Primary 2024 – We Lost, and Why It Doesn’t Matter in the End

By “We” I’m talking about WE the People more than “our” side. Yes, I as much as endorsed Bob Good over John McGuire and McGuire squeezed out a slim victory – less than 400 votes decided the outcome. For the record, my vote has yet to be counted, as if that would tip the scales.

The fact is, this primary was decided by a scant number of voters. In my district, only 61 citizens bothered to show up. This includes both democrats and republicans. Over the entire congressional district representing nearly 750,000 citizens, only a relative handful, 62,495 voters (not including absentee ballots like my own) decided who would represent us in the United States House of Representatives. Pitiful.

“apathy will get us nowhere, as if you cared”

Like I said, WE the People lost and lost big time. Let’s face facts – apathy will get us nowhere, as if you cared. The reality is apathy will get us what we deserve – an elite cadre of masters ruling us with an iron fist. They’ll have to kill me first and, if it comes to that, they likely will without blinking an eye. I mean it when I say, I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees.

Still don’t care? Bite me.

Message to Bob – you would have been far better off had you done a few things differently.

While in office you should have been more responsive to your constituents. You can whine all you want about those you did respond to but I’m sure there are plenty more like me out there who never heard from you or your staff. To that end you earned your loss. For myself, it is hard to get excited about somebody who is apathetic about those he is elected to serve.

On the campaign trail? Your time would have been better spent getting out the vote. And by this I mean not just rallying those in your party but actively seeking more citizen participation in this primary. In other words, registering new voters as well as wooing current ones.

An More Poignant Lesson for ALL Citizens

My own confession first – I cannot say this enough. McGuire’s challenge to Bob Good was a total surprise. McGuire presents himself as a strong conservative. Bob Good is a strong conservative. My own comparison suggests Bob Good’s ideals more closely align with my own. Then again, I cannot help thinking McGuire is a total phony – a RINO. That said, here is the hurtful truth

I cannot defend Bob Good’s record because I don’t KNOW Bob Good’s record.

Setting aside his shortcomings on the J6 political prisoner issue, I know of some of Good’s votes on some of the more newsworthy issues, but for the day to day stuff or what else he did, I cannot tell because I just don’t know. Shame on me.

He was endorsed by some in politics I respect but to be fair, I only know of their very public profiles as well. Rand Paul, for instance. From time to time, I read some tidbit or another causing me to question some of his positions, but overall he tends to be one of the few who stands out among the general republican population. For example he made the strongest stand against the whole NObamacare repackaging – that’s all I can call it – it’s still there and never came close to actually being repealed as it should have. All said, I can’t tell you where he stands a most issues. Would he surprise me? I don’t know.

Nor do I know how Nick Freitas votes on most issues. From what I do know and from my short conversation with him, I suspect he is one of the few real deals holding public office. Then again, he has yet to respond to me otherwise. I was really hoping he would at least support the Take America Back concept but he’s offered not so much as a “like”. Mr. Freitas, if you happen to come across this, please, even if you hate the idea, saying something is better than silence.

Why The Results of This Primary Doesn’t Matter One Whit

After all that, the irony becomes clear. It doesn’t freaking matter whether Good or McGuire won the primary. In fact, it is almost certain John McGuire will represent the 5th Virginia Congressional District next year. We are that RED here. What DOES matter? In a word…


McGuire may indeed be fully RINO but he is a RINO in a red district. He is accountable to his constituents – all of us really but as a whole we are a pretty conservative group.

“WE the People need to find our voice and speak it loud and clear.”

What matters is WE the People need to find our voice and speak it loud and clear. We need to hold all of our representatives accountable and keep their feet to the fire.

We can no longer just check the box saying “I voted” and move on. That’s not working. We all know it.

Again, the first order of business for all of us is to get off our apathetic asses. Those who are registered need to vote. Always. Those citizens who haven’t even bothered to register, need to register AND vote. That’s for starters. Believe it or now a huge turnout for the November election will make a massive difference. It will. Prove me wrong. I dare you.

IF we can produce the numbers, the fallout will be visible. The roaches will scramble out of the woodwork. They’ll rally and try to present a brave front, even take credit – patting themselves on the back for “their” success. Many in the media will be flabbergasted. Stumped. They’ll twisted themselves into pretzels trying to explain away this “phenomena”. How do I know this? I’ve seen it before and so have you – in 2016 – when Donald J. Trump was elected President of the United States. It can happen again. This time we need our collective finger to be bigger, bolder and very, very RED.

With this momentum, we begin to drain the swamp for real. It won’t happen overnight. The swamp rats are pervasive. They are determined. They will fight us tooth and nail. Bet on it. They are also outnumbered. Here’s a secret:

Many, MANY ‘democrats” are with us. They want the same things we want. Some, a handful maybe, know it too. Most do not. They are far too wrapped up in the political propaganda, but somewhere, deep down they know it too. The good news is we don’t need to win them all. We only need a few. We’ll lose a few ostensibly on “our side” along the way because they simply cannot abide true liberty, and this is what it’s all about in the end. Liberty.

“the choice needs to be made clear. Liberty or servitude.”

I’m convinced far more American citizens will opt for liberty when it is all said and done, but the choice needs to be made clear. Liberty or servitude.

We can do this. We can Take America Back! It’s time.