It Is Time to End Lawlessness

How long will we, as citizens in this Constitutional Republic put up with the blatant lawlessness of our representatives and our employees? Enough is enough. Let’s start from the top – the three branches of our federal government. The Presidency, Congress and the Courts. I’ll deal with the courts later.

Right now, the current administration is rife with lawless behavior. It must stop and stop now. We citizens cannot stand for it. This behavior is unacceptable. What follows is a partial list of lawlessness.

Illegal Aliens and other contraband flowing across our borders. The facts are indisputable and this administration is fomenting this invasion. The President of the United States swore an oath to uphold our Constitution. He has blatantly refused to abide by his affirmation.

This administration is also the Department of Justice, federal law enforcement and the courts to apprehend and detain political prisoners. At present I am referring directly to those held due to their participation of the protests and subsequent events in Washington D. C. on January 6, 2021. Regardless of how you view the events of this day, the treatment of these citizens is abhorrent, inhumane and without excuse. These citizens are being denied their constitutional rights. Those responsible for said treatment need to be held accountable for their actions.

The Department of Justice declaring citizens “domestic terrorists” and implementing procedures to interfere with local law enforcement is completely beyond any authority granted by our Constitution and yet another act of lawlessness.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation executing unlawful search warrants on citizens exercising their First Amendment rights under the Constitution. In one instance alone, the FBI descended on the home of James O’Keefe of Project Veritas to ostensibly search for an allegedly stolen diary of the daughter of the current President of the United States. Parts of the diary was published by another site before the 2020 election. Mr. O’Keefe states he declined to publish the material and turned it over to local authorities. Everything about this search was unlawful.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has also been implicated in multiple illegal actions including the involvement in the alleged plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Whitmer, obtaining illegal FISA warrants, along with their possible involvement in the events of January 6.

Additionally, President Biden has openly and outright refused to abide by Supreme Court decisions expressly prohibiting his administration from certain actions, including enforcing an unconstitutional ban on evictions and his refusal to enforce Title 42 Immigration laws.

Every member of Congress also swore an oath to uphold our Constitution. Considering the blatant disregard for U. S. Law, the Constitution and the very rights of our citizens, Congress has turned a blind eye to these disgraceful attacks on the rule of law in our nation. Every member of Congress who has either endorsed such actions or ignored them must be held accountable.

The above list simply highlights the atrocities of our representatives and our employees. Those we elect to political office are sent to serve their constituents. Those who are paid to carry out acts of Congress are paid for by us citizens and are thus our employees. All have a duty to abide by the law and the Constitution. Flaunting our nation’s laws including THE Law of the Land, our Constitution, is unacceptable and grounds for immediate dismissal.

As for The Supreme Court of the United States

The Supreme Court of the United States or SCOTUS is deemed the arbiter of The Law of the Land, our Constitution. While this is true, SCOTUS does not have the final say. We citizens have the final say. While I will not delve into this today, I’ll say this much: if, ultimately, SCOTUS renders an opinion of some constitutional absolute and we, the people, don’t like it, we have absolute authority to change things to our satisfaction. Thus WE THE PEOPLE have the ABSOLUTE FINAL SAY. Got that? Good.

In conclusion, our nation was created as a representative constitutional republic. As such we are a nation of self-governing citizens. We are NOT ruled by our government but rather WE RULE. This is OUR NATION. THE law of our land is our CONSTITUTION. As such I must insist those we’ve chosen to represent us and those who are employed by us honor and obey our laws.

One citizen’s opinion