Starvation Farm Economics

How do you put all of this into one picture? Does anyone get this now?

The problem is not the farmer…

The problem IS government!

First it was produce and milk. Now it is cows and pigs. The other story is rising food prices. Wait! What?

Does ANYONE remember basic economics? You know… supply and demand? Yeah that.

What does the LAW – and by this I mean a natural law not some idiotic words passed by some elected dolts – of SUPPLY AND DEMAND say?

As supply increases prices go DOWN

As demand increases prices go UP

Okay so we’ve got supply and we’ve got demand but food is rotting and people are hungry. What’s the problem? Let me spell it out for you:


In a free market – farmers are free to sell their goods. People are free to buy them. Those who buy them are free to use them and/or resell them at a profit.  A free market is not complicated. Adding government is like tossing a dump truck full of wrenches into the works and then adding molasses. For good measure they toss in few loads of sawdust, horseshit and just about anything else to gum up the works. Oh, yeah, and then the tax everything that moves ’cause they need some pocket money.

Am I being harsh? Not at all. I’m just trying to paint a picture here. Don’t get  me wrong – I do not “hate” government. To do so would be to hate myself as I live in a constitutional republic so “I” am essentially government. I admit it. I’ve been a bad steward. We all have. It is now time to get up of my can and roll up my sleeves. I need your help because I cannot do this alone, nor was I meant to. I am but one person. We ALL need to pitch in.

The first order of business as I see it is to tell our respective governments to back off. Cease and desist from enforcing idiotic laws preventing farmers and customers alike from doing what needs to be done.

This is a short term answer. The problems the farmers – all of us face – are not going to go away easily. Part of the problem is we’ve allowed government to favor large corporate farms – meat, milk and produce factories – if you will. They wanted their “children” to be just like them – oversized and centralized. We need to resolve to get away from all that.

None of this is going to be easy. Chances are we will suffer some – maybe a lot. But this suffering will be nothing compared to the coming disaster should we continue to allow government to continue to bolster and consolidate their power. The time is now. We need to act.

God bless,