Revisiting Virginia’s 2A Sanctuary Movement

In 2019, just before Covid hit the Commonwealth of Virginia experienced a remarkable phenomena – 91 out of 95 counties became Second Amendment Sanctuaries.

This movement was a direct result of democrats taking control of both legislative houses in Virginia with Ralph Northam, also a democrat residing as governor. Finally, the liberal left had the power to smack down the right of citizens to arm and defend themselves. It is only by a small miracle our rights were not even further infringed.

What Happened Then?

The democrats pounced on an opportunity, passing a smorgasbord of gun control laws – enough to send many of them into orgasmic eustasy. Shocked by their audacity, citizens in the commonwealth fought back as best we could. We descended on our county legislatures and demanded second amendment sanctuary resolutions be passed. All but a handful did just that. Some boards later tried to rescind the resolutions, openly admitting the fear they felt had they voted against the measure with the room packed with supporters.

Such is the power of the people when unleashed. It is awe inspiring.

The Aftermath

By December of 2019 the wave  had crested. Nearly every local legislature passed a second amendment sanctuary resolution. Then Covid came and the ensuing pandemic more or less stopped the momentum cold. Citizens could no longer mingle, much less gather to voice our support for our rights. It added a wet blanket to the 2020 election. Then the presidency was stolen, to say the least. Nobody can say for sure what effect all this had on the balance of power in Virginia but to date, the democrats continue to enjoy a slim majority in both houses. Meanwhile they are free to mock citizens rights, including our right to defend ourselves with the weapons of our choosing – in spite of the constitution guaranteeing our right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

So Much for Awe Inspiring Power, Huh?

This is not the end of the discussion. The liberal left – the globalists, if you will, want us to think they have the last word. They do not. WE the People still hold all the cards. This is OUR nation. WE are the government. And you jerks have NOT heard the last from us.

Let’s take stock though, shall we?

In the past, right here in Virginia, elections have been called minutes after the polls closed. To me, this suggests not political savvy but shenanigans. It says “the fix is in, sucker”. Granted, the democrats have iron strongholds in Virginia’s population centers giving them a hard edge in statewide elections and a strong advantage in other races. Even so there are more eligible citizens in Virginia who did not vote than cast votes for either party. Put another way, if every citizen who did not vote in the 2020 election voted for, say, a third candidate, that third candidate would have one hands down!

My point here is not that we citizens should rally around a “none of the above” candidate but rather there are enough untapped voters to sway the entire state to the cause of liberty. And quite bluntly, I say given a choice between liberty and tyranny – liberty wins out every time – no matter what party you claim.

This is What Take America Back! is All About

It’s not enough to protest. If you ask me, protesting should be beneath us – WE are the authority in this nation. It’s not enough to vote. I’ve voted in nearly every election and definitely every major election since I was of age to do so. My vote is usually lost in a sea of others, but this is the way things are supposed to work! It’s not my vote or your vote that matters as much as OUR VOTES. Beyond that is accountability, but we cannot effectively hold our representatives accountable if we refuse to hold the “scepter” of power – our vote – and wield it when necessary.

Furthermore, even representatives already in office will bend to the will of the people when they come face to face with us en masse. Sure, those citizens who showed up to support the second amendment sanctuary resolutions were just a tiny fraction of the voting citizen body but those office holder knew deep down what most of us never consider: that tiny fraction taking action is usually just the tip of a very large iceburg. In other words, for every citizen who takes the time to show up, there are many more who simply didn’t make the trek.

The globalist’s have taken advantage of this for decades. They rally rather small numbers to protest or support one cause or another while counting on on having little or no opposition. Thus they’ve been able to sway many a vote in their favor by simply showing up! No more.

We need to outnumber them at every turn. We need to strip the layers of talking points off the issues to get to the core of the each question. Often we can do this by asking simply – do you want liberty or tyranny? Most issues boil down to those two options. Try it and see for yourself.

It’s NOT Enough!

As the Virginia legislature has proven, it is not enough to just vote. It is not even enough to show up to voice our wishes on this issue or that. What we need is control and for this we need enough citizens opting for liberty to vote for candidates who support liberty.

Intimidation By the Numbers

It sounds scary and it needs to scare the bejeebers out of those who want to represent us. Our “threat” is not harmful to anything other than a representative’s privilege to serve, but that threat needs to be real. Each representative needs to be put on notice to support liberty or find another job. Coming from me or any one of you, such talk can, and often is, laughed off – as it should be.

When we can agree on certain principles and act in concert, our power is limited only by the law of the land, our constitution, and even that is subject to modification if we can garner enough support.

Moving Forward

If we want, really want, to take back our nation. If we want liberty instead of tyranny then our path is clear – we need to vote and bring as many voters with us as we can. We need to amass enough citizens, not only to win but to claim a devastating, decisive victory. We must hand our representatives a clear mandate. We want liberty.

What about you? Do YOU choose liberty? Or are you willing to kneel down to serve tyrants? The choice is yours but you need to choose now. Make no mistake: to abstain is to opt for tyranny because you are allowing the tyrants to choose for  you.

Take action. Choose your weapon.

Printed voter registration forms from your local registrar

Download and print forms from your state’s election board’s website

Save and share links to your state’s online voter registration page

Choose one or more items from with embedded QR codes  linked to your state’s online voter registration page .

Or generate your own QR codes to distribute as you choose.

You also free to act individually or band together with like-minded citizens and participate in formal voter registration drives.

How much or how little you do is up to you but please, I urge you do SOMETHING!  The worst that can happen is we will lose but if we sit idly by we will lose anyway.