Friday’s SCOTUS Ruling & the J6 Political Prisoners

On Friday, June 28, 2024, SCOTUS handed down a landmark Fischer v. United States, No. 23-5572 ruling overturning the DOJ’s use of 1512(c)(2), a statute pertaining to obstruction of an official proceeding, in cases related to the events of January 6th.

This ruling caused a great deal of stir, particularly among those who are aware of how this statute is being used against J6 defendants. Many applauded, breathing relief that the ordeal of the J6 Political Prisoners is over. They are mistaken. After talking to one insider, Helena Gibson, I learned this ruling will only affect about 11 J6 Political Prisoners. The other 330+ will still be stuck in the legal quagmire, many behind bars. Worse yet, since so many don’t understand this, some of the pressure applied by the concerns of citizens aware of their plight has found a relief valve. We cannot let this happen.

Indeed we need to pile on. Increase the pressure. Force the issues. Citizens in this nation are being held without benefit of their constitutional rights, often denied basic human rights. Death row inmates often receive better treatment no matter how heinous their crime.

Just for a moment, let us just suppose I am wrong. Let’s put one foot in fantasyland to imagine on July 4th no less, ALL J6 Political Prisoners are set free. Wonderful. They can all go home and what? What will they be facing? They haven’t worked in months or years so their jobs and/or businesses are likely gone. What are their prospects of finding a new job? What would yours be in this situation? I hope it would be no problem. We should all be so blessed. Chances are they will face a mountain of debt. I can tell you right now, many have had some or most of their families turn their back on them. For most, I’d say while they are now free and can possibly attempt to rebuild their lives, it will be a long, uphill road they face. While there may be a few exceptions, this would be the reality for most. Such is the best case scenario.

In short, they would need help just to start to pick up the pieces of their lives. What so many cannot or refuse to understand is they need help NOW. Help is in short supply. This needs to change.

In a few short days, I will launch an effort, a short but hopefully powerful effort that may help. Ideally it will change some lives for the better for them and for many of us as well. Please stay tuned. If you like, add a comment, even just a thumbs up or something to this post and I will repost it with an announcement.

God bless the J6ers, their families, those dedicated to helping them, and you for taking the time to listen.