Your Call to Liberty!

Fellow Citizens…

We the People CAN Take Our Nation Back Peacefully!

Our nation is at a crossroads. Some call for revolution, some yearn for a second civil war. Too many relent our Constitution is dead – no more than an obsolete trampled document long forgotten. I disagree.

Our nation was founded as a Constitutional Republic, by the grace of God Almighty who Himself gifted the citizens of this blessed land with the means and right of self-government. Battered and beaten as our Constitution is, it remains the law of the land. Unless and until God Himself removes His Blessing from our nation – we are free citizens, endowed with inalienable rights. We have every right, nay a duty to stand up and claim our rights under the Constitution and a responsibility to do just that.

These pages are bursting with information on how to do just that. In addition you will find links to other patriots with their own thoughts on our nation. For those of you who are free thinkers and put forth efforts to make your own voice heard, welcome. If your voice is not among these pages, please contact me and I’ll add your website, blog or any other medium you use to be heard. This is the purpose of The Liberty Coalition – to champion free speech and give a voice to all liberty loving citizens.

God bless,

Andy Havens

But… What if Jesus Christ Returned Today?

If you have received Christ as your Lord and Savior then this would be a joyous occasion. For those of you you who scoff at the very idea, let me assure you, you would be confused, even terrified. Some of you would understand what  happened. Most of you would search for answers, possibly even until the end of your life. You will not have to wait long. By the best of calculations , more…

One More Thing…

I made this a sticky post on the blog portion before realizing, fool, My main page here is NOT the blog. Oi. So I’m reposted it here.

While watching the movie, Police State, I got this creepy feeling and started wondering when I might become prominent on the radar. While I’m sure if the globalists were paying any attention to me at all, they would certainly not like what I have to say. On the other hand, my blog, my posts, and so forth are quite obscure. As far as radar is concerned, I’m a dust speck. Should there come a time when “the authorities” come knocking on my door, it might be an indication to head for the hills because I am no threat to anyone. For that reason if you come back and see my site down, disabled, or vanished for any period of time, OR I’ve stopped posting altogether without warning, chances are I am either dead or detained.

Added note: funny thing, when I went to post my review, lo and behold this site WAS down! The cause was a technical issue totally unrelated to anything but ya never know!

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