Your Choice!

From ZeroHedge – a short article on citizens nationwide protesting unlawful acts by our elected employees.

If you’ve seen any actual news coverage concerning this – i.e. actual video footage of what citizens have to say, you know this is about more than just the nationwide shutdown of the economy. Even President Trump pointed out yesterday concerning the attempt by Virginia’s Governor Raphie and company to try to strip citizens of our 2A rights. In the few seconds I watched, he mentioned similar acts in other states – notably Michigan.

This is OUR time! This is a major opportunity to speak our peace. This virus event has bestowed upon us a wonderful gift. Stripped of ability to work – we citizens have the time to pause and reflect on things… and to act! Now we need not “take time off” work to act. Of course not all of us can so so without penalty but those of us who are inhibited by our day jobs are far fewer if not in the minority.

Now we have the time, we have the opportunity and we have every reason to act. What’s stopping us?

For a bit of inspiration here is Chris Tomlin’s “America”

God bless,