What’s Wrong with Tucker Carlson?

Don’t get me wrong – I like Tucker Carlson. As far as I’m concerned he is one of the best commentators on television. I also think he has one of the better minds of anyone in media so I gotta ask…

TUCKER! What the Heck is Wrong with You?!

Last night I found my self screaming at the television at this man. Why? Two things really. One is ongoing, the other I only caught last night.

First, one of my pet peeves about Tucker is his habit of calling politicos “our leaders”. I almost expect him to genuflect when he says it. Tucker: these guys are NOT our “leaders” – they are our REPRESENTATIVES! They are entrusted with the business of the republic. We all need to drag these people off their pedestals and podiums, sit them down and read them the riot act. But that wasn’t what set me off.

Last night Tucker was saying on how before this pandemic, we had an imperfect but functioning democracy.


Tucker: ours is a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC NOT  a “democracy”!

Why is this important? Because mobs rule the one – ours is a representative government. We do not want or need mob rule and we MUST get back to the concept of self-government if we are to restore our nation.

God bless,


Starvation Farm Economics

How do you put all of this into one picture? Does anyone get this now?

The problem is not the farmer…

The problem IS government!

First it was produce and milk. Now it is cows and pigs. The other story is rising food prices. Wait! What?

Does ANYONE remember basic economics? You know… supply and demand? Yeah that.

What does the LAW – and by this I mean a natural law not some idiotic words passed by some elected dolts – of SUPPLY AND DEMAND say?

As supply increases prices go DOWN

As demand increases prices go UP

Okay so we’ve got supply and we’ve got demand but food is rotting and people are hungry. What’s the problem? Let me spell it out for you:


In a free market – farmers are free to sell their goods. People are free to buy them. Those who buy them are free to use them and/or resell them at a profit.  A free market is not complicated. Adding government is like tossing a dump truck full of wrenches into the works and then adding molasses. For good measure they toss in few loads of sawdust, horseshit and just about anything else to gum up the works. Oh, yeah, and then the tax everything that moves ’cause they need some pocket money.

Am I being harsh? Not at all. I’m just trying to paint a picture here. Don’t get  me wrong – I do not “hate” government. To do so would be to hate myself as I live in a constitutional republic so “I” am essentially government. I admit it. I’ve been a bad steward. We all have. It is now time to get up of my can and roll up my sleeves. I need your help because I cannot do this alone, nor was I meant to. I am but one person. We ALL need to pitch in.

The first order of business as I see it is to tell our respective governments to back off. Cease and desist from enforcing idiotic laws preventing farmers and customers alike from doing what needs to be done.

This is a short term answer. The problems the farmers – all of us face – are not going to go away easily. Part of the problem is we’ve allowed government to favor large corporate farms – meat, milk and produce factories – if you will. They wanted their “children” to be just like them – oversized and centralized. We need to resolve to get away from all that.

None of this is going to be easy. Chances are we will suffer some – maybe a lot. But this suffering will be nothing compared to the coming disaster should we continue to allow government to continue to bolster and consolidate their power. The time is now. We need to act.

God bless,






Yeah Ralphie, the story is out and you are outed for the hypocrite you are. My own feelings are mixed really. Can I really blame you for refusing to adhere to an unconstitutional decree? I cannot, but what I CAN and WILL do is chide your sorry carcass for attempting to usurp authority you do not have – and then ignoring your own orders. In the words of the notable animated pundit – the venerable Bugs Bunny… “What a maroon!”

Get over yourself. You are an employee. Your legacy may well be “the man who destroyed the Commonwealth of Virginia.”


Life After Wuhan Kung Flu

In this morning’s headlines, some “experts” say this virus may not go away.  Nothing that hasn’t said before. My question: what are the controllers setting us up for? Forgive me for my cynicism.

Daisy Luther offers some thoughts on what things might be like after this pandemic settles down. How are these two things related?

Well first, here is a quote from Daisy’s article:

Here’s an example: Chase Bank gaveRuth’s Chris Steak House a $20 million forgivable loan meant for small businesses by dividing it up by locations instead of treating the company like the large corporation that it is. Incidentally, Chase “earned” $100K for processing the loan.

Are getting this? The professional looters in congress authorizes “relief” i.e. another way to spend OUR money. Who benefits? Big business – even though this is supposed to be for “small” business. Meanwhile CHASE pockets $100K for their “trouble”.

Folks, we are constantly being scammed. This is a perfect example how our “representatives” pick our pockets. If you doubt me, go ahead and see who Chase Bank funds politically. Don’t stop at direct contributions – look at lobbying efforts also. Meanwhile the nation suffers.

Back to Daisy, she offers some excellent strategies for making through the hard times. My own takeaway is her emphasis on local economic efforts such as barter. I agree. We need to keep as much economic activity as close as possible. This is not to say you can’t sell your homemade dodads online, but why not buy your eggs from that farm down the street rather than at the supermarket. Or better yet, buy some chicks so you can enjoy your own bounty in a few weeks. It’s not easy, I know from experience but the eggs are the best and the chickens help keep the ticks and fleas in check too.

In a small way this also helps my family maintain our independence. This spring we incubated some of those eggs and had a very promising hatch. It’s not a big thing but everything we do to break away from government intervention is a victory.

God bless,




The Strategic Culture Foundation published an article on Bloomberg’s promotional piece urging California’s secession from the Union. (h/t ZeroHedge.com) My response? YES!

The idea is not all good. I certainly never thought I’d side with Lil’ Mikey but if California wants to leave – good riddance! That said, there is more to it than this. By principle alone I totally agree with ANY state’s right to leave the Union. Nothing in our Constitution even suggests otherwise. By all rights our nation should not exist as it does today… so why do so many have a problem with this?

In a word… power. The United States of America is the most powerful nation this world has ever known. Or so we like to think. I’m sure someone could offer solid counterarguments to this statement. I don’t really care. If this nation isn’t number one, it’s still right at the top of anyone’s list. This power is not something the controllers want to give up.

Once again, I’ll trot out my strongest logical counter for those who balk at the idea: decentralization.  In other words, while the controllers want to concentrate power – focus it into a single strong force – my own desire is to diffuse it. Concentrated this power rests at the fingertips of a few. To me this is like allowing a playground full of children to play with a high explosive device. Sooner or later, one of them is going to make the wrong connection.

This power does not belong in D.C. It doesn’t even belong in our state capitals. The power rightfully belongs to you and me – to all of us. Not focused, not concentrated , but diffused.

Bluntly put, I do not see this nation holding together much longer anyway. Maybe this is wishful thinking on my part but I do not believe so. As a people we are polarizing. The very infrastructure is weakening. Meanwhile the controllers continue to rob us blind of our wealth and our liberty. This cannot continue.

If not California, then some other state will make a move. Whoever they are will have my full support and blessing.

God bless,


A New Economy – One View

No matter if you’ve followed my posts, immersed yourself in the MSM or dug into the myriad of analysis and speculation on the internet – chances are you’ve come to this conclusion: this world will not be the same as it emerges from the Wuhan pandemic. To put it more bluntly – we will all see a dramatic change. The world as we knew it has already ended. So how will things take shape from here?

Who knows? Nobody can seriously predict the future. Certainly not me. What I can do is put forth a hopeful scenario. Unlike anyone’s predictions or speculation, my idea is not something we can or should wait for some “leader” or “organization” to implement. Rather, I see this current circumstance as a fantastic opportunity to put ourselves on the correct path to individual liberty and self-government.

Backtracking just a bit, for months now I’ve been “preaching”, if you will, about reclaiming our birthright – our God-given Constitutional Republic. My conclusions on this developed from a lifelong disconnect over two things.

One: a belief in our constitution as the law of our land and nation.

Two: the realization that reality isn’t working as it is supposed to – constitution-wise.

It took a lifetime of prayer and searching to realize what should have been obvious. It’s not working because WE aren’t working it! There is nothing wrong with the machine – the constitution. The problem is “operator error”. In short, our attitude as citizens has been “set it and forget it” or “be sure to vote, then go back to your life”. This is not how self-government was ever intended to work!

How many times have you been angry at one of your “representatives” for their actions or failure to act? How often have you sat idly by when law after idiotic law is passed? Have you contacted your representatives? Have you attended public meetings? Political party events? Written letters to the editor? No doubt you have. I’ve done all that myself. My own results can be described as disappointing, at best. How about yours? All of this is participation. It is not “self government”. What?!?

I consider it safe to say all of my efforts and yours are attempts to work within “the system”. What is this system? It was not built by you and I. This system was in place long before we were born. It is a “top down” organization where “our leaders” decide matters and from time to time pay lip service to “the constituents” by appearing to listen to them from time to time and by accepting “votes”. Typically, by the time any votes are tallied, the decision has already been made… and not by us. The result?

The controllers control. They control the process. They control the system. They control the outcome. The outcome generally results in extracting our money and further limiting our lives. Now, they’ve made a mess of things and we allowed it. The question is will we continue to allow it?

Don’t get me wrong – we can point fingers all day long and for every tomorrow until the end of time – it will get us nowhere. Sure the controllers ran wild – looting and stealing anything and everything they could, and all of that right from under our own noses. Often, we helped them. We’ve certainly enabled them. That’s the point, really. When it comes right down to it, we can blame nobody but ourselves. Granted we’ve been duped from birth. When has ANYONE else told you our Constitutional Republic was your God-given birthright? Did you listen? Are you listening now? What are you going to DO about it?

If all you can do is throw up your hands in surrender then you have your answer. The controllers are happy to control. You need do nothing. No worries. The controllers prefer it this way as long as you do nothing other than what you are told to do. Go ahead. Do nothing. You might as well get on your knees now because that is where you will spend the remainder of your life. Serving your betters. If this leaves a bad taste in your mouth – good! There is hope left. It does not have to end this way.

So what does all this have to do with the economy?

Is the news of this near nationwide shutdown new to you? Of course not. Yet, here we all sit, waiting for permission to go back to work. Permission from who? The President? He is deferring to the Governors. So the Governors then? Why? By what authority have they shut us down anyway? Even if they did have such authority, there is now a great deal of question about the wisdom of their actions. Either way, as self-governing citizens, WE have the final say. WE have the authority to overrule our representatives – those whom we elect to pass laws and administer those laws. Now, how about we expand this thinking?

Our Economy

Just about all economic activity is regulated on the state and federal level. How regulated? A couple of years ago, a bill was introduced here in Virginia to “allow” certain “cottage industries”. This is just one example of how subservient we’ve allowed ourselves to become. We cannot make and sell cookies or soap without government approval. The fact is there are very few activities we can engage in without some sort of “permission”. In other words, we “self-governing” citizens are required to seek permission from some government entity before engaging in nearly all trade and/or service. Ostensibly this is touted as a means to “protect” us citizens. Makes sense in a way, as it is just one more way to give up liberty for “safety”. This pandemic shutdown is a blatant demonstration of just how much control the controllers want. Up until now, we let them have it. The thing is… we can put a stop to all of this RIGHT NOW. How?

A few posts ago, I wrote if President Trump really wanted to reboot the economy, he should get government out of our way so WE can handle it. Imagine the economic powerhouse this nation can be if we shed the shackles imposed upon us by our own employees – our governments. Already, in response to national needs real and perceived – businesses across the nation have retooled to supply many market demands. We can ALL do this, in one way or another.

Let’s go back to work, but before we do, let’s reconsider what “going back to work” means to each of us. Let me ask you… what do YOU want to do? Do you have a dream? Is there something you’ve always wanted to do? To produce? Why not do it now? Now here’s the rub…

While we can do these things individually, we cannot do this alone. If I struck out to make “widgets”, I’d surely be shut down by some “authority”. The same goes for you. We need to couple our individual economic might with local authority – self-governing authority. To this end we need to emulate the 2A sanctuary movement to some extent by gathering at our town and county seats to pass resolutions sending a message to the capital that WE are open for business and THEY are essentially shut down.

We need to put the controllers on notice – county by county, town by town, village by village: we are done with the “status quo”. We are taking up our authority and taking matters into our own hands. We will let them know when their services will be required and what we will require of them. It is high time we turned the tables on the controllers. The correct way for a constitutional republic to operate is from the bottom up. THIS is what self-government means!

The controllers have failed spectacularly. This should be no surprise. They’ve been on this path for decades. They’ve fouled our Republic to such an extent so it can no longer function as a republic. Either we take up our own stewardship or bend a knee to our new lords. We can blame nobody but ourselves for this. At this point “blame” is the least of our worries. No matter who one holds responsible this mess has to be cleaned up. Do not expect the controllers to fix what they’ve so handily ruined. The real question is:

What are YOU going to do?

God bless,


One Ray of Sunlight

Countless articles document all sides of this pandemic. It dominates most news offering up a toxic cocktail of facts, opinion and misinformation. Yet there is a ray of sunshine poking through the clouds.

For all the controllers clamping down on citizens rights, for all the professional looting by politicians – of our wealth – of our liberty – of our authority – we’ve pushed back… some. There have been protests and convergences of citizens. We’ve seen civil disobedience and the subsequent outrage. Will it all be for naught?


The controllers have insulated themselves. They are safe in their holes… or if you are Governor Ralphie – your beach house. Note: Ralphie’s propaganda office denies this, of course. They see themselves as the elite, issuing their decrees from their ivory towers – far from us peasants. So when we rally – they merely look down upon us with contempt. What can we do?

Take their power away or rather remove their base of power. How?

Decentralization is the key. Why “march on the capital”? For me, Richmond is over an hour away and I’m one of the lucky ones. Where I grew up in WNY, the capitol was OVER FOUR HOURS away. However, even the mere distance is not the issue here.

The controllers reign from a central power base – the capital. My question is: who needs this? They do. We do not. We need just the opposite. We need to DIFFUSE THEIR POWER… decentralization.

Look at what is happening now. We are looking to our capitols for direction and guidance and what do we get for our trouble? Orders to stand down, go home, shelter in place.

Recently, Tucker Carlson looked at the few states that did not shut down. He dug into the facts. The reality is, these states are not suffering for this. It also suggests, the lockdowns by dictatorial regimes – let’s be brutally honest here because this is what they are – are of no effect medically. They have ONLY served to allow the controllers free hands to run wild in their lust for power. This need not be.

Consider the alternative. Rather than “marching on capitals” why not gather at our town and county centers – in numbers? Tell those who would be kings to stuff their proclamations. Who knows? Maybe they forgot to stock up on toilet paper? At least their long lists of “Don’ts” could be of some use.

We can start right now, right where we live to reclaim our birthright. Our birthright – our Constitutional Republic – does not need Washington D.C., nor does it need Richmond or any state capital. This is what a republic is all about – self-government. WE have the authority. WE have the power. What WE need to do now is demand those who “represent” us DO THE JOB THEY WERE HIRED TO DO! But there’s more…

Almost any constitutional scholar – something I am NOT – will admit the real law enforcement authority is held by our local county sheriffs. The beauty of this concept is they can be easily held accountable. Once each county confirms the cooperation of the sheriff with constitutional issues, it should become clear to those in state offices they cannot hold any ground because WE already occupy it! The only real law enforcement authority belongs to us county residents via our sheriffs.

For the state governments to overthrow us, they will have to invade our lands and that is not something they should be willing to do. Keep in mind, I’m not talking about “rebellion” here or any similar concept. WE HAVE the authority. It is they who are rebelling. We are simply refusing them.

The tsunami of the 2A sanctuary movement here in Virginia demonstrated we can do this but it must be only the beginning. It did not take long for those in control in Richmond to try to flex their muscle. They may have a majority in the legislature but they are weak and they know it. We are strong because we have the numbers and the boots on the ground, along with the fierce resolve to defend our homes and our God-given Constitutional Republic.

All all of our nation’s short history there has never been a better time for us citizens to claim and hold what is rightfully ours!

We cannot accomplish anything without Almighty God. Yes, He has graced us with our birthright. Yes. our rights, our liberties, our authority are derived directly from our Heavenly Father, but these are not without cost! What is the cost? Stewardship. With great power comes great responsibility.  Up until now we’ve shirked our duties to hold our representatives accountable. We can no longer afford to live like this.

Once we reclaim what is our we must hold it fast and diligently keep the pressure on those we choose to represent us.  Let us not forget this as we move forward to restoring our nation.

God bless,



Had Enough YET?

Headlines in the news this morning include warnings about the “second wave” of the Wuhan Flu is expected to be worse than the first. (Fox) and another warning about an even deadlier mutation emerging.

Meanwhile… the controllers tighten their grip…

Ask yourself… where is all this going?

It is obvious to me from the controllers want us to believe they know best. After all they are in control… not us. They are our betters after all. WHO says? Why they do, of course!

Get this: they know nothing… IF that! Take the vaunted Dr. Anthony Fauci, we now know he was wrong – very, very wrong about his projections, as were so many top “experts”. Now we have more experts on every side of the argument all saying different things. It was Fauci who held back on the quinine-based treatment. He wanted more tests. How many people would die without any hope before “he” would be satisfied? Granted, while these medications showed promise and have been used for over 40 years, they are not without drawbacks. But if you could choose between taking a risk that could save your life and certain death… what would you choose? That’s the point – the choice should be yours not some ivory-tower egghead’s.

A few posts back I made a mistake in my own projections. I owned up to it but you know what? After I said I was wrong – and I was – the stats came out on several real “experts” in the field with expensive computerized knowledge and mountains of data. Guess what?  Their projections were far more inaccurate than mine. Granted, I only extrapolated a couple of weeks and, bluntly put, my methods were sloppy as  hell. Even so, my mistake was tiny compared to the ‘big boys’.

My point here is there are a few – a comparative handful really – people who are raping, pillaging and destroying our nation based on data and projections that may turn out to be… “Oh well, guess we were wrong on that one! Heh, heh.” Well screw that.

Now the democrats and other politicians – do not think for a minute party matters when power is at stake – want to corrupt our elections. Governor Ralphie Northam of Virginia has already pissed in that pool by suspending the need for voter ID.

This and every other despicable thing the controllers are doing has got to stop. WE CITIZENS have got to PUT a stop to it. Enough is enough. It is time to take up our God-given authority and reclaim our birthright.

God bless,





Your Choice!

From ZeroHedge – a short article on citizens nationwide protesting unlawful acts by our elected employees.

If you’ve seen any actual news coverage concerning this – i.e. actual video footage of what citizens have to say, you know this is about more than just the nationwide shutdown of the economy. Even President Trump pointed out yesterday concerning the attempt by Virginia’s Governor Raphie and company to try to strip citizens of our 2A rights. In the few seconds I watched, he mentioned similar acts in other states – notably Michigan.

This is OUR time! This is a major opportunity to speak our peace. This virus event has bestowed upon us a wonderful gift. Stripped of ability to work – we citizens have the time to pause and reflect on things… and to act! Now we need not “take time off” work to act. Of course not all of us can so so without penalty but those of us who are inhibited by our day jobs are far fewer if not in the minority.

Now we have the time, we have the opportunity and we have every reason to act. What’s stopping us?

For a bit of inspiration here is Chris Tomlin’s “America”

God bless,



I’m finding a LOT of irony these days – please excuse my overuse of the term but WOW!


1)  (of a plan or action) rebound adversely on the originator; have the opposite effect to what was intended.

2) a fire set intentionally to arrest the progress of an approaching fire by creating a burned area in its path, thus depriving the fire of fuel.

Yesterday I was somewhat stunned to learn of the citizens amassing at Lansing Michigan in protest of their Governor’s abuse of her office.

To my fellow citizens in MI – you are not alone!

Now there are calls for similar citizen actions across the nation and across the globe!

I saw another one more general to this – citizens ready to reclaim ALL our rights and liberties. We need this. The nation needs this.

Sunday Gov Ralphie in VA “proudly” eliminated voter ID in the commonwealth saying “every voice in our democracy deserves to be heard” [paraphrased].

Ralphie – you are either incompetent or arrogantly pompous – take your pick. Our nation, our commonwealth is NOT A DEMOCRACY! Democracy is equivalent to MOB RULE. Ours is a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC and as such we have a document to prevent tyrants such as yourself from abusing the office you were entrusted with and the citizens of this commonwealth.

WE THE CITIZENS OF VIRGINIA AND THIS NATION are poised to reclaim our birthright. Either repeal your unconscionable  and illegal decrees and so-called “legislation” or face the consequences. We will no longer tolerate your abuse. We have the authority and if necessary we WILL exercise our right to dissolve this commonwealth and begin anew.

“whenever any government shall be found inadequate or contrary to these purposes, a majority of the community hath an indubitable, inalienable, and indefeasible right to reform, alter, or abolish it, in such manner as shall be judged most conducive to the public weal. “

For the record – THAT is democracy!

God bless,


Spike in China Wuhan Deaths – What Does It Mean?

Today I was a bit surprised to see a dramatic jump in the daily death toll attributed to the China Wuhan virus. Should we worry? I don’t think so. Here’s why…

For the record, I went back to work on Monday. Part, only part, of my reasoning was it seems the curve is flattening. This indicates the Administration was correct about the peak. My thought at the time, and so far the figures bear me out, was if the peak of new cases was expected in two weeks then we should be AT the peak of the spread of the virus 10-14 days prior. So, at least as far as that part is concerned, my reasoning seems to have held some water. Sadly, that may be where my “brilliance” ends.At least one virologist claims all the precautions we are taking are exactly wrong. What we should be doing instead is living our lives as normally as possible. This, he says, will help us develop a “herd immunity” as  a population. I do see his point.

Yet another scientist says the death rate for this virus is very low – much lower than expected. I’ve seen other reports saying the numbers are pumped up by attributing nearly everything to this virus. Would this come as a surprise?

Then there are some who will say… “when your number is up – it is up”. Not everyone who says such is Christian or even believes in God. We all die. We all get sick from time to time. I’ve suffered from a few viruses that were pretty bad, but I lived. Thus is it beyond the scope of sanity to ask… is all this other stuff really worth it?

I say no.

I, for one, have had enough. Virus? Bring it on. We now have at least a chance to treat it. From the reports I’ve seen when treatment works, it works very well. Many of the deaths we’ve seen thus far are from those who went untreated. All it all, this virus is no worse as any other. In fact, horror stories aside, it may be statistically far milder.

As far as the spike in today’s numbers, I’m  thinking it means we did, indeed, reach a plateau ten days ago. This is around when the peak in new cases appeared. Now those who were confirmed are dying. Were they treated or not? We may never know.Should WE the people decide on the whole, enough is enough and resume our lives… or better yet, reclaim our birthright – our constitutional republic –  by wrenching out of the grasp of the controllers, there is a good chance of seeing more spikes in the virus. Yes, certain groups are working on a vaccine. I am not sure I trust any of them. I am certainly opposed to the idea of submitting to some “papers please” scenario to prove my viral status.

Does this concept cause anyone else to think of “the mark of the beast” where those who refuse it can neither buy or sell? The “mark” may or may not be exactly as described in The Revelation… yet. However if I was a wagering man, I’d put my money on the accuracy of scripture.

Meanwhile, I’m saying it is time to step up and face down the controllers. They are mad with their newfound power and they need to be put in their place. Yes. They are controllers by nature but their nature does not grant them the authority. The authority is in our hands. Almighty God Himself granted us the right to rule ourselves.

God bless,



It Has Got To Stop

This insanity has to stop. Let’s face it, the world has been nuts for a very long time but things these days makes the past few years look almost pastoral.

This morning I read the headline of Fox stating President Trump claims total control over re-opening the economy. Apparently he never read Atlas Shrugged. You see… the controllers’ grasp on us citizens is just as much fantasy as the dreamworld they’ve built for us.

Ironically, the “woke” left are actually wandering around in some sort of Matrix scenario. Maybe we all are, but that is not the point.

The point here is while I will not take for granted Fox quoted him accurately, Trump has total control over nothing really.  All any of us can control is our own selves. Nothing more. Nothing less. Sure we can put a knife to someone’s throat and otherwise threaten death or harm for non-compliance but one can still choose death. It is the biggest, baddest FU anyone can give but it IS an option.

Also, I take exception to Ayn Rand’s statement. While our governments may believe they are “free” to do anything they want and while they indeed act on those beliefs, the reality is they are not at all “free”. They are literally taking liberties. We are literally handing those liberties to them. We can stop at any time but we have to MAKE the controllers stop. WE have to enforce the constitution. WE need to take back control. What we cannot do is sit back and wait for the controllers to “give back” what they have seized. It will not happen.

God bless,


The “New” Economy

Yesterday I posted my simple plan for rebooting the nation’s, indeed the world’ economy. Of the four people who landed on the post. Three took a short glance and went on to the latest celebrity news. One skimmed the article and was immediately vanquished from cyberspace forever.

Okay, I don’t know who read what. I don’t know much at all. Today, I found the article below essentially indicting what I said yesterday howbeit much more eloquently. While I may be wordy, most of what I write is fairly plain so let me get right to the point:

We need to decentralize. Period. Central planning and control has failed miserably. The controllers will fight tooth and nail to keep their grip on our throats. Now is the time to break free.

Article: Time for a new direction

God bless,


Economy Reboot – Here’s How

President Trump announced the formation of another task force to reboot our economy. Mr. President, I can make this real simple for you…

Order the Federal government to step back and get the HELL out of our way!

By “our” I mean the citizens of this nation. For decades State and Federal governments have micromanaged by legislation, regulation and taxation every aspect of our lives. From the “war on poverty” to the “war on drugs” we’ve allowed our governments a free hand to meddle in our affairs. It is time to stop. Just back off and let us roll up our sleeves and get to work.

For example, just yesterday I read an article about how vegetable farmers have relented to allow their crops to rot because they have no place to market them. They tried to give away as much as they can but still they have too much. Meanwhile, in today’s headlines, “breadlines” are forming. And, oh yeah, wannabe dictators i.e. state and local elected employees are seizing the upper and and demanding citizens stay home. Many of these mini-tyrants are encouraging neighbors to spy on each other to ensure compliance with their illegal declarations.

Meanwhile, here in Virginia, Governor Ralphie is taking advantage of his own shutdown by signing more illegal anti-2A laws. I’ll deal with you in another post Ralphie.

All of these stories point to one single problem: too much government.

And, I might add… our economy suffers.

Imagine if those farmers could sell their crops to locals who cook, can and otherwise turn those crops into profits. This is a viable option right now because government insists on so many regulations so only the big central processing plants can operate at a profit.

Breadlines? Again, if more food was grown and processed locally, many current production and distribution problems would be diminished – if they didn’t cease to exist altogether.

As for our rogue employees – they all need a time out. Some of them may also require a good spanking – so to speak. Ralphie… you just need to go.

Here’s my own simplified plan for an economic reboot:

Get out of the farmers way so they can plant and sell what they want.

Get out of the citizens so we can buy, sell, produce and trade what we want.

Stop taxing us to death. Stop spending us to oblivion. Stop borrowing.

Then you can watch our economic powerhouse ROAR with vitality!

God bless,

Andy  Havens