I STAND for Liberty!

I STAND to Claim the Blessings of Liberty – Who Stands With Me?

Right now I am calling on all Liberty Patriots – especially you who claim Christ as Lord and Savior to stand with me as I claim our blessings of liberty.

The founding fathers of our constitutional republic established a nation based on liberty. The politicians and their handlers have stolen our liberty.

They seize our wealth. They waste precious resources while enriching themselves and their handlers. Then they borrow more on our credit to spend even more. They oppress us with mountains of useless laws – choking off our liberties “for our own protection”. They act as our benefactors and overlords even though they are the ones who gain. They were all charged with representing us. They are not our leaders they were elected to represent our interests – not their own interests – not the interest of their handlers.

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It is time to Stand and Declare ENOUGH!

Begin here.

Stand up and declare:

“I STAND for Liberty!”

Declare it to yourself. Declare it to your family. Declare it to the world. This is the beginning.

Add your name to the comments below to make public your stand. I will send the first ten Liberty Patriots an item from The Liberty Coalition Store.

From here, I urge you to declare your stand to your representatives.

Place a “I STAND for Liberty!” window sticker on the windows of your cars, home and your place of work or business. Wear a “I STAND for Liberty!” T-shirt. Put a sign on your lawn. I care not whether obtain materials from TheLibertyCoalition.org website or you make your own – though any usage of this message is for personal, not commercial use.

You may already know, I detest social media, including the also known as FB. I will break my own silence here and declare my own stand on social media. I encourage you to share this as you see fit. Our liberty is that important!

My goal is to reach every citizen in this nation who holds liberty dear.

Please join me now Stand for Liberty! Start by adding your name to the comments below!

Andy Havens


UPDATE: The page above garnered several reactions. Some of you stood up. God bless you! Also, God bless those of you who declined for one reason or another. I also want to address certain questions, comments and concerns, public and private. If you are one of those who spoke up, do not expect to be quoted. Instead I’ll try to address what I understood you to say.

First, about the adding your name to the comments below – a couple of issues came up. One was a concern about showing support here only to strongly disagree with what I might say later on and wish to remove your name. I have no problem with that. I’ll remove anyone’s name for any reason or no reason at all if you simply request it. I’ll also remove your email information if you wish, as some question about whether I could be forced to hand over a list. While surely I would vigorously resist such an effort, I cannot speculate what depths someone might sink to. Better to not have something to give, so if you are concerned, just ask. For the record, I do not for a moment think removing one’s name from this list will have any effect at all. As we do not know how extensive or how rabid the information gatherers are – what they are truly capable of, we cannot be certain what lists we are on already. I can assure you I am on several and I am more diligent than most about privacy.

Another concern is whether this effort will bear fruit. I do not know. Is this something of God or not? While I’d like to think it is, I’ve been wrong before. Even if it is of God – if He has led me to this place right now and I am doing exactly as He wishes – none of that means I will attain the results I expect. My efforts may be but a wisp of vapor in the bucket.

Someone else commented about it being fine to be active online but unless you are actively building relationships in your community – what are you really accomplishing? I agree. As such I encourage you to take this idea to those around you. One goal here is to awaken you concerning your liberty – and the liberty of those around you. It is one reason why I’m offering the decals, the apparel and other items. Be bold in your stand! This stand you’re taking – it is not an end-all, be-all, it is simply a part of your overall efforts. Recognize what we’ve been gifted with, claim it, act on it. When someone says “such and such should be regulated” challenge it! WHY should it be regulated? Don’t just ask why taxes are being raised – ask why this money is being spent. Dig a bit. I guarantee you, there is not a single budget proposed or passed that is not loaded with unneeded expenditures. Some budgets shouldn’t exist at all! I’ll give you a hint, “Economic Development”. The best way any governmental body could spur economic development is to step back and get the heck out of the way!

I do not see any “ground swelling” of liberty-minded efforts sweeping the country. I can’t say I wouldn’t love to see as much but really, it ain’t likely to happen. Right now, I’d say the most important aspect of this is awareness. If more and more people simply lift their heads to wonder where our freedoms went – it’s a start.

Finally, none of this is about me or this site. This site is here as a convenience. It is a resource. I’m collecting links to other sites so we all have a place to possibly find something that inspired us or find someone who inspires us. I would also like to build in resources for those who want to do more – offer a product or a service, voice their thoughts, spread a word. Yes, I will push for my perspective on liberty. Yes, I send out a call to action from time to time. If these fall on deaf ears, I cannot help it. If my words evoke nothing more than a few shaking heads or shrugged shoulders – so be it. It is not about me. I am doing this because I feel I must. I am doing what “I” feel is right in my own heart and mind. Ultimately, you will do likewise, of this I am convinced. If you are not true to yourself then to whom can you be true?

13 thoughts on “I STAND for Liberty!”

  1. I understand what you are saying. I applaud you for doing something. But the politicians, the elitists and the Marxists will not turn loose of their power until and unless blood runs in the streets.
    Are you prepared for that?

    1. Sunny, I do not care a whit what the controllers do. My trust is in God. All along I’ve maintained our rights are derived from God and not from man. The whole point is to claim what God has graced us with and declare it. I absolutely believe If we are faithful – HE will honor our faithfulness. Not because we are good but because HE is good!

      God bless,


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