Go F Me and the Canadian Freedom Convoy – Updated and Corrected?

Well, that didn’t last long. The Freedom Convoy raised $10 MILLION on GoFundMe. All of a sudden Go F Me decided the truckers weren’t worthy, but they couldn’t decided on exactly why the truckers weren’t worthy. So instead they said they were just going to give those funds away to, well, whoever Go F Me decided WAS worthy. You know, maybe BLM or SPLC or some other “noble” organization. Anybody but some fool group who wants, ah-HEM, freedom!

Today, as I go to find a story about it to link to, lo and behold, they’ve retracted! Well, well, whaddya know? And here I was all set to suggest a class action suit or something. Actually, I rather liked the idea of a bunch of donors banding together to say HEY! We gave money to the TRUCKERS! I guess someone beat me to it, cause all of a sudden they’re releasing the funds as the story talks about things like fraud. Now THAT’S what I’M talking about.


As of Sunday, an article appeared in The Gateway Pundit stating that Go F Me isn’t giving the money raised to the truckers TO the truckers but rather are refunding the donors. Will SOMEbody make up their minds!? Sheeeooot. Also in the article, GP reported another crowdfunding organization – GiveSendGo  raised nearly $1 million in about 12 hours. I suspect that amount will increase substantially very soon. For those donating to the truckers, I’d say GiveSendGo is a better choice. Also note, the Canadian “authorities” are imploring all crowdfunders to block these truckers, because you know, free speech and truly peaceable protests cannot be allowed. They must be cancelled!

On another note, I was able to find and article on transportationnation.com (where the memes below was found) about the Freedom Convoy coming to the US (They say America but Canada is kinda “America” too, don’t cha think?)

According to the article, the plans are in the works but nothing is finalized as of yet. Furthermore, there are several groups trying to organize a convoy. Of course FnBook is no help. I hate to say it but that platform is one of the more viable means to spread the word. Shoot! That gives me another idea! I’ll post it later. Meanwhile…

Now, what about my crazy idea when the show comes to the US? Well, here it is. We pick a day – I would say a Saturday so us working stiffs don’t have to take a weekday off – and we show up to our respective county seats in support of the truckers. Even better if we could make it a rolling demonstration with folks there every day but, you know, work. We do that sort of thing.

This reminds me of the 2A sanctuary movement here in Virginia back in 2019, except then, of course, citizens were showing up at their county board meetings to support the resolution. The thing is the simple fact that so many citizens showed up scared the beejeebers out of a lot of people. Now that I think about it, it was shortly after that wave that the virus hit. Huh.

Anyway, imagine the effect it would have to have citizens all across our land showing up at our county seats. County seat after county seat teeming with citizens as a show of support and strength. I wouldn’t call it a “protest”. I despise the word for this purpose. We are self-governing citizens. We have no need to “protest”. We are simply making our opinions known. End of story.