About The Liberty Coalition

After months of waffling, the El Paso / Dayton shootings kick-started me into starting this site after months of thinking about it. Originally, the plan was a central place for links to liberty-minded websites. This grew out of two things:

    1. I kept finding myself hunting down my regular sites to get the links to others I wanted to visit. Yes, there are other ways to do this but I like the simplicity of having one page with links to sites I want to keep up on or just visit occasionally.
    2. That search engine. You know the one I mean. Their leftist hoards are bent on keeping people from seeking liberty. I thought it would be nice to have someplace providing “one stop shopping” if you will.

That “kick-start” gave birth to another idea – we need to stand our ground if we want to keep what liberties we have and push if we want to gain back what we’ve lost… and we’ve lost a lot.

With these things in mind, The Liberty Coalition was begun. Only time will tell whether anyone will stand with me and what we can accomplish together. This site begins as a “one man show”. If anything will come of this – it will depend heavily on those seeking liberty – like you.

Thank you for stopping by. Please stay a while – look around. This is all about liberty so comments, questions, even criticism, for the most part is welcome. Just remember as you enjoy the freedom to speak your mind – I have the freedom to shut you down – at least on these pages.

God bless,


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