Sometimes I’m Not So Smart – Advertising

So I’ve got some idle time and I’m cruising the interweb. I come across an ad for Dick’s. Now you may not know this but I’m no fan of Dick’s because, well, they are dicks. Actually the capital “D” fits them. So what do I do?

I click on my preferences and tell Grrrgle not to show me their ads. Idiot. Dick’s spends money on those ads. I know I’m not going to buy from them so why not spend their money for them? So the next time I see an advertiser I don’t like because of their political stand, I’m going to click away. What’s even neater (Is that a word? It is now!) is when I click on an ad or search for a certain company, those ads tend to follow me. So I can visit more pages and click on more ads. I mean, what the heck, maybe I’ll change my mind and buy something.

One word of caution, do NOT click click click on the same ad on the same page more than once. Multiple clicks to drive up ad costs is considered a “no no” by these ad delivery services. Not only will their software likely catch it and credit the advertiser back but they may even come after you. As for me, I often click on ads with no real intention to buy, I’m often just curious. Most people do the same thing. Let’s face it, if everyone who clicked on ads bought, well, it would be an advertiser’s dream. Keep an open mind. It’s not out of the question Dick’s could make an offer so wonderful, I just couldn’t pass it up, even if I did  have to hold my nose as money exchanged hands.