Another Good Speech in Fairfax Virginia Supporting 2A

This one is a bit different as the speaker delves more into the mood in Virginia. Mind you his world is Northern Virginia. Those of on the Southside consider them damn near Yankees by comparison. In other words – they tend to be a whole lot more liberal.

I don’t get out much so I cannot gauge what the general mood is around here but it doesn’t take much to figure out there ain’t much support for the controllers ’round here.

I cannot see anyone taking kindly to the so-called “laws” being proposed in Richmond these days.


Yvette Bronx Says It Well

I came across this video via The Feral Irishman who got it from Phil at Busted Knuckles, both are among my favorite bloggers. I am reposting it here to help spread our growing network of patriots who will not be silenced by the controllers – whether they are big tech, big government or big tech owned by big government!

Also this lady is saying almost exactly the same things I’ve been saying. Validation is always sweet.