Vote Like A Boss – The Ground Floor of a November Groundswell

As you might have gathered I’m deeply interested in making an effort to get out the vote. I am not alone in thinking this November is crucial to our nation – even to our very existence and sovereignty.
My focus is not so much in a local effort. I’m more interested in making an impact state and nationwide.
To that end, I’ve developed the concept – “Vote Like a Boss”, inspired in part by a lady who has a podcast “Stacey on the Right“.
The concept itself is simple: offer wearable and portable products embedded with QR codes anyone can purchase and take anywhere. Each QR code links to the online voter registration page for the owner’s particular state. The graphic is designed to attract attention and urge immediate action – scan the code, visit the page, register to vote.
The true beauty of this is there is nothing to join, no commitment required. Anyone who decides just do a little bit – like buy a sticker or a coffee mug, doesn’t have to do another damn thing. Go another step and someone might just take up the challenge and register and (hopefully) vote.
Then again if every one who takes the plunge encourages another citizen to vote – we could be looking at a groundswell of new, bona-fide voters come November.
My first effort was a line of T-shirts then Mugs (white and black background), Stickers – various sizes, notebook, Sports bottle, a tote and posters of various sizes. The poster shown is with a white background but I also have one with black as it makes the colors really pop.
Most everything at this moment is focused in Virginia with a few from New York where I grew up and still have people. Leave a comment or end me an email if you want your state moved to the front of the line.
Vote Like a Boss Virginia T-shirt and tote. Note the T-shirt now offered features a QR code on the sleeve as well. Both QR codes link to that state’s online voter registration page.
I’m preparing to sell on Shopify and Etsy as well but I need to add products for each state that offers online voter registration. T-shirts first, then the other sundries.
I’m looking to promote this any way I can. I started by posting a bit on FB and X but those efforts are minimal at this point. I need to finish building out the product lines for the other states before I roll out any major promotional efforts.
My hope of hopes is this will all go viral. It could just as easily crash and burn. Either way, I cannot NOT give this a shot.