They Say WE Are “Conspiracy Theorists?!”

Get real huh? Three from the Gateway Pundit today.

First up Oath Keepers Stewart Rhodes is charged with “plotting a seditious conspiracy”

Consider this is an actual charge, I’m asking who are the conspiracy theorists now? Also in the article Rhodes says he’s considering suing Revolver News for alleging Oath Keepers is an FBI front. I read about that myself and it caused me concern because of the mystery surrounding Ray Epps. Epps is purported to be former leader in Oath Keepers. How about this for a twist? Despite a good deal of video showing Epps certainly had involvement in activities surrounding the events of Jan 6 in D.C. and on the day before, despite the fact that Epps was on the FBI’s list of persons of interest and his sudden mysterious removal, among other things, Politicfact, of all places makes every effort to debunk the idea Epps is somehow involved on the federal side of those events. And they are not alone., Snopes, and the WP all seem to want to defend Ray Epps. Strangely enough, there are a lot of of J6 POWs rotting in the DC gulag. I  have yet to see any of these organizations come their defense. They claim, the mystery surrounding Epps is a mere “conspiracy theory”. Well, get that’s all fine and good but I’ve seen far less evidence suggesting Rhodes or anyone else “conspired” to “overthrow” our government. So my question stands: WHO is the conspiracy theorist?

Next up… J6 POW Matthew Perna committed suicide.

I cannot imagine the pain and despair he endured. Some might say he did so because he was guilty. I don’t by it. If guilt were the issue then he would have done himself in long before. No, the Matt’s blood is on the hands of the REAL J6 insurrectionists – those responsible for  his being in jail for over a year on minor charges. On a side note here…

Part of the story linked above says Matt pleaded guilty to felony “obstruction of Congress” and three misdemeanor charges. Then prosecutors sent word they were going to further charge him. Agreeing to any guilty plea in these cases is a mistake in my layman’s opinion. Let the government prove whatever case they think they can build  While I cannot imagine the intense pressure and who knows what else these POWs must feel, they are all backed into a corner with no way out. Standing firm on their innocence is the only real choice. Even then the cards are stacked against them.

And then there’s Sean McHugh  a J6 POW for nine months in the DC gulag. Here is part of his story:

After reporting what had happened, I was moved to “the hole”, a place where you go for disciplinary segregation. They take your commissary away in “the hole” and handcuff you and lock you in the shower when it’s time to wash. They lock you up in solitary confinement which by this point I was becoming accustomed to. This jail claims there was a court order for such housing, however, my lawyer had explicitly explained to me beforehand after speaking to the jail that I was to be moved to the patriot pod C2B. That was my first experience being punished for speaking out here in the DC Gulag. I felt absolutely hopeless at that moment. I felt betrayed yet again by the very people I was told I could trust, and that were there to protect me from such degradation. 

Among other things, its said He has inadequate legal counsel and, like other inmates, is being pressured to accept “sick” plea deals. I do not know if it is true of any or all of the public defenders but my understanding is most of them are liberals who hate Trump and anyone who supports him. I ask you, what sort of defense do you think they will provide?

Here is Sean’s American Gulag link.

Tomorrow I’ll try to post the results of my correspondence with one of my “representatives” in the Senate – Tim Kaine.  The reason for the delay Kaine replied to me via my email address but I could not reply to him that way.

While he was Clinton’s lapdog running mate, I deemed him “Odie” because he reminds me of that mindless pup in the Garfield comic. Now that I think about it, I realize I really need to apologize for that.

Sorry, Odie, no offense intended.