Guess Who Is Coming to Town? It Ain’t Santa!

Recent airwaves, at least those directed at more liberty-loving ears, are filled with the latest threat from the DOJ to sick the FBI on the nation’s most bone-chilling threat to national security we have faced to date: soccer moms. Before you assume this post is taking any of this lightly, allow me to put that idea to rest. This is truly serious stuff, even more so than today’s pundits are saying. Bear with me.

This controversy is a meaty one. Of course, it all centers around local school boards and the plethora of parents scrutinizing and openly voicing their opinions concerning those things the schools are subjecting our children to. It’s about time. If you’ve been paying attention you’ve seen some heated comments from parents. Those are the ones that get the attention. There are also dozens of statements, caught on video, that are calmly, reasonably and effectively argued. And I’ve seen at least one incident where a citizen was dragged out of the room bodily. By law enforcement. Wait. What? That’s right. I’ve seen at least one video where law enforcement was involved in order to remove a citizen forcefully. Near as I can tell, no one was shot, beaten or injured in the event. What happened afterwards is anyone’s guess. However this does bring me to the the next point.

Much ado has been made over “threats” against public servants, as referenced in USAG Merrick Garland’s directive to the FBI. He states “threats against public servants are not only illegal, they run counter to our nation’s core values.”. Um, okay. Question. Aren’t you the same Merrick Garland who was nominated for the Supreme Court of the United States? I mean you actually went to law school and passed  a bar exam and all that… right? Well, excuse me, but I’m just an ordinary ignorant citizen with no formal “legal” background at all, but even I know “threats” are illegal. And, unlike your supposition that “public servants” belong to some privileged class warranting extra special care and attention, my own inkling includes some weird notion that all citizens should expect equal protection under the law. So with that reasoning, I’d say a threat is a threat and should be dealt with as such regardless of who is being threatened.

Now, lemme tell you, threats don’t get much, if any, action from law enforcement. Don’t believe me? Why not asked the multitude of battered spouses and girlfriends who have begged and pleaded for protection from law enforcement by, well, enforcing the law. Ask them how great all those “orders of protection” worked. Don’t bother to ask the dead ones. As a matter of fact, go to Austin, TX, call up the police and report a threat. (No, don’t do that unless it is true because a false police report is illegal too.) My point is, according to recent revelations, you won’t get a response. Period. Per Austin PD current policy.

What is not being said or discussed is the total unconstitutionality of Garland’s memo. Once again, I do so hate to appear to be schooling a legal expert who should know better but, Merrick, please, a threat from one local person to another is a local issue, not a federal issue. I realize you probably don’t want to be told this but it is none of your business. Really. If fact, many legal scholars far more learned than myself (as if I know anything at all) legal scholars who, like yourself, have done the whole law school / bar exam things, contend that actual law enforcement is a local issue. It is the purview of the county Sheriff, not the FBI or any other federal agency. Go fish.

Now  let’s get down to the nitty gritty. The controllers have no intention of stopping at school boards. Their real fear is the awesome power unleashed as particularly here in Virginia in December 2021 when the 2A Sanctuary movement swept through the commonwealth like wildfire. Their real intent is to send a message. “Shut up and do what you’re told or else.”

I suggest we take this warning to heart. They mean business. Our own response should be two-fold. First, let us again gather at our county seats again (and again and again) to make our voices heard. And second, when the Feds surround us full force we take a page from history i.e. General Anthony McAuliffe acting division commander of the 101st Airborne Division troops defending Bastogne, Belgium, during World War II’s Battle of the Bulge, famous for his single-word reply of “Nuts!” in response to a German surrender ultimatum.