CAN We Win on November 8th?

Most of us are anticipating the “Big Game” on Tuesday. It’s the Nationalists vs the Globalists in a heated contest. From the looks of things, the Nationalists are coming on strong. Many are predicting a blowout. Others warn it’s not a done deal. The Globalists are known to play dirty and there is every reason to believe they will pull out every sneaky play in their book. One thing we all can agree on – this one will be a nail biter.

Yawn. That’s right. Wake me when it’s over. Don’t get the wrong idea. I do believe this coming election may well be very crucial to the future of our nation. No matter which way it goes it will be decisive. Or will it? Let’s consider.

Suppose the worst happens, as far as us “Nationalists” are concerned. The blue team snatches a victory by keeping a majority in both houses. Even if all they do is keep on doing what they are doing now, we are in for one hell of a tempest. Our current path leads nowhere but down. Worse, the burgeoning diesel crisis could soon plummet our nation into depression territory. I’m not talking about running out of diesel. I am assured we are still producing it but we will see shortages. And since our nation literally runs on diesel fuel – from trains to trucks to tractors to heavy equipment and more – no aspect of our nation’s economy will be unaffected. And that is just one issue.

Even more dire is the fact that the globalists will seize upon a win, declaring it a mandate to double down. It won’t matter if they cheated to gain the advantage. They will not let go of it come hell or high water. And double down is just what they will do. Hunting down political adversaries, shutting down all semblance of free speech, even demanding more violence against dissenters will all be on the table. If the globalists win, we who oppose them will be in a fight for our very lives.

But what if we win? That’s a good thing… right? It depends. Really. One factor we need to consider is how big the win is. At this point I’m seeing a lot of speculation about impeachments. Every time I point out that unless there are enough potential votes in the Senate to convict, any impeachment efforts are a foolish waste of time. And the democrats are not likely to vote for a conviction even if the evidence is overwhelming. Here in Virginia, our two Senators, Warner and Kaine are solid blue. I cannot see Kaine voting against his party under any normal circumstances. Warner might possibly jump ship IF he was convinced it was the only way to salvage his political career. Such would be the case for any democrat Senators and none of them will even be up for election for another two years. That’s a lot of time to forget.

Besides that, gaining a “super majority” in the Senate is more pipe dream than possibility. I don’t see it happening. So what we’d be left with is a majority in both houses and there is no guarantee of this either but let’s dream a bit. Again, with a majority in the House, the republicans could impeach anyone within their constitutional reach, but, again, there’s no teeth to this act and I cannot see Joe Biden stepping down for that. I can see him pardoning anyone who happens to be impeached. Along with that, I’ll stand by my prediction that Joe will not last much past the two-year mark of his first term. How the handlers plan on dealing with Harris is beyond me. If I were in their position, I’d replace her first and then dump Bobo, but I digress.

What, exactly can an opposition majority do with a globalist president in the Oval Office? One thing they are not likely to do is override any vetoes. So anything they pass will have to be negotiated. And they can hold up funding so as to make life miserable for the leftist cause. The danger here is the left will be screaming bloody murder all the while. They know from experience, what they scream is far less crucial to their cause than how loudly and how often they scream it. Even defeated, they do not give up and they do not give up. My point is, what the nationalists can do is limited at this point, especially when the globalists control the administration. But it gets worse.

What’s worse? Winning will most likely give us a false sense of security. We’ll breathe a collective sigh of relief – hopefully it will be about the only “collective” thing we do – and go back to our day jobs. Meanwhile, the political machines keep rolling. Unless we keep applying pressure, supporting those who support our republic and shining the light on the globalists and their agenda, we will soon end up right back between a rock and a hard place. In short, we can expect little reward for our win and lots of trouble.

The Bigger Issue

As a nation we have a far bigger issue facing us. I’ve pointed this out before and I’ll keep on doing it until I crash into some brick wall. The problem is, somewhere in the neighborhood of half our nation buys into the globalist garbage enough to put them in power. This is not a “political” difference. It is not some intellectual contest. It runs much deeper than that. It goes to the core of our nation. It is spiritual in nature. The globalists’ “god” is government. Their god is a false god and they worship it in earnest. I’ve pointed this out before – their ultimate goal is complete and total rule over every aspect of every individual’s life. And they’ve conned nearly half of our citizens into believing in their utopia.

The only way to reclaim our nation is to reclaim our stature as sons of the God and Father of our Lord Christ Jesus. We need to turn back to God and ask Him for His help. We must stand strong on those principles we’ve been taught since our youth. We need to turn away from ungodly things and set our affections on things above.

Colossians 3:1 If ye then be risen with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ sitteth on the right hand of God.

2 Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth.

3 For ye are dead, and your life is hid with Christ in God.

4 When Christ, who is our life, shall appear, then shall ye also appear with him in glory.

Do you turn to God daily? How many times? The apostle Paul encouraged us to pray without ceasing. Does your life reflect your commitment to Christ? Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying we all need to start living like monks. Speaking for myself, I see a whole lot of room for improvement in my own life. That said, I do endeavor to make those improvements on a daily basis. I’ve also gone down paths where I’ve spent days, weeks, and months pursuing things that would never bring me closer to God. Not all pursuits necessarily need to be “sinful” to draw us away from our relationship with God. I’ve even seen “church projects” that have lead honorable men away from a godly life. Often it is not the path itself but the perspective of the individual traveling it.

No matter what party ends up with a majority in either house, we can win or lose by the actions we take as citizens and believers. If we gain ground, great – lets make sure those we elect into offices are held accountable and that we diligently work towards bringing God back into our lives and our nation. If we lose ground we need to do much the same but it will be harder as the globalists will do all they can to eradicate anyone or anything in their way. They cannot defeat God but knowing this will not deter them.

Exploring The Local Government Landscape

Lately I’ve been hunkered down while I take care of some things closer to home. I contacted my Congressman to follow up on my J6 Political Prisoner questions.

On the J6 issue: My next step is to contact Governor Younkin, et. al. to urge them to step up on behalf of the Virginia citizens who are being held by the federal government and whose civil rights are being violated.

The first problem I’m facing is finding out exactly who these citizens are. While American Gulag displays a ton of information, only the state where they are arrested is shown. I have yet to find where to determine what state these citizens are residents of.

Thus, I’ve only been able to identify three Virginia citizens currently being held. They are:

Thomas Robertson

Jonathan Gennaro Mellis

Geoffrey William Sills

Only Mr. Mellis is currently listed as being held in the DC gulag.

Mr. Sills and Mr. Robertson both appear to have had their cases adjudicated.

From what I’ve been able to ascertain, Mr. Sills is still being held in Virginia and is being denied his civil rights. The most startling is, he is being denied access to any chaplains or other men of God who wish to provide spiritual support. Even death row murderers are afforded this. I would think denial of this First Amendment right would be grounds for immediate release.

While I am fairly certain both Mr. Mellis and Mr. Robertson have likewise been denied their civil rights – their right to a speedy trial comes to mind – such needs to be pursued by our Governor or Attorney General. I see no reason why our AG could not step in on these citizens behalf.

Meanwhile, closer to home, I am continuing a conversation with one of the County Board Supervisors, (not my rep as he appears to be inaccessible – something I am soon to address more publicly), and at this moment I’m asking about budget matters.

To me, the principle “follow the money” should be the foremost thought of any citizen, as everything any government does centers around their ability to tax and spend.

Book Review and Analysis: The Nation Will Follow by Colonel (Retired) John Mills

RE: Book Review and Analysis: The Nation Will Follow by Colonel (Retired) John Mills

Never before seen here! As a rule I don’t analyze books and I rarely review them. The Nation Will Follow by Colonel (Retired) John Mills is an exception because I believe the book is exceptional. A warning first: what caught my eye and lead me to buy this book in the first place was an appearance by Colonel Mills on Newsmax. There he emphasized the concept of reclaiming our nation county by county. For anyone who has read more than a few posts, you know I strongly advocate this concept.

About the link: it leads directly to the website for the book itself. There you should find a popup where the book can be had for 99¢ from Amazon. I have no idea how long this will be available at the price. If you don’t see the 99¢ deal I suggest going directly to Amazon for the best price. For the record, I am not an affiliate nor do I make any money at all for this recommendation in any way.

Now about the book itself. Much of it covers Col. Mills experience in government, in particular in the DOD. He was working at the Pentagon during the 2016 election. It was there he had his most dramatic epiphany concerning the Deep State, the Swamp. That alone is worth the price of the book, even the $3.99 I paid. Moreover he offers some excellent insights into the inner workings of the governmental labyrinth. What I drew out from it was confirmation that our entrenched government employees largely work against, rather than for us. He also shored up the idea that it is not necessarily the average “grunt” but rather the higher ups in these agencies who are most insidious.

Colonel Mills does promise an “action plan” to get involved in local government. While he fulfills his promise, as well as providing a decent rendering of the structure of county governments, I would have liked to see him take this aspect farther. Most of his focus is on election integrity. I’m all for that. It is indeed something we must absolutely pay strict attention to, particularly considering the fiasco of the 2020 election.

At the risk of invoking the ire and punishment of my detractors, I’ll say it out loud: the 2020 Presidential Election was rigged and the rightful winner was with little doubt, Donald J. Trump. Backing up this claim I’ll first point out to the indisputable facts.

The Pennsylvania election process was unconstitutionally changed by election and/or administration officials. The constitutional challenge was dismissed by Pennsylvania’s liberal-leaning court. For whatever reason, SCOTUS decided not to hear this.

Thousands, THOUSANDS, of affidavits were gathered documenting election irregularities in several key states.

The Dinesh D’Souza documentary “2000 Mules” offers credible and damning evidence of voting irregularities.

The January 6 so-called “insurrection” broke out at the very convenient time when Congress adjourned to debate the first validated challenge to electoral certifications. (objection made in writing and signed by at least one member of house and one member of the Senate).

Rather than encourage any and all votes in question be investigated and validated, the globalist democrats in power have dodged and evaded scrutiny at every turn

Colonel Mills is correct, we cannot allow such shenanigans to happen again and the place to stop them is at the county level. He also points to events in Virginia’s Loudoun County where average moms fought the school board for their kids. He cites these battles as instrumental in electing Glenn Youngkin as Governor. Thus he expands his vision to include county and school boards, as well as county sheriffs as vitally important to reclaiming our nation. I agree wholeheartedly with all of this.

With all of this, I wanted to see more. Yes, we do need to secure our election process. Yes, we need to ensure the integrity of these critical offices. What more is needed?

We need to hold those we elect to public offices accountable. We also need to hold those employed by said officials accountable and by this I mean every individual who is paid with taxpayer dollars.

We need to scale back government to constitutional limitations.

We need to review all government entities, regulations and laws and determine if they are indeed necessary and effective.

We need to monitor law enforcement efforts at all levels to ensure the law is applied equally and without prejudice. This includes police, prosecutors and courts.

Most important: we citizens need to communicate with each other, particularly at the county level. Each county should reflect the will of the citizens residing there and governed according to the will of the people rather than a handful of so-called “leaders”. Local boards for towns, counties and schools should be responsive to those citizens they serve. Board members and other public servants are allowed to live their private lives. Communication needs to be orderly and respectful at all times.

The Nation Will Follow is an excellent work as far as it went but a clearer path is needed if we are to reclaim our nation. It’s one thing to secure our elections and a necessary task at that, but for too long we’ve adopted a “set it and forget it” attitude towards our self-governance. If we are to govern ourselves then we must also accept the responsibilities and acknowledge our duty to participate not only in elections, but in keeping a diligent watch on the workings of our government.

Your Vote Means Nothing

Now that’s a shocker, isn’t it? Anyone who has read more than ten of my posts is likely waiting for some sort of twist to take it all away. It’s not coming. I mean it. Your vote means nothing. No, I haven’t turned into a raving lunatic champing at the bit to wipe the slate clean and start from scratch. I’m still the same raving lunatic I’ve always been. It’s just that I had this thought that opened up a different perspective. Bear with me.

Once again I found myself at that pool of thoughts that reflects my past back at me. Okay, I got to thinking about my life – all right? Mostly I got to thinking about my journeys into the world of politics. On occasion I’ve attended caucuses, political events, and yes, even board meetings. I was part of the “Young Republicans” once, though I wasn’t all that young at the time. I even nominated a friend for office and ran for an office myself (TownClerk). At the time I believed I could help shape things from the inside. Said illusions were shattered without mercy. The Party wasn’t interested in my thoughts, only how they could control them and me. I was never one to tame easily. Then life kicked in and I moved on. The one thing I’ve consistently practiced over the years is voting.

Whatever else I might have done, I cannot say voting has ever been a mistake. This doesn’t mean I’ve always voted for the “right” person but I’ve consistently voted for the person who is most likely aligned with the same principles as myself. While I’ve always taken voting seriously I realized voting alone has never been enough and my entire perspective on it is warped.

Your Vote Means Nothing – The Proof

How can I even think this? Taken alone, one vote means nothing. If you doubt this, the next time you are at the polls, try this: instead of checking the box for one of the listed candidates, move down to the blank space and write in your own name. There. You’ve voted. The problem is you don’t stand a chance in hell of being sworn into that office. Your one vote just became meaningless. Chances are it won’t even be listed in the final tally.

For your vote to count, really count, for anything, it must be “e pluribus unum” – one, out of many. Herein lies the power of our Constitutional Republic. This is also the reason and justification for political parties. Any elected official must have the support of a majority of those citizens voting for that position, however misconstrued. Parties are organized to elect and support individuals who have the same goals and want the same things. At some point they all lose their way. Why? Any organization eventually grows to a point where the organization itself becomes more important than the purpose it was organized to serve.

While I have stated as much many times over the years, I cannot say whether this statement is original or if I’ve absconded with it from someone else. For the time being I’ll take full credit or blame for what I can only term as a general principle of organizations.

Moreover, organizations in general and our two premier political parties specifically no longer reflect the interests of their members. Instead they’ve become inbred and corrupt. This is glaringly evident in recent revelations of the money spent in this current Congressional election cycle. Depending on who one asks, anywhere from about $2 billion to over $9 billion dollars has been spent to elect (or re-elect) all 435 of the House of Representatives and 34 U.S. Senators for a total of 469 representative positions. The cumulative salaries of both houses of Congress, all 535 seats, is less than $100,000 million per year. This is insanity.

Where is the justification for this? Why should so much money be spent to elect any Congressional representative? Where is this money coming from? Indeed. Follow the money and you are sure to discover who owns what… or whom. This is not to say every member of Congress serves special interests but the mere avalanche of money dumped into the Swamp daily has to be almost impossible to resist. Harry Truman is quoted as saying “Show me a man that gets rich by being a politician and I’ll show you a crook”. How many poor career politicians can you name?

Yet The Parties want us all to believe they are all snow white, honest, trustworthy servants of the people. Each Party posts lofty ideals. Here is the Virginia Republican Creed:

That the free enterprise system is the most productive supplier of human needs and economic justice.

That all individuals are entitled to equal rights, justice, and opportunities and should assume their responsibilities as citizens in a free society.

That fiscal responsibility and budgetary restraints must be exercised at all levels of government.

That the Federal Government must preserve individual liberty by observing Constitutional limitations.

That peace is best preserved through a strong national defense.

That faith in God. as recognized by our Founding Fathers is essential to the moral fiber of the Nation

Nice huh? The problem I see here is that while at least a good number, maybe even most candidates affirm the creed, some may even be able to recite it verbatim, in the end their assertions are only lip service. How can I say this? Consider the preponderance of the evidence of their actions.

Rather than a limited government we are burdened with government without limitations. Ronald Reagan stated it succinctly:

“As government expands, liberty contracts.”

Free enterprise is hobbled by regulations and taxation. Individual liberties are tolerated only when they do not inconvenience government agendas. God has been all but eradicated from society with the blessing of our representatives. Like regulation and taxation, government budgets know no bounds. Need I continue? I expect the Democrats sport something similar to the Virginia Republican creed above but it is just as much a false front. The promises are empty. Only The Party matters. It no longer matters which Party you refer to. Is there a better way?

Suppose instead of opposing candidates for any elected position spending absurd amounts of money battling things out in the media and littering the land with signs, buttons and bumper stickers, they all had to speak to interested voters who actually had a dog in the fight?

Since there is no statewide race here in Virginia this cycle, lets consider the contest between, Dr. Oz and John Fetterman in the Pennsylvania Senate race. Wouldn’t it be wonderful (fantasy as it may be) if ALL the citizens of Pennsylvania took an interest in this race and, having access to say, a website where they could see for themselves what each candidate stood for, watch them speak on video, respond to questions in a forum and even see them participate in a truly even-handed debate? Wouldn’t it be something if whoever was elected to office was actually held accountable to every citizen they are charged with representing?

Sure I said this postulation is fantasy. Today it is but does it have to remain so? Can we not, as sovereign citizens expect, yea, demand better? Yes. We can. And we should. I’ll tell you up front this is never likely to happen at the federal or even the state level unless we take charge of our elected offices at the county level. Look at it this way.

Remember the example above where I demonstrated how your single vote means nothing? As true as this is at the county level, it is even more accurate at the state and federal level. Why? Because so many more citizens are involved. In any Congressional district a Congressman represents, on average, nearly three quarter of a million citizens. It would be impossible to try to listen to so many voices. What is possible is to meet with representatives from each county in a district. Even more efficient would be several counties in a district banded together to make themselves heard on some of the more critical issues. And if this is possible on the federal level, it would also be effective on the state level. The underlying principle here is if enough voices speak as one they can be heard.

Not Voting is the Worst Option

While those occasions where I did not vote in an election are few, I’d say they might be among the most significant. To the best of my knowledge, I have never refrained from voting in a presidential or congressional election. Thus the only times I neglected to cast my ballot, election-wise, is for a local election. Considering my treatise above, I’d say this carries some significance. However, my neglect runs far deeper than this. In fact, I’d say those times I failed to vote, or even show up where a vote was held is far more damning as to my responsibilities as a citizen.

How many times has someone been selected to represent me or other decisions have been made directly effecting me where I wasn’t even present? How many times might my voice have swayed such decisions? I might as well face reality. I’ll never know. Worse, I have very little understanding on how and when I could at least lend my voice to such decisions. Now I’m not talking about “public hearings”. I’ve been to a number of these and from those experiences I can tell you, our “representatives” typically endure those events secure in the knowledge their minds are already made up. In other words, nothing you or I can say is going to have any impact whatsoever. No, the time to have one’s say and make it count comes long before any issue reaches the floor. This is true whether the subject matter is a proposed law, an expenditure or filling some appointed position.

It is also true when it comes to Party decisions but, I fear, much less so. Why? Because it is apparent that most political parties are run from the top down rather than the bottom up. Anyone wishing for their Party’s blessing typically requires the assent of the “leadership” rather than the will of rank and file. We are seeing this during the current election cycle. Certain Republican candidates at the national level are disfavored by those at the top – House Minority Leader Keven McCarthy and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to be exact. Those candidates they don’t personally like (or politically agree with) are not being supported. To what end? Well let’s see, in a two-party system, if one party doesn’t win then the other one does. So effectively, these two “Republican Leaders” are supporting the opposing party. Considering some of the bills they’ve allowed to pass, particularly in the Senate, one must wonder exactly who they are representing.

Even so, local party decisions still fall under the realm of local members to some extent. As it has been a long time since I’ve participated in party politics and never where I now live, my understanding should be taken with a grain of salt. Realistically, no one can really know about this unless they are personally involved.

All said, I do believe I am opinionated enough, vocal enough and even persuasive enough to possibly make a small difference in those arenas I would participate to any great extent. While I might come across as overbearing in this blog, rest assured my own sense of fair play forces me to consider any dissenting opinions. Damned straight I want to be heard but you have just as much right as I do and I’ll fight for your rights with just as much vigor as I do my own.

Overall I see the need to set aside my personal objections and work toward becoming much more involved as a citizen in local affairs. I can no longer justify not voting. I’m not exactly sure how I will make my voice heard, but I cannot in good conscience keep silent.

My Voice Means Nothing

If one vote means nothing then doesn’t it follow that one voice is also meaningless? While one could make a case for a single voice ringing out to make a clear impact, I contend that unless someone hears it and it moves them, it is all for naught. To be effective the one voice must resonate with others and together we can be heard.

To this end, I have yet to determine whether trying once again to work within the party system is worth the effort, or if I should, by principle, abandon Party Politics altogether in favor of encouraging individuals. Ideally, I’d like to see the two-party system come crashing down. I find it ironic that certain individuals within the Republican party vie for the same thing, even if they don’t realize it or overtly state it. For example, Steve Bannon recently predicted the end of the Democrat party. Okay, so… does he envision the Republican party to be the only choice? Such is doomed to end just as badly. Even if another group takes up where the Democrats left off, we are still faced with the same inherent problem – two groups vying for control. To gain control, a group must gain power and such is only gained by growing government. Bang! Here we go again. This too, is insane.

If we are going to really fix the underlying problems we need to understand the underlying cause. As I see it, the underlying cause is the struggle for control. To paraphrase Ronald Reagan:

“As control expands, liberty contracts.”

The fix centers around decentralization. Return the power to the people, or rather, WE, the People, need to step up, step in and lay claim to what is already ours to begin with. It won’t happen all at once but it can happen. Perhaps the first baby step would be to target a local election and gather supporters for a write-in vote. Is this nuts? I don’t think so. Consider the numbers involved.

In the last election, the current county supervisor in my district was elected by 350 votes. This number does not seem insurmountable. Whether I toss my hat in and win or not isn’t nearly as important as exploring the idea of a no-party system. We naturally tend to think such ideas are unreachable but is persuading 351 people to vote for one person all that daunting?

The globalists would have us think they have it all under control. It’s their game and they’ve already won. Like most everything with the globalists, their presumptions are based on smoke, mirrors and outright lies. WE have control. We always have. It is our birthright. Even IF the voting numbers were entirely stacked against us, those numbers consist of citizens who voted. And just because they voted for one party or another doesn’t mean they have to vote that way again. The fact is, as the 2021 election as well as this coming election should prove out, voters have far more in common with their neighbors than their parties when it comes to ideals.

Here in Virginia, the battle was over our children and the parent’s won. Why? Because most of us parents are not about to concede our children to state control. (No matter how bratty they might be today.) WE citizens generally want the same things. We want to live our lives in peace and safety, raise our children, and enjoy ourselves. Given enough facts about any situation, I think we citizens can come to an agreement on most issues easily. It is the politicians who like to twist things up to get their way. Too often their way is a far cry from what is the best interests of their constituents. This is how we end up with things like “Daylight Savings Time”, banned incandescent light bulbs, and electric cars shoved down our throats.

It’s time we citizens stop whining for “somebody” to do “something” and be the adults in the room. We need to cut up our legislator’s credit cards and restore liberty and sanity. We can do this.

Meeting My Congressional Representative

As with so many things, I made a much bigger deal of this than it turned out to be. The atmosphere of the event was very laid back and so was my conversation with my Congressman. This the first contact I had with him and I was rather impressed. He came across as a regular guy who happens to be a Congressman. We shared a likeminded view of the plight of the J6 political prisoners and, I think, of the issues we all face in general.

To be fair, though there was not a huge crowd there, in fact no crowd at all really, there were others who wanted to talk to him. As such, our conversation was not what I would call a “one on one”. I could tell he felt obligated to acknowledge and/or talk to others rather than ignore everyone else. The fact is, I’d do the same in his position. For all I know, the interruptions were a welcome relief from me, though I our exchange was anything but antagonistic and certainly not unpleasant from my perspective. At some point, I decided to give it up as this really wasn’t a venue conducive to anything seriously intense. Looking back, I’d say all the conversations I had around the Republican booth were similar and I talked with several people.

On J6 and him not having much to say after the much-touted tour of the DC gulag, he said he wasn’t able to tour with the rest of his colleagues. Well, that explains his lack of any after action report. However he agreed that the prisoners are being mistreated, abused even, they have been denied due process and so forth. He expressed his own frustration about this and most everything else going on in our nation’s capital. As a member of the minority party, he feels his hands are tied in so many ways (my words). He asked me point blank what I thought he should be doing.

After a moment’s thought, I said, we’ve got to be more vocal. We’ve got to raise a bigger stink. Whether he takes this to heart or not, I don’t know. However I plan on following up with some ideas I’ve since had along with one I’ve been mulling over. This last is a letter to the Governor, Lieutenant Governor and the Attorney General requesting they step up and get involved to protect the rights of the Virginia citizens who are being held by the federal government. My rep says he’s written the Governor. That’s fine. I will too.

I cannot fault him for not doing enough. I haven’t done enough. Sure, it’s not my “job” but the atrocities committed by Biden’s administration affect us all. Whose to say someone won’t come knocking on my door at 3AM some morning because I’ve been critical? Whose to say I won’t be hauled off the the DC Gulag or some similar hell hole because I won’t simply shut up? Like I’ve said before, it won’t be the first time I’ve paid a price for speaking out. As it is now, my voice was a tiny whisper compared to the megaphones of the MSN and even blogs with actual traffic. (Okay, so back then the word “blog” hadn’t even been invented.) Seriously, I was doing a 15 minute segment on a diminutive 100 watt (powered up to a whopping 1000 watts after sunrise!) AM radio station at 6AM in the morning in a market that was pretty much a footnote in the Nielsen ratings. For all that I was “downsized” because then Governor Mario Cuomo was livid about my broadcast. This I found out directly in a moment of candor from the station’s owner who considered himself a “close personal friend” of the Governor. My point is, if I was vulnerable then, I am vulnerable now, especially since my potential audience far exceeds anything I could imagine back then.

Sorry for the side trip there, but yeah, I could have done more and I still can. How can I fault my representative who is faced with dealing with all the national issues we have today. Add to that, his hands really are tied in many respects. When it comes down to it, all anyone in the House of Representatives can effectively do at this point is be vocal. I’ll add that in order for him to be truly effective, he needs to choose his battles. Certainly more him than me because as a blogger and a publisher, I have far more leeway, but even then, who is going to pay much attention to someone who runs screaming from one issue to another to another? I might as well sign up with MSNBS.

Now with all that said and done, I am now formulating a plan to make a bigger stink. Some of my ideas I will forward to my congressman and a few others who can potentially put some pressure on this. While there are other areas of concern, the J6 political prisoners is an issue that deserves a great deal of attention for several reasons. First of all, these prisoners are suffering. They are being abused, not simply because they are being denied due process but they are being treated as inhuman. We’ve all seen stories, movies about POWs and felt outraged at how they were treated. I’m convinced that should the curtain be pulled back on the DC gulag, we would be similarly appalled. No doubt some might dismiss such treatment because they believe those prisoners to be traitors, insurrectionists. I contend that even if they indeed are, they still deserve humane treatment and the due process of law.

On other news, I also met the local head of there party whom I’ve been emailing back and forth all week. As it’s hard to gauge someone over a few emails, the face to face meeting was telling. I liked him right off. I sensed he found me tolerable as well. This is good because, believe it or don’t, I’ve found I do rub some people the wrong way. There were a couple of others there also I wish I could have spent more time with, including one fellow who traveled from NC to be there. However it was a very cool morning and I was just slightly under dressed for the weather. Additionally I had another commitment so I ended up cutting things shorter than I wanted to.

One other thing, I saw no indication of a federal agency presence, covert or otherwise. Granted I wasn’t looking all that hard. Maybe if I paid more attention I’d have seen something but the event was very relaxed and I relaxed with it.

UPDATE on The Ins and Outs Of Local Politics – Finally! Some Word About Election Issues

Well for some reason, the only person I ever heard from was from the lady who first answered my inquiry from the “RNC Election Integrity Team”. I’m not even sure why that was sent but I replied to her saying I hadn’t heard from anyone else. She got right back to me with the text of the email the county guy supposedly sent me. Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t. I somewhat think he did because of the content of the email. So I replied to both.

The election official position(s) are filled. He didn’t mention poll-watching, even though, if the early voting poll, i.e. the Registrar’s office was to be watched, it would need to manned daily from now until the election. One more reason for same day voting.

He also expressed a need for volunteers for our current Congressman. For that I said, I didn’t think this seat was in danger of being lost. I also added I wasn’t exactly enthusiastic about this representative. I have my reasons and, of course, I believe they are quite valid. Okay, one of my biggies is he supposedly went to visit the DC gulag with MTG and others. Never heard a word about it. I wrote his office asking about his observations. Crickets. With this and his almost total lack of any communication (not with me personally but with all of us constituents) if he DOES lose his seat, he deserves to. Our side needs more MTGs.

Then he told me about the monthly meetings and such locally. Okay great. Then I’m informed I need to complete a “short form” to “become a member”, pay $20, and then I’m voted on. Wait a minute. I am already registered as a Republican so what’s the deal? Membership to what, exactly? Is this some sort of formal organization? Is there a charter and bylaws? I want to see them. Yes, I am that kind of pain in the ass. MTG, move over. Look, I really am trying to be nice about this but I’m not “joining” something so I can feel good about being a member. I can stir things up on my own and those plans are in the works. This county has had a couple hundred years to get their act together and so far, I’m not impressed. To be fair, it wasn’t any better anyplace else I’ve lived either. Oh! By the way, the monthly meeting was two days ago. Apparently, my presence is not needed this election unless I want to stump for our shoo-in Congressman.

The above was a couple days ago. Since then I’ve had a few emails back and forth with the local R head guy. My tendency is to get blunt and I start pissing people off. I did my best to hold it together this time. The $20 for “membership” is to become a voting member. He referred me to the “State Party Plan” of the Virginia Republican Party. I browsed through that. It’s a lot of goop mostly about party hierarchy. The structure of the party is laid out but I’d almost need a road map in order to follow it. Yawn. I suppose if they want citizens to pay to play, that is their privilege. I’m not so sure I want to be a card-carrying, secret decoder ring-wearing voting member at this point. Sometimes it’s more interesting to snipe from the outside.

For the record, from the exchanges I’ve had with the local head guy, I like him well enough. He seems like a decent guy. He answered my questions as best he could though I don’t think he actually read some of them. For one thing, he encouraged me to ask to our congressman myself about his voting record as he couldn’t answer for him. I never asked him to answer for anybody. What I said about his voting record was from what I’ve seen he’s done all right. As far as the rest of our discussion about “the honorable soandso”, I covered that above. I should have learned by now that most people have difficulty handling directness. I do try to be more roundabout when I can but my tendency is to get fed up with beating around the bush and just saying things plainly. I know, right?

So it turns out our vaunted congressman is due at a local event today. I’m debating as to whether to show up just to see if I can ask him face to face about the whole J6 deal. I know this is not a big “campaign issue”. It should be but it is not. I don’t want to debate anything. I just want to know what he learned from his visit and why I’ve never heard another word about it from him. If I get a chance I’d like to see him pursue due process for these prisoners. That’s it. Due process. At this point I’m concerned these prisoners’ rights have been so woefully violated that they should be immediately released and if they are to be tried, they should be tried in the federal court nearest to their own homes.

I’m hesitating for a couple of reasons. First, I have another commitment so if things run late as they always seem to do, I will have to leave before seeing anyone. Second, I have my doubts about how effective my little voice will be. We are now racing towards an election and he never bothered to answer me way back when things were far calmer. Heck, even all this Ukraine nonsense hadn’t hit at that time. Then there’s crowds. I hate them. While I don’t expect a huge mass of people today, even small crowds are an anathema to me, especially these days. Finally there’s the trust issue. While I long ago stopped worrying about the bogeyman, feds are everywhere these days and our congressman is a federal guy. While I don’t expect any trouble I hesitate to show up on anyone’s radar, even if I am just a brief blip. The bottom line here is I won’t be controlled by fear. I post this blog and I suspect half of my four visitors are likely connected with the feds. I doubt they are fans.

Anyway, I’m posting this today before I go so there is a record of what I expect to do today and why. My intent is to simply ask this congressman about his efforts for the J6 prisoners and encourage him to do what he can to see justice prevails. Hopefully, all goes well.

Did You Miss This? Biden Advocates Universal Minimum Tax

Maybe I’ve been living under a rock after all. The other day I listened to some of Joe Bobo’s ramblings. All of a sudden my ears perked up when he mumbled something about a Universal Minimum Tax. What the hell is that? My first thought was “This isn’t Bobo’s idea – his last best idea was to copy somebody else’s work and call it his own.” At least I was right on one thing… Joe Biden remains the world champion of unoriginal thoughts. Now about that Universal Minimum Tax.

First this from our own propaganda machine – – aka “The Voice of America”.

US Failure to Implement Global Minimum Tax Could Be Costly

135-country agreement

The global minimum tax is part of a larger international taxation framework developed under the auspices of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development and the G-20 group of large economies

Okay, back up… what is this Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (or OECD)? As much as I hate to do this, I’ll use this from Wikipedia.

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development is an intergovernmental organisation with 38 member countries, founded in 1961 to stimulate economic progress and world trade.

Like I was saying, I guess I’ve been living under a rock. This organization has been in existence for almost my entire life but this is the first I’ve heard of it. And now they want a 15% cut from all the corporations on the planet? Uhhhh, no. I have lots and lots of problems with this entire idea.

First and foremost… who died and made them the boss of me? More succinctly – by what authority do these bozos think they have any claim to anybody’s money? I don’t give a hoot about what “countries” agreed to this crap, it is far and above any Constitution authority in these United States so bug off buds.

But… you say, they only want to tax corporations. Big deal! Yes. It is a big deal. Let me count the ways.

Number one: corporations DO NOT pay taxes! Corporate taxes are taken from revenues. Revenues generated by sales to customers. Corporations do not pay taxes – their customers pay those taxes. That means you and I pay those taxes. It is a sneaky roundabout way of extracting more money from citizens’ pockets but that is what is is.

Number two (and this is a BIGGIE!): Guess how the IRS slithered their way into our pockets? Yep. Income tax was passed to ostensibly ONLY take a portion of profits from business ventures. At the time the politicians swore (on their sainted mothers’ graves if push came to shove, I’m sure) up and down the government would never, every take one thin time directly from citizens. How’s that working out for us?

It should be obvious to anyone with more than three functioning brain cells that this entire scheme is yet another way for the globalists to redistribute wealth. Of course they do all this in the name of “equality” and “compassion” but it will end up lining the pockets of politicians and their friends and handlers. At least, at first. Later on things will get worse, much worse. How? They will utilize the tried and true “carrot and stick” approach to get others to do anything the globalists desire. Here’s how it works.

Here in the US, they used this quite successfully to raise the legal drinking age nationally to 21. It was easy peasy. First the feds got the states hooked on federal highway funds. You should note that our Constitution in no way authorizes the federal government to extract money from citizens and redistribute this money to the states for any purpose. Of course, this has never stopped them before or since. So when some Grand Poobahs decided it was a good idea for all citizens of legal age but under age 21 to be prevented from drinking alcohol (yet another entirely unconstitutional precept) they made it known that unless states bowed to their decree, they would not get federal highway funds. So now a citizen who otherwise enjoys every other right imbued to citizens who have reached majority age, cannot legally obtain alcoholic beverages in any state in the union.

It is easy to see a grand plan here. Take money from citizens from around the world by stealth, using corporate profits as a shield, and use that cash to gain the cooperation of any nation they choose. While it doesn’t sound like much on the surface, this con game will amount to trillions of dollars and the OECD would fast become more powerful that the United Nations. Of course the potential for abuse is equally enormous.

The authority to tax has always been a function of government entities. This has long been acknowledged as the basic right of a government. It is an aberration really, for any government to concede such a right to a non-government entity. What are the implications? As I said above, the first implication is such an entity can use their redistribution abilities to bend nations to their will. How far can they take this? As with the drinking age example, up to and including demanding legislation, even if the proposed laws flies in the face of the law of the land. In short, I see this as a pathway to a one world government. Even more startling, it could be established with absolutely no official formulative documentation other than those similar to the obscure paperwork already in place.

It does not have to be the OECD or the UN or any entity currently in place. The camel’s nose is already under the tent. One could say that first camel has been joined by a herd of camels and they are all eyeing the tent. How far these schemes have advanced is not the issue. What we, as citizens of whatever nation we are, need to nix this idea. For my fellow US citizens, this is crucial. More than any other nation, we have the innate authority to veto this entire concept and veto it we must.

FEDS Gone WILD – The Bank Caper

I know, I know, I’ve been pretty hard on  our government employees lately, particularly the FIB’s. It’s only because every day more evidence comes out indicating they are corrupt as hell. Granted, one could make a case they’ve never been the squeaky clean upstanding shining-lights-on-the-hilltop examples of what a federal law enforcement employee should be, but more and more I’m convinced they are rotten to the core.

Never mind stories about ol HH being a cross-dressing homosexual. Never mind the tales of agents collecting dirt on anybody they could and then blackmailing them to give them a free ride anytime, anywhere. Never mind the more recent revelations about “Operation Crossfire”, top officials lying to Congress and even FISA judges. Never mind the vindication of General Mike Flynn who was destroyed. Actually, DO mind it, ALL of it. Now how about the latest bit?

No, I’m not talking about the raid on Mark Houck’s  residence again – even though the link points to another article reveling Houck had already agreed to come in voluntarily. Not to mention the allegations were already dismissed in court. Double jeopardy anyone? No, this latest involves what I can only call a bank heist. (Okay, I stole that idea.)

Here’s the story as told in The Federalist:

FBI Seized $86 Million In Raid On Innocent Americans’ Safe Boxes After Duping Judge For Warrant

For those of you with short attention spans (WHY you read my articles I’ll NEVER understand 🙂 or short on time, they actually raided a private vault company. The owners pled guilty to a conspiracy to launder drug money. However the contents of a reported 1400 safe deposit boxes were seized totaling, well the headline says it: $86 Million. Now get this:

The “reasoning” the Feds gave went something like this: “Well, if they’ve got a lot of cash they are probably doing something illegal.” I don’t know about you but this sort of “justification” sends chills down my spine. Let’s face it, this is an an assumption of guilt rather than the legal standard, the LAW of the LAND, the presumption of innocence.

This is exactly why I object unequivocally to ALL “asset forfeiture” schemes.  In EVERY CASE guilt is assumed. Change my mind. The very “argument” for this con game goes like this: “these drug lords (it all started with the ‘war on drugs’ can get off scott free because they have all this illegally gotten drug money and can afford the best lawyers”, etc. and so on.

How many ways is this wrong? First, when it comes to some criminals, I get it. Everybody just knows they are guilty. The problem is, it’s not what anyone knows but what can be proven in a court of law. Yeah, it’s a bitch but that is the price for living in a free country. Now for my second, and possibly more serious objection:

They are rich so they can buy an acquittal, or the equivalent. This  damns our entire justice system. It is an outright admission that justice is NOT blind. Basically the rule of thumb is, you get the justice you can afford. This is not always true but ideally, it should never be true. We are so far from this ideal that I can safely say it is mostly true.

This needs to end. All of it. Lopsided justice is doomed to be with us for a while. It is not something that can be fixed easily. On the other hand, our rogue employees on the government tit can be dealt with. They just need to stop. The rules are plain enough. A search warrant needs probable cause. The standards and parameters are clearly defined. There is no need for any government employee to descend on most American homes with such overwhelming force as they have on so many, including former President Trump’s residence. If any agency truly believes they must, they had better  have some damn good evidence to support them and their actions need to be under heavy scrutiny. No more will an “oops!” justify outrageous actions. ALL federal employees and elected representatives need to be held accountable for their actions. Any so-called “exemptions” or other kinds of free passes need to be declared null and void. You’ve had your fun at our expense. The bill has come due.

Civil War II – Because We Can’t Vote Our Way Out of This – Oh REALLY? PART 1

If you landed here without first viewing part one, you can find it here. There  I confront the current discourse gaining steam in our nation, i.e. “we must have a civil war because we have no other choice.” Bunk. In part two below, I make my case on how we can peacefully exert our rights and duty as citizens to reclaim our nation.

Civil War II – Because We Can’t Vote Our Way Out of This – Oh REALLY? PART 2

The Myth of America

We all grew up being fed a pack of lies, as did our parents and their parents before them. When did all this deception start? At this point, I’m not convinced anyone can say for sure. Nor do I think it really matters. Let me ask you, if we could sniff out a trail leading to one individual who started us all on this false path to our nation’s ills, what then? Go find his grave and stomp on it? Dig up his bones and burn them? Don’t get upset ladies, almost assuredly the lies began with a man. In today’s world the “what” and the “how” is far more important than the “who” or the “when” so I’ll get to those right off.

The “how and what” is pretty simply really. The roots of this deception, this con game are our esteemed political parties. In particular, we can lay blame directly on our “two-party system” itself. Take a step back and look. Power in our nation, i.e. the authority to make laws and extract money from citizens has bounced from one party to another for over a century. While one party has dominated for decades, it really doesn’t matter whether they prevailed or the other party rose to the top. In order to consolidate and maintain power, either party has one and only one tool available – legislation. There is rarely little, if any, power to be gained by repealing laws. Thus to survive, to thrive, any and I do mean ANY political party must expand government authority. It follows that government authority can only be expanded at the expense of us citizens. For government to receive they must take our liberty and/or our wealth. Usually they take both.

The first deception is our system of government is based on a two-party system and thus making for a stable republic. As with most con games, this is partly true. For the most part our republic is somewhat (or has been) stable. This is due to the fact that both parties have the same agenda, to grow government. Thus it never matters which party is currently in power. They all want the same thing – more government.

The second deception occurs when they promote the idea that we citizens choose who represents us. Not only are our choices severely limited but most of those in office don’t represent their constituents at all! Early on in our history, savvy operators figured out they could put people in office to vote for what was then called “internal improvements”. Today they are more often called “government programs”. The scam works like this: some “problem” is identified and brought to public attention. Eventually a “solution” is proposed to “fix” the problem. Legislation is passed. Money, citizens’ money, is extracted to pay for the “solution”. Progress is made. What happens to the money? Well, here’s the thing. It always just so happens that those savvy operators are in a position to provide whatever is needed to implement the “solution”. They get the money and, of course, support those politicians who support the “solutions”. Money changes hands. Always. And it is always our money. Have you ever wondered how a lowly politician can retire a millionaire after a career dedicated to “public service”? Huh.

The third deception is the biggest deception of all. The politicians prime the money pumps by tossing pennies to us citizens. Just think of all those tax refunds people anxiously await every year. Refunds. As is giving back what was ours to begin with. Now, the political con artists have take this a step further. They play Robin Hood in a manner of speaking. They take from the middle class and give to the poor. Genius, really. Consider, those among the poorest, often the least educated in our nation who actually vote, well whom do you think they’ll cast their ballot for? That nasty fellow who never does anything for anyone or that nice gal who cares so much for the poor? The bottom line is the political grifters first gain a foothold, then solidify their power base by using our own money against us. To add insult to injury they inundate us with pleas to “contribute” to their reelection campaigns so they can continue to do the “good work” that they do.

It’s Time to End the Deceptions

Our Constitutional Republic is a gift from God Almighty. The two-party system is the man-made syringe used to inject the poison of politics – the very politics killing our nation today. Nowhere in our Constitution is the concept of political parties mentioned. Today, it is easy to see why. There is no point in blaming one party over another. Had the other party become dominant we would now face a different version of the corrupt government now standing before us.

This deception did not happen by accident. Just as the serpent deceived Eve in the garden, he has deceived us and in the process he’s absconded with much. I’ll stop far short of saying he has stolen our liberties, our God-given rights. The serpent, the devil, God’s adversary, cannot do that. Rather he’s obscured them, hid them, in an effort to make us believe they no longer exist. Of course this is nonsense.

This serpent did not stop at corrupting our Republic. He has infiltrated every aspect of our society and culture. Why else would the very existence of God be denied in every corner? Why else would even our spiritual leaders deny the truth of God’s Word, even to the point of denying the veracity of scripture itself? The attacks are brutal and on every front. What can we do? We can take a page from General Anthony McAuliffe:

“Men, we are surrounded by the enemy. We have the greatest opportunity ever presented an army. We can attack in any direction.”

We need not feel overwhelmed. Our enemy may have us surrounded but Almighty God not only stands between us and them but He also surrounds them! We only need to look to God for deliverance.

You’ve seen the horror movies where someone creates a monster they cannot control. We’ve done as much with our nation. The good news is, the framework for our nation remains mostly intact. God has not abandoned us. We have abandoned God. Therefore our first duty is to turn to God asking Him to deliver us.

Our enemy is evil, not stupid. Thus he has worked very hard to separate us from God and keep us separated. These attacks are intensifying. One only has to look around us to see this. God’s truth is first questioned. “Did He really say that?”. Then His truth is denied. “That can’t be true.” Finally, His very existence is renounced. “Nobody believes in those fables anymore!”.

Romans 1:25 who exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever.

Today, man puts his faith in “science”, at least when it is convenient. They seem to forget God created all natural laws and thus true science cannot deny God.

Genesis 1:27 God created man in his own image. In God’s image he created him; male and female he created them.

28 God blessed them. God said to them, “Be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth, and subdue it. Have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the sky, and over every living thing that moves on the earth.”

Genesis 2:24 Therefore a man will leave his father and his mother, and will join with his wife, and they will be one flesh.

Today we are swamped with countless “genders”. Transgenderism is all the rage. For all the huffing and puffing, they cannot change the science because the science is undeniable. Science can “transform” a man into a being that resembles a woman or a woman that resembles a man but such is as far as science can go. What of the other 157 (and counting) genders? Well, science seems to have its hands full just trying to negotiate the two defined in God’s Word.

Our nation will not, can not stand without God. Nor can we continue to exclude God Almighty from our lives. Rather, we need to recognize God’s gift of our Constitutional Republic and diligently seek out how God intended this gift be used to glorify Him. As with all of God’s gifts, He does not make this task difficult. God is everywhere and available at anytime. The first step in all of this is to simply go to God, not once or twice but continuously. Turning to God is not a one time thing. It’s not a “Sunday thing”, it is a constant thing.

Philippians 4:6 Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.

7 And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

8 Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

9 Those things, which ye have both learned, and received, and heard, and seen in me, do: and the God of peace shall be with you.

1 Thessalonians 5:17 Pray without ceasing.

18 In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

Ephesians 5:14 Wherefore he saith, Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light.

15 See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise,

16 Redeeming the time, because the days are evil.

17 Wherefore be ye not unwise, but understanding what the will of the Lord is.

18 And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit;

19 Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord;

20 Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ;

Yes, we can take our nation back and we certainly can vote our way out of this mess but we cannot succeed without God. The globalists know this. It is exactly why they go all out to banish God from our society. They’ve even infiltrated our churches and diluted His message in an effort to render God and His people ineffective. To top it all off, they’ve used our own freedoms against us and now they’ve done an about face trying to scam us again into believing nothing short of a Civil War will make things right. Who wants a Civil War? The globalists want it. It is their shortest path to total control either by weakening our Constitutional Republic or by assuming total control with a victory.

Deny them their triumph. Go to God. Speak the truth. Do your duty as a citizen by uniting to reclaim your local boards and sheriff’s office. Take your turn as a representative. Hold those who represent us accountable and be accountable yourself. We can do this.


Civil War II – Because We Can’t Vote Our Way Out of This – Oh REALLY? PART 1

Well, I got carried away again… or did I? In part one, I confront the current discourse gaining steam in our nation, i.e. “we must have a civil war because we have no other choice.” Bunk. In part two, I make my case on how we can peacefully exert our rights and duty as citizens to reclaim our nation.

Civil War II – Because We Can’t Vote Our Way Out of This – Oh REALLY? PART 1

Time and time again, I’ve heard this. “We can’t vote our way out of this.” Most often this alludes to some sort of violent solution. The most common solution is often referred to as Civil War II. Now wait just a gol darn minute.

First off, I contend that the first “Civil War” was not a civil war at all. The South did not “rise up” in order to overthrow any government. They opted out of the Union and formed their own government. It was an act entirely within their rights. If the first “Civil War” was indeed misrepresented then a Civil War II cannot rightfully be called such. However there is a much simpler reason for negating the idea of a “Civil War” in our Constitutional Republic. We are a nation of sovereign citizens, the idea that we can somehow “overthrow” ourselves is ludicrous. Now if a group of armed individuals descend on our nation’s capital and forcefully take command of our nation, well, that would be an actual insurrection. There is no constitutional provision for such an act and therefore the act itself would naturally be unconstitutional and therefore null and void.

At this point I can see some globalists and their leftist minions gleefully rubbing their hands (or their wrists if you are in Nancy Pelosi’s camp), jumping up and down, and pointing to the events of January 6, 2020. Calm yourselves, little ones. Nothing of the sort happened that day. Get over it. The fact is, your overzealousness in jailing hundreds of citizens for their alleged participation in those events has tainted the tree of justice. Since so many of those citizens have been outright denied due process, among other of their civil rights, it is now evident that none of them can rightfully be held and they should all be set free. I still advocate for reparations granted to them for ruining their lives. This does not mean that the actual perpetrators of the J6 chaos should not be brought to justice. To my knowledge none of the true villains have been charged, much less tried so true justice awaits. Now back to our regularly scheduled essay.

It is sad to say that even among us so-called “conservatives” there are those who can only see a violent ending to the strife we are experiencing today. For the record and lack of a better term, I refer to myself as a “constitutionalist”. Our constitution is the law of our land and thus the foundation of our nation. To date we’ve built erratically upon this foundation and the entire structure is in danger of falling into itself. The good news is, even if this should happen, we still have a sound foundation. It upon this foundation where we citizens must restructure our nation. Many haphazard constructs need to be torn down. If Rube Goldberg ever built a house, it would resemble our nation today. This is the very source of our problems today.

Consider, for a moment, what a “Civil War” would do. It would wreak havoc and destruction. It would bring death. It would destroy the fabric of our nation and could well mark the end of it entirely. Such a war would necessarily and ironically be fought between two camps, both claiming the desire to “save the nation”. One camp would consist of the usurpers, the globalists – those holding power and so-called “authority”. These same elitists have deceived many of our citizens claiming their seats by legitimate and legal means. The other camp would be populated by the dissenters. Those who realize the truth of who the usurpers really are. These citizens have been conned into believing the usurpers hold all the cards save one… violence. Stuck between the two camps are the masses. Most are innocent and confused as to whom to believe. The lies sold to them vary widely as they are custom-fitted to slip easily into their chosen lifestyle.

In the end, the globalists are likely to win no matter what. If they can muster the firepower to overwhelm the patriots then their victory would be outright. More likely there would be an extended conflict much like what the world witnessed in Afghanistan. It would take years. Meanwhile the countryside would be decimated. Should the patriots emerge victorious, either in the short or long term, what then? First note the physical damage to the nation’s infrastructure would likely be extensive. The leaders who would rise up from the ashes would be those who were the most effective battle commanders. Certainly there could be one or a handful of political-type leaders who could step up to take the helm. Great. What would happen next? Would our current constitution be re-established? Elections held? Would we the people demand a new constitution? Or would certain among the victors demand such and expect everyone else to go along? And then maybe we could have more elections? And here we go again. How long before we’d be right back where we started?

We Voted Our Way Into This Mess

Now let me ask you. Why CAN’T we vote our way out of this mess? Isn’t voting how we got into this pickle to begin with? Were not ALL our elected officials voted into office? (Okay, I’ll give you Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and maybe a few others should we really dig into the issue of election frauds.) WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO INSTEAD OF VOTING? Other than elections, we have kings and dictators and anarchy. Right up front, I will say there are those who make a pretty decent case for anarchy or the idea of having no government at all. While this might be attractive in theory, I believe anarchy has inherent flaws just as communism has inherent flaws. In the case of communism, the major flaw lies within the very premise. If everyone enjoys an equal result regardless of any efforts made, most will only put for minimum effort. In short, why work if I can not work and still eat? As for anarchy the major flaw again stems from human nature. There are those among us who naturally tend to assume control. These will rise until they control far more than their own homes. Thus I see some sort of government as necessary to assure the rights of all citizens are equally protected. I have yet to see a more efficient and viable concept than a constitutional republic. The problem with our own, as I see it, is we citizens failed to step up and do our duty to hold those we elect accountable. In short, we fell asleep at the wheel and now the bus is hurtling off a cliff.

If you don’t get anything else out of this essay, get this. We voted our way into this mess. Think about it. The question I’d think would be most on our minds is “HOW”? How did we manage to vote ourselves into this mess. While it is true we citizens have been asleep at the wheel and are indeed ultimately responsible, we had help. Lots and lots of help. Short and sweet – we’ve all been conned. Big time. In our own defense, this con game has been played on us all long before we were born.


They Get It – Managed Dehumanization Article

The gist of this article, as I see it, really says what I’ve been saying all along: the globalists are moving forward with a concerted effort to control our nation. Chances are pretty good, the author, Auron MacIntyre, says it better.

Either way the goal is the same, centralized control of us all. While Mr. MacIntyre’s focus is primarily the US of A, it is easy to see what happens once they’ve got us securely under their thumb. Centralization cannot be complete until everything is controlled from one convenient location.

“Every ruling class needs a way to secure power and justify that power to the masses”

The one term I cringe at is one we all seem to have come to accept: “ruling class”. Hey! This is America… remember? We citizens ARE the ruling class. Why then, do we so readily accept the idea that “the elites” somehow have some right to lord it over us? It’s conditioning folks. We need to shrug it off.

The article is below:

Managed Dehumanization

That’s How They Nailed Capone

That’s How They Nailed Capone

Will they be coming for you next?

Ever since the “Inflation Reduction Act” was pushed through Congress, one of the most startling details provided for in this heinous crapola of legislative fraud is for adding some 87,000 new IRS agents. It gets worse. Soon after the IRS posted this to fill the new job openings.

While they quickly removed the above ad, the horse was out of the barn. We know. Many of us are still reeling from the idea. Why arm agents? Why insist they be willing to use deadly force? What the muck is going on here? But wait! It gets worse.

Kentucky US Representative Thomas Massie posted this video.

Don’t laugh. As comical as this group is (such as what qualifies as a “level of fitness necessary to effectively respond to life-threatening situations on the job.), at the very end you hear the words “you are under arrest for conspiracy”. Conspiracy? Really? Whom are they conspiring with? Most people either do their own taxes or hire a tax preparer. Surely some employ other professionals such as possibly a CPA or a bookkeeper. With the exception of a bookkeeper whose background can range from a neighbor who is good with figures to a certified public accountant, most of these are licensed with extensive professional education and training. So, IRS Commissioner Charles P. Reddig, please tell me… just who do YOU think is conspiring to evade paying “their fair share” of taxes? In case anyone forgot the distinction, “tax avoidance” is the perfectly legal and acceptable practice of paying as little tax as possible under the United States Tax Code, while “tax evasion” is illegally hiding taxable income and as such, is punishable by law. I might add that even “tax evasion” is considered a “white collar crime” and as such, non-violent. Thus it begs the question: why would armed enforcement be necessary?

Now let’s back up just a bit. Not too long ago there was a whirlwind of discussion about the IRS accessing bank accounts with more than $600. The message was clear – nobody is to escape the watchful eye of the IRS. Then the whole thing kind of blew over. Crickets. What happened?

It seems the IRS quietly implemented a modified form of this proposal. It’s referred to as the $600 rule. For the time being, it only applies to payments from vendors where citizens collect money. Think eBay. That’s right. Now if you sell your great grandmother’s cameo on eBay for $600 or more – or for that matter, your old school lunchbox, that extra wrench set and your prized Poke-e-Mon game over 11 months for a total of $600 or more, the IRS gets notified and that “income” may be taxable. (I am not a tax professional and I am not, in any way shape or form, offering tax advice.) And if you don’t report it? Who knows? You might find the IRS “revenue enforcement team” knocking down your door. (Note. I made the term “revenue enforcement team” up.)

Revisiting the ad posting above, the IRS has been scrambling to soften the impact of this ad. After it was hastily removed. Now the ad is back. They are explaining it by saying the ad was for a small “Criminal Investigation” unit and indeed they are required to carry weapons and use deadly force “if necessary”. The question remains, when, exactly might it be necessary to use deadly force, even when apprehending a tax “criminal”? Let’s consider a scenario or two.

Someone is suspected of cheating on their taxes. Maybe they’ve accumulated hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in gold coins from nefarious sources in order to hide this income from the tax collectors. Should it really be necessary to bear down on this sap with loaded weaponry? Or maybe an agent stumbles upon a rabid anti-government tax protester who is actually armed to the teeth and bunkered down. Really. Tell me. Whatchagonnado? Get real. Your going to call in a heavily armed and armored SWAT-type team to take this ruffian down. Either way, there ain’t no need to Ramboize any IRS agents. In fact, I’m leaning heavily towards the idea of disarming ALL feds. Every. Single. One. If they need to use lethal force, they can call the local Constitutional Sheriff. They should be calling the sheriff anyway so let them handle the rough stuff. Chances are one of the sheriff’s deputies had coffee a couple of stools down from this guy just the other day.

Even the AP news service got into the act. Of course, I wonder if they’re propagandizing the party line at the behest of the IRS or if they’re spinning this on their own dime. Either way, they seem to be going waaaay out of their way to put this fire out. Consider the screenshot below:

Unless and until they move it, you can find the article here. Notice that in order to justify their assessment as “false” they state the claim is “ALL” new employees will have to meet the stated job requirements. I, for one, never saw a single post claiming such. The focus was entirely on the details of the job posting itself. I doubt if anyone would buy the idea that all of these tax jockeys would be armed. Surely there were some who love to sensationalize such stuff but again, get real. Spinning this stuff does nothing to alleviate the actual creepiness of what our government employees are up to.

As with everything else said employees do, they often show their hands early, back off, and then quietly put their plans into play. Why do it this way? Figure this: when anyone hears about these things six months or so from now, they’ll remember this blip in the news (and that is all this will be), and think, “yeah, I remember hearing about that – old news.). Huh. How can I say this with such certainty? The proof is in the pudding. Or have you already forgotten the $600 rule?

Of course, today, it’s just digital payments and such. No big deal… right? What about cash transactions? What about that gal with the “perpetual yard sale” in front of her house? How much profit is she making? Is she paying her “fair share”? And the rule expands to include cash deposits – not just “cash deposits of $600 or more” oh no, that would be too easy to circumvent. Better make it any account with cash deposits totaling $600 or more in a calendar year.

No need to worry. Trust the IRS. They’ll make sure everybody pays their fair share… or else.

Contrary to Common Belief – Our Government LOVES Firearms

What they hate is firearms in the hands of citizens.

Just yesterday, KrisAnne Hall posted this video detailing efforts to beef up the IRS by more than doubling their numbers. She also explored a screenshot she received of an apparent ad for new IRS agents.

According to Ms. Hall, this ad has since been removed. However the horse has already escaped. Many people ask why? Why do IRS agents need to be armed? Why does the IRS need an additional 80,000 plus new agents?

After talking to my resident tax expert, I’m reminded the IRS apparently does not have sufficient personnel to answer phones in a timely manner. What is certain is they do NOT answer phones in a timely manner, not now, certainly not during “tax season”. This point aside, the other question remains to be answered – why arm IRS agents and why insist they be willing to use deadly force?

Again I’ll refer to my tax expert. Her clients are average citizens. An overwhelming majority (greater than the majority of Washington D C voters who voted for Biden) only see my tax expert during tax filing system. They bring their income and expense paperwork and she sorts it all out and files it. All any of them want to do is pay what the government says they owe. That’s it. For those few with mistakes on their return, they are quick to try to resolve them. None of them want to muck with the IRS. Not one even considers an agent might be armed and willing to use deadly force. They simply don’t want any trouble.

So let me restate the question: WHY arm IRS agents? I can think of one reason and one reason only: someone wants to intimidate the living hell out of taxpaying citizens. There are no hoards of tax “criminals” defying the IRS, daring them to “come and take it”. Surely one might be able to identify a handful of such people, but from my experience and observation, even those most adamantly opposed to income tax – the “tax is theft” crowd – pose no threat worthy of armed intervention. They just don’t.

Contrast this to those “representatives” bent on stripping American citizens of our right to keep and bear arms. These are the same crazed fanatics who have no problem at all arming just about anyone carrying a government employee ID. Thus my contention – these gun control nuts don’t hate guns. Not at all. They happily arm the IRS, the United States Postal Service, and the Library of Congress to name a few. For a more complete list try here. Not to mention those who have their own private security teams, all armed to the teeth. Not only that but there are few, if any, restrictions barring Federal law enforcement personnel from carrying fully automatic weapons. That’s right. The very same weapons a citizens must apply and pay for a special permit to own are readily available to certain Feds. No permit required.

What’s more is all those restrictions the average citizen must face about where one can and cannot carry a firearm typically does not apply to those carrying with a government ID as part of their job. Flash the right badge and get a free pass just about anywhere.

One can only conclude these gun control fanatics are exactly as advertised. They don’t want to ban guns at all. What they do want is to control who can and who cannot have a firearm. And that means you and me. Unless, of course, we are able to secure “proper” government employment. Granted, at this point, such courtesy to wield firearms (and just about anyplace at that) also extends to local law enforcement. As I said, at this point. I fully expect that should the gun control fanatics ever get their way, they will then begin to eat away at local law enforcement privileges until only those blessed by the federal elites will carry the Platinum Pass. In the Bond movies it was called the “license to kill”. I’m not so sure how far off that description really is.

In light of all this, let us consider just one federal agency and their actions of late – the FBI. The news is still packed with details on the FBI raid on former President Trump’s home Mar-a-Lago. While the actual number of agents participating in the raid varies, the figure I heard most was 30 agents, so let’s go with that. Think about that, thirty armed federal employees descending on the private home of the former President of the United States ostensibly to collect 15 boxes of papers. They must have been some massive boxes if it takes two FBI agents to tote one box out. Maybe one would carry the box while the other carried two fully automatic firearms? I can only guess. Also note that per my information, those boxes were carried to Mar-a-Lago by GSA employees, likely the few federal employees not authorized to carry firearms… yet. But wait! That’s not all!

James O’Keefe of Project Veritas faced federal firearms as the FBI searched his apartment looking for Ashley Biden’s diary. Roger Stone was led out of his home in the wee hours in the morning, in handcuffs by fully armed FBI agents. Rudy Giuliani was also subjected to an armed FBI raid. These are just the individuals I can name off the top of my head. What do they all have in common? None of those targeted were known to be violent. The ostensible reasons for the raids themselves were relatively mild. Mostly they were after papers and/or electronically stored files. The only danger anyone faced was from the armed law enforcement personnel themselves.

Back to the raid on Trump’s home, indeed if Trump had actually been present, there may well have been armed individuals to consider in the form of our own Secret Service, the federal agency charged with protecting former Presidents. So the question is… did the FBI expect to be fired upon by Secret Service agents? Was the FBI prepared to shoot those protecting Trump? Is one government agency at war with one or more other government agencies? So why show up with lethal force?

On Second Thought, Maybe Gun Control Is a Good Idea

I am being totally serious here. It’s time to rethink gun control. Some of you are not going to like it. Not one bit. However there is simply too much at stake here. I’m talking about the lives of citizens here, both us private citizens and those employed by the federal government. I also think we should seriously consider gun control on the state and maybe even the local level. There are simple too many guns out there and they need to be scaled back.

To that end, I propose we simply ban guns from most federal agencies. Instead, I’m suggesting we consolidate most of the duties requiring guns to a single agency. Now, granted, I do see some specific areas were firearms would be necessary such as border patrol agents and within the fish and wildlife service. For the rest, they should depend on a single agency should they need to execute a warrant. This same agency could provide armed security for those agencies who need it. Other agencies, particularly those that are mostly regulatory, need not be armed at all. Arrests would be the duty of the armed agency and they should be required to work in conjunction with the local sheriff. The FBI should be forever banned from ever raiding another citizen at their home or business or anywhere else for that matter. I see their role as one of support rather then enforcement. Let them do what they are best known for, collecting and analyzing evidence.

Granted, this is a bold, new concept so it may take some getting used to but why not? Instead of a mishmash of federally employees running around armed potentially shooting at anything that moves, we can replace them with a single well-trained agency charged with protecting agents and citizens alike. They need not worry about being distracted by investigating crimes and collecting evidence. They would only be called upon when circumstances are deemed dangerous. As such, woe to the agent who calls in “The Calvary” to take down a 90 year-old grandmother with one too many pot plants in her garden.

Gone would be the wild-eyed agent who draws at the slightest hint of resistance. More to the point, gone would be the federal office that shows up armed to the teeth to apprehend a meek septuagenarian whose only “crime” is defying one or more politicians. No, this agency would be far to professional for that, the stakes too high. What agent would want to be booted from such service? To add teeth to such a threat, any agent dismissed from this agency would be barred from federal service. This may seem harsh but I see it as an incentive to keep one’s nose squeaky clean.

Put this way, I can almost see the fanatics’ love for gun control. It’s invigorating. How refreshing it would it be to face a federal employee knowing full well s/he cannot gun me down should I say or do something unpleasing to the agent? How comforting is the thought of walking into any government office without taking one’s life in one’s hands? Why… it would almost be like government really is there to help.

Independence Day and Beyond and a new substack article

Okay, okay, first things first – I posted an article “Happy Independence Day” on substack July 4th in lieu of Tuesday’s regular article. What I didn’t do (obviously) is post a link here, as well as elsewhere. While it is still relevant, it is not exactly timely. So gripe if you want to.

Next up – Prepare for yet another attack on our G0d-given rights.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s well past time for some common sense politician control. Seriously (apparently Kameltoe’s word of the day), who died and made these politicians God anyhow? Of course, I refer to the knee-jerk, fully-automatic, military-style rhetoric spewing from the mouth of every socialist authoritarian politician concerning the now infamous shooting at Highland Park, Illinois.

No, I will not go into the well-word details on the number of dead (God rest their souls and be with their families), the kook behind the trigger, the media madness or any of the rest of the circus spontaneously combusting from this tragic event. Instead I’ll laser focus on the aftermath.

As with Las Vegas, Buffalo, Uvade, or any number of like tragedies, do not expect to see a forensic evaluation of what exactly happened from me or anyone else, including, or especially law enforcement. You might see a great deal of speculation about the involvement of nefarious organizations, including some tax-payer funded entities. It has already been reported the FIBs knew about this kook. I’ll leave it at that.

Back to the aftermath, we all know what’s coming. Already, the announcements are inundating the airwaves and cyberspace. It won’t be long before a slew of bills are introduced or dusted off. I already posted on the substact article Here We Are… Again (kinda eerily prophetic, ain’t it?) about HR127. That bill is Sheila Jackson Lee’s legislative gun control vibrator, sure to bring the entire left to new orgasmic heights should it ever pass.  Believe it or don’t there are other, even more sensual bills waiting in the wings.

To date, Virginias Nick Freitas said it best before the Virginia Assembly back in 2018 (okay it only seems prophetic but really it only seems that way because the authoritarians have nothing new at all to add to their playbook.)

He first came to my attention when he gave another speech, one I feel was even more powerful because he stated unequivocally that the controllers only want one thing… more control.

Mark Robinson – now NC’s Lt. Governor – spoke for the majority, i.e. law abiding citizens here:

The authoritarians, the gun controllers have nothing new, but that doesn’t stop them. Nothing will stop them until  WE stop them cold and tell them NO! Our rights are God-given and you cannot have them.

They have no authority to take them.

Our rights – ALL of our rights – are not only God-given but we hold them in trust. It is OUR duty to preserve them.

The controllers only want control, control they have no right to. They are usurpers. They are thieves and liars. They are evil and we cannot stand for it.

It is time for common sense politician control. We the People need to take back the reins from these sycophants who lay at the feet of their masters, those money-men who bought them.

We need to put people on office who will represent us. They are rarely to be found in any political party. I’d say men such as Nicolas Freitas and Mark Robinson are the exception rather than the rule. We need more willing to stand up and be heard as they have.