Promote Your Business with Custom “I STAND for Liberty” Decals

“Who else wants to make a huge impact for with a very low-cost promotion?”


How many promotional pens end up in the bottom of someone’s desk drawer before getting tossed it the trash?

Look around your home. How many promotional pens do you have laying around? Sure there are a few other promotional items that seem to have a longer life. Some refrigerator magnets outlast the businesses they promote. But ask yourself… how much impact do these items really have?

Now Consider This:

What if your website was beneath our flag? What if these were displayed in your customers car window for the world to see? What kind of impact do you think this could make?

Forget about all the strangers who see these. Think about your customer for a moment. Even if he never gets around to displaying this decal – he will see it. What emotions will this decal stir up? What kind of goodwill can you expect to generate even if nobody else sees it?

What About the Cost?

What if I told you all this – promoting your business while securing the goodwill of your customers – making a real impact could be had for less than half a buck?

That’s right, you can order 500 of these for only $200.00. This works out to 40 cents each – affordable enough to include two with each order and still spend less than a buck promoting your business to your customer and everyone who is sure to see these decals.

Best of all – you will also join other freedom-minded individuals in promoting liberty. It is time we all stood up and faced those controllers who work every possible angle to steal that liberty we hold dear. These little decals – measuring just 4″ x 3″ are just large and colorful enough to get noticed, yet they are non-political. Who doesn’t want liberty? Okay, controllers accepted but even they only want to control us. For themselves, it is freedom do to anything they want to do. That said, imagine the impact of not just one or two but thousands of these decals all across the nation.

The MAGA hat made an impact. Will the “I STAND for Liberty” generate as big a splash? Probably not, but it could be a seed for a larger harvest – a nationwide awaking to the need for us citizens to stand up and and say “Enough! Back Off!”

Liberty is the Occam’s razor of today’s struggle for our nation’s future. Do you want Liberty and Freedom or not?

It is a simple question that gets to the heart of all our issues. Choose freedom or slavery. Can anything be simpler?


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