Life After Wuhan Kung Flu

In this morning’s headlines, some “experts” say this virus may not go away.  Nothing that hasn’t said before. My question: what are the controllers setting us up for? Forgive me for my cynicism.

Daisy Luther offers some thoughts on what things might be like after this pandemic settles down. How are these two things related?

Well first, here is a quote from Daisy’s article:

Here’s an example: Chase Bank gaveRuth’s Chris Steak House a $20 million forgivable loan meant for small businesses by dividing it up by locations instead of treating the company like the large corporation that it is. Incidentally, Chase “earned” $100K for processing the loan.

Are getting this? The professional looters in congress authorizes “relief” i.e. another way to spend OUR money. Who benefits? Big business – even though this is supposed to be for “small” business. Meanwhile CHASE pockets $100K for their “trouble”.

Folks, we are constantly being scammed. This is a perfect example how our “representatives” pick our pockets. If you doubt me, go ahead and see who Chase Bank funds politically. Don’t stop at direct contributions – look at lobbying efforts also. Meanwhile the nation suffers.

Back to Daisy, she offers some excellent strategies for making through the hard times. My own takeaway is her emphasis on local economic efforts such as barter. I agree. We need to keep as much economic activity as close as possible. This is not to say you can’t sell your homemade dodads online, but why not buy your eggs from that farm down the street rather than at the supermarket. Or better yet, buy some chicks so you can enjoy your own bounty in a few weeks. It’s not easy, I know from experience but the eggs are the best and the chickens help keep the ticks and fleas in check too.

In a small way this also helps my family maintain our independence. This spring we incubated some of those eggs and had a very promising hatch. It’s not a big thing but everything we do to break away from government intervention is a victory.

God bless,