Waukesha and Darrell Brooks: Let’s Not Be the Left

No question, what happened in Waukesha is terrible beyond belief. Nor do I doubt from what I’ve seen that Darrell Brooks is far from most citizens’ idea of an upstanding citizen. With these two things in mind, let us not forget the principle of the presumption of innocence.

So far, I’ve not only seen dozens of comments concerning Brooks in multiple social media and other formats but I’ve seen news-focused organizations, from websites to blogs to television broadcasts do exactly what we indignantly screamed about concerning Rittenhouse. They’ve tried and convicted Brooks already. This is not America. This is NOT how we do things.

If Mr. Brooks ends up convicted in a fair trial then many of those who now call him “murderer” or some other foul and possibly appropriate names,  may then breathe a sigh of relief. Their words will be verified and they won’t likely get sued. But what if he is found not guilty? Well, gee, guys, I guess you’d better lawyer up. Fact is, you’d deserve it, even if he was prosecuted by the likes of Binger and company. I wouldn’t shed a tear. What concerns me is what kind of people are we on the right to become? Are we going to follow the example of those we despise? Try and hang Mr. Brooks right here, right now? Pronounce sentence and carry out a death penalty? The term is “lynch mob”? Is this who we want to be? I certainly do not.

May I suggest we take one step back? I have no problem publishing facts about the Waukesha tragedy. Nor do I have any issues with anyone who wishes to publish facts about Darrell Brooks. Let’s be sure they are indeed facts. Guilty or innocent of the crimes he is now accused of, Mr. Brooks has had some extensive issues with the law, all documented. Guilty or innocent of the crimes he is now accused of, someone needs to answer for what appears to be repeated leniency towards a habitual offender. From the looks of things, I’d say we need to seek answer from a lot of someones. Any thorough investigation is sure to reveal many more individuals with similar records.

In short, tragic as Waukesha is, what sort of horrors lie beneath the surface? Rather than this one incident would you feel better if only one person died times 100? 1000? I know I wouldn’t. Yet this is exactly what our broken legal system is likely to indicate once the curtain is pulled back. I said “broken” but I cannot say for sure this is accurate. While I do not believe our system was originally designed this way, certain “tweaks”, such as the “no bail” movement have certainly corrupted it.

Some have said our justice system is the best the world has every seen. This may be true. I’m no expert, but even if this is true, it is far from perfect. With this in mind, I am not advocating as some are, tearing down the system and building anew. We have, I think, a solid base from which we’ve built a rickety house of cards. Let’s take what is good and make it better.

One of the best things about our justice system as it stands today is an accused is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. We cannot lose this. Let us not discard it. Let us not become the left.