Bob Good – John McGuire Virginia 5th Congressional District Primary – June 18th 2024: The Decision


Recently I posted concerning Donald J. Trump’s endorsement of John McGuire over Bob Good for Virginia’s 5th Congressional District. This is my district. As of now Bob Good is my congressman, so I’m taking this seriously – VERY seriously.

That said, I’m sticking with Bob Good. He has my vote for this primary. I won’t go far as to call this an “endorsement” – not because I hesitate to do so but my opinion is that of another mere citizen. As such it should hold no more weight than this. Besides this, I doubt if any endorsement from me would do Bob Good any, well, good.

As I stated before, I have a couple of issues with Mr. Good. After contacting his office via his website and official “contact” form, I received no response. None. This is bad. Not just for me but for any constituent. Secondly, he needs to get on the ball concerning the J6 political prisoners. All they can do is suffer unimaginable horrors while most us go about our daily lives without giving them a thought.

As for Trump’s issues with Bob Good, well, sure I understand his problem but he’s also forgiven others for much worse than endorsing his rival. I saw the video MTG posted and Bob made sense. At some point I was giving DeSantis some consideration myself. I stopped short of any idea of voting for him but I was warming to the idea of him in the VP slot. Paul Ryan’s endorsement stopped that idea cold.

All in all, Bob Good is a solid conservative as far as I can see but I wanted another opinion. Then I realized I could try to reach out to someone I’ve come to respect. Nick Freitas.

If the name doesn’t ring a bell, he is a member of Virginia’s House of Delegates. In fact he represents the district where I once lived – Culpeper ,VA. I’ve written about him before. He stood tall while speaking against gun control in the House. He stood for citizens during the 2A Sanctuary movement. In fact he is the ONLY Virginia representative who joined citizens as they swarmed county board meetings in support of 2A Sanctuary resolutions in my memory. Beyond that, he famously won a write-in campaign for his Delegate seat when a paperwork snafu bumped him from the official ballot.

So I reached out on a Twitter dm and he replied. Note, I warned him in advance that I might post his response on this blog with his permission. After he responded, I asked for and was granted said permission. Here is what Nick Freitas had to say…

Hello Andrew.

I have endorsed Bob Good. I think Bob is a very genuine conservative and he stands by his word, which goes a long way with me. In Congress I am looking for people who are willing to risk everything to stand up for what they believe in, even if it means standing against your own leadership at times.

I have known John McGuire for some time. John ran against me in a primary once. He accused me of being a “California liberal” and a “swamp creature,” despite the fact that I have always had a better voting record than him. He also likes to claim that he had the convention “stolen” from him despite the fact that I won all 3 rounds. I know that sounds personal, but the bottom line is, I have a problem with a guy who tells you he is going to run a clean race, because we’re friends, and then as soon as it becomes obvious that he is behind in the polls, he starts lying about you because he wants to win.

While it was all good, what really stood out was John McGuire’s accusations. Nick Freitas is anything but a “California liberal” and certainly not a “swamp creature” as far as I can tell. In fact those very accusations mirror exactly the globalist tactic of accusing one’s opponents of those things they are doing themselves. This as much confirmed what I previously learned about McGuire being hand-picked by Keven McCarthy.

By the way, didn’t Trump also endorse and stand firmly behind Kevin McCarthy?

We all know The Donald is not perfect. Who amongst us is? Why, then, do we expect perfection from Bob Good? I don’t. That said, I do support his bid for re-election to the House of Representatives and, should he be successful, I will then earnestly take him to task about those issues I brought up.

However, should you win, Mr. McGuire, take notice, your own words and actions have dropped your trust level a few notches on my scale. Thus you will be subject to even greater scrutiny from me. No matter who wins this nomination, I expect you to fully represent this district – not your political cronies.