Patriots Let’s Take America Back!

Announcing a new line of Voter Registration Gear

Take America Back!

Below is the all encompassing “State By State” graphic. As with Vote Like a Boss, there is  series for each state offering online voter registration totaling 43 states in all.

As with “Vote Like a Boss!” this series offers ten imprinted products for each state with the above eye-catching graphic and a QR Code linking to that states online voter registration page.

Also the Vote Like a Boss line is now completed and available to purchase.

My apologies in advance for the weird way to access this. I’ll blame it on Shopify. This is the first time I’ve used this ecommerce platform and I am amazed at how popular it is. For my long time reader (s), I spent seven long years managing and hating a Volusion online store. Now I’m thinking they weren’t so bad after all. (Note, I just check out their latest pricing and, well, I will NOT be going back!)