Stacey on the Right and The Western Journal’s Floyd Brown

Yesterday I caught Lance Wallnau on his Real America’s Voice program Firewall. This program mirrored last weeks in he featured speakers from his “Courage Tour“.

This week, a couple of speakers hit home. One was a lady named Stacy Washington who  has a radio show – Stacy on the Right. I’m liking directly to her page because of the impact she had on me, though in my case, she was certainly preaching to the choir. You can sample what I mean from the segment broadcast on Firewall.

Stacy states it a bit differently than I do but her message echoes my own in ways. What I loved is when she urged us to rethink our relationship with our elected officials – they are our employees. You get the idea. Forget about me, give her a listen.

Second up was Floyd Brown, CEO of The Western Journal, his segment was also enlightening but what I found most valuable was when he related his experience during the Reagan Administration. It’s not what you would expect – at all. He has to be about my age or maybe a bit younger so he was very young when he landed the job – early to mid-twenties, I think. In any case what stuck out was when he relates on how the CIA told him he had to promote Socialism. That’s right. No, this wasn’t from The Gipper himself. It was the CIA.

It didn’t surprise me, it just confirmed two things. One the Deep State has a very, VERY long history and two, they are absolutely evil and working diligently to destroy our nation.

We must be vigilant. We need to take back our nation or lose it. While we’re at it, we need to make a concerted effort to throw the Deep State Bums out.