A New Economy – One View

No matter if you’ve followed my posts, immersed yourself in the MSM or dug into the myriad of analysis and speculation on the internet – chances are you’ve come to this conclusion: this world will not be the same as it emerges from the Wuhan pandemic. To put it more bluntly – we will all see a dramatic change. The world as we knew it has already ended. So how will things take shape from here?

Who knows? Nobody can seriously predict the future. Certainly not me. What I can do is put forth a hopeful scenario. Unlike anyone’s predictions or speculation, my idea is not something we can or should wait for some “leader” or “organization” to implement. Rather, I see this current circumstance as a fantastic opportunity to put ourselves on the correct path to individual liberty and self-government.

Backtracking just a bit, for months now I’ve been “preaching”, if you will, about reclaiming our birthright – our God-given Constitutional Republic. My conclusions on this developed from a lifelong disconnect over two things.

One: a belief in our constitution as the law of our land and nation.

Two: the realization that reality isn’t working as it is supposed to – constitution-wise.

It took a lifetime of prayer and searching to realize what should have been obvious. It’s not working because WE aren’t working it! There is nothing wrong with the machine – the constitution. The problem is “operator error”. In short, our attitude as citizens has been “set it and forget it” or “be sure to vote, then go back to your life”. This is not how self-government was ever intended to work!

How many times have you been angry at one of your “representatives” for their actions or failure to act? How often have you sat idly by when law after idiotic law is passed? Have you contacted your representatives? Have you attended public meetings? Political party events? Written letters to the editor? No doubt you have. I’ve done all that myself. My own results can be described as disappointing, at best. How about yours? All of this is participation. It is not “self government”. What?!?

I consider it safe to say all of my efforts and yours are attempts to work within “the system”. What is this system? It was not built by you and I. This system was in place long before we were born. It is a “top down” organization where “our leaders” decide matters and from time to time pay lip service to “the constituents” by appearing to listen to them from time to time and by accepting “votes”. Typically, by the time any votes are tallied, the decision has already been made… and not by us. The result?

The controllers control. They control the process. They control the system. They control the outcome. The outcome generally results in extracting our money and further limiting our lives. Now, they’ve made a mess of things and we allowed it. The question is will we continue to allow it?

Don’t get me wrong – we can point fingers all day long and for every tomorrow until the end of time – it will get us nowhere. Sure the controllers ran wild – looting and stealing anything and everything they could, and all of that right from under our own noses. Often, we helped them. We’ve certainly enabled them. That’s the point, really. When it comes right down to it, we can blame nobody but ourselves. Granted we’ve been duped from birth. When has ANYONE else told you our Constitutional Republic was your God-given birthright? Did you listen? Are you listening now? What are you going to DO about it?

If all you can do is throw up your hands in surrender then you have your answer. The controllers are happy to control. You need do nothing. No worries. The controllers prefer it this way as long as you do nothing other than what you are told to do. Go ahead. Do nothing. You might as well get on your knees now because that is where you will spend the remainder of your life. Serving your betters. If this leaves a bad taste in your mouth – good! There is hope left. It does not have to end this way.

So what does all this have to do with the economy?

Is the news of this near nationwide shutdown new to you? Of course not. Yet, here we all sit, waiting for permission to go back to work. Permission from who? The President? He is deferring to the Governors. So the Governors then? Why? By what authority have they shut us down anyway? Even if they did have such authority, there is now a great deal of question about the wisdom of their actions. Either way, as self-governing citizens, WE have the final say. WE have the authority to overrule our representatives – those whom we elect to pass laws and administer those laws. Now, how about we expand this thinking?

Our Economy

Just about all economic activity is regulated on the state and federal level. How regulated? A couple of years ago, a bill was introduced here in Virginia to “allow” certain “cottage industries”. This is just one example of how subservient we’ve allowed ourselves to become. We cannot make and sell cookies or soap without government approval. The fact is there are very few activities we can engage in without some sort of “permission”. In other words, we “self-governing” citizens are required to seek permission from some government entity before engaging in nearly all trade and/or service. Ostensibly this is touted as a means to “protect” us citizens. Makes sense in a way, as it is just one more way to give up liberty for “safety”. This pandemic shutdown is a blatant demonstration of just how much control the controllers want. Up until now, we let them have it. The thing is… we can put a stop to all of this RIGHT NOW. How?

A few posts ago, I wrote if President Trump really wanted to reboot the economy, he should get government out of our way so WE can handle it. Imagine the economic powerhouse this nation can be if we shed the shackles imposed upon us by our own employees – our governments. Already, in response to national needs real and perceived – businesses across the nation have retooled to supply many market demands. We can ALL do this, in one way or another.

Let’s go back to work, but before we do, let’s reconsider what “going back to work” means to each of us. Let me ask you… what do YOU want to do? Do you have a dream? Is there something you’ve always wanted to do? To produce? Why not do it now? Now here’s the rub…

While we can do these things individually, we cannot do this alone. If I struck out to make “widgets”, I’d surely be shut down by some “authority”. The same goes for you. We need to couple our individual economic might with local authority – self-governing authority. To this end we need to emulate the 2A sanctuary movement to some extent by gathering at our town and county seats to pass resolutions sending a message to the capital that WE are open for business and THEY are essentially shut down.

We need to put the controllers on notice – county by county, town by town, village by village: we are done with the “status quo”. We are taking up our authority and taking matters into our own hands. We will let them know when their services will be required and what we will require of them. It is high time we turned the tables on the controllers. The correct way for a constitutional republic to operate is from the bottom up. THIS is what self-government means!

The controllers have failed spectacularly. This should be no surprise. They’ve been on this path for decades. They’ve fouled our Republic to such an extent so it can no longer function as a republic. Either we take up our own stewardship or bend a knee to our new lords. We can blame nobody but ourselves for this. At this point “blame” is the least of our worries. No matter who one holds responsible this mess has to be cleaned up. Do not expect the controllers to fix what they’ve so handily ruined. The real question is:

What are YOU going to do?

God bless,