Welcome to The Liberty Coalition!

(We are all in this together! The controllers stole this!)

Webminister’s note: This site was founded to combat the growing tendency for the controllers to eradicate any opposition to their agenda. I have failed to pull anyone together, indeed, I doubt if more than a handful of people ever visit this site. Nor has the idea of a “subnet” – a loose web of patriots banding together to inform and teach others. The reality is this exists naturally. My concern is, in its natural state, it can be almost impossible to find some of the more obscure sites again once they are closed out. My other concern is some of us with tiny voices and even smaller audiences never stand a chance to be heard. Many, if not most, of these voices are far more deserving to be heard than my own. A final note:  the term “webminister” here is something I made up on the fly – “web” of course refers to the website and the true biblical meaning of the word “minister”, according to my understanding, is “servant”.

This site is a hub. It is not intended to be the only hub!

You are invited to stop by – find what you need and move on. Of course you are welcome back anytime! My hope is you’ll visit here often.

Here’s what you can expect to find on this site:

Latest Posts

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New! – the Liberty Forum

Have your say on the issues of today! (complete with bad poetry)

We are starting out with a General Discussion board and a Free Virginia board.

Let me know on the forum if you want to see other boards and/or categories.

Links to other sites promoting liberty

You’ll find two formats – Alphabetical and Categorized.

If you have a blog or other content website, you should find it here. If not, please request adding your site in the comment section of either page – I am only happy to do so!

Please consider linking back to this site. You’ll find more on that here.

The categories are somewhat loosely defined. If you think your site is in the wrong place, please let me know.

Business Directory of Liberty-minded Businesses

If you sell products or services you really should be here! While I try to add to this directory every chance I get, any help is appreciated. There are both free and paid options available. What you choose is your business… always.

Coming soon: The Liberty Advertising Network

The idea is to bring content providers and business owners together. Sure you can do it on your own. Go for it, if this is what you want. The Liberty Advertising Network is designed as a one-stop place to unite like-minded liberty lovers in a win-win-win situation. (Yes, this is a for-profit operation!)

Internet Business Resources

One home-grown resource is the “I STAND for Liberty” decal. This was first offered without any other wording. Some are still available. I can now see where this can be a solid promotional item. IF you offer a physical product – why not consider including one or more of these in your shipments. These can be special ordered with imprinted with YOUR website address making for a very distinctive and affordable promotional item. Customers can display the decals – promoting liberty as well as your business. Click here for more information.

Essays and Articles

Okay, I write a lot. I write much more than I publish. My problem is I am a wordaholic. When I get going, I just can’t stop. The longer pieces I deem as essays. For the most part it is a personal preference to be able to reorder them at will rather than depend on a timeline.

The Liberty Coalition Blog

Here you can expect to find more time-sensitive items, along with articles posted from around the web .At least this is where I see the blog going. As of this writing I have yet to post anything published elsewhere, but it seems prudent to include liberty-related articles.

More innovations are in the works, but please be patient. I am only one man doing this part-time.

The Liberty Coalition exists to help your efforts to pursue and promote liberty!

Feel free to offer your comments and ideas. We are all in this together!

God bless,