found out I have far less say than I thought I might. For instance one must own 1% of the company to recommend a board member. From what I was able to ascertain, it was a cursory glance so I need to verify this, I can band together with other stockholders so together, we can put up someone for the board, even if none of us has that magical 1%. Let’s run some numbers for the fun of it.  First…

Musk owns 73,486,938 shares of Twitter, which represents a 9.2% passive stake in the company, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission 13G filing released Monday. The stake is worth $2.89 billion, based Twitter’s closing price Friday April 4, 2022

source: cnbc (I know… right?)

Okay so the price fluctuates meaning any calculations depend on settling on a stable price. Thus let’s fudge a bit. There are about 764 million Twitter shares outstanding. So 1% would be  7,640,000 million shares. I have ten shares. so I’m about 7,639,990 shares short of 1%. Put another way, from the figures in the cnbc story, 10% was worth about oh, let’s say, $3 billion give or take. Ten percent of $3 billion is $300 million. Either way you look at it, I’m a few dollars short.

Now if Twitter stock dropped to a penny per share, it would still cost me $80,000 to buy my 1%. It would take some doing. I may or may not make that but why in the world would I sink that kind of money into Twitter at that point?

Long story short, ain’t no way I’m owning enough Twitter to have a real voice. I haven’t looked into other aspects yet but I’m pretty sure I could still be a thorn in the corporate side. Once again, my idea of a shareholder group looms large. My voice might still be tiny but at least I’d have a chance to be heard, as would anyone else. But there’s another rub.

I’d also have to own the stock for three years. Yup. Can they do that? I’d say they can. Granted, this could be challenged in court but chances are, only the lawyers would win that one. In a way, this obstacle actually makes some sense. Considering my lowly stock holdings would have to work to be a drop in the capital bucket, imagine thousands of us stockholders all making countless demands and such. Stretch that imagination to include the idea that anyone could buy a single share and immediately start making demands. Such may be the ruin of any business. So, I can see the point of it and I don’t necessarily disagree.

Considering all of the above, I’d say the larger lesson is such adventures require much planning and some serious scouting. Now I did not have to prove I was a stockholder to gain access to the above information. I’m reasonably certain this would be true in most, if not all cases concerning public corporations. Additionally, the sheer scale of any corporation raising money should be taken into context.

While I am not ready to abandon the ideas of influencing corporate policies from the shareholder perspective, the stark reality of such an attempt tends to be a bit daunting. To be sure, such a reality exists for our constitutional aspects as well.

WE the People are the massive obstacle the authoritarians must face in order to have their way. To an extent, their outlook is far darker as WE CITZENS are limited to a single vote each. Thus it becomes obvious why the controllers are so intent on stuffing our ranks with illegals and then giving them voting “rights”. They cannot tip the scales in their favor otherwise.

The point we should all take on this is none of us can do this by ourselves. We need each other. We need to stick together as citizens, sovereign or corporate, and stand strong in the face of those who would grind us down.



Was January 6 Deja Vu?

Yesterday I watched a film that made my jaw drop. It was based on a historical event that happened right here in the US of A. All I could think as I watched this movie was – January 6. Yet the events of this story occurred more than a century ago. There were some similarities in the circumstances of both events but for the most part they were very different. Only the reaction was, in some ways, a carbon copy of how our government is handling what occurred on that day.

The movie is The Conspirator. It is by no whiff of the imagination a “right wing propaganda piece”. In fact, in some other light, just the opposite is more likely to be inferred.

It is the story of Mary Surratt. She was a southern woman, a Confederate supporter who ran a boarding house in Washington D. C. when Lincoln was shot. She was implicated in the plot to assassinate the President, Vice-President Johnson and  Secretary of State Seward because her son, a friend of John Wilkes Booth and, allegedly a co-conspirator met at her boarding house to further their plans.  Here are some of the similarities I saw.

(spoiler alert!)






Mary Surratt was charged because of her proximity to some of the bad actors.

Little or no evidence was forthcoming.

The evidence that was presented was thin, at best, and possibly false.

She was held without bail until trial in a dank cell. Though I imagine it may be better accommodations than those of some J6 prisoners and she was likely treated better.

The prosecution stacked the deck against her. A civilian, she was tried by a military court rather than a jury of her peers in a civilian court.

She was going to be tried to appease those who abhorred the assassination.

While she was found guilty, her original sentence was life rather than hanging.

The powers that be demanded and got the death penalty for her.

A writ of habeas corpus was obtained, granting her a civilian trial. The writ was overruled by President Johnson, who had zero authority to do so.

Of course, this dark chapter in our history envelopes the worst moment of our nation. In fact, one could say, and yes, I do say it, if our constitution was followed, this nation as it stands today would not exist at all.

The Confederates were not “rebels”. These sovereign southern states did not attempt to “overthrow” the Union, they seceded – they opted out.  It was their absolute right. Now I am not going to debate their intentions or the merits or demerits of their contentions. What I will say is they had every right to act as they did, even if they were wrong.

The Union had already trashed the Constitution many times over. Thus the monkey trial of Mary Surratt pales by comparison. Yet the total disregard for her rights as a citizen and as a human being should glare as a festering sore on this nation’s history.

It is not the first, the only nor the last time the powers that illegitimately be, have trampled on the rights of us citizens – individually and as a group. Every instance is an affront to our sovereignty as citizens.

Someone once put forth an analogy concerning illicit sex that works here. He said illicit sex was like duct tape. Used once the very strong adhesive binds two together so it is very difficult to separate them. However once the tape is removed and applied to another and the bond becomes weaker. When repeated over and over again, eventually there is not enough adhesive to bond at all.

The same thing can be said for our rights as enumerated in the Constitution. Each time an amendment is “temporarily” lifted from our founding document it needs to be bound back in but each time the bond is weaker. At some point, a point we are dangerously close to, the bond will be too weak to stick at all.

Don’t take my word for it, watch The Conspirator for yourself. Compare that story with the plight of the J6 political prisoners. The details are different for sure but the substance – the stark obliteration of these citizens’ rights to appease a handful of political cockroaches, if not to deflect attention and shelter them from their own treasonous actions, is glaring.