What’s In a Name? Citizen Action Memes

This post is more of admin notice than anything else. Since I designed and added the QR Code graphics like the one below last weekend, I’ve been struggling with what to call them. I decided to call them “memes” though they probably are such in the truest sense of the word. Anyway… what sort of meme? Well since it urges others to vote – I thought “Voter Action Meme” but that never sat right because they are designed to encourage citizens to register to vote. Voting comes later.  I like the “action” part because these are all about action –

Scan Register Vote 

Yeah. Then it came to me: “Citizen Action Meme”. Much better. Citizens can take action in two ways here.

First,  those citizens who are not registered can do it and do it now. All they need is their cell phone and whatever documentation their state requires.

Then any citizen can use these to encourage others to register as well.

This is the key. One man one vote and then each one win one.

We need each other because one voice, one vote alone often goes unheard. If we join with like minded citizens then, in concert, we can make some real noise.

This is what we need. Let’s make some noise!

Take our country back Arizona! Displays QR code linking directly to Arizona's official online voter registration page.
Download this and post anywhere to promote online voter registration for Arizona citizens or click on the meme and visit the page where similar memes are displayed for all 43 states allowing online voter registration.

For more aids to promote voter registration in your state, visit