Had Enough YET?

Headlines in the news this morning include warnings about the “second wave” of the Wuhan Flu is expected to be worse than the first. (Fox) and another warning about an even deadlier mutation emerging.

Meanwhile… the controllers tighten their grip…

Ask yourself… where is all this going?

It is obvious to me from the controllers want us to believe they know best. After all they are in control… not us. They are our betters after all. WHO says? Why they do, of course!

Get this: they know nothing… IF that! Take the vaunted Dr. Anthony Fauci, we now know he was wrong – very, very wrong about his projections, as were so many top “experts”. Now we have more experts on every side of the argument all saying different things. It was Fauci who held back on the quinine-based treatment. He wanted more tests. How many people would die without any hope before “he” would be satisfied? Granted, while these medications showed promise and have been used for over 40 years, they are not without drawbacks. But if you could choose between taking a risk that could save your life and certain death… what would you choose? That’s the point – the choice should be yours not some ivory-tower egghead’s.

A few posts back I made a mistake in my own projections. I owned up to it but you know what? After I said I was wrong – and I was – the stats came out on several real “experts” in the field with expensive computerized knowledge and mountains of data. Guess what?  Their projections were far more inaccurate than mine. Granted, I only extrapolated a couple of weeks and, bluntly put, my methods were sloppy as  hell. Even so, my mistake was tiny compared to the ‘big boys’.

My point here is there are a few – a comparative handful really – people who are raping, pillaging and destroying our nation based on data and projections that may turn out to be… “Oh well, guess we were wrong on that one! Heh, heh.” Well screw that.

Now the democrats and other politicians – do not think for a minute party matters when power is at stake – want to corrupt our elections. Governor Ralphie Northam of Virginia has already pissed in that pool by suspending the need for voter ID.

This and every other despicable thing the controllers are doing has got to stop. WE CITIZENS have got to PUT a stop to it. Enough is enough. It is time to take up our God-given authority and reclaim our birthright.

God bless,