The Trump Conviction – Is This The Last Straw?

By now you either heard the news or are still lounging under some rock. Donald J. Trump was convicted on all 36 counts in his NY trail. I cannot say I was just a little shocked by this. A small part of me held out some smidgenof hope that, being New Yorkers, they would reject the BS and find him NOT guilty. That they all overwhelmingly voted to convict is more than a little disconcerting. Had they returned with some sort of mixed verdict, I would not been at all surprised. With my personal reaction out of the way, on retrospect, I’m thinking this is the second best outcome Trump could have hoped for.

A not guilty verdict on all counts would have been stellar, if maybe a few steps into fantasyland. So why is an all-in guilty of every damn thing almost as good or possibly better?

This verdict reeks of bias. Certainly the whole monkey trial wallowed in it but the climax – this guilty of everything verdict – clearly demonstrates just how warped the system is. There are enough real lawyers covering this case – Levin, Turley, Terrell, and a host of others to detail the legal specifics. None of my opinions can be said to carry weight as anything other than a lay citizen. What I can and will say is the abuses of the law and the legal system is plain enough for any common citizen to see and it’s hung out in the open like some old lady’s bloomers. One can only miss it by refusing to look that way. As such this travesty of justice is undeniable by anyone who is honest with themselves enough to refuse to be blinded by the mountain of facts and evidence.

Yes three are those who refuse to shed their ignorance or even glance at truths glaring at them. They fall into the “casting pearls at swine” category. While I’ll pray for God to be gracious and open their eyes, I suspect most first rejected even Him. As Stephen said as he was being stoned “Lord, forgive them for they know not what they do.”

For the rest of us, how can anyone see the truth of what happened here and not be incensed? Or scared beyond measure? Here is a man who, just three short years ago was the most powerful human being on the planet. He is popular with a massive segment of our nation. He is wealthy almost beyond measure and has such has access to resources greater than most any citizen. And yet he was convicted in a sham trial on bogus charges and rendered more or less helpless. Even his own defense lawyer was subdued according to one legal expert. In light of this, how can any of us common citizens stand against such forces? The fact is, we could not, can not. Ask any J6 political prisoner… if you can.

Is this America? Is this OUR America? I should hope not, but if not, where are we as Americans? How can we stand for this? Or rather how can wesit on our duffs and simply watch it all happen. It is akin to watching our nation burn to the ground before our eyes while ignoring the buckets of water at our sides.

Now you know as well as I, should either of us take up that bucket and throw it on the burning heap, the flames will instantly vaporize it. True that, BUT if many of us take up buckets and use them to douse the flames we would then stand a chance of beating back the conflagration. Should enough of us do the same we can put this fire out.

This, my friends, is the principle behind standing up and making our votes count come November. My vote will not put out this fire. Neither will yours, but our votes, combined with enough of our fellow citizens can not only beat back the flames but, given a large enough contingent, we can smother this fire entirely. Then we can begin to repair the damage and rebuild our nation. We can restore the rule of law while removing all sources of flammable materials.

Haven’t you had enough? Haven’t you seen enough? Stop asking what anyone can possibly do. Look. The answer is staring you in the face. Stop complaining about “the government”. WE ARE “the government”. WE are a self-governing, constitutional republic. WE have the power. WE have the authority. All we need do now is invoke what is already ours.

Our power and authority is invoked through our vote. Do not discount this. Do not despise it. Such is yet another deception of our enemies. As the Apostle Paul stated, “we have this treasure in earthen vessels so the power is of God, not of men.”

Your vote holds exactly as much power and authority as mine. OUR power combined is greater than any other singe vote. The more citizens who use their authority in agreement, the more powerful our votes become. God never intended for any one individual to wield great power over any other in our nation. Such power was never intended to be corralled by any single group… or by any “two-party system” where said power is tag-teamed by separate groups intent on one thing – the accumulation of more power.

We do not need any political party to dictate what is in our hearts. We already know. For now we can nullify these political parties simply by monumentally overwhelming the polls in November. We DO need MASSIVE numbers to shake the very foundations of these parties. Once we’ve got their attention, we can show them WE are THEIR bosses. How can we do this? Will we have to join together, form committees or other groups and beat the bushes for voters?

We can do these things. Certainly some of us will. In fact some are already doing them. However my own vision is that of individuals. By nature, I am not a “joiner” myself so I understand. Those times when I have joined one organization or another I found to be somewhat consuming. We all lead busy lives. I get that. To that end I came up with a different approach – “Vote Like a Boss” featuring T-shirts and accessories designed to grab attention, encourage conversations, and evoke on-the-spot action to register new voters. I added groups for each of the 43 states now offering online voter registration. Every product sports a QR code linking to the state-specific online voter registration page. But there’s more..

After this, I designed “Citizen Action Memes” – again one for each of those 43 states. These meme’s are meant to be posted online to encourage citizens to register (and of course vote). While they are best suited for social media pages visited mostly by citizens in certain locations, these can be posted anywhere such memes are accepted. These can also be stored on your cell phone, allowing anyone with a cell phone and internet access to scan and register to vote – assuming they are legally qualified. All Citizen Action Memes are offered free of charge.

The bottom line is you can do a little or do a lot – the choice is yours. If you don’t care for my ideas, feel free to join the group of your choosing or start your own. What matters most is becoming motivated to take action.

If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

If you are not yet convinced, please tell me, what is it gonna take? Surely you can smell the smoke. You can see the flames. Are you really willing to let our nation burn to the ground? Do you have a better plan? I’m all ears. Meanwhile, please, PLEASE consider making an effort to win one, JUST ONE new voter. Each one win one. We can do this.