Once and For All: Kyle Rittenhouse Is No Hero

I’ve seen this claim on both the left and the right. It is wrong. Kyle Rittenhouse is no hero. Not at all. He did nothing heroic. Not. One. Thing. At least on that fateful night when he shot three people. One might rightfully grant him kudos for his testimony in court and his subsequent statements after the trial. However, it certainly appears to me that so many are determined to label his actions on the night for which he was tried and acquitted for as heroic. I strongly disagree.

Kyle Rittenhouse defended his life. End of story. Whatever else one might say about him and his actions it all boils down to that. It was self preservation, plain and simple. There is nothing wrong with that. Self defense is our God-given, constitutionally protected right. It was his right. He acted accordingly and rightfully so. This is the crux – the very point Kyle Rittenhouse correctly defended his actions when he was wrongfully charged and tried. This is the spearhead we need to thrust into the false balloon of the left.

One may debate about Kyle Rittenhouse’s actions before and/or after the shootings. Debate all you want, if Rittenhouse did anything the prosecution could have charged him with – they would have done so without hesitation. The only conclusion left to make is while those actions may have been ill-advised they were not illegal. Let him without sin cast the first stone.

During closing arguments, the prosecution tried to paint those who attacked Kyle Rittenhouse as heroes. They tried to contrast Rittenhouse by anticipating, likely incorrectly, that the defense would say Kyle Rittenhouse was a hero. Both sides knew this would be a mistake. The stand the defense took from the beginning was Kyle Rittenhouse acted in self-defense. Nothing more. Nothing less. It was the correct and accurate defense. The men who were shot were shot because they threatened the life on Kyle Rittenhouse. The question put to the jury was essentially “was Kyle Rittenhouse reasonably in fear for his life each time he pulled the trigger?”. The jury replied in each case, “yes”.