One Ray of Sunlight

Countless articles document all sides of this pandemic. It dominates most news offering up a toxic cocktail of facts, opinion and misinformation. Yet there is a ray of sunshine poking through the clouds.

For all the controllers clamping down on citizens rights, for all the professional looting by politicians – of our wealth – of our liberty – of our authority – we’ve pushed back… some. There have been protests and convergences of citizens. We’ve seen civil disobedience and the subsequent outrage. Will it all be for naught?


The controllers have insulated themselves. They are safe in their holes… or if you are Governor Ralphie – your beach house. Note: Ralphie’s propaganda office denies this, of course. They see themselves as the elite, issuing their decrees from their ivory towers – far from us peasants. So when we rally – they merely look down upon us with contempt. What can we do?

Take their power away or rather remove their base of power. How?

Decentralization is the key. Why “march on the capital”? For me, Richmond is over an hour away and I’m one of the lucky ones. Where I grew up in WNY, the capitol was OVER FOUR HOURS away. However, even the mere distance is not the issue here.

The controllers reign from a central power base – the capital. My question is: who needs this? They do. We do not. We need just the opposite. We need to DIFFUSE THEIR POWER… decentralization.

Look at what is happening now. We are looking to our capitols for direction and guidance and what do we get for our trouble? Orders to stand down, go home, shelter in place.

Recently, Tucker Carlson looked at the few states that did not shut down. He dug into the facts. The reality is, these states are not suffering for this. It also suggests, the lockdowns by dictatorial regimes – let’s be brutally honest here because this is what they are – are of no effect medically. They have ONLY served to allow the controllers free hands to run wild in their lust for power. This need not be.

Consider the alternative. Rather than “marching on capitals” why not gather at our town and county centers – in numbers? Tell those who would be kings to stuff their proclamations. Who knows? Maybe they forgot to stock up on toilet paper? At least their long lists of “Don’ts” could be of some use.

We can start right now, right where we live to reclaim our birthright. Our birthright – our Constitutional Republic – does not need Washington D.C., nor does it need Richmond or any state capital. This is what a republic is all about – self-government. WE have the authority. WE have the power. What WE need to do now is demand those who “represent” us DO THE JOB THEY WERE HIRED TO DO! But there’s more…

Almost any constitutional scholar – something I am NOT – will admit the real law enforcement authority is held by our local county sheriffs. The beauty of this concept is they can be easily held accountable. Once each county confirms the cooperation of the sheriff with constitutional issues, it should become clear to those in state offices they cannot hold any ground because WE already occupy it! The only real law enforcement authority belongs to us county residents via our sheriffs.

For the state governments to overthrow us, they will have to invade our lands and that is not something they should be willing to do. Keep in mind, I’m not talking about “rebellion” here or any similar concept. WE HAVE the authority. It is they who are rebelling. We are simply refusing them.

The tsunami of the 2A sanctuary movement here in Virginia demonstrated we can do this but it must be only the beginning. It did not take long for those in control in Richmond to try to flex their muscle. They may have a majority in the legislature but they are weak and they know it. We are strong because we have the numbers and the boots on the ground, along with the fierce resolve to defend our homes and our God-given Constitutional Republic.

All all of our nation’s short history there has never been a better time for us citizens to claim and hold what is rightfully ours!

We cannot accomplish anything without Almighty God. Yes, He has graced us with our birthright. Yes. our rights, our liberties, our authority are derived directly from our Heavenly Father, but these are not without cost! What is the cost? Stewardship. With great power comes great responsibility.  Up until now we’ve shirked our duties to hold our representatives accountable. We can no longer afford to live like this.

Once we reclaim what is our we must hold it fast and diligently keep the pressure on those we choose to represent us.  Let us not forget this as we move forward to restoring our nation.

God bless,