Go F Me and the Canadian Freedom Convoy – Updated and Corrected?

Well, that didn’t last long. The Freedom Convoy raised $10 MILLION on GoFundMe. All of a sudden Go F Me decided the truckers weren’t worthy, but they couldn’t decided on exactly why the truckers weren’t worthy. So instead they said they were just going to give those funds away to, well, whoever Go F Me decided WAS worthy. You know, maybe BLM or SPLC or some other “noble” organization. Anybody but some fool group who wants, ah-HEM, freedom!

Today, as I go to find a story about it to link to, lo and behold, they’ve retracted! Well, well, whaddya know? And here I was all set to suggest a class action suit or something. Actually, I rather liked the idea of a bunch of donors banding together to say HEY! We gave money to the TRUCKERS! I guess someone beat me to it, cause all of a sudden they’re releasing the funds as the story talks about things like fraud. Now THAT’S what I’M talking about.


As of Sunday, an article appeared in The Gateway Pundit stating that Go F Me isn’t giving the money raised to the truckers TO the truckers but rather are refunding the donors. Will SOMEbody make up their minds!? Sheeeooot. Also in the article, GP reported another crowdfunding organization – GiveSendGo  raised nearly $1 million in about 12 hours. I suspect that amount will increase substantially very soon. For those donating to the truckers, I’d say GiveSendGo is a better choice. Also note, the Canadian “authorities” are imploring all crowdfunders to block these truckers, because you know, free speech and truly peaceable protests cannot be allowed. They must be cancelled!

On another note, I was able to find and article on transportationnation.com (where the memes below was found) about the Freedom Convoy coming to the US (They say America but Canada is kinda “America” too, don’t cha think?)

According to the article, the plans are in the works but nothing is finalized as of yet. Furthermore, there are several groups trying to organize a convoy. Of course FnBook is no help. I hate to say it but that platform is one of the more viable means to spread the word. Shoot! That gives me another idea! I’ll post it later. Meanwhile…

Now, what about my crazy idea when the show comes to the US? Well, here it is. We pick a day – I would say a Saturday so us working stiffs don’t have to take a weekday off – and we show up to our respective county seats in support of the truckers. Even better if we could make it a rolling demonstration with folks there every day but, you know, work. We do that sort of thing.

This reminds me of the 2A sanctuary movement here in Virginia back in 2019, except then, of course, citizens were showing up at their county board meetings to support the resolution. The thing is the simple fact that so many citizens showed up scared the beejeebers out of a lot of people. Now that I think about it, it was shortly after that wave that the virus hit. Huh.

Anyway, imagine the effect it would have to have citizens all across our land showing up at our county seats. County seat after county seat teeming with citizens as a show of support and strength. I wouldn’t call it a “protest”. I despise the word for this purpose. We are self-governing citizens. We have no need to “protest”. We are simply making our opinions known. End of story.






False Flags – February 2022 Edition

This is happening with greater and greater frequency and they are far more widespread than just the US.

At this point, I am convinced the “attempted abduction of Michigan’s governor” as well as the January 6th “insurrection” were both false flag operations.

Just yesterday the Biden misAdministration announced knowledge of Russian plans for a Ukrainian false flag operation. All I could think of was, if the Russians are planning a false flag, they must be taking notes, if not lessons from our government.

Amazingly, this comes on the heels of an article from The Saker reporting of a “High probability of a major false flag PSYOP in the Ukraine” and they ain’t talking of a Russian operation!

Hopping around the internet today, I came across the video below. I This report is mind boggling.

Freedom Convoy Coming to America?

Right now, this is just a little bit more than a rumor – okay it’s a lot more. Last night (Thursday), Tucker Carlson had one of the organizers of the American Freedom Convoy on . He said they had thousands of followers on there FnBook page before it was deleted by the company who changed their name to death. (Seriously, their new name literally means “death” in Hebrew.)

I’ll post more information on this as I come across it, as will other bloggers, hopefully. We will NOT be silenced! Meanwhile, I’m working on an idea that could enhance the impact of the American Freedom Convoy exponentially. If you saw the Canadian Convoy, the support of the citizens was and is amazing. Trudeau tried to pooh pooh the Convoy by calling it “fringe movement”. Whaddya say now, EH Trudeau? While I applaud all the Canadians are doing, I think we can make an even grander statement… and I DO mean WE!

More on this in a couple of days.


Profoundly Paul Harvey – He Warned Us!

Not much else to say…

Was the Vaccine the End Game All Along?

Much ado has been made about the Covid virus. Where did it come from? How? What is “gain of function” research and what part did it play? Who funded the research? What part did Anthony Fauci play? Most on my mind… why is the jab still being pushed?

This last led me to explore something more insidious… was the vaccine the point all along? (pun not intended) It makes the most sense of anything when the whole picture is seen from a few steps back.

Fauci funded the gain of function research with US taxpayer money. The purpose was likely to develop a bioweapon… or was it? If the China Flu was a bioweapon it was a lousy one. Untreated, the mortality rate is a laugh, if not merely a yawn. Sure it was virulent but early on we all know it was treatable. The problem was, the treatments were being shoved aside in the push for a vaccine. A few months ago, I dared pose the question: why don’t we have a real vaccine? You know, one like scientists produce every year to combat new strains of the flu. It turns out that the China Flu is very similar to the common cold, something scientists have so far failed to find a vaccine for. As such, developing a vaccine for this virus seems inherently problematic. Could this be part of the design? Thus the “need” for a new technology, the mRNA jab. But wait a minute! Some things still don’t fit.

First of all, we now know – KNOW – the vaccine was available before the first outbreak. Evidence exists referencing the jab as early as December 2019. All of this points to a plan, but what was the plan? (For those of you jumping up yelling “conspiracy theorist!”, sit down and shut up. Call it what you will, I’m examining evidence here.) Well, so far we were only at the very start of this world-wide panic-emic and already we have a cure, then a disease, both funded by US taxpayer dollars. The very same person who oversaw the funding (of the virus development at least) is the person who is shutting the lid on treatment, calling hydroxychloroquine, a drug used for over 40 years, dangerous and ineffective. Today, entering the term on a well-known search engine still produces a claim that it simply doesn’t work for the China Flu. A search for Ivermectin produces a similar response. The fact is several safe, effective and inexpensive treatments for the China Flu have been identified, yet Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Medicine, and our own taxpayer-funded government all tout a vaccine while downplaying treatment. It gets worse.

Florida is a prime example. Governor DeSantis has lead the fight in that state against the China Flu and against all those who spew the party line concerning the approach to combat this virus. The results seen in Florida are staggering. They defy all the naysayers with fewer hospitalizations, fewer deaths and far more recoveries than every single entity spouting vaccinations over early treatment. Florida is freer and safer despite sporting an older than average population – ranked #2 in the nation. Doesn’t this seem strange considering the China Flu is considered most deadly for the elderly? And yet, rather than championing the state with the greatest success against this virus, instead of emulating their methods, Governor DeSantis is consistently derided. Why?

Every day, more and more evidence piles up against the most highly touted “defense” against the China Flu – the jab. Every day reports surface from researchers, scientists and doctors warning of heath dangers directly related to the “vaccine”. (The term is in quotes because the definition of a vaccine had to be changed to call the mRNA jab a vaccine. Prior to the change, the jab, by definition could NOT be called a vaccine.) These dangers include heart issues, including but not limited to myocarditis (inflammation of the heart), testicular swelling in men, menstrual issues in women, and a sharp rise in miscarriages and stillbirths. The latest “official” response to Omicron, the newest variant is “get vaccinated” even though even Pfizer admits their “vaccine” has no effect on the variant. Setting aside the health issues for a moment, one might ask, “what is the logic for jab mandates?”. Good question.

By now, countless US citizens alone have been fired for refusing to take the jab. This includes health care workers. Health care workers? Yes, those very individuals who worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic long before there was any protection other than the standard “universal precautions” long practiced in health care facilities. If anyone should have an inside track on the advantages or contraindications of taking the jab, it would be these fine folk. They chose to lose their job rather than take a jab. They are not alone but they are among the most knowledgeable. Again, why the mandates?

Logically speaking, the jab is intended to protect the person taking it from the virus. Big Pharma goes so far as to admit the highest hope to be achieved from the jab is to lesson the severity or prevent death. From that standpoint then, vaccinations should be a matter of personal choice. One argument brought forth is one should take the jab to prevent the spread of the virus. However the data refutes this argument. The jab does NOT prevent the spread. In fact, the data tells us multiple jabs actually weakens one’s immune system, possibly against more than just this one virus. Nor do the mandates exempt anyone who has gained natural immunity. In short, logic, as well as science actually presents a stronger case against the jab in most cases.

If one were to follow the science and come to a logical conclusion, then we would be encouraged to live a healthy lifestyle because the biggest risk of dying from the China Flu is from having four or more comorbidities. Add to this, early treatment, including prophylactic treatment for those who are in high-risk circumstances or suspect exposure. These factors alone, in real-life clinical application have resulted in a scant number of hospitalizations and zero deaths among those patients whose doctors have approached the virus thus. In other words, clinical results have already proven this logic to be sound.

With a flood of evidence to support this logical approach, why then, is the “official” stance not only to encourage vaccinations but to mandate them at every opportunity? Why are we seeing a proliferation of “vaccine passport” requirements demanding proof of vaccination to enter public spaces? Returning to logic, I can only conclude one thing: the “vaccine” was the end game all along.

To believe this is to not only believe in evil but it is to believe evil people in positions of power are flexing their muscles to rain death and illness on the citizens of the world. This is a hard pill to swallow. What else is there?

One could suggest or even insist that the virus was, in itself, an experimental biological weapon gone awry. From there one could say that it was either released by accident or on purpose. Either choice brings us to the same place – a world where a virus would sweep the planet. Fine. Then the global reaction to this virus must be considered. In all but a few bubbles of sanity, lockdowns and draconian measures were implemented. The effectiveness of nearly all of these countermeasures has now been entirely refuted. Were these countermeasures the result of worldwide panic? Maybe. If such was the case then why ignore the results of those who didn’t panic? Why dismiss any thought of treatment despite encouraging early successes? If our planet was desperately grasping at anything in an effort simply to survive, why ignore possible treatments? This is not only illogical, it defies logic.

Again, there were many opportunities for cooler heads to prevail. Mostly these cooler heads only gained ground when they could isolate themselves from the herd. It has been suggested, many of those in positions of authority simply saw opportunities to seize more power and did just than. Okay, let’s just say for tickles and grins this is true. Does that make their actions acceptable? No. Not for a second. What this assumption fails to explain is why these power-hungry mongrels are still hanging on to their usurped “authority”. Nor does it make a case for them not being evil. Next point. How can the authoritarians continue to justify the push for 100% vaccinations? To do so they ignore the data, they ignore the health issues, they ignore all common sense. Anybody contending the authoritarians are that ignorant are either complicit or stupid. Take your pick.

So what kind of scenario supports my theory? Here it is:

Pre-December 2019 – NIH funds viral gain of function research to develop fast-spreading, seriously dangerous virus to unleash as a biological weapon. Either at this time or shortly thereafter, they also funded mRNA research.

Also Pre-December 2019 – at some point, it was determined that while the mRNA product had a modest effect as an antiviral agent, it was potentially more deadly than the virus it was supposed to prevent. It was, in effect, a better biological weapon than the virus itself but without the potential to spread independently. Someone birthed the idea to release the virus and then promote the vaccine as the cure.

December 2019 – The vaccine was ready as was the virus itself.

January 2020 – release the virus! Convince President Trump a vaccine was indeed possible and could be ready within a few months, possibly before the election.

March 2020 –  From March to November 2020, the federal government awarded contracts and agreements to six vaccine companies to accelerate the development of safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines while balancing
the risk to the government in doing so.

March 2020 – President Trump indicates hydroxychloroquine may be effective against the virus. The medical establishment quickly dismisses this as “unproven”. In fact, the NIH seems far more interested in studying President Trump’s statements than they are in finding early treatments.

May 2020 – Operation Warp Speed announced by President Trump. [I believe Trump may have been a patsy here. While it is certainly possible he was complicit, he consistently demonstrated a talent for trusting the wrong people while in office. I have to admit, I was taken in by Fauci myself in the beginning.]

May 2020 Remdesivir is approved for use for virus patients. The problem is, at least one doctor who actually treated patients, found this treatment not only ineffective but deadly. In fact Science.org published an article stating, at best, Remdesivir is ineffective in treating Covid. In addition, some physicians strongly oppose the use of ventilators while treating Covid patients. The consensus was by the time a ventilator was needed, it was often too late for the patient. Early treatment was preferred.

January 2021 – Initial doses of the vaccines become available. Many on the left sneered at the vaccines from the time Operation Warp Speed was first announced. They didn’t trust it. They weren’t going to take it, and on and on. Once Joe Biden took office, he did all but plagiarize the jab as his own baby, but, he said, of course it would wrong to make it mandatory.

Today – Mandates have forced many from their jobs, including those in the military, health care, first responder positions, and more. The left has gone from total contempt to fully embracing the jab, even to the point of advocating incarceration of those who refuse it. The media has endorsed and cajoled the public to the point where multiple jabs are displayed as badges of honor. In short, the world has gone full nuthouse.

Step by step, we’ve seen progression from a rumors warning of a “leak” of a virus to panic to full-fledged fear, pumped up by every propaganda source available, complete with graphs and graphics depicting up to the minute death rolls. Once the vaccines rolled out each new viral wave heralded calls to “get vaccinated!” then “get your booster!”. It seems enough people do not die from the first jab so more and more are needed to boost the death toll. Despite an avalanche of evidence and real-life results proving early treatment is key to conquering this virus, only the jab carries the blessing of the authoritarians. Thus, I can only conclude the jab is the brass key the globalists wanted to shove down our throats from the start. The jab IS the end game.

If the jab is the end game, what next? All over the world, the people are waking up and pushing back against those who would stick us until we die. The jig is up or so it seems. Have we won? Not yet, we haven’t. It looks good for our team for round one. We took it in the hip but we fought our way out. But the globalists are no fools, nor are they likely to simply give up. They’ve been at this a long time. They have patience and tenacity. They also now have proof of concept. They’ll be back.