The Undeclared War in America

Liberty is under attack. I, for one, will defend it.

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For anyone reading the last post, I owe you an apology. Thus I hereby apologize for indicating our nation is lost and we should abandon the idea of restoring it. While the darkness encompassing our land seems to continue to deepen all is not lost. Light dispels darkness. Our forefathers put everything on the line, their wealth, their lives, their families to found this nation. Should any of us be willing to forfeit any less? Are we so enslaved by our possessions, our way of life, deteriorating as it is, to hang on at all costs? Granted, the “fear of loss” is hard-wired into the human brain, however we can utilize this wiring to our advantage. How? By re-framing how and what is at stake, by reassessing what we value. For example:

The house I live in is paid for. It is no palace but, other than property theft taxes, it is ours. I suppose that if I kept my mouth shut and stayed my keyboard, I could live out my life without much risk to losing our home. Now considering how the destruction of our liberties have ramped up by the usurping globalists, I can see where I could be labeled a terrorist simply for opposing the current regime. What is to stop them from seizing our house, indeed, all of our property as they would if we were say, dealing drugs? Farfetched? No. Not any more. Already federal law provides for asset forfeiture for “terrorist activities”. While I’ve always maintained such forfeitures are unconstitutional as well as unconscionable, my objections to this practice, as well as the objections of countless others, have not ended these draconian measures. The bottom line is, like it or not, agree with it or not, everything is on the table.

The real question is, will I allow this “fear of loss” stop me from speaking out? Similarly, am I willing to put my family at risk also? The only real answer that comes to mind is: keeping silent will not save them. My silence would more likely condemn them to an even greater hell, such as living in the society we are fast becoming. To put it another way: I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees. Likewise, I’d rather my loved ones were condemned to death than forced to live as slaves. Of course, I’m sure they could all “save themselves” by denouncing me. If offered this option, they are free to choose as far as I’m concerned.

So what brought me back around? While it wasn’t just one thing however, KrisAnne Hall’s movie Noncompliant was a major factor. Ms. Hall has this annoying ability to inspire and reenergize my belief in our Constitutional Republic. Much of what she says reinforces much of what I’ve ascertained myself. The difference is she is a constitutional lawyer and teacher, whereas I’m just some duffer off the street. Of course, I’ve also learned a ton from her teaching. While I might grasp the overall concept from my self-studies, she goes into details, citing historical documents and events, as well as legal arguments that I’d otherwise be ignorant of.

One of the latest articles on her site is guest post from R. Altomare,

Founder of BreathEasy, “Buckle Up, Buttercup”. He correctly states “We are at war”. While this concept is nothing new, the details of this modern version are quite well laid out. The crux of Altomare’s missive is to encourage the reader to fight on. Point well taken.

These are not the only encouragements to fly in my face. The final push came from within, if not directly from God Almighty. No, no bush was burned nor did any blinding light shine from heaven. It was during my morning prayer time, towards the end when I tend to quiet my own mouth and mind and just reflect and listen. What came to me was the question, “What of God’s gifts am I prepared to walk away from?”. Take nothing from the wording. Even if a direct quote would be “are you” rather than “am I”, I could not say for sure what the source of question was. Far more important is the realization that our Constitution and the Republic established by this venerable document remains a Gift from Almighty God. As such it is not something to be taken or disposed of lightly.

How does this change things? How does it affect my own plans and/or approach? For the most part, this changes little. I will continue to speak and post the truth as I understand it. One aspect I do expect to further explore is my role in local self-governance. For quite some time now, I’ve advocated reclaiming our nation on a county by county level. My advocacy mostly consists of articles and posts. I think it is time to turn further inward and, once again, put my money where my mouth, er keyboard, is. I keep saying we need to take back our town, county and school boards – as well as gather locally to make our wills known to those who represent us – to the end of holding them accountable and ensuring they truly do represent us rather than any power brokers holding purse strings.

For those of you reading this, please pray for guidance and inspiration for me as I move forward. It is my hope to post some real life progress that will enlighten and inspire others. KrisAnne Hall has stated more than once her belief it only takes three percent to effect change. This figure brings to mind the concept of the “three percenters”, popular a few years ago. This faction grew from the legend that just three percent of the colonists fought in the American Revolution. I have no idea if this is related at all to what Ms. Hall speaks of, however I find the reference somewhat intriguing and will surely post more on it as I learn more.